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United 727 Last Years Of Service?  
User currently offlineJackbr From Australia, joined Dec 2009, 666 posts, RR: 0
Posted (3 years 5 days 14 hours ago) and read 14543 times:

Where was UA operating their 722s in the late 90s/early 2000s?

Did anyone fly on them at this time - what condition were the cabins in?

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User currently offlinetype-rated From United States of America, joined Sep 1999, 5036 posts, RR: 19
Reply 1, posted (3 years 5 days 14 hours ago) and read 14483 times:

I flew on a UA 727 in the late 90's, I think 1998 or so IAH-ORD. I always loved the 727. It's so hard to believe they are almost all gone. They were very ubiquitous at one time. The cabin was in fine shape, didn't look worn at all.

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User currently offlineStitch From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 31003 posts, RR: 86
Reply 2, posted (3 years 5 days 14 hours ago) and read 14477 times:
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I believe I flew one DEN-MCI in 2001 and it was in good condition.

User currently offline28L28L From Australia, joined Nov 2005, 459 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (3 years 5 days 14 hours ago) and read 14467 times:

I seem to recall the 727-222s operating from DEN to OAK in 2001.

User currently offlinejamake1 From United States of America, joined May 2004, 1011 posts, RR: 2
Reply 4, posted (3 years 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 14414 times:

Quoting 28L28L (Reply 3):
I seem to recall the 727-222s operating from DEN to OAK in 2001.

Indeed, United grounded its fleet of 727's and 737-200 aircraft immediately after the attacks on 9/11. They left the fleet in October and November of 2001, if memory serves me correctly. Although the interiors were in adequate condition, the galleys were very old. Shortly before 9/11, there was talk about refurbishing the galleys, but the project never came to fruition as the company decided to ground the fleet entirely.

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User currently offlineB737-112 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 886 posts, RR: 6
Reply 5, posted (3 years 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 14382 times:

Hopefully this link works: (My Trip Report)

United Airlines 727-200 / 737-300 (by B737-112 Oct 30 2001 in Trip Reports)?threadid=14142&searchid=14142&s=b737-112#ID14142

I last flew on these classics October 28th and 29th, 2001, they were retired on the 30th! As far as I recall, the interiors still looked pretty good. Such great memories!

User currently onlineWNCrew From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 1473 posts, RR: 10
Reply 6, posted (3 years 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 14369 times:

I flew one from MSY-DEN and then back 2 weeks later in the summer of 1999. I remember them being in very good shape. We also were served a full breakfast on the outbound, and a hot chicken dinner on the return and I think they hand-delivered everything, I just remember the FA's being very busy.

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User currently offlinegreg3322 From United States of America, joined Aug 2004, 205 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (3 years 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 14308 times:

I did an LAX-DEN in spring of 2001. I can't say there was anything wrong with the plane, but it certainly was in a well-used state.


User currently offlineUK_Dispatcher From United Arab Emirates, joined Dec 2001, 2595 posts, RR: 29
Reply 8, posted (3 years 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 14268 times:

I flew B727-200 N7249U in August 2001 ORD-LGA. The cabin was in pretty good condition although you could still see the age. It was my first B727 flight so was quite special.

I specifically remember a UA B737-200 at the adjacent gate in ORD. It was operating to IND but but was delayed due to a crew seat which needed replacing.

Did the original B737-222s (Non-Advanced) last until the end with UA?

User currently offlineJackbr From Australia, joined Dec 2009, 666 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (3 years 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 14254 times:

Quoting WNCrew (Reply 6):
I think they hand-delivered everything

Really? I knew airlines were regularly hand delivering meals on many aircraft right through the 1980s, but I didn't know it was until that late in service.

What configuration were they in?

I bet the Flight Attendants hated the 727s

Edit: above statement confirmed by that trip report!

[Edited 2011-09-18 00:18:01]

User currently offlinejamake1 From United States of America, joined May 2004, 1011 posts, RR: 2
Reply 10, posted (3 years 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 14244 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Thread starter):

Where was SA)">UA operating their 722s in the late 90s/early 2000s?

I am looking at one of United's last printed timetables, June 7 thru July 8, 2001.

The 727-200 series aircraft were operated on the following routes:





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User currently offlinejamake1 From United States of America, joined May 2004, 1011 posts, RR: 2
Reply 11, posted (3 years 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 14185 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 9):
Really? I knew airlines were regularly hand delivering meals on many aircraft right through the 1980s, but I didn't know it was until that late in service.

Yes indeed. Meals were hand-run as the galleys had never been modified to carry tray carts. Both the First Class galley and the aft galley contained modules with slots that the meal trays were slotted into. It was a real pain because the salads were not covered and lettuce would be strewn all over the meal trays. The meal trays were long and narrow. The hot portion of the meals were boarded in long metal drawers that fit into heating units.

Flight attendants would burn themselves on the hot elements as we pulled the hot metal drawers out to place the foil covered meals on each tray to hand-deliver them row by row. Working as the Purser in First Class wasn't so bad, but Economy was a pain.

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 9):

What configuration were they in?

United had rolled out Economy Plus just prior to 9/11. The 727's were configured with 12 seats in First Class; 60 seats in Economy Plus, and 69 in regular Economy.

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 9):
I bet the Flight Attendants hated the 727s

Yes indeed. However there was something about the 727 that, upon descending the aft air stairs on a dark night and looking back to glimpse at her high T-tail and aft-mounted engines...the sound of her APU piercing at your ear drums while her stair mounted lights illuminated each step from the tarmac to her belly, one couldn't help but feel a glimpse of adoration for that sexy bird...

United's B747-400. "She's a a cruel lover."
User currently offlineJackbr From Australia, joined Dec 2009, 666 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (3 years 5 days 11 hours ago) and read 14172 times:

The routes listed above show a DEN, IAD, ORD focus - were they only operated by crews from these bases?

User currently offlinejamake1 From United States of America, joined May 2004, 1011 posts, RR: 2
Reply 13, posted (3 years 5 days 11 hours ago) and read 14054 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 12):

The routes listed above show a DEN, IAD, ORD focus - were they only operated by crews from these bases?

The 727's were focused in DEN and ORD, but the west coast bases like SEA, SFO, and LAX had significant 727 flying up until the late 1990's. As more and more routes on the west coast were converted to Shuttle by United (later called United Shuttle), the 727's moved eastward. Shuttle routes were operated exclusively with specially converted Boeing 737-300/500 aircraft.

For example, SFO-MFR, SFO-EUG, and SFO-SLC were often flown with 727's, but as those routes were transitioned to Shuttle operated flights, they were operated exclusively by 737's. Even so, although the 727's moved eastward, it was still quite common for a west coast crew to operate a trip pairing that involved 727 aircraft.

A typical trip pairing could look like the following and be flown with a SFO-based crew:

SFO-ORD - A320
ORD-BTV - B727

Layover (BTV - Burlington, VT)


Layover (SAT - San Antonio, TX)


At United, F/A's are scheduled to fly a mix of different aircraft types within a single trip pairing. I should also mention, that a 3-day trip with 2 legs each day was considered to be a pretty sweet trip, but typically there could be 3 or 4 legs worked within a duty period.

So in answer to your question, at United, A/C are not base-specific and cabin crews are not aircraft specific.

United's B747-400. "She's a a cruel lover."
User currently offlineAA737-823 From United States of America, joined Mar 2000, 5828 posts, RR: 11
Reply 14, posted (3 years 5 days 10 hours ago) and read 13957 times:

I remember seeing them at terminal B in DFW right up until 9/11. I had a chance to fly on one, but forsook it for a 737-291 nonstop DFW-IAD in May of 2001. That 737 was in poor shape, cabin-wise. Ceiling panels misaligned, lavatory panels in bad shape, flush lever installed upsidedown.... I did a trip report at the time, it's in that forum.
But yes, I can still see battleship birds lined up at DFW terminal B, where United had 5 gates at the time, as I recall. And a Red Carpet Club, if I'm not mistaken.

User currently offlineDL_Mech From United States of America, joined Feb 2000, 1952 posts, RR: 9
Reply 15, posted (3 years 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 13860 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 9):
Really? I knew airlines were regularly hand delivering meals on many aircraft right through the 1980s, but I didn't know it was until that late in service.

I know TW and DL also hand delivered meals on the 727. I remember seeing a TW F/A that could carry six meal trays (two in each hand, one between the bicep and wrist on each arm).

DL added trash cart stowage between F/C and Y/C around 2001-3. Some of those units were only six months old at retirement.

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User currently offlineGALLEYSTEW From United States of America, joined Dec 2007, 159 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (3 years 5 days 7 hours ago) and read 13709 times:

I,for one loved the 727. Yes we had to hand run meals, but there was a beverage cart. Up until E plus, we held 102 meals in the aft galley and 33 economy meals in the forward galley. The interiors were updated and refreshed. If y ou didn't see the buffet modules, you would think it was a new plane. The modules were the same for the DC-8's,as well as the 727-100.

The planes I didn't like were the 727-100 series where there was one galley for both classes of service. Double stacking of trays for economy and the crew all agreed to say sorry once at the beginning of the service because you knew you were going to elbow someone at least 5 times.

The worst airplane was the 737-200. Two words............THERMAL TRAYS. They looked like a baby's food tray with compartments. Stacked in sets of 9 with a top to make it 10. Trying to find special meals or entree choices (yes there was a choice) was always a challenge. First class had these as well, untill mid 1980's, then an oven was installed upfront. The First class beverage cart was still in back and had to be brought up after take off...............so no predeparture cocktails. I was so happy when these birds were gone.

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User currently offlineUAL777UK From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2005, 3356 posts, RR: 1
Reply 17, posted (3 years 5 days 5 hours ago) and read 13368 times:

I flew the 727 with UA for the first time when they were running out of LHR to European Cities.

My last flight was in F from ATL to IAD. It was so quiet up front. I loved that aircraft.

I wonder how long they would have remained in the fleet without 9/11?

User currently offlinejetsetter629 From United States of America, joined Nov 2007, 439 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (3 years 5 days 5 hours ago) and read 13125 times:

I flew the UA 727 from DEN to PDX in June 2001. It was amazing their slow rate of climb, especially when climbing out of Denver over the Rockie Mountains that seemed just below the airplane!

User currently offlineItalianFlyer From United States of America, joined Nov 2007, 1099 posts, RR: 2
Reply 19, posted (3 years 5 days 4 hours ago) and read 12847 times:

My employer in the mid/late 90s was loyal to UA and i flew them a number of times from ORD to SDF and back in the 98 to 99 timeframe. Though it was odd that the Y galley was on aircraft right rather than left..al la NW/DL/TW/AA. IIRC there were no seats at the 2L door, so that became a congregation area for people waiting on the lav...im sure the F/As loved that. When I became crew in Jan 2000...i can tell you that yes, it was a nightmare from a F/A standpoint. Flying Lead/Purser/A was ok...but the forward galley was almost too big in relation to the number of seats. The aft galley was a mess...with tiny ovens that were jam packed with food...you had to rotate the trays while the oven ran to make sure all the entrees were cooked. Service items like ice and cups and extra soda were conveniently located on the floor behind rather flimsy bin doors.

User currently offlineGman3 From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 290 posts, RR: 2
Reply 20, posted (3 years 5 days 4 hours ago) and read 12755 times:

As a 12 year FA for United, I sorta miss the 727's. They were like tanks in the sky! I remember getting struck by lightning on one.. was interesting. The galleys were super old. They were huge compartments that had to be pulled out with a special tool. The interior on most were a bit dingy and yellowing from the years of smoking when it was allowed.

As my othe colleagues have said, we were quite busy. Food service was hand run and I was cracking up at the comment about the lettuce being stewn all over! The trays were actually easier to deliver than those snack boxes. The waxy boxes would slip out of you hands if you tried to grab too many!

[Edited 2011-09-18 08:21:51]

User currently offlineMSYtristar From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 6570 posts, RR: 50
Reply 21, posted (3 years 5 days 4 hours ago) and read 12728 times:

From 1997 to 2001 I flew on at least 10 UA 727-200's on various routes, but usually on ones such as MSY-DEN, ORD-MSY, and PVD-ORD. They were a great ride. The interiors were in good shape...just as good as their 737's and 757's. The seats were the same gray with the multi-colored stripes running down the middle of them.

One of my most memorable flights on the UA 722 was in January,2000. It was the morning flight out of MSY to ORD. Full airplane. As we were taxiing, I was listening to channel 9, and the tower informed the flight deck "UA XXX, you are cleared for departure runway 1." Not five seconds later, the Captain responds: "Tower this is UA XXX, runway 1 won't cut it for us this morning, we're going to need runway 10." 1 is only 7000ft, 10 is 10,102ft. That flight also stuck out because of just how cold it was in ORD that morning...something like 6 degrees with a negative wind chill.

User currently offlinekgaiflyer From United States of America, joined Jul 2008, 4284 posts, RR: 1
Reply 22, posted (3 years 5 days 4 hours ago) and read 12728 times:
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Quoting Jackbr (Thread starter):
Where was UA operating their 722s in the late 90s/early 2000s?

I was an NWA flyer back then, but I did fly ORD-YVR on UA 727s occasionally.

[Edited 2011-09-18 08:20:08]

User currently offlineBirdwatching From Germany, joined Sep 2003, 3822 posts, RR: 51
Reply 23, posted (3 years 5 days 4 hours ago) and read 12544 times:

My last flight on United's 722 was on May 2, 2000, on the MIA-LGA route.
It was on N7291U:

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Andrew Hunt - AirTeamImages

As far as I can remember the cabin was a bit worn and quite a contrast to the 763ER that I flew in on from SCL. I can't believe that only 10 years ago the 727 was still regular equipment on domestic flights. At least nowadays we still have DC9s.


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User currently offlineVC10er From United States of America, joined Feb 2007, 2899 posts, RR: 9
Reply 24, posted (3 years 5 days 3 hours ago) and read 12032 times:
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Quoting Birdwatching (Reply 23):

I very much recall flying a UA 727 out of NYC (but I swear it was JFK and not LGA to MIA, but it was a loooooog time ago!) in the 1990's. I was 30 at the time and had a HIGHLY active social life, and I always flew UA (where I formed my love for the airline) my company had a Corp deal with UA and all tickets were 30 to 40% off. Plus I had a friend in Corp sales for UA in NYC and he would give me upgrades too.

So, I would probably go to South Beach 6 to 10 times a year to party and I was always on a UA 727. My first year of switching from AA to UA I was Premier Exec. But on one trip to Miami, I had 99,000 miles before I left and knew I would hit 100,000 miles on that ride. The FA took my order first (I was in first and we got an AWESOME hot meal too). Then she came back to me a few minutes later, almost hysterical with fear as she had made a mistake "Mr B, I am so sorry, I am so embarrassed! I made a big mistake, I should have asked the 1K's first what they wanted and now I've run out of the beef Wellington and a 1K ordered that and I was out..I need to kindly ask if you would give up your beef Wellington for him since you're just Premiere Exec 'which is very important to United too' but 1k's are supposed to come first and I could get in trouble!" I told her (joking but acting serious) "where are we right now? Near Atlanta? "she said "I'm not sure but I think we are close to Atlanta by now" and I said, well by now I should br 1k then! I left NY with 99,000 miles! She was seechless. Poor thing. I said "naturally you can give him my beef Weliington"- I'll take whatever is left! BUT...the reason I tell this (funny to me) story is I SO vividly recall riding those 727's in F was how wonderful the seat and cabin was. The food and service was better than an AA MD-80 was. Also, there was something about how a 727 banked into MIA from flying over the ocean- she glided soundlessly into a slide onto the runway. I miss her so much as I do my nights in South Beach.

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41 SZDC10 : The last United 727 flight I took was from ORD-SEA in 1996. Great, old jet with a huge galley in back which we sat next to. We had a DC-10 out to ORD
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54 AADC10 : I heard the opposite. After the stock market crash, there was a sharp drop in business travel and UA was looking to retire the 727s and DC-10s. 9/11
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71 jamake1 : That was a route US inherited from Piedmont. Piedmont flew 727-200 aircraft between SFO/LAX-CLT and SFO/LAX-DAY up until its operations were integrat
72 Tomassjc : Mexicana also had those on their -264/Adv models. Capacity was reduced in the rear pit by about 50 bags, but it could fly any route in the MX system
73 Post contains links and images Viscount724 : US took delivery of 3 727-264s built for MX. They were among the last passenger 727s built, line numbers 1806, 1813 (both delivered December 1982) an
74 United_fan : October 30th,2001. Last flight DEN-OAK. I flew on a UA 727 Sep 1 2001 ORD-LAS and ORD-ROC. Also Sep 2000 GSO-ORD. The cabins were in okay shape.
75 United_fan : No,the ones at the end were -291A (ex-Frontier)
76 TWA1985 : My last 727 flight was on United from DEN-ORD on August 11, 2001. One month before 9/11. It was a dinner flight and I can still hear the Irish flight
77 Post contains images SWALUVFA : You are so right about the FAs running around during a meal service! I was at United just a brief 5 months before 9/11, and flew the 727 quite a few
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