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A380 - Airbus Close To 'Significant Order'  
User currently offlineafriwing From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2008, 81 posts, RR: 0
Posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 4 hours ago) and read 72605 times:

According to Aviation Week, Airbus is working on a significant A380 order


so .. let the speculations begin   .. but let's first hope it's from a new customer, rather than a top-up order


(Edit: corrected quote  Wink )

[Edited 2012-12-13 02:21:17]

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User currently offlineshanxz From Singapore, joined Apr 2006, 269 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72578 times:

1. Turkish Airlines
2. Garuda Indonesia
3. Hainan Airlines

In that order of likelihood...

Airlines are in the service business, not transport. Brand matters...
User currently offlineAA737-823 From United States of America, joined Mar 2000, 6292 posts, RR: 10
Reply 2, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72548 times:

Well, as much as I'd like it to be UA or DL (though I'd prefer a 748 order!), I suspect that it's not a US-based customer.
More for Emirates? Gee, I hope not.

User currently offlineindia1 From India, joined Aug 2011, 242 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72490 times:
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With the EU-China spat dissipating - with announcements for 320 & 330 orders since - and with JL being recently back from that country, is there anything we can deduce?

User currently offlineZKOKQ From Australia, joined Mar 2012, 513 posts, RR: 1
Reply 4, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72471 times:

Is this a Cathay Order incoming?

User currently offlineworldrider From Switzerland, joined Nov 2007, 306 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72463 times:

i still expect CX to change their minds one day. Maybe we will have another chinese operator with this one.

User currently offlinespantax From Belgium, joined Nov 2004, 341 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72398 times:

No room for speculations. I know for sure that it is .... Ryanair (999 PAX configuration). 

User currently offlinescouseflyer From United Kingdom, joined Apr 2006, 3472 posts, RR: 9
Reply 7, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72301 times:

Ok I'll play!

I actually doubt that it's a(nother!) top-up for EK as they'd probably not have a MOU followed by a firm order later.

My thoughts:

New customers:

TK, NH, Tam or maybe one of the other Chinese carriers. As a real outside bet, that Thai startup whose name that I can't remember!


BA, EY (seem to have lots a cash to splash at the moment) or KE

Interesting next 10 days 

User currently offlineairlinebuilder From Philippines, joined Nov 2012, 208 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72265 times:

why do I have this feeling it is going to be Philippine Airlines, there is much talk about Europe being receptive to the airlines "come back"

User currently offlineAF185 From Hong Kong, joined Sep 2012, 285 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72199 times:

DL! They're on a roll this week  

User currently offlineKL911 From Netherlands, joined Jul 2003, 5500 posts, RR: 16
Reply 10, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72209 times:

DL and VS ?   Bombarding LHR with A380's .

User currently offlineFocker From Netherlands, joined Jan 2011, 173 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72128 times:

1. Air China
2. Turkish Airlines
3. Cathay (one can dream)

User currently offlineEK413 From Australia, joined Nov 2003, 5443 posts, RR: 6
Reply 12, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72089 times:

Why do I have a feeling it's going to be GA...


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment!
User currently offlineushermittwoch From Germany, joined Jan 2004, 2999 posts, RR: 14
Reply 13, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72041 times:

Since it's supposed to be "significant," we can assume it will not be a start-up or a smaller airline.
Of course it will not be Philippine Airlines, since they could not serve the US with it.
Maybe they are calling it significant because of the customer, not the number of airframes, which is intriguing.

If it's in regard of airframes, my money is on these three:

1. EY
2. TK
3. EK

If it's in regard of carrier:

1. CX
2. DL
3. UA

Where have all the tri-jets gone...
User currently offlineAirbusA370 From Germany, joined Dec 2008, 253 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 72038 times:

-800 or -900?   

User currently offlinefcogafa From United Kingdom, joined May 2008, 1129 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71919 times:

Depends what 'significant' means. Is it significant due to the number of aircraft ordered or due to the airline. If it is a new airline it could be thought significant to airbus.

User currently offlinena From Germany, joined Dec 1999, 11589 posts, RR: 9
Reply 16, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71921 times:

Like others I hope its NOT Emirates.

I could think of, in no particular order:
TAM (very remote chance)
China Airlines (very remote chance)
Air China or another major Chinese operator
or someone totally different

As for Garuda, maybe they could order 4, but that wouldnt be a significant order. "Significant" sounds like 10 or more, or a smaller order of an influential carrier not operating the A380 so far and bound to order more (CX, DL).

User currently offlineqf340500 From Hong Kong, joined Oct 2011, 229 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71827 times:

Where was Leahy in the last few days??? Wasn't the A380 "demonstrator plane" flying from Hawaii to Hongkong afterwards???

User currently offlineSKAirbus From Norway, joined Oct 2007, 2143 posts, RR: 2
Reply 18, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71825 times:

I've got a feeling BA may top up their order.. they have a lot of 744s to replace, which the 777X and A350 cannot cover in their entirety...

However, I hope it will be CX.. They have a lot of competition with A380s in service or arriving: Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana, China Southern, Malaysia Airlines, Thai...

Next Flights: LHR-OSL (738), OSL-CPH (320), CPH-LHR (321), LHR-HEL (359), HEL-LHR (359)
User currently offlineSKAirbus From Norway, joined Oct 2007, 2143 posts, RR: 2
Reply 19, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71781 times:

Quoting qf340500 (Reply 17):
Where was Leahy in the last few days??? Wasn't the A380 "demonstrator plane" flying from Hawaii to Hongkong afterwards???

So it's between Hawaiian and Cathay then  )) hehe

Next Flights: LHR-OSL (738), OSL-CPH (320), CPH-LHR (321), LHR-HEL (359), HEL-LHR (359)
User currently offlineqf340500 From Hong Kong, joined Oct 2011, 229 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71776 times:

Please, let it be CX  ))))

User currently offlineworldrider From Switzerland, joined Nov 2007, 306 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71686 times:

Quoting spantax (Reply 6):
No room for speculations. I know for sure that it is .... Ryanair (999 PAX configuration).


possibly the new "999 standing-active-full-flex" config! with personal energy-producing generators king of IFE where inflight mandatory competitions will be offered and the best ECO passsengers will be awarded lotery tickets/beverage discounts.. with trumpets!   

User currently offlineairlinebuilder From Philippines, joined Nov 2012, 208 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 71635 times:

To quote

"The French and the British are certainly happy that PAL is giving them a big chunk of the business via the acquisition of Airbus aircraft that include A330s, A320s, A340s, A319s, as well as A350s and A380s"
- The Philippine Star BUSINESS section Spy Bits by Babe G. Romualdez

......this can be that "order" remember Philippine Airlines got 36 more orders to go....

User currently offlineworldrider From Switzerland, joined Nov 2007, 306 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago) and read 71285 times:

a CX 15/20 frame order would make my next night dream.

Quoting airlinebuilder (Reply 22):
To quote

"The French and the British are certainly happy that PAL is giving them a big chunk of the business via the acquisition of Airbus aircraft that include A330s, A320s, A340s, A319s, as well as A350s and A380s"
- The Philippine Star BUSINESS section Spy Bits by Babe G. Romualdez

......this can be that "order" remember Philippine Airlines got 36 more orders to go....

maybe 6 frames for Manilla-North Amecrica ops? would be another another nice one, and that would make my first dream even more likely.

User currently offlinescbriml From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 15373 posts, RR: 45
Reply 24, posted (3 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago) and read 71187 times:
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Quoting AA737-823 (Reply 2):
More for Emirates? Gee, I hope not.
Quoting na (Reply 16):
Like others I hope its NOT Emirates.

Why not? They've already said they will need another 30. But, it would be unlike them to issue an MOU/LOI first. I also don't see them topping up before the Dubai Air Show next November.

Quoting airlinebuilder (Reply 22):
......this can be that "order" remember Philippine Airlines got 36 more orders to go....

Well, today they certainly haven't ordered either the A350 or A380. Then again, how reliable is the source? If they did order a bunch of A350s and A380s that would certainly upset some here who assumed the rest of the order was a slam-dunk for Boeing.

I'll be very surprised if it isn't an Asian carrier.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana!
25 ushermittwoch : Why would the British be happy? Under their current restrictions that would leave them with MEX, YVR, YUL and YYZ as possible destinations, since they
26 airlinebuilder : check out philippineairspace.blogspot.com the site explains the British on the Rolls Royce that complements the aircraft order........
27 worldrider : interesting info, thanks for the insight UM
28 PIEAvantiP180 : You guys can for certanly take DL off the list. At least for as long as the current managment team is running the show. Yesterday during DL investor
29 scbriml : Why wouldn't they be very happy? Airbus wings and RR engines for a start.
30 Post contains images SKAirbus : Because a large part of the manufacturing takes place in the UK for the A380... The wings, which are if I'm not mistaken quite a big and critical par
31 airlinebuilder : very well said SKAirbus!
32 Wisdom : My 3 choices: -SQ -LATAM -CX
33 ushermittwoch : After reading that blogspot entry, it becomes clear, why they are sucking up to the Brits. Looks like quite a bit of bribery might be going on. Just
34 Post contains images CXfirst : I'm sure they could fit a couple thousand with their all-standing configurations. I dearly hope it is CX or perhaps TK. However, as others, I fear it
35 SKAirbus : Well if you are going to use that logic then I would say Germany and France are also culprits here. It has been known for Airbus orders to be signed
36 ushermittwoch : Which would also qualify as significant.
37 JerseyFlyer : The report reads to me more like a new customer than a top up by an existing customer.
38 Post contains images scbriml : Just sayin' bribery? Based on what, exactly?
39 Post contains images ushermittwoch : Oh, no doubt about that. But I haven't heard of any lobbying to let unsafe airlines come back into the EU by anyone but RR.
40 Post contains links Richard28 : David Cameron is going to Airbus Flintshire later today, where an announcement will be made... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-north-east-wales-207
41 BlueSky1976 : It's going to be either major Asian or European customer. I highly doubt any carrier from North America will ever order A380. 777-9X is as large as th
42 Hooverman : Must be a huge order if it's gonna save 9000 jobs. I'll go for BA or CX.
43 Post contains links Focker : According to Bloomberg this is the AirAsia announcement, see: AirAsia Order For 100 A320's To Be Conf'd 13-Dec (by Focker Dec 13 2012 in Civil Aviati
44 na : Much too late to replace their 744 fleets! And such plane would largely carry on the comfort and passenger appeal shortfalls the 77W now has against
45 airlinebuilder : considering that new airlines cannot wait for an open slot for the A380 by 2015 was it or 2017 not so sure about the date but are there any frames ava
46 KL911 : BA already has the A380 on order, and I doubt LHR has enough space to build more A380 gates.
47 Bthebest : Not sure whether this is related to an aircraft order or just a deal between Airbus and UK Govt. on tax breaks etc. "The company says a new agreement
48 Focker : The article states: The company says a multibillion-pound order for 100 A320 planes from AirAsia will safeguard 1,500 Airbus jobs in the UK and 7,500
49 Post contains images Heavierthanair : G´day Likely Tony Fernandes is saving on travel costs by combining the order announcements for 100 A 320´s for Air Asia and a dozen or so A 380´s f
50 PlaneHunter : Which are those exactly? Seats, pitch and IFE are independant from airframe size. Cabin noise? Not a good argument. I'd prefer engine/outside noise o
51 Cerecl : My guess is CX, followed by BA, with TK and GA possible but less likely. I don't think Leahy needed to hold back if EK was behind the order because EK
52 Post contains images ushermittwoch : Island Air?
53 Post contains images oldeuropean : My bet is on CX!
54 Bthebest : Article has been updated since my post :P but that clears it up anyway. "AirAsias's order is for 64 of the A320neo and 36 of the A320ceo aircraft." W
55 Focker : CEO = Current Engine Option, if I am not mistaken[Edited 2012-12-13 05:47:23]
56 trent1000 : Ummm... because you're taking something that's either prescription or not... (meant in a friendly way). I don't think GA has routes that would fill a
57 Mark2fly1034 : I am going to go out on a limb here and say Win Air or Cape Air. DL would be nice seeing as they are buying 49% of airlines this week, they need somet
58 fcogafa : The British press often say 'xxx jobs will be safeguarded by this event' which means absolutely nothing as those jobs weren't in danger in the first p
59 Post contains images CXB77L : Congrats to Airbus and whoever it is that will be ordering it. However ... ... etc. Personally, I hope it won't be. Besides, I'd be very surprised if
60 SKAirbus : The masterplan for LHR states that a third satellite may be built at Terminal 5 (T5D), which could add quite a few A380 gates.. there are already a c
61 babybus : QR really need to order a whole new tranche of A380s to keep up with EK. QR's 3 vs EK's 30 is a major imbalance. I would also think BA will need to or
62 Post contains images slinky09 : HAL is converting more gates at T3 to be A380 compatible. So if T3 is needing more A380 gates we might have to consider who flies there Already 'on t
63 Post contains images VCy : Why not Aeroflot? or LATAM? would be interesting.. sure GRU & GIG have enough traffic!
64 TK787 : Exactly my feelings, no way TK is ordering another wide body until a brand new airport is up and running in Istanbul, mostly likely by 2018.
65 Post contains links and images lightsaber : Na... 666 passengers. What about Terminal 2 and the fact a third of those gates will accommodate the A380? http://photolibrary.heathrow.com/focusOn.a
66 ogshelly : What about Aeromexico or LAN?
67 gokmengs : As much as I would like to see TK order the A380 we can take them off the list. Only recently the CEO suggested that TK needs VLA's but will not be or
68 Post contains images BommerJan : [quote=airlinebuilder,reply=22]"The French and the British are certainly happy that PAL is giving them a big chunk of the business via the acquisition
69 Post contains images flood : Must be a top-up order from Kingfisher My guess would be CX. My wish would be a US carrier. My 'fear' would be more for EK or an unexciting top-up els
70 scbriml : There's such a thing where the A380 is concerned?
71 Post contains images neutrino : You are not mistaken.
72 SKAirbus : Does no one know anything about Airbus production?? I'm not going to repeat myself again.. scroll up!
73 AR385 : Iberia has no use for them, except on MAD-MEX and MAD-EZE. They´ve already said they won´t go for a special, small subfleet for only two routes. Sa
74 Stitch : I'd be surprised to see TK order either the 747-8 or A380-800 right now. They just added a significant order of 777-300ERs and A330-300s that will be
75 something : Maybe we can narrow the field down by deduction? 1. What airlines are big enough to buy A380s? 2. Of those, which of them have ruled buying A380s out
76 kaitak : Can it be said that no airline is publicly interested (indeed, may be publicly disinterested/dismissive!) until they actually do the deed! I think all
77 goosebayguy : Interesting that not long ago many here were saying the A380 would never sell many more. Yet now there are so many airlines that are being lined up fo
78 astuteman : True. But enablers like available production slots in a timely manner, or appropriate financing, might be "new". Rgds
79 fcogafa : Heathrow is a relatively small airport, there is not space for 'massive' numbers of A380s. Many of the taxiways cannot accept code F aircraft and it
80 phxa340 : Lets slow down a little bit , were talking about an order that hasn't been confirmed nor do we even know who the buyer is. Will it be a success ? Pro
81 YTZ : I'll be more impressed if it's not EK/EY or QR.
82 EBGflyer : I'm surprised only one here mentions China Southern (CZ). They only ordered 5 and had 4 deliveries so far. Maybe they'd like to top op before they get
83 Post contains images VCy : I still believe it could be Aeroflot
84 EddieDude : And MEX and YUL are not going to happen... like ever. Agree. I would think DL would order the 77W before the 748i, let alone the A380. I agree it is
85 N14AZ : They just announced to order 5 additional airframes but the order is not yet firm. So I would find it very dissapointing if JL classify a top-up-orde
86 ER757 : Unless my usually very reliable sources are wrong, it's not EK. I am among the crowd who think it's probably CX, but I'm going to toss a wild-card out
87 Post contains images IwantaBBJ : Ryanair maybe?
88 AirlineCritic : My money is on EK adding 30 frames, launch of A380-900, and converting a few existing orders to the same model as well. But it could also be EY, CZ, o
89 cedarjet : Cedarjet's bet is United. Their 747s are among the oldest in the business and there are a load of routes they fly that can't be flown with anything le
90 something : Where would those (earlier) production slots come from, especially in ''significant'' proportions? Financing can indeed play a role, though most A380
91 Post contains images petera380 : I'll go for easyJet
92 fcogafa : An order for 5 would be 'significant' in a year where the order book totals 4......
93 Hooverman : I don't see that happening. I thought they ordered 787/350 to replace the 744.
94 HoMsaR : UA is already going to be downgauging their ORD routes to 777s next spring. I don't think any 747s fly out of the NY area for UA at the moment. As fo
95 N14AZ : We are approaching 300 orders. Just out of curiosity – starting from which number would you classify the A 380 as a non-niche-aircraft?
96 gigneil : The only reason they're refocusing the 744 fleet is for maintainability. They've been having some challenges related to the 744s lately. That being sa
97 fcogafa : A bit of an optimistic comment? Wiki shows 262 orders of which around 25 must be classed as a bit suspect
98 Post contains images N14AZ : Yes, could be due to the half empty bottle of wine standing next to me... Well, I said "approaching", I didn't say "final approach".
99 phxa340 : Niche - as in it only fits into a minority of airlines business plans. I wouldn't place a sales volume on it. The Mini Cooper is a niche car but they
100 fcogafa : To me, the elephant in the room is Skymark - they are very rarely mentioned on these pages but how likely are they to actually operate the aircraft?
101 astuteman : I didn't say "earlier". I said "in a timely manner" - i.e. as another year passes and 30 more planes get delivered, more slots start to come into the
102 brilondon : My money would be on Hainan Airlines. As before and continuing today, UA and DL will probably not order the A380 as their route structure is not cond
103 BasilFawlty : Hmm, in my view CA, CX and TK are the most likely candidates. My wild-card would be for SV.
104 Post contains images EPA001 : -1000! . Could be. I am expecting them to do so considering the big 747-fleet which will need replacement some day. Me too! . Especially TK I would n
105 EK413 : Considering DL are going ahead with a 49% stake takeover of VS would it be possible that DL have decided to take on VS A380 order and topped it up wit
106 EGPH : I would suggest CX as a real possibility on this one. Would like to see KL or IB order though, really do think KL might decide in the future the A380
107 cedarjet : I'm repeating myself but I say again, cos no-one else is saying it - UNITED UNITED UNITED. Only Gigneil is talking sense here - and he's right - no wa
108 Post contains images Stitch : United assuredly has the option of converting some or all of those A350-900 orders into A350-1000s, which would significantly close the gap to the 74
109 avek00 : No, it's not. Remember, United only seats about 360 people in its 744s.
110 thegeek : Can't see that many of the proposed new customers would count as a "significant order", unless perhaps UA or CX. I say it isn't going to be CX orderin
111 n471wn : Another example of why Delta is smarter than other carriers--------As a 40-year WN customer and raving SWA fan, nonetheless I am admiring Delta more
112 Lutfi : Cathay, no. They will look at VLA this year, but too soon for an order, My guess is Etihad
113 pliersinsight : Perhaps a bit out in left field, but any thoughts about high capacity domestic use....say between airports on Japan or within China, ala the 747 Domes
114 Post contains links rotating14 : They have 6 on order at the moment unless things have changed since then. http://www.airbus.com/presscentre/pr...rk-airlines-orders-two-more-a380s/
115 AR385 : I´m not so sure. EZE is very seasonal for MEX-EZE, and AR is not going to remain a basketcase forever. And if they ever come back to be as what they
116 CCA : Well considering Airbus had its test A380 in the HAECO hangar yesterday and Airbus was at CX plus drinks were held in the A/C last night, I'd say Airb
117 EddieDude : Good point. I guess this reinforces our previous assessment that A380s are a no-go for AM.
118 AR385 : I think so. Besides, I can´t see them not going with the 748i, if they wanted a VLA. The relationship with Boeing is too cozy, plus NAFTA and the sy
119 Post contains images lostsound : Air Canada... Now that'd be unexpected!
120 Post contains images mariner : Bugger reality. I doubt this will happen, this is what I would LIKE to see: Yeh, yeh, I know. mariner
121 afterburner : I don't think Garuda needs VLA's in the near future.
122 qf340500 : mariner, now THATS a beauty!!!
123 art : I thought CX wanted an aircraft with greater range than A380 offered. A380 has lost some weight in the last 5 years. Engines have improved fuel burn a
124 thegeek : CX's main objection was cargo volume.
125 Post contains links and images gr09 : And how about this one? http://www.cardatabase.net/modifieda...earch/photo_search.php?id=00011303 But seriously, I hope for CX as I would like to see
126 Post contains images JohnClipper : I prefer CX going with 747-8i instead of A380...
127 Post contains images flylonghaul : My money would be on CX provided this is ACTUALLY significant, and not just hype. I'd love to snap shots of a UA 380 in SYD though Maybe we are all wr
128 Post contains images TWA772LR : I got my money on Great Lakes. I'm calling CX. Or Jet Airways or Air India.
129 india1 : No way Air India, even if it means money for certain bureaucrats! They're a complete mess.
130 abba : I think that Art is right - the cargo volume argument seems to me to be mostly a-net wisdom often enough questioned by people who should know CXs ope
131 btblue : Iberia... Filler Filler Filler
132 AR385 : Not going to happen.
133 garpd : Guess you didn't catch the news about their fleet simplification and job cuts program then? Iberia have currently neither the need nor the means to o
134 Post contains images CXB77L : Likewise. The 747-8i would look great in CX colours. Perhaps you're right, but if it is more than "a.net wisdom", then it's a legitimate concern. Whe
135 Post contains images oldeuropean : This would be nice ... but please with another livery. This one is soooo boring!
136 Post contains links and images sutrakhk : My bet would go for CX The A380 is sitting next to the runway at HKG waiting the good news:
137 uaeflyer : Maybe a different customers negotiating at the same time I would put SV & CX on the top of the guessing list
138 Asiaflyer : There is no route in CX network that the A380 can not operate, so why would they need more range from it?
139 airlinebuilder : can it be Hong Kong Express, they are re organizing the airline to be a LCC nextyear and China market is one big load market. or a crazy forecast Cebu
140 Post contains images Heavierthanair : G´day They are visiting Hong Kong with the A 380, so it is likely that one or several potential customers are from that general area, which besides a
141 MCO2BRS : Could this be a firming up of the HX order that has been hanging in limbo for a while now? How about a combined CX/KA order? Cheers, MCO 2 BRS
142 r2rho : I think the MTOW and aero improvements being introduced from the 1st BA a/c onwards may have finally convinced CX. The recent Hawaii visit is probably
143 something : I could very well see that. I seriously doubt it's CX. They are such a smart airline, they would have already bought A388 if they needed/wanted them.
144 CXfirst : As for people thinking this could be firming of orders. The article says Leahy is hopeful for a memorandum of understanding before year-end with the f
145 KarelXWB : CX always showed interest for the improved A380 with the extra range and now you can order it. CX could be behind the 'significant order', maybe 10 or
146 airlinebuilder : Must CX be the candidate to the A380, that will the last nail to the B748i, forever it will be a rare breed. I still hope 6 frames for Philippine Airl
147 Bthebest : I'd like to see BAs next step in their longhaul fleet renewal. Think I remember reading somewhere that they were planning to have a decision by end of
148 Post contains links something : ''Hainan Airlines’ subsidiary Hong Kong Airlines is considering changing out its Airbus A380 orders in favor of the A330 [...] Hainan Airlines Grou
149 airlinebuilder : no one in this forum as answered my query yet, must there be an order for an ASAP delivery for the A380, where will airbus take it from and how soon c
150 abba : Then I have to ask the question: "For who?" Perhaps it is a legitimate concern for YOU that CX is not going to have that much cargo on the routes tha
151 scouseflyer : There is a mention in the ilnked article that there are no available slots till 2015 but if an order is cancelled when the plane is already being mad
152 JerseyFlyer : There may be some early slot availablility, given the HKA and Kingfisher likely cancellations. ........except for the fact that their subsidiary HKA
153 lostsound : If Cathay is going with a VLA I expect it to be the A380. In fact I'm pretty sure CX's only hold back on the A380 was to wait for an A380-900 option.
154 Post contains images Heavierthanair : G´day If - emphasis on IF - CX is going to buy the A 380 it will be as a people mover, freight will be of little consideration. It is more than likel
155 kaitak : I think that's a far point, but they have enough cargo acft in their fleet, now and on order, to make up for t he possible shortfall of A388 cargo ca
156 ushermittwoch : Their transpacific target should be to get back to Cat I status...
157 KarelXWB : I know they threaten to cancel the order, but you can find the HX order in the Airbus order book so it's not a MoU as MCO2BRS suggests. They firmed i
158 Post contains images flood : Well, NAIA does already have an A380-capable LH Technik hangar, don't they? That said, unfortunately I don't see them ordering any. I expect to see t
159 CX Flyboy : There are rumours that when HX cancel their A380 order, it will free up slots that Airbus are pushing CX to take. The demo A380 is in Hong kong at th
160 Wolbo : Whatever happened to the Vietnam Airlines a380 MoU? Was it officially cancelled or is it still hanging out there somewhere?
161 airlinebuilder : I was entertaining the Vietnam Airlines at the onset of the forum..... that being brought up, it most likely.
162 Post contains images something : Most interesting and thank you for the insight my friend The reason why I rule/d CX as a buyer out is because, as previously mentioned, I'm under the
163 KarelXWB : Vietnam Airlines is/was only interested for the higher gross weight variant of the A380. And the new airport needs to be ready first. I can see some
164 Post contains images astuteman : Question and answer in one sentence, perhaps? It's not beyond the realms of reality to schedule a passenger heavy A380, and a freight heavy 777/A350
165 davidho1985 : AIrbus' F-WWDD came to Hong Kong for a few days (just left Hong Kong today). CX's staffs (or their related parties) were invitied for a visit. Don't k
166 Post contains links and images KiwiRob : Looking something like this by 2030.
167 speedygonzales : Who's going to fly a 707(?) in Star Alliance livery in 2030?
168 petera380 : Very nice but still only two runways and basically full!
169 Post contains images Stitch : Cathay appears to be preparing to order three more 747-8Fs (Boeing has added three frames for them to their 747-8F production list)... [Edited 2012-1
170 zeke : You have already stated on another thread that these 747-8F frames came from the Air China order, and CX dropped the 777Fs. Why make your post the wa
171 Stitch : I made my post the way I did to tongue-in-cheek support kaitak's comments that the low revenue cargo capacity of the A380-800 can be compensated by d
172 zeke : So is telling the truth.
173 art : Please... Filler Filler Filler
174 EddieDude : Oh man, that is awesome! One can only wish.
175 Post contains images n729pa : Lets hope it's a new customer to start with. Significant can be one of two things....a new customer or a large number Maybe it's Iran Air !
176 Viscount724 : Those routes can be flown just fine with the 77W. I can't see any multi-hub carrier like UA (or any other US carrier) ordering the A380. If the 77W h
177 DualQual : No way it's UA. If it was Smisek would have the 380 order as a lure to vote yes on the pilot TA.
178 N14AZ : I think this MoU, if it will come true, is not linked to current demonstration of MSN 004 in Hong Kong. It simply sounds to easy: send the demonstrato
179 Post contains images brilondon : No, that is the new 797 they are debating in another thread.
180 Post contains images gigneil : There's a first time for everything. But I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing I think they'll have to go with an A350-1000 on the routes.
181 Post contains links thegeek : In 2009, the CEO was very negative about the A388: Tony Tyler (CX CEO) On CX Fleet Plans, No A380 Yet (by Lutfi Jul 30 2009 in Civil Aviation) He doe
182 CXB77L : CX hasn't said anything on the matter except to say that the A380 didn't fit its fleet network. Mr Tyler said so in an interview several years back. T
183 astuteman : For what its worth I wasn't suggesting this could be "likely", or "inevitable". It's just that A-net sometimes has a tendency to look at certain situ
184 N14AZ : Waow! That's what I call a true retroliner. Can't wait for the year 2030.
185 art : I am inclined to agree. I might consider an A380 re-order (rather than a 777 re-order) from an established A380 and B777 user signifiicant, too. Just
186 Post contains images EPA001 : That interpretation would also suit LH. Both airlines have quite similar profiles and do favour aircraft which can carry both passengers and cargo in
187 Post contains images babybus : If it is United it will that old trick of ordering 50 and then cancelling in an effort to destabilize confidence in the aircraft. Remember that silly
188 Post contains images Polot : Yes, since airlines do that all the time. Old trick indeed
189 abba : They have early on been talking about range and capasity. I find that to be a rather sweeping statement that certainly dosn't hold water. They have in
190 zeke : John has stated many times in public he has not ruled out any VLA, the issue is due to be address next year. Likely CX will be down to just 10 pax 74
191 thegeek : Thanks for that. You're significantly closer to CX's operations than casual observer like myself. I personally hope that they don't buy the A388 to p
192 RayChuang : Now that Airbus has finally matured with the A380-800 production, my guess is that the MTOW and fuel burn of current-production A388's may meet Cathay
193 Post contains images EPA001 : Yes, them too. And they all have A380's in their fleets.
194 FreshSide3 : The UA pilots just now got a new contract, so that increases the chances..... My guess is either Turkish, Thai, or Aeroflot.
195 YVRLTN : IMO any order for the A380 is significant at this point... Well, those numbers are readily available after 5 years of service, and only improving. FWI
196 gemuser : Actually QF do through wet lease from Atlas(?), 2-3 times a week. Gemuser
197 cx828 : just a wild assumption, is it possible to have a 380 combi like Air China one to the 747M, so they can still have the passenger capacity of the old 74
198 thegeek : Can't have a moveable partition any more.
199 FriendlySkies : Perhaps, from 0.000001% to 0.000005%. UA will probably get A350-1000s at some point. There will not be an A380 with a globe anytime soon, if ever, fo
200 cx828 : half of the bottom can be cargo, the top and front half will equal out the capacity of 744, i am not a professional, but will that be too heavy??
201 HNL-Jack : Haven't read all the entries, so forgive me if this speculation has already been offered, but it was interesting that the demo A-380 stopped in HNL on
202 Post contains links tommy525 : http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2012/11/12/2003547499 The A380 is reported to be visiting Taipei as well. This newslink from a local T
203 ZK-NBT : From what I have read CX will take another look at the need for a VLA during 2013, so this current proposed A380 order won't be from CX going by that.
204 andrewtang : The FAA no longer certifies Combi aircraft for Commercial use. I doubt CI needs the A380 for its operation though. CI has placed a firm order for 14
205 CXfirst : Theoretically they would be allowed to have the whole main deck as cargo, and just use top deck for passengers (or perhaps the reverse), but that wou
206 Deltal1011man : Not only this, but Anderson has stated to employees before that the plane "is to big to make money". Delta wants twins. Twins are the future at Delta
207 gigneil : No they haven't. They have exactly 1 fewer 747 than they have always had. NS
208 yyz717 : Their large 744F fleet suggests the 748F has a future at CI, which makes the 748I seem possible also.
209 Deltal1011man : UA has been, over the last few years, been dumping 747s and replacing them with 777s. (or just cutting the capacity without replacement) UA at its pe
210 JerseyFlyer : Which is why non-stop long haul caqrgo ops will remain a minority - it is cheaper to stop half way to top up the tanks. He just bought 3 - well, 49%
211 Stitch : The cost to design and certify it, coupled with the inflexibility to adjust loads between passengers and cargos, and the added empty weight needed fo
212 thegeek : They don't need to be as rigid as you are outlining. You can still fly a dedicated freighter to deal with strong freight demand and sub in a passenge
213 Post contains images Stitch : At that point, why run the combi? Might explain why some combi operators are moving to dedicated passenger or freighter fleets or are favoring planes
214 jet-lagged : Last Friday I was lucky enough to see a couple of AF A380s while transitting CDG. Yes one looked dirty, I was bemused to notice. Seeing it in person f
215 Deltal1011man : IMHO Virgin wont ever have an A380....
216 N14AZ : So? Just one more working day left in 2012. Any chances for this "significant" MoU in 2012? I doubt it... If at all it will happen in 2013 and maybe i
217 Post contains images scbriml : You may be surprised what will show up in the last few days of 2012. But you'll probably have to wait for Airbus's annual press conference around 17t
218 lightsaber : I would love to see that, but teh chance is 0.1%. That is one issue with the A380. No combi required, the new widebodies substitute. Even the 787 bri
219 gigneil : That doesn't sound right to me. I'll meet you halfway however. I can find production records for 28 747-422s. I was under the impression that total w
220 ba319-131 : The following 747-400's have left the UA fleet:- N172UA N176UA N183UA N184UA N106UA (this was a -451 built for NW but NTU) N186UA N187UA N188UA N189UA
221 AVENSAB727 : If UA orders some, I hope they come to IAH!
222 gigneil : OMG ME TOO. I love IAH. NS
223 TheSultanOfWing : First post! Happy New year everybody! I was kind of hoping to know something more about this "significant order" by now, any rumors at all? Many thank
224 scbriml : Even if an MoU was signed before the end of 2012, I wouldn't expect to hear about it until Airbus's Annual Press Conference around the middle of Janua
225 motorhussy : Slightly off topic but relevant as well; does the A380 have a high cargo capacity by weight compared to that available by space? Given its magnificent
226 Stitch : In terms of Maximum Structural Payload, the A380-800 is rated to about 93t at the 575t TOW. The 747-8 is rated at 82t and the 777-300ER at 70t.
227 motorhussy : That's fairly significant. So if you're able to focus on high value and heavy cargo, and lots of passengers, the A388 is definitely the aeroplane for
228 Post contains images redzeppelin : So maybe EK's large fleet of 380s is related to Dubai's status as a major gold trading hub?
229 boysteve : Personally I think the best view is when stood between 4:30 and 5 o'clock relative to the bid bird (or between 7 and 7:30 o'clock obviously).
230 CM : If you subscribe to the belief the A380-800 seats about 100 more pax than the 747-8, then the MSP delta doesn't look all that noteworthy: A388 - 110k
231 airlinebuilder : The A380 sure is the aircraft.....way to GO!
232 airlinebuilder : this has been on the forum for some time now and we have not heard of what this significant order really is? anybody with inside information to enligh
233 redzeppelin : Let me make sure that I understand--These numbers are just loading up the aircraft to max payload with no fuel on board? So if the 3 planes were all
234 travelhound : Am i correct in saying, If you load them up with cargo to full capacity than they are not going to fly the brochure ranges as advertised by Boeing an
235 Stitch : The brochure ranges are with a full compliment of passengers and their bags so yes, if you add revenue cargo on top of that, range will be less. The
236 CM : I'm looking at a non-restricted route for the three aircraft. Here are some basic assumptions for the mission: Stage Length - 4,000 nm. Passenger + t
237 sydaircargo : not sure if they did already but i was reading that Transaero from russia looking to roder 4 A380 would be significant because it would be the first o
238 Polot : Transaero already has signed an MoU (they did so in Oct 2011). The article in the first post mentions that Leahy hoped to have an MoU for this order
239 KarelXWB : Transaero also firmed their A380 order in the beginning of 2012.
240 bthebest : Probably won't find out till 17th January or just before, when Airbus are going to announce their 2012 O&D.
241 Post contains links india1 : Turkish? http://thepeninsulaqatar.com/interna...urkey-plan-major-airbus-order.html
242 Bthebest : Most promising sign yet - although wouldn't call the A333 and 77W comparable!
243 Post contains images EK413 : The VS A380 order was another publicity stunt... EK413
244 SKAirbus : I wouldn't say that.. It was made in better economic times where RB had slightly more ambitious growth plans. Times change.... A problem with orderin
245 na : They are as comparable or non-comparable as the 77W vs the 748I. Exactly.
246 art : Sounds like more likely than unlikely to me: (a) French trade minister will be visiting Turkey (b) rapprochement between France and Turkey after with
247 BlueShamu330s : Interesting article. It struck me as written by someone bursting to lead on a story but who has been sworn to secrecy for now. TK would be a huge cou
248 DTWPurserBoy : DL could easily use the airplane on NRT, TLV, and MNL flights. I et irbus wold give thema premium disount just to get the aiplanes into the U. Remembe
249 naritaflyer : It's Turkish Airlines. Announcement may be coming tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 16, 2012). At least what I read it said that the French trade minister will
250 Post contains images N14AZ : Premium discount? I even could imagine that John Leahy would work with a negative sales price just to sell his first pax-A 380 in the USA. Hmm, just
251 Post contains images EPA001 : It would be quite nice if they ordered 150 A380's in one batch! But somehow I doubt that.
252 KarelXWB : Leahy was talking about a MoU signed in 2012 and firming it in the first half of 2013. We will see.
253 Asiaflyer : On top of at least 100 A320 family, and maybe up to 10 A380, isn't it time for TK to line up for an A350 order?
254 Post contains images EPA001 : Well, they recently purchased A330's and B77W's which will be delivered in a couple of years. So that would surprise me if they would also order the
255 Post contains images Bthebest : Or lets hope there's another one a well! The more the better
256 Post contains images Bthebest : So nor order in the works just yet then....past the TK 16/1 date and Airbus results
257 jfk777 : Turkish is a horse I would bet on for the A380 order since they have been expanding every where they can. They also want to make a statement as a ser
258 art : Anyone know if the meeting between the French trade minister and TK CEO has taken place?
259 Aircellist : So it wasn't SQ's repeat order?
260 art : To me any re-order is significant (suggests the airline has data showing the A380 is profitable for it). I think Airbus would have highlighted this o
261 Post contains links iowaman : Since this thread is getting quite lengthy please continue the discussion here: A380 - Airbus Close To 'Significant Order' Part #2 (by iowaman Jan 17
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