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Irish 1/13; Brave New World  
User currently offlinekaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13016 posts, RR: 34
Posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 23 hours ago) and read 36674 times:

Good morning everyone and a very happy, safe and healthy new year to you all.

Well, 2012 has certainly been an interesting year in Irish aviation; the highlights are too many to list here, but it certainly has been a year of more positives than negatives; in just over a week, we'll mark the 1st anniversary of the first Emirates flights to DUB (can it be a year already!) and we also saw the end of year on year declines in traffic. DUB and Aer Lingus experienced growth and apart from Emirates, we saw a fair number of new routes either launched or announced for next year.

The first half of 2013 (i.e. now!) sees us holding the presidency of the EU, so that will certainly give economic growth a boost, and of course, we have the Gathering.

There are good reasons to be optimistic - of course, good reasons to be more cautious, but I have a good feeling about this year!

I wish you all the best for the year and without further ado, let's move onto our first new thread of 2013 ...

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User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 29037 posts, RR: 60
Reply 1, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 36414 times:

Happy New Year  

Shannon really needs to come up with the goods now or it will have egg on its face. Lets hope that there is some good leadership skills and they aggressively go out and get the business. This has the potential to be very positive for SNN so lets hope it works out .

User currently offlineBestWestern From Hong Kong, joined Sep 2000, 8037 posts, RR: 57
Reply 2, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 15 hours ago) and read 36372 times:

Varadkar has already ruled out a sweetheart deal from Ryanair, so unsure where the shannon traffic will come from. The first major investment in Shannon will have to be the runway overlay - that will cost tens of millions, so hopefully the Shannon cash will be spent wisely.

The world is really getting smaller these days
User currently offlinedstc47 From Ireland, joined Sep 1999, 1565 posts, RR: 3
Reply 3, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 6 hours ago) and read 36061 times:

Cant see SNN doing any better just due to the change of nameplate. Still in the wrong place to get traffic but best of luck to them in 2013.

User currently offlineAmricanShamrok From Ireland, joined May 2008, 3232 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 5 hours ago) and read 36007 times:

Attention now turns to merging the new SAA with a restructured Shannon Development by 1st July. EI sponsored two return SNN-USA tickets to one lucky passenger at the airport this morning to celebrate the independence of the airport. No doubt EI along with others are looking forward to reduced operational and landing charges here.

Quoting Shannon Airport]Tuesday, January 1st, 2013: Shannon Airport is today celebrating the beginning of a new era for Ireland’s most historic airport as it officially became an independent entity overnight.

Separation officially took place at 11.59p.m. last night, with the first passengers to transit through the newly autonomous airport arriving on board the Aer Lingus EI-110 flight from JFK at 5.08 a.m. this morning.

The airport will commence operations on a solid footing by way of a debt free balance sheet and a business plan with an immediate focus on growing passenger numbers and route development.[/quote]


[quote=dstc47 (Reply 3):
Cant see SNN doing any better just due to the change of nameplate.

Surely though it wasn't sustainable for SNN to operate under a company with the country's main airport as its primary entity? If an airline came to the DAA looking to start service to either DUB or SNN would the DAA be pitching both of them evenly or would they lean more towards DUB? Personally I think the "Dublin Airport Authority" name alone answers that question.

User currently offlinekaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13016 posts, RR: 34
Reply 5, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 2 hours ago) and read 35894 times:

Nice picture of a Carvair on the front page:

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © R.A.Scholefield

If someone were asked "what was the best aircraft Aer Lingus ever operated?", there would be quite a few to choose from - the F27, Viscount, 737, 747, 707, A330 and a few more besides, but if someone were asked the worst, the Carvair would probably top the list (maybe the Viking, too) ... in the words of one of its first pilots: "a bloody awful aeroplane, it really was".

User currently offlineEagleBoy From Niue, joined Dec 2009, 2188 posts, RR: 2
Reply 6, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 1 day 2 hours ago) and read 35862 times:

Quoting kaitak (Reply 5):
but if someone were asked the worst, the Carvair would probably top the list (maybe the Viking, too) ... in the words of one of its first pilots: "a bloody awful aeroplane, it really was".

Agreed...the Carvair was a dodgy niche aircraft. It was a bad idea from the start.......on the other hand the Viking was foisted on EI as part of a deal and was a downright bad aircraft.

User currently offlinekaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13016 posts, RR: 34
Reply 7, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 20 hours ago) and read 35795 times:

Just at DUB now, waiting for the EI 230 to LGW; humungous queues this morning; took about 20 minutes, snaking back and forth, to get to a desk; security queue not much better. Still, just waiting for my flight call and on my way.

Weather not looking too great for JER ... would not at all upset if I had to spend a night at LGW at BA's expense ...  

User currently offlinedstc47 From Ireland, joined Sep 1999, 1565 posts, RR: 3
Reply 8, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 35728 times:

Quoting AmricanShamrok (Reply 4):
Surely though it wasn't sustainable for SNN to operate under a company with the country's main airport as its primary entity? If an airline came to the DAA looking to start service to either DUB or SNN would the DAA be pitching both of them evenly or would they lean more towards DUB? Personally I think the "Dublin Airport Authority" name alone answers that question.

Well we may differ on this.
DUB is and will be the principal focus for air service to Ireland, not because of any conspiracy, or naming conventions, but simply because the bulk of inward and outward traffic want to reach the Dublin area and not Shannon.

True then, true today and true tomorrow, whatever SNN management regime applies. For most of the period of common ownership, or common management of the three State Airports, the overall management entity had a neutral name e.g. Aer Rianta, without any particular difference in the situation for SNN. While I am aware of cases where carriers were told to serve SNN also, when they wanted to serve DUB only. (All through the Shannon stopover period this applied to various US carriers, - mostly with the effect that those carriers served nowhere in Ireland at all). I am not, however, aware of any case where a carrier wishing to serve SNN was ever "lured" to DUB. This was not because DUB or the corporate headquarters were so clever as to conceal this but because airline managers, however stupid, look at the metrics behind a Shannon operation and found Dublin, and even Cork usually worked better. Only if SNN can cut operational costs, basically labour costs, to the levels of OCK or KIR will they have something to offer. Sadly, this is still likely still only to interest weaker, or predatory, carriers in search of free or subsidised landing rights and unable or unwilling to continue when concessions vanish.

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 29037 posts, RR: 60
Reply 9, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 35722 times:

Quoting kaitak (Reply 7):

Yep was the same when I was there last week too.

User currently offlineJambost From Ireland, joined Jun 2010, 271 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 14 hours ago) and read 35643 times:

2013 is the year [October to be precise] BFS celebrates their 50th anniversary as a civilian airport,


I hope BFS can secure and announce a new direct long haul destination to top their celebrations, AUH & BFS.



RE came 4th place in "Best European regional airline" nice achievement, I am sure EI should have some credit for that.

[Edited 2013-01-02 05:43:51]

1APR14 Ireland Direct, 3 A380-9LR,Equiped Irish Bar & Casino. All Y+ seating. Serving DUB-PER-SYD/MEL
User currently offlineshamrock350 From Ireland, joined Mar 2005, 6474 posts, RR: 14
Reply 11, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 9 hours ago) and read 35435 times:

Labour Court recommends new pension arrangements at Aer Lingus

The Labour Court has recommended that the general structure of the new pension arrangements at Aer Lingus, which were proposed by the company, be accepted.

These are interim recommendations, and relate to the resolution of pension deficit and other related matters at the airline.

The Labour Court has also recommended that the pension scheme be coordinated with the State pension.
Unions had argued that the effect of coordination would disproportionately hit those on lower levels of pensionable pay.

Lets hope theres some movement in the right direction on this one, it's been going on far too long.


User currently offlineBrianDromey From Ireland, joined Dec 2006, 4064 posts, RR: 10
Reply 12, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week 4 hours ago) and read 35239 times:

Quoting Jambost (Reply 10):

If RE are fourth I dread to think what the rest are like! While RE crew are, almost universally, a friendly, courteous and generally great bunch and a pleasure to fly with, the RE fleet and timekeeping certainly are not. It's sad to read the skytrax reviews, very frequently the EIR flights are late and the cabins are pointed out as shabby/dirty. I have to say this does mirror my experience with RE. I don't think it is the fleet, per se. The oldest 500 is less than 5 years old, I honestly believe that these machines suffered from lack of preventative maintenance before, during and possibly after the examinership. They are still woefully unreliable. Indeed, EI operated some of the oldest, highest cycle A330s on the planet so age and cycles are not necessarily an excuse.

User currently offlinegulfstream From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 62 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 35108 times:
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Quoting BrianDromey (Reply 12):

Yes I agree EI is able to achieve longevity and reliability of it's aircraft as the result of a excellent maintenance program. We saw that with the incredible performance of thier 747-100 fleet. Now about the catering...

User currently offlineirishair98 From Ireland, joined Dec 2011, 122 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (2 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 35093 times:
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Just a random question here if EI are going to expand there long haul in the US where would they go to? Im guessing SFO and YYZ.

Dún Na Ngall Abú!
User currently offlinekaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13016 posts, RR: 34
Reply 15, posted (2 years 9 months 6 days 23 hours ago) and read 35081 times:

Quoting irishair98 (Reply 14):
Im guessing SFO and YYZ.

Unfortunately, SFO is out (as is anywhere else on the west coast); the govt would love them to fly to SFO, but has now been courting UA to do this - sadly with little success so far.

YYZ is far more likely, but is not likely to happen this year. They have instead added capacity to existing routes, particularly BOS and ORD.

During the depths of the recession, many of us were concerned about the A350 being too big for the airline's routes. I suspect that at this stage, with two full summer seasons to go before the A350 arrives, in 2015, EI is probably thinking it's not soon enough. Two are due in the first half and two in the second half of 2015, with two more in 2016.

In other news, the three EI A320s which will be operating the Virgin flights are EI-CVA, B and C.

User currently offlineirishair98 From Ireland, joined Dec 2011, 122 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (2 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 35071 times:
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Quoting kaitak (Reply 15):

But is there demand for EI going to SFO? Was the economic downturn the reason EI axed the west coast or was it low pax but with a great year for long haul last year and hopefully better this year would EI rethink SFO or LAX ?.

Dún Na Ngall Abú!
User currently offlineAmricanShamrok From Ireland, joined May 2008, 3232 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (2 years 9 months 6 days 13 hours ago) and read 34853 times:

What about DUB-EWR? EI operated it before (pre-9/11 I believe) and now that UA has transferred the second daily EWR flight to IAD, could EI team up with them to offer an early afternoon flight? Would 3 daily DUB-NYC be too much for EI considering AA are soon joining them (as well as DL and UA) on the route?

User currently offlineclydenairways From Ireland, joined Jan 2007, 1401 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (2 years 9 months 6 days 11 hours ago) and read 34738 times:

Quoting irishair98 (Reply 16):
But is there demand for EI going to SFO?

Demand is not the problem, but demand at yields high enough to cover all the operating costs is.

I think EI will still stay focused on adding additional capacity on core markets such as JFK,BOS,ORD where they will make more money than trying another destination. They will only expand to new cities if they have additional aircraft beyond what these core markets can take.

I don't think YYZ will be a future EI route either, AC will add DUB to it's new Rouge leisure network eventually and maybe EI will code share on this.

What do you guys think of EI adding additional seats to some/all of it's A330 fleet to improve the economics on long haul mostly leisure markets such as YYZ,LAX etc?
Seat technology has advanced where you can get thinner seats at a tighter pitch and still maintain leg room comfort levels.
Air Berlin would be my example of having 303 new slimmer seats on a 330-200 versus EI's 275.

With 303 seats on the -200's the economics of West coast flying might be viable again!

User currently offlineEIBoston From Ireland, joined Sep 2006, 486 posts, RR: 1
Reply 19, posted (2 years 9 months 6 days 2 hours ago) and read 34446 times:

Quoting kaitak (Reply 15):
In other news, the three EI A320s which will be operating the Virgin flights are EI-CVA, B and C.

So they are giving them the oldest 320's in the fleet. Nice 

User currently offlineBestWestern From Hong Kong, joined Sep 2000, 8037 posts, RR: 57
Reply 20, posted (2 years 9 months 5 days 23 hours ago) and read 34387 times:

Quoting clydenairways (Reply 18):
What do you guys think of EI adding additional seats to some/all of it's A330 fleet to improve the economics on long haul mostly leisure markets such as YYZ,LAX etc?
Seat technology has advanced where you can get thinner seats at a tighter pitch and still maintain leg room comfort levels.
Air Berlin would be my example of having 303 new slimmer seats on a 330-200 versus EI's 275.

With 303 seats on the -200's the economics of West coast flying might be viable again!

Interesting that Air Berlin has gone fully flat bed on the A330 one year after relaunching their business class.


Above and beyond fleet commonality, Aer Berlin and Aer Lingus have a lot in common - hybrid carriers offering a low cost, product led service on both short and longer haul flights. Both have a regional arm.

The world is really getting smaller these days
User currently offlineEagleBoy From Niue, joined Dec 2009, 2188 posts, RR: 2
Reply 21, posted (2 years 9 months 5 days 20 hours ago) and read 34345 times:

Quoting clydenairways (Reply 18):
Demand is not the problem, but demand at yields high enough to cover all the operating costs is........

With 303 seats on the -200's the economics of West coast flying might be viable again!

I agree but I would argue that the demand in J is more of a factor than getting 28 extra Y fare. The cost of retrofitting the full EI fleet may be prohibitive to the potential increase in yield.

Quoting EIBoston (Reply 19):
So they are giving them the oldest 320's in the fleet. Nice 

Did VS specify the aircraft? obviously not. They want A320's....they get them. These aircraft are reliable (1 careful owner...aged 75) well maintained and souns aircraft.

EI specified ATR72's for the EIR op..........

User currently offlineBestWestern From Hong Kong, joined Sep 2000, 8037 posts, RR: 57
Reply 22, posted (2 years 9 months 5 days 14 hours ago) and read 34173 times:

You may find that the oldest of the three A320s were due for a refit and paint job. You will also find that Virgin know exactly what they are getting in terms of aircraft.

The world is really getting smaller these days
User currently offlineshamrock604 From Ireland, joined Sep 2007, 4315 posts, RR: 12
Reply 23, posted (2 years 9 months 5 days 5 hours ago) and read 33870 times:

Quoting EIBoston (Reply 19):
So they are giving them the oldest 320's in the fleet. Nice

These 3 were meant to be leaving the fleet anyway, so take it as a positive, net gain in the EI fleet!  

In other news, DL are increasing frequency to JFK for the summer season - to 10 flights per week, with an extra departure on Tues, Thu and Sun ex Dublin. All flights to be operated by 767 on JFK, and A332 on ATL.

DUB-NYC, with up to 6 flights a day next summer, is going to be yields bloodbath - but probably good for us consumers!

User currently offlineEIDL From Ireland, joined Apr 2012, 663 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (2 years 9 months 5 days 4 hours ago) and read 33841 times:

I had got the impression the VS Domestic ops needed 4 A/C?

25 aerdingus : I agree, great crew, but the ATR 72 I was on last week was in rag order. I thought all the 72s were shiny & new....nope mine was nearly 20 years
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28 shamrock604 : Indeed! Hopefully the insane fares we had to pay last year will not be repeated! T2 Pier E can handle I think 9 widebodies simultaneously, but as you
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31 MichaelEI : Hi everyone, and happy New Year to ye all! Got a little bit of good news...as I'm sure some of ye are aware, EI are in the process of recruiting cabin
32 BestWestern : Congrats Michael - nice to hear a good news story.
33 aerdingus : Congratulations...
34 by738 : My EDI-NOC flight for a wedding has been cancelled, it looks as if the winter reductions has been extended. My last flight only had 5 people on it ! a
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36 EIRules : Hey, quick question. Can you earn Gold Circle miles on EY flights? What if they are not booked under an EI flight number? Thanks
37 shamrock604 : It's just in preperation for the morning TATL inbounds. Some stands need to be kept open at T2 for those arrivals, and so if an aircraft is night sto
38 OA260 : Nope !
39 EIRules : Ha thanks Philip. Short and sweet
40 Post contains images OA260 : Quick question quick answer I enquired about it with GC but the FF program's have no plans (at that time ) to link up which I think is a shame and an
41 nightfox365 : The A320 was still there well after the Emirates 77W left, which was nearly 1pm. By that time, there were stands available, as most of the TATL flight
42 clydenairways : I'm not proposing that EI take the exact Y/C ratio that AB have, but rather just use the new slimmer seat concept as a way to get more revenue from r
43 shamrock350 : Anyone know why BA829 DUB-LHR was so delayed this evening? I think it's about 5 hours late and arriving at 2am! Only noticed as it flew over my house
44 shamrock604 : It may not have been operating then, might have been spare for the day. No point moving it unless it's required. Winter season especially, there is n
45 Post contains links EagleBoy : EI have released their Dec 2012 traffic figures: http://www.rte.ie/news/2013/0107/aer...figures-fly-7-higher-business.html "The latest traffic statist
46 BestWestern : Promising set of results for EI. Wondering aloud what the short haul EI break even load factor is... I can only assume that it will be higher in Winte
47 OA260 : My flight last week was delayed 2 hours then cancelled . Eventually got to LHR over three hours late. Servisair refused to give refreshment vouchers
48 shamrock321 : In fairness to the Servisair staff, they need authorisation from BA before issuing vouchers. I have noticed myself quite a few delays and cancellation
49 dstc47 : Good news from OCK. Ireland West Airport, Knock has just had its busiest year. Passenger numbers increased 5 per cent during 2012, with 685,000 using
50 Post contains links BestWestern : Is CityJet going Low Cost? This article is in French, but outlines some of the changes that the airline is introducing? http://www.latribune.fr/entrep
51 eicvd : I hope the BA flights from BHD are more reliable, I want a good impression of BA on my first flight with them next week.
52 kaitak : Interesting to note this Hawaiian Airlines order for A321Neos, which will be used on flights between Hawaii and the mainland; that's going to require
53 Post contains images aerdingus : I wonder why. It´s not like they´re sending the old 734s. Do you mean NOC? Hopefully it´ll be a better experience for you Mark!
54 rufusisgod : With Brit Air, Regional & Airliner merging together to make HOP for french regional flying and the new low cost strategy AF are rolling out, where
55 Post contains images OA260 : Hmm well a good recovery email from BA has been received and they specifically mentioned that they are looking into areas where they can bring DUB in
56 dstc47 : Yes indeed, or Knock, not OCK!
57 Post contains links lasno : The Sunday Times makes apology to Ryanair and pays substantial damages. Nice to see that the money is going to the Jack and Jill Children's foundation
58 Post contains links AmricanShamrok : SNN has updated its profile on The Route Shop. I find it interesting that they see the requirement for additional capacity on the SNN-AGP and SNN-BOS
59 EIBoston : Well EI seem to have taken the hint on the extra capacity to BOS with the swapping over the schedule for BOS and JFK this year. I know it is only 1 e
60 shamrock350 : Aer Lingus have started tests at JFK T5, EI-ELA was parked at one of the gates today and the plan is to start operations on St. Patrick's Day! A few p
61 Post contains images auntie : Hi folks; I know this was discussed here before but I don't remember what the answer was Does the EI109 clear immigration in DUB now that it's at 15:4
62 Post contains links EagleBoy : More speculation on an FR deal with Boeing, 200 aircraft mentioned. MoL also uses the press conference to put the boot in at 2 legacy airlines who are
63 cipango : The US Immigration closes at around 2pm IIRC. EI 109 clears immigration in the US.
64 Jamie2k9 : USPC will have extended opening hours from 31 March. The 15.45 to JFK and ORD as well as the 16.15 to BOS will clear in Dublin .
65 EIBoston : Speaking of the 109, I just saw that it is not daily from now until March. I guess with only 4 330's operating per day(5 on Thurs from Feb), it gives
66 Post contains images auntie : Thanks guys! And Happy First a.net Birthday Jamie2k9
67 EIDAA : Any news on the WIFI installation work due to take place this winter? I assume launch is still planned for March, but installations will take place d
68 EIBoston : One would assume they will be done this winter. EI-EDY flew to France on Monday for a spell in the hanger.
69 Post contains links Jamie2k9 : Dublin had 19.1 million passengers in 2012 up 2% or 360,000 passengers. Cork had 3.34 million passengers dwon from 2.4 million Shannon had 1.4 million
70 Post contains links EagleBoy : Bit of an update in the IT today: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/...nance/2013/0111/1224328669970.html "Ryanair has been told by the European Com
71 bx737 : Irish Air Letter says that the A320s to be used for the Virgin deal are DEI, DEO and two former Meridiana A320s I-EEZF and I-EEZG and not the rumoured
72 EagleBoy : Not EI-DEI....the 'EI' on the tail always looked deliberate.....in case anyone didn't recognise the livery
73 Post contains links and images kaitak : Nice photo from Shannon in the good old days ... View Large View MediumPhoto © Gabriel Desmond My dear old Granny, Lord rest her, used to tell me how
74 dstc47 : Ah, Capitol Nice photo of an age when the general public regarded aircraft as a subject of interest and not as a source of a noise complaint and airp
75 Post contains links and images AmricanShamrok : Speaking of Shannon, 2012 passenger numbers dropped to a mid-1980s low of 1.39m in its fifth successive year of decline. http://www.independent.ie/nat
76 Post contains links IRISH251 : That accident is well covered here and if you Google PH-LKY and the captain's name, Viruly, some Dutch sites with photos etc. come up. http://aviatio
77 Post contains links kaitak : Yes, I've read a good bit about it in the past; I think Capt. Viruly was a very well known KLM pilot at the time and indeed an author of a well known
78 tonymctigue : I was expecting that there would be a slight decline in passenger numbers at SNN this year but it is disappointing to hear it is still falling at a r
79 Jambost : Am I correct to suspect this could be official news on the Canadian and Russian rumours? the next few months will crawl by!
80 Post contains images AmricanShamrok : Yes, military ops are not in the SNN business plan; nice to get the traffic but not something the airport authority is focused on growing as much as
81 Post contains images ClassicLover : Well, today I noticed that the new pre-order menu items are available on the Aer Lingus web site. I have a Seared Beef Salad and a Chicken Noodle Sala
82 Jamie2k9 : If its a T/A route then it has to be United DUB-SFO.
83 kaitak : I don't think so; UAL has announced its flights for next Summer and sadly, DUB-SFO doesn't figure. Also, AmericanShamrok refers to a transit announce
84 Post contains images OA260 : Indeed Im fed up with those Lily Obrien cookies too Still its better than what you used to get on BMI ! My recent flights have been in and out of BHD
85 Jamie2k9 : I miss read tha post, thanks for pointing it out. AmericanShamrok at least confirm which airport it will be from..
86 tonymctigue : Clearly there is something quite fascinating in the pipeline and AmericanShamrock is doing a wonderful job of keeping us all in suspense by telling u
87 Post contains images ClassicLover : Yeah, I know what you mean. To be honest, I actually prefer having a BOB option - hungry? Buy a breakfast. At least it's then real food. Still, the f
88 Jambost : Exciting times for SNN, congratulations to their Independence and I wish them the best success for the future to come. Belfast could not have a worse
89 Post contains images OA260 : True . Thats why I like the new EI approach to BOB before departure. Id like an option on BA for that also . Basically you would still get your basic
90 kaitak : It's been reported on another forum that there was a significant movement in EI shares at about 10.45am this morning, of about 1.2m; some speculation
91 shamrock350 : The Aer Lingus share price is currently at €1.22 and has been climbing since the start of the year but more noticeably in the past few days. The Bus
92 Richcandy : I went to Belfast near the start of December, the first weekend of the current ""displays of "culture"". The flights were busy as expected at that ti
93 tonymctigue : That is unfortunately the problem and even though it is a silly reason for people to not go somewhere, it otfen does affect people's travel plans. Gi
94 dstc47 : True. This month is believed in the travel trade to be the time many people make their holiday decisions, so the film and headlines from Belfast may
95 OA260 : Indeed and quite busy so far apparently which is good to see. With regards to coverage abroad it is getting a lot on most major channels. Even my own
96 irishtexan : Yet to see any coverage here. Syria, Mali, Hugo Chavez's health, Chinese smog and 787 issues in Japan - that's the majority of what the "media" see f
97 Post contains links OA260 : Businesses in Belfast are counting the cost of a wave of riots they fear could undermine a fledgling tourist boom and scare foreign investors away fro
98 kaitak : And it's a downward spiral too; more violence, more jobs lost, more idle hands, more frustration and anger. Surely there has to be a solution to this
99 EagleBoy : Indeed, could be an investment group hoping to sell on to FR or EY making a previously planned top up purchase.
100 AmricanShamrok : I note EI have adjusted the SNN-LHR timetable from April. The early morning rotation has been put back, leaving SNN at 08:45 and arriving back to base
101 Post contains links debonair : According to http://www.skyliner-aviation.de will lease A320's of MeridianaFly to operate for VS! Airbus A320-214 1983 I-EEZF MeridianaFly ferried 04-
102 BrianDromey : I'm not sure EI ever marketed SNN as a "mini-Hub". Obviously connections were possible and offered, not sure if people actually chose them over DUB d
103 shamrock350 : Cork Airport tweeted that Aer Lingus and Sri Lankan Airlines are partnering on fares to Sri Lanka and The Maldives via London Heathrow & Paris. Co
104 Post contains links AmricanShamrok : It was never marketed but it a nice share of passengers used to connect to the transatlantic flights and vice versa. Prices were generally the same a
105 Post contains links ClassicLover : Meanwhile, no-one has mentioned that British Airways has increased the DUB-LHR route frequency for the summer. http://www.dublinairport.com/gns/at-...
106 al2637 : Just did an AMS-DUB-AMS trip this week, a couple of observations: - Both flights (Out on Monday, back on Thursday) were completely full - KLM gate sta
107 shamrock350 : Nice to see them committing to the 8 daily frequency, I guess it may have been a bit too much for winter and that's why they struggled to maintain it
108 Post contains images ClassicLover : I take it they don't board by blocks outside of Ireland then? To be perfectly honest, boarding is quicker in Ireland than in any other country I've s
109 Post contains links and images AmricanShamrok : With regards to the exciting SNN news I was talking about, can I divert your attention to this thread? PIA Routes Rumor / Update (by 777way Jan 17 20
110 tonymctigue : Interesting.... Would certainly provide some income for the airport as well as being a welcome change of scenery for spotting at SNN (which for this
111 Post contains links EagleBoy : http://www.independent.ie/business/i...could-be-made-illegal-3356662.html "Europe's parliamentarians want to stop airlines such as Ryanair from stoppi
112 Jambost : Very interesting, cargo demand tied together with US pre-clearance and a comfort stop for PAX, KHI / LAH - JFK is 12-13 hours if I am not mistaken? C
113 tonymctigue : You may find that you will come up against a bit of resistance on the Clare side if you attempted to re-name Shannon if you included the name Limeric
114 AmricanShamrok : I disagree. The airport authority has identified transit traffic as one of their core markets and while a PK transit operation wouldn't have any impa
115 Post contains images OA260 : Yes it seems so . As for Shannon it should stay that name IMHO. Its still a good brand . As for PIA did SNN not learn from their experiences last tim
116 EagleBoy : I think Shannon as an airport name has a resonance all on its own. Tourist know that Shannon is the gateway to the 'auld' Ireland. Unfortunately for L
117 AmricanShamrok : What happened last time? I wasn't around or else I was too young! On a related note, I've calculated the best day and time for spotting at SNN this s
118 tonymctigue : No offence to Limerick, but I've never met anyone overseas who has told me thay'd love to go to Ireland to see Limerick (bar a few hardcore rugby fan
119 BestWestern : What day are the French charters? Tuesday or Thursday?
120 Post contains images Jambost : Completely agree they would heavily rely on transit PAX for the route to survive. Competing with UA however might make such a venture pointless to at
121 Post contains links and images BestWestern : Looks like PIA to ORD will be via BCN. source:history of PIA
122 tonymctigue : I think the Lonely Planet might be a small bit behind the curve on this one. Anyone who has been in Limerick City centre in the recent past will know
123 shamrock604 : Indeed Tony, it's unfortunately shocking how badly Limerick has been affected. It is a shadow of it's former self. That said, there have been some sub
124 Post contains images aidansnn : I agree. The 'Shannon' brandname has a long established resonance amongst Americans due to historical stopover reasons- not so, in my opinion, with r
125 tonymctigue : If anything, the name Shannon already already reflects the general geograhical location. It kind of gives the impression that it serves the entire re
126 Post contains images eicvd : I second that comment. I got a great first impression of BA Yuck! I really enjoyed the lounge until I tried that stuff..... Looking forward to my ret
127 aerdingus : 3 BA A/C @ DUB this morning! Also anyone see the Sun Country 738 this morning? Doesn´t look as if they´re doing their US - London run this year. Al
128 aidansnn : I appreciate you comments, Tony. I think the main point you are referring to is directly related to the city centre. It must be acknowledged, however,
129 Post contains links shamrock350 : Ryanair's latest remedy package for the take over bid involves selling off 40% of Aer Lingus short haul routes to FlyBe. I think FlyBe must have a dea
130 EagleBoy : So pretty much as expected.......gut the (currently profitable) shorthaul operation to get the access to the longhaul.
131 EIDL : And FlyBe would get the cash to buy that 40% from where, exactly? A loss making regional carrier is going to have a hard time raising that kind of fin
132 shamrock604 : Indeed. Funny how the cartoon images of the two airlines standing shoulder to shoulder, a unified "team Ireland" taking on Europe's big guns, have sl
133 shamrock604 : I'm not sure if anybody had noticed, but BA have increased DUB again, and not for summer season, but for right now. It's back up at 7/8 per day, and w
134 shamrock321 : Good to see BA maintaining frequencies on DUB! Shamrock604 if you think it's the most erratic scheduling you've seen, see if you can find the old bmi
135 Captainmeeerkat : I've flown BA three times last year from LHR-DME and was disappointed each time, am I the exception as always? I'm flying them from DUB-LHR-DME next
136 Post contains links tonymctigue : Seems like SNN have been making a big push to go green of late with this being the latest 'Shannon Airport goes Green' Shannon Airport Authority (SAA)
137 OA260 : Indeed that was typical of BMI back in the day. Their schedules were like roulette.
138 Post contains links EagleBoy : Can't see what could possibly go wrong with that...... http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/0...roup-jobcuts-idUKBRE90M0BM20130123 "Flybe Group Pl), Eu
139 tonymctigue : Clearly a fool proof plan. Is it not time that the EU competition authority puts and end to this nonsense? How is stripping EI of some of its most va
140 dstc47 : Only matched by their tinkering with the product offered was the coming and going on routes by BMI. Try anything more than once was their motto, sadl
141 Phen : I wholeheartedly agree. EI's shorthaul operation is currently sound, sustainable and doing a damn good job competing against FR as it is. Allowing Mo
142 EagleBoy : I read a phrase on another website that sums it up very well; "How is competition kept healthy by allowing a highly successful large airline to takeov
143 Post contains links ClassicLover : All of these remedies are just pure madness. If they get the green light for it, do you really think the shareholders are going to approve the sale t
144 kaitak : I agree, but I think the more fundamental issue is that all of FR's concessions seem to be based on an asset (i.e. Aer Lingus) that they do not yet o
145 Post contains links kaitak : Flybe has issued a statement regarding its position on the whole EI/FR issue: http://www.investegate.co.uk/flybe-g...s-speculation/201301231455542269W
146 ClassicLover : Interesting - and it does mention the transfer of aircraft and presumably crew as well. Just what I thought!
147 Post contains links OA260 : New route from Cityjet Dublin to Brest for the Summer : http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/...nance/2013/0123/1224329188380.html
148 shamrock350 : Minoan Air have put their Oxford-Dublin flights on sale, twice daily from 6th March with Fokker 50 aircraft. Best of luck to them, not sure how well t
149 EIDL : If there's actually services (car hire, effectively) in OXF I could see myself using it - but very occasionally. I worry that the demand is going to b
150 f1eddie : Enterprise is here. Its just a bit late for me. I'm in my final weeks here of completing my ATPLs.. Would have being perfect for me. However I don't
151 shamrock604 : According to another thread, PIA are now confirmed for SNN with a thrice weekly service en-route to JFK. It's not much, and does little for the surrou
152 tonymctigue : I just checked out the other thread. As anticipated, it is a transit stop only so no O&D traffic. It is a small but positive step in the right di
153 Post contains links AmricanShamrok : The PK transit flights being transferred from MAN to SNN are as follows - the timetable is subject to change: PK711 (KHI-LHE-JFK) Operates Saturdays o
154 Post contains links shamrock350 : Ryanair claims Aer Lingus is "going nowhere" on the same day Etihad invite them to join their 'centre of excellence' initiative. Ryanair not intereste
155 jrfspa320 : Any news on the EIR ATR supposed to be arriving this year? Just gone quiet thats all! Do we know if its going to be a 1 for 1 replacement or additiona
156 tonymctigue : Would certainly be cool to see not one but two new destinations on offer from SNN if this goes ahead. If anything, one would imagine that it would be
157 OA260 : They operated SNN-MIA on a SU A310 in the past but it depends on the rules and if UN can operate it rather than SU and if that agreement is still in
158 BrianDromey : I dont think a few transit flights are going to help SNNs finances much, this makes barely a dent in the throughput that has evaporated as US operati
159 tonymctigue : There is no question that these sort of transit stops are at best a medium term solution. However, if they keep airport staff busy for a few hours wh
160 nightfox365 : Ryanair's claim that Aer Lingus is going no where, is just blatant lies. They are just trying to turn other stakes holders in their favour. It is a di
161 Post contains links shamrock350 : The Aer Lingus mobile app is getting an update, the Android version is already available. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...edhenry.fhOKcsg_B__vV
162 Post contains images al2637 : Brian, I 100% agree with what you are saying, and I think it would be a national disaster for FR to take over EI..... BUT... Ryanair are playing a te
163 tonymctigue : I wonder would the EC take into consideration the potential for future competition? Picture the scenario whereby if FR did gey a weak regional carrie
164 Post contains links tonymctigue : Just browsing through YouTube and I came across this video clip and in the spirit of The Gathering which is under way I thought it was worth while pos
165 shamrocka330 : Just saw EI-DUO land at DUB this morning and it has 2 long, ugly orange marks running from the wing up to the tail on the right side of the aircraft.
166 IRISH251 : Remains of deicing fluid, perhaps.
167 BestWestern : I understand that as a test dye is being placed Into some deicing fluid to show the lance operators what was deiced and what is not in an effort to re
168 Post contains links cipango : "Declan Kearney of Aer Lingus confirmed that no new North American destinations would be added in 2013, and that San Francisco and Toronto headed the
169 ClassicLover : Maybe they're waiting for the A350 to arrive before expanding.
170 EagleBoy : Glad Mr.Kearney is aware of the summer schedule, maybe he has been reading A.Net!! This on the other hand, while not surprising, is hopefully goods n
171 kaitak : I wonder about this; I was thinking that this might be their intention, but the first EI A350 is now due until the second half of 2015 and allowing f
172 shamrock604 : Rumour has it that EI may take a couple of A330's off Etihad's hands, and rumour also has it that a team has already visited AUH for technical examina
173 MasseyBrown : Need advice: I live in Washington. My wife and I are invited to a wedding in Cork in August and would like to attend. Is it better to fly to ORK via L
174 ClassicLover : Dublin airport to Cork = 30-40 minute bus to Heuston Station in Dublin from the airport, then a 2.5 hour train to Cork. That is the most efficient wa
175 shamrock604 : There's also direct coach service from Dublin Airport to Cork. It's a pretty easy journey and is Motorway (expressway) the whole way. Time wise, both
176 shamrock350 : First time in a while that Aer Lingus has actually mentioned specific routes, they have until now completely ruled out west coast so this is good new
177 MasseyBrown : Thanks for the advice.
178 Post contains links rufusisgod : http://www.independent.ie/business/i...idigh-quits-aer-arann-3364318.html Surprised no one had mentioned Padraig's departure from RE.
179 EagleBoy : Isn't this line og logic the reasoning behind the UK OFT inquiry?
180 tailfin : I don't think YVR will be on their list any time soon. At least not until SFO and YYZ, the two destinations mentioned are established. By then we'll
181 clydenairways : +1 for the Express bus, it's quicker than the train now and much cheaper too. There are two companies competing on this route and offer a frequent no
182 tonymctigue : Easiest way is to fly with UA IAD-DUB and get one of the express bus services. You could also do IAD-SNN via EWR with UA as it too has preclearance b
183 BrianDromey : I would fly IAD-LHR-ORK, IAD-AMS-ORK or IAD-DUB and get the bus/hire a car and drive to Cork. The journey is motorway all the way and takes roughly t
184 dstc47 : Suprised no one has commented on the FR financial results yet, really strong profit growth. The UA service from IAD also arrives after the morning car
185 OA260 : Certainly if there was a case for funding and development of a regional airport Knock is a suitable and deserving candidate.
186 Post contains links EagleBoy : Didn't realise they were out, looked them up just now. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/...nance/2013/0129/1224329399367.html "An 8 per cent rise
187 Post contains images Pe@rson : I'm not: this is, after all, the Aer Lingus page. Interestingly, Michael Crawley said, and quoted in today's The Times (in the UK), that "reserved se
188 Post contains images tonymctigue : NOC certainly has proved itself as worthy of such support from the governemt and with GWY and SXL out of picture it seems only logical to pour some of
189 OA260 : There has not been that much news coverage to be honest unless you happened to look for it or caught it on Sky News which gave it a brief 15 seconds
190 Post contains links shamrock350 : Aer Lingus launches pre-order meal options for transatlantic travellers http://www.businessandleadership.com.../39362-aer-lingus-launches-pre-ord The
191 Post contains links OA260 : Thats actually a great enhancement to the service for those that want a decent meal . The price is fair also IMHO. A bit of news from ORK : Cork Airp
192 EIRules : Have UA dropped their codes on the EI DUB-LHR flights? They are still bookable as connections on the UA website but with no UA code anymore
193 AmricanShamrok : I notice as well over the past few days that UA codes are now appearing on SNN-LHR flights. Previously they only codeshared on DUB-LHR, ORK-LHR and B
194 shamrock604 : They do not appear to be selling it though. If you try to book DUB-IAD for example on EI.com, you'll still be sent via New York or Boston!
195 ClassicLover : The unfortunate part of it is that the "Sky Dine" meals in Economy look a whole hell of a lot nicer than what they have put down for the Business Cla
196 Post contains links AmricanShamrok : The new SNN shorthaul route I referred to in an earlier post has been announced: http://www.aviator.aero/press_releas..._source=dlvr.it&utm_medium
197 OA260 : Do let us know and maybe take a few pics. It will be interesting to hear back and some real pics of the TATL meals.
198 shamrock604 : Good news! I wonder how long it will take FR to announce Prestwick is resuming though! Lol
199 tailfin : Any idea of flight times? Isn't loaded yet on flybe.com, at least can't find SNN as a destination on their menu. Thanks!
200 AmricanShamrok : Not a clue to be honest. The article says flights are already loaded on Flybe.com but obviously no sign of them yet.
201 shamrock350 : I wouldn't say they look that much nicer, they certainly look bigger but that's because it's all on one tray whereas the Business Class meal is just
202 tonymctigue : Fantastic news to see a new destination and indeed a new airline starting services from SNN. GLA is an obvious destination that is missing from the S
203 OA260 : Flights will depart SNN 12:40 GLA 14:05 on Wed and Fri and then on Sun SNN 16:45 GLA 18:10
204 shamrock321 : Morning all! Has anyone noticed the significant amount of advertising BA is doing online for DUB? Advertising it along with MAN. With the schedule sta
205 AmricanShamrok : It's great to see a new airline and route taking the airport's dependence away from the two big operators that little bit more. If I was a betting ma
206 Jamie2k9 : If SNN got EZY to operate CDG I would be very suprised although EZY are looking at Ireland for a route or two however at very early stages. Have you
207 Post contains links tonymctigue : The press release from the SNN website regards the new FlyBe service. http://www.shannonairport.com/gns/ab..._service_announced_with_Flybe.aspx Declan
208 ClassicLover : For me, the presentation of the new long haul meals for purchase looks very contemporary. I think the representative Business Class meal picture coul
209 OA260 : I really think we need to wait 12 months and reflect back. A lot of people including in the trade are not convinced but lets hope it all works out. I
210 Post contains links AmricanShamrok : More news on the MOW-SNN-MIA front: http://www.clareherald.com/2013/01/p...kistan-international-airlines.html
211 tailfin : Would be v. cool to have Moscow and Miami available as destinations from SNN! Oh yes please! With the success for NOC-DUS I'm sure there is room for
212 EIBusiness : Evidently - these are the same wine glasses used for the Pre-Departure drinks in Business Class. My only concern would be that the tray is very ''com
213 OA260 : Thats certainly true. I remember there always being the cheapest fares from mid Jan to March with the exception of Paddys weekend but thats certainly
214 AmricanShamrok : I know only too well. EI used to be cheapest hands down on longhaul up to about three/four years ago. From that time I've been travelling on other ai
215 BrianDromey : I think increased numbers of connections through from the UK and EU destinations will help quite a bit. Obviously EI can taylor fares and availabilit
216 OA260 : Sky Deli is on EI / EIR and things like breakfast are not available and some other options on EIR. Sky Dine is the brand name purely for TATL.
217 tonymctigue : It certainly would be cool and a major boost for SNN to have not one but two new routes (and another new airline) if Transaero get the go ahead for t
218 shamrock604 : In news that is sure to please many, but perhaps Phil in particular, Swiss will be adding a second flight to their DUBZRH route to operate on Saturday
219 Post contains links kaitak : I've opened a new thread: Irish 2/12: February Made Me Shiver ... (by kaitak Feb 1 2013 in Civil Aviation) (Yes, I know it's marked 2/12 ... I've aske
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