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OFFICIAL: New AA Livery Today! Part 2  
User currently offlineLuxair747SP From Germany, joined May 2010, 557 posts, RR: 16
Posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37829 times:

As part one is getting too full, please continue with the discussion here,

281 replies: All unread, showing first 25:
User currently offlineDFWHeavy From United States of America, joined Jul 2011, 560 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37937 times:

I really Like it. Finally something besides white

Christopher W Slovacek
User currently offlineKarelXWB From Netherlands, joined Jul 2012, 18319 posts, RR: 50
Reply 2, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 38106 times:

Quoting tymnbalewne (Reply 257):
So, I see AirFrance and Pepsi had a Cuban lovechild??





Close, but no cigar http://vine.co/v/OjqeYWWpVWK
User currently offlineAcey From Canada, joined Jun 2007, 1116 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37771 times:

This is a dark day in the history of American aviation.

Just kidding, it ain't that serious... but the livery sucks.

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User currently offlineTWA772LR From United States of America, joined Nov 2011, 3922 posts, RR: 3
Reply 4, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37770 times:

Are there any real pics yet?

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User currently offline817Dreamliiner From Montserrat, joined Jul 2008, 3233 posts, RR: 2
Reply 5, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37758 times:

Ill repost my comment here since the first thread got locked...

Well for me the livery isnt as spectacular as we all probably thought it would be, though I think its a grower. Maybe when we get better pics or pics on the 77W it will probably look a bit better. Just my opinion. Though im kinda surprised at the amount of Americans who hate the tail...

Let go, move on....
User currently offlinebobloblaw From United States of America, joined Jan 2012, 1725 posts, RR: 1
Reply 6, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37745 times:

Quoting Acey (Reply 3):
This is a dark day in the history of American aviation.

Just kidding, it ain't that serious... but the livery sucks.

I loved the 1968 livery. They shouldnt change it.

User currently offlineAcey From Canada, joined Jun 2007, 1116 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37656 times:

Quoting 817Dreamliiner (Reply 5):
Are there any real pics yet?

A few grainy, horrible looking ones of a 738. These renderings are much better than those pictures.

If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
User currently offlinecommavia From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 13500 posts, RR: 62
Reply 8, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 37634 times:

Reposted ...

Quoting MSPNWA (Reply 250):
The logo is pretty good. I like it. The livery isn't as bad as I was expecting. At least it's different and sets it apart. We knew that nothing would truly replace that classic livery.

Quoting PA727 (Reply 252):
Cannot imagine how difficult an undertaking this re-brand had to be given history, expectations and timing. Obviously, all opinions are personal, but I feel like the team responsible hit 98% of it out of the park.

The logo, the re-brand for all collateral, signage, fonts etc. is beautiful. It's just that tail, it looks like a fish out of water. My hope is that I feel that way only because it is a radical change and that it will grow on me.


The more I think about it and let the images roll over in my mind, the more I agree with you guys. The expectations here were immense, and the task basically impossible - there was no way they could come up with anything that wasn't going to disappoint a lot of people. When you're contemplating replacing the oldest brand in the industry, and one of the most iconic brands anywhere, you're bound to upset people. But, all in all, they really did do a great job for the most part - I was honestly expecting much worse.

User currently offlineAA94 From United States of America, joined Aug 2011, 662 posts, RR: 2
Reply 9, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37545 times:

Quoting 817Dreamliiner (Reply 5):
Well for me the livery isnt as spectacular as we all probably thought it would be, though I think its a grower. Maybe when we get better pics or pics on the 77W it will probably look a bit better. Just my opinion. Though im kinda surprised at the amount of Americans who hate the tail...

I agree. There have been several pics of the 737 featuring the new livery, but nothing high-quality (all grainy cell phone pics). I really like the logo. I'll reserve judgement on the livery until I see clear photos.

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User currently offlineUALWN From Andorra, joined Jun 2009, 3431 posts, RR: 3
Reply 10, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37531 times:

Quoting KarelXWB (Reply 2):

It's interesting to compare these two tails: AF's looks elegant (when clean!), AA"s looks tacky and cheap.

User currently offlineBRJ From United States of America, joined Jul 2008, 267 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37510 times:

Hopefully the tail will grow on (most of) us. I'm a little unsure. I imagine alot of opinions will continue to change as we see the tail show up on various aircraft types.

I do like the logo and branding and the billboard titles. Although, the more I look at this pic of the 738, eagle logo looks like stylish Texas state flag.

Thought the video introducing the new look was pretty cool though.

*Reposted from locked thread

User currently offlineAirframeAS From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 14150 posts, RR: 22
Reply 12, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37513 times:

Quoting TWA772LR (Reply 4):
Are there any real pics yet?

If you go back to the first thread, there is a 738 in the new livery fresh from Boeing (Is this one a new build?), that was taken this morning on approach into DFW.

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User currently offlineaadc10137 From United States of America, joined Dec 2006, 216 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37503 times:
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Quoting TWA772LR (Reply 4):
Are there any real pics yet?

Hopefully there will be a few added to the database this morning!!

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User currently offlinebobloblaw From United States of America, joined Jan 2012, 1725 posts, RR: 1
Reply 14, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37522 times:

No point painting the M80s and 762s

User currently onlineAR385 From Mexico, joined Nov 2003, 7517 posts, RR: 42
Reply 15, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37520 times:
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The tail hurts my eyes. It looks like somebody grabbed a piano keyboard, placed it upside down and painted one key blue, one red, leave some white in the middle, and then all over. It´s not soothing to look at.

User currently offlinePC12Fan From United States of America, joined Jan 2007, 2585 posts, RR: 5
Reply 16, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37398 times:

MODS - any chance of starting a poll for a love it or hate it poll on this subject?

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User currently offlineaerobalance From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 4696 posts, RR: 42
Reply 17, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37397 times:

I like it. Looks good.

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User currently offlineweb500sjc From United States of America, joined Sep 2009, 941 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37419 times:
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Quoting TWA772LR (Reply 4):
Are there any real pics yet?

yes the 737 that was posted on the other thread...

I like the idea of the flag on the tail, stylized...like BA and EK- not like that...(it probably would have looked beter if they had stars on the tail in the blue section). The paint is to dark, and is in not reflective like portrayed in the video (i saw the 77W at DFW before any of the tirles were put on) and really the tail seams a bit heavy and abrupt.

Quoting KarelXWB (Reply 2):

try the new AF livery.. the AA liver looks much more like the new AF livery.

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User currently offlinemcmax From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 307 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37467 times:


Someone in the prior locked thread had posted this link with the new image for airports, AAdvantage and in-flight service items.

I like the new look, and I do like the new logo and marks. But as others have stated, the tall seems out of place with the new brandings and flight mark.

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User currently offlineFriendlySkies From United States of America, joined Aug 2004, 4139 posts, RR: 5
Reply 20, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37422 times:

Whether the new image is good or not, I do have to say one thing. They hit it out of the park with the unveling and their "newamerican" website. This is you how you unveil a new corporate image. The "new" United should take notes.

The livery would be 500% better if the grey paint was as reflective as it is in those renderings. Tail has a nice retro streamline look, but the grey ruins the whole thing IMO.

User currently offlinevirginblue4 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2008, 945 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37400 times:

I love it! Much much better than what I was expecting! It's clean, fresh and modern and I am looking forward to seeing this livery grace the skies.

All you haters, you'll like it in a few months time. Happens with most livery changes.

Well done to the designers. I think it may be my new favourite livery.

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User currently offlineogre727 From UK - England, joined Feb 2005, 746 posts, RR: 2
Reply 22, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 37594 times:

Typical a.net behavior. Bitching, whining, comparing to "better" ones.... So predictable.

I wasnt expecting miracles, or marvels of design. I was expecting a new corporate identity for AA, and I got one. A rather cool one cuz its fresh and daring. Do I love it? No, but I certainly dont hate it and I am sure than when the time comes to change this one, the same people will bitch, whine and complain.

User currently offline817Dreamliiner From Montserrat, joined Jul 2008, 3233 posts, RR: 2
Reply 23, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 38086 times:

Quoting martinrpo1 (Reply 24):
Full Aircraft pictures here:

Now we're talking  

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User currently offlinemartinrpo1 From United States of America, joined Dec 2012, 63 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (3 years 4 months 1 week 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 38310 times:

Quoting 817Dreamliiner (Reply 26):

It looks lovely in real aircraft. Great job AA!

25 Post contains images dtw757 : Small rendering but I think the Eagle brand looks great!
26 cosyr : We waited 45 years for that?!! This one better not be around for another 45 years. Dear god is it horrible!
27 lollomz : I think it's very nice: well done AA!!!
28 Post contains links martinrpo1 : Full Branding Here! http://blog.racingwinds.com/2013/01/17/aa-liveblog/
29 boeing773ER : Does anyone know how many aircraft have been repainted? Because from the video it looks like they have quite a few new planes in this paint scheme alr
30 mesaflyguy : Big disappointment. I'm all for making Cubans feel welcome and at home, but this is taking it too far. I wouldn't think Cubana influenced the design h
31 super80 : Ummm... I am okay with the new logo..... for some reasons, it reminds me of the Mexicana logo.... but the tail.... for real? Are you trying to go Low
32 martinrpo1 : A video they posted on youtube shows a 757 being painted
33 nwcoflyer : IF ONLY the put that awesome logo on the tail it would be great! Not a fan of the Microsoft Word Clip Art flag on the tail- but the rest of it, especi
34 Lufthansa : okay the blue on the tail looks better in that photo. but why not metallic paint, that would have made a huge difference?
35 dtw757 : Just one 737!
36 tommy767 : Way too similar to Air France, Aeroflot. Not sure if I'm liking this one. Likely one of the worst liveries since the Globe
37 airbazar : Yuck. The tail looks awfully obnoxious and the logo is a knockoff imitation of the SilkAir logo.
38 atpg5 : I do not care for it. No, I'm not stuck in the 80's nor 90's. I'll take the August of 1956 scheme.
39 idlewild : North American Airlines tail logo, Air France fonts and the USPS logo; looks like a bad Amtrak nightmare. I hope thenew interior makes up for the new
40 Wolbo : Disappointing. It would have been much better if the base color was more silver and less grey (see the render in post 2), Now it's just drab.
41 ETinCaribe : I like the new branding, perhaps a minority opinion here on a.net. I also like the AF one which it resembles a lot. I thought these were special effec
42 boeing773ER : It looks very good on AE, like many said earlier they should of taken the flag all the way down the tail of the plane, and I think the AE paint schem
43 capri : How will it look in a foggy day? will ATC be able to spot it. if at least red tail colours are a bit pale, maybe it will be a good contrast with rest
44 Post contains links and images PacNWJet : Although the overall livery is very different, the first thing I thought of when I saw the tail design was this: View Large View MediumPhoto © Antoni
45 Post contains links dfwcre8tive : This article says it is silver mica paint http://www.chicagotribune.com/busine...nes-livery-20130117,0,198977.story
46 LX138 : Hated it when unveiled earlier but it's growing on me. Love that 737 picture - that has helped alot! Hate it on that 777 video.
47 Mir : Ouch, that makes it look worse. Colgan-esque, even. -Mir
49 Post contains links mcmax : http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=J-KD0...3DJ-KD0PdI1Ek%26feature%3Dyoutu.be Here's the link to American's YouTube video which talks about how the livery
50 Revelation : Looks to be a dull grey on the 737 photo - FAIL! Eurowhite would even look better.
51 DocLightning : CGI, my friend. The new 77W fleet is partially painted and a 737 or two, that's it.
52 RedTailDTW : First, I must say I love the branding/logo. I will say I am gonna miss having the scissor cut eagle design and the AA on the tail but this is much mor
53 martinrpo1 : GIVE IT A CHANCE EVERYONE!!!! As time passes it will grow on you!! This livery is WAY better compared to many others released recently: JL, AY, NZ, UA
54 F9animal : Alright... Not a big fan of it. Would love to see the Eagle. As for the titles... The colors used in "American" are too dark. I think it should be in
55 flymia : Thanks for that. I think it looks better in real pictures. I have always been a fan of the classic style and I'm sure they will keep some now "retro"
56 Norcal773 : I like the Logo but Ooh boy, how hideous is that tail? Looks like the Harlem Globe-trotters uniform!
57 Post contains links and images tymnbalewne : So AA is becoming the Greyhound bus of the air? http://www.adapt.org/images/dog1.gif
58 135mech : EXACTLY! I think it's great, with all of the newer liveries being so "similar" these days, AA went one better! And for all of the negative nancies on
59 fly_yhm : I personally like this new scheme!
60 Post contains links KarelXWB : And here too: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Ameri...rlines/Boeing-737-823-W/2214582/L/ http://www.airliners.net/photo/Ameri...rlines/Boeing-737-823-
61 Post contains images RAGAZZO777 : Just one word: disappointing I kinda like the new logo, but the new livery ?! is that supposed to represent the US flag ? then, where are the stars ?!
62 web500sjc : from the video there is a 757 in the new livery, and seein a actual picture and video, the livery looks better. I dont know if this is the aircrafts a
63 MD80Nut : I positively hate this new livery. Yeah, it's "modern" and like so many "modern" things these days it looks cheap and hideous. They paid somebody mill
64 DTWPurserBoy : I like it--it's clean, modern and reflects the history of one of America's Legacy carriers. Best wishes and safe flights.
65 tommy767 : that's true but they said the same thing about the "new" united livery and that has yet to ever look good.
66 capri : after watching a youtube video, i think AA wants to stand out on tarmacs, I am convinced that the tail was purpeously designed that way so it won't lo
67 Post contains images martinrpo1 : Compare: And the winner is......AMERICAN!!!!!!
68 FriendlySkies : It looks like the tail stripes are layered...there's 2-3 strips within each stripe, some of which have a gradient? I'm not sure I like this, it comes
69 RyeFly : Looking at the behind the scenes video, it looks like there is a 757 out there also painted in the new scheme. They also used a MD-80 to test silver p
70 dtw757 : I wish they would have just put the logo exactly as it is on the front of the airplane on the tail. I would like to see what that looks like!
71 ckfred : How will this look on the MD-80s? Considering that AA has the last MD-80s, which were built for TWA. Is AA planning to repaint all of its ground vehic
72 Lufthansa : You can't just compare it to UAL and DAL. AA is suppose to be a global company, and after all is that not where the profit is for US carriers? So we s
73 nwcoflyer : Say what you want about US Airways- but the most current livery was desgined in house. I wonder how many millions AA paid for this??
74 Silver1SWA : I disagree. Winner for the worst of the 3 examples maybe. I really don't like it. I always loved their current, timeless livery. I think they took a
75 Revelation : I'd go with United of these three. The AA one only will look decent when the sun hits it the right way, otherwise it'll look dull. Note how AA exagge
76 AirframeAS : The problem with your logic is that US is using the wrong shade of blue. If you look at the U.S. flag, the blue is regular blue, not Navy Blue. The U
77 Post contains images crAAzy : I like the livery overall and love the logo and branding. I agree with some others who posted that continuing down with one more red line that extends
78 klkla : I don't like the tail at all. It just looks tacky. Hopefully it's just temporary and a new livery is devised after merger with US. I think they should
79 Post contains images PC12Fan : I remember that! So wlil a parasite!
80 steex : I can't really make much judgment until I've seen it on real planes for a while. My initial take is that I really like everything about the rebranding
81 infiniti329 : My thoughts - Flag should have came all the way down the fuselage - A A & eagle wings should have been incorporated into the logo/livery, would ha
82 Post contains links asuflyer : What's confusing to me is the reg and fleet number of the 757 in the video. AFAIK there is no AA 757 with the reg N0427ZZ and no plane with fleet no 5
83 777STL : And in the grand scheme of things it's a trivial amount of money. It'll be interesting to see how AA implements the new livery - whether they proacti
84 PHX787 : Sorry I am late! I am impressed!
85 NYCAAer : I love the new logo, and when I first saw the tail, I had mixed feelings, being an AA employee. But when you take a good look at the tail, there's a l
86 AeroWesty : As bad as the US Airways paint job is, the new AA paint is unmentionably bad. Laughably bad. Kindergarten bad. I'm not opposed to change. I loved the
87 scbriml : But AA is trying to escape the past! I think this new scheme does the job.
88 727tiger : I like the new logo, but I just don't like the tail. I don't see it every growing on me. Trying to wrap my mind around what a sea of those tails will
89 tommy767 : I think the US paint scheme is the best in the states right now. That says a lot!
90 Post contains images gulfstream650 : Of the amateur mock-ups over the last couple of months, I thought these to be the best:
91 EricR : At least they limited the nonsense to just the tail. Easy to repaint if they come to their senses.
92 Post contains links boeing773ER : They also have a new commercial, I tried to watch it on the AA website but it didn't work. Here is a link to it on YouTube
93 B6JFKH81 : I like this a lot. To me it's modern, "cool" with the greys yet bold with the tail, I think it stands out quite nicely and is quite visible and recogn
94 VC10er : I like it a lot. I don't love it. But it is bold and sure is American. However, I think it will be VERY DATED, VERY SOON! That said, it makes UNITED i
95 einsteinboricua : Looks like a retired 757. Notice how when the plane is first brought in at 0:46, the AA logo is stripped and the red strip is violet.
96 LAXdude1023 : Wow, that new paint job looks like ****. It looks like the bastard child of Greyhound and Aeroflot.
97 PHX787 : Is "new American" thing here is directly implying they are going to escape from BK independent. In my opinion.
98 dirtyfrankd : I love the look of the new livery on the 777. Don't know how I feel about the look of the 737 just yet...will have to see it in person though before I
99 gkpetery : I love it! I hated the old American livery but I think they got this one right! I love the new logo being clean.. Has the eagle motif. It's very elega
100 N776AU : I think I'd like it better if it was bare metal instead of gray.
101 HOONS90 : I really like it, but I'll still miss the old livery that was just phenomenal.
102 Bthebest : Like the logo and the general fuselage design but the tail is just awful - especially the way it just cuts the back of the fuselage. A more sweeping o
103 Post contains links dfwcre8tive : Creative Review has a post about the re-branding: http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-b...uary/american-airlines-futurebrand
104 sjc4me : The tail reminds me of Where's Waldo's sweater.
105 CF-CPI : I thought the combination of the blocky U N I T E D with the old Continental looked klutzy, and I still do. The wavy gold added to the 787 was an ins
106 stlgph : Horton speaking at news conference: says "livery won't need a revamp in a U.S. Airways deal" They also anticipate completing all 787 orders. (100)
107 FriendlySkies : At least the latter does not look like clip art.
108 Post contains images justplanenutz : And for the next piece of big news, AA is merging with................Greyhound Bus Lines!!!
109 777STL : At least it's not eurotrash white like every other new livery coming out these days.....
110 Post contains images swaluvfa : I'm sorry, but at first glance of the new logo: I instantly think of the Greyhound logo: Such a bummer......AA had such a great opportunity to do some
111 us330 : Not a fan at all--I think its a slap in the face to AA's long history by abandoning the eagle (that's not an eagle's head, that's a pull tab) and the
112 N766UA : BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL what an AWFUL design. How embarassing to be an AAL employee, going from a timeless,
113 B747forever : Man, I am really saddened to see this new livery. Replacing the whole AA logo is terrible, and that new tail is just hideous.
114 frontierflyer : Is this new livery supposed to repel a US takeover? It's absolutely atrocious ! AA employees should be up in arms.
115 WESTERN737800 : I see no winners here. They are all just different, that's all. I would say they are very comparable. If you look at fleet/route structures I'd say D
116 pierrelav : I think they managed a modern feel, softened their image and the design will look even better on mid size aircrafts, such as their new A320/1 Neo.
117 delta2ual : I think a lot of people (myself included) have a hard time with change. I will admit when I first saw the pictures, I wasn't a fan. After watching th
118 charlienorth : The guy who designed this would wear a straw hat to a preachers funeral!
119 LDVAviation : I like it. It is striking. It is distinctive. It is bold. The tail is spectacular whether your like it or not. They re-imagined their streamline moder
120 caribb : My 2 cents worth; The basic design (elongated tail, billboad fonts & logo placement), quite fresh and current. Nothing ground breaking but over al
121 IrishAyes : To quote my sister: "I'm glad AA's tight chapter 11 budget allows them to pay for sh*tty new logo designers. If I were a creditor, I would be pissed."
122 aamd11 : Like the logo and the branding as seen on signage, AAdvantage cards and all that... the tail though, something just didn't go right there. Nice brandi
123 Evan767 : UAL and DAL are more "global" than AA.
124 N766UA : I agree, if the contest is for "least imaginative, most likely to induce wretching" award. Seriously, what a hack design. "Hey, we're called American
125 Evan767 : The tail is too busy, as another poster mentioned in Part 1. It makes me stressed just looking at it.
126 Post contains images MountainFlyer : If it weren't for the tail, I'd agree with you. As for the tail, personally, my favorite of the three is DL with UA a close second. I like the rich c
127 capri : I thought they should have gone Pan Am style with a sole eagle on the tail and just blueish fonts and end the story
128 Post contains images AA77W : Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the US Airways livery, I was just looking at potential parallels. The very first thought I had when I saw the tail
129 morvious : Thanks. This image looks a lot better then the mock ups but I still don't like it. I don't understad the font. The e in American fails on me. I like
130 cbphoto : While I'll admit, I hated United livery at first and it sure has grown on me over the past few months, I am not so sure about this AA livery. While th
131 anfromme : Not as bad as I expected, and they finally, finally got rid of the ubiquitous Helvetica font (okay, substituted by something that looks a bit like the
132 135mech : Wasn't one of the biggest prompts of re-branding because of the new planes on order (CFRP) and that you can't have "bare metal" finish anymore? I did
133 ICEBIRD757 : Yeah and Greyhound also.
134 timpdx : I like it, and I happen to work in a design field, I understand the resistance to change, but I think its rather good, not quite the classic livery o
135 mcoatc : I'm not a livery guy for the most part. I do think that the new AY and JL logos look like short-term lease jobs but I don't get fired up about them, n
136 spacecadet : The renderings, which look all silvery and shiny, look great. The real-life photos look greyish and bleh. I'll have to see it in person to judge. I re
137 Deltal1011man : well....It sucks. but so does Delta and United so....I guess which one sucks the most? (pretty close between all three) But this looks like someone s
138 FCAFLYBOY : I can't believe some of you are saying you prefer the old livery. Yes it was around for a while and kind of iconic, but in today's market it looked, I
139 vanguard737 : Neither striking, distinctive, nor bold are necessarily GOOD things in their own right. And that tail being "spectacular" is a matter of your own per
140 FlyingFan18 : Only thing I dislike about the new livery is the dark gray. As much as I’ll get chewed out for this… it would of looked better if the plane was wh
141 TheRedBaron : I Like it, it is bold and Different !!! I hope the lower red stripe goes thinner and grows to the front to make an interesting cheat line.... Anyways.
142 Giancavia : Why do people say "typical anet whiners" like they should be ashamed for making an obvious observation. All recent liveries have been a joke, Finnair
143 ckfred : It dawned on me what the tail looks like, winglets on Virgin America aircraft. But speaking of winglets, why are the winglets simply painted in the gr
144 AeroWesty : I nominate this livery as the one which will receive the fewest complaints about the speed in which it will take to repaint the entire fleet. Heck, th
145 brilondon : I like it. It is new and fresh. Not seeing anything better, in the last few years, this was quite a surprise. I do think that if the blue were a litt
146 EWRandMDW : I think it is a case of flash over substance -- flashy livery hiding a crappy product!
147 Post contains images anfromme : North American tail? Even the Aeroflot tail is closer to the new AA tail IMHO. Also, the new AA font is quite far away from the font Air France uses.
148 EASTERN747 : lMy 2cents, but it reminds me of the US flag blowing in the breeze. Look at the pix of the 737 and compare to the flag on the side. I only count 12 sr
149 ckfred : I think the original Saul Bass livery for United had the logo next to the name, and again on the tail. Even on the battleship gray livery, there was
150 flyguy89 : I think people are getting a little too caught up in this. AA's livery was always going to have to change with the way modern aircraft are being manuf
151 harleydriver : IMHO, it appears there were two design teams, one for the fuselage and one for the tail and they didn't talk to each other. I am a big fan of getting
152 IFlyTWA : Contemporary it may be, but that doesn't make it look good. Forty years of history replaced by a generic meaningless swoosh thing.[Edited 2013-01-17 1
153 ADent : Wow. The tail is bad. I hate the giant lettering on the side of the plane. Reminds me of PanAm (at the end) and Frontier. The branding stuff (shown in
154 tymnbalewne : Apparently it's named, "The Flight Symbol"
155 steex : I'm not sure I understand why having the logo on the plane twice would look silly. A very large number of airlines have that exact arrangement. Off t
156 LDVAviation : Funny, because no one here did, "come up with that" that is... As for the logo, it is the "A" reinvented as a bar. Instead of being side by side, the
157 cv880 : Those A330's will look good in AA colors.
158 timboflier215 : Love the branding, love the logo, HATE that tail. Tacky, tacky, tacky. A line-up at DFW is going to made people's eyes bleed.
159 ckfred : Maybe if the red and white stripes ended on the veritical stablilizer, instead of extending onto the fuselage, it wouldn't be so hard on the eyes.
160 deltaflyertoo : AGREED! Worst livery ever! The clean, non cluttered look is great (and some on here say boring) but the sharpest looking planes are those w/ a cool,
161 qcpilotxf : I like it, no one has like anyone else's new livery until a few months have passed. I think American is moving in a new direction, now we need to get
162 Carmelo : It is modern, simple and up to date like with all main airlines
163 AeroWesty : Perhaps I'm going blind—where are the stars?
164 Post contains images scbriml : Take a look at the close-up of the 737 tail - very US like. Which would mean... Hmmm.
165 TWFirst : Love the logo and font... but the tail is garish and doesn't support the overall rebranding well.
166 LDVAviation : Another way of looking at the livery... In the old logo, the wings of the Eagle were striped, suggesting plumage. Graphically, of course, they were ju
167 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I think it looks hideous. This is only my own opinion. Other people will say it looks very good. We all have different taste.
168 Coronado : i don' care for it. I have always been ofended by people who wear clothes that look like the US flag. The flag should be displayed on a mast, properly
169 DCA-ROCguy : Cue Statler and Waldorf in their balcony: Statler: BOOOOOO! That's the worst legacy-carrier rebranding I've ever seen! Waldorf: Now they're "United" w
170 FlyingHollander : I have finally figured out what it reminds me of: the Bank of America logo. It took me several views to see that. I like it, but it might be a little
171 LDVAviation : I din't see it myself at first. But there is a reference to it being there in the press materials. Upon closer inspection, it seems the beak of the e
172 comairguycvg : Looks like they have tried to keep a flag design in the tail to remember UsAir. I expect the merger announcement tomorrow....
173 hummingbird1 : Come on guys! This is one of the best new liveries for a major airline in a while. The 1968-livery may still have fans, but it was as outdated as it c
174 AirCalSNA : Not as classy as the livery being replaced, but the new livery is a bold step and the stylized Eagle is great. I hope they can work an AA on there som
175 The777Man : I like the livery but not the font. For those people who complain, it could have been much worse. The777Man
176 PDX88 : Whoever said the new livery wouldn't have any red in it was waaaay off. Honestly, all of you were going to be looking for a reason to hate it no matte
177 n797mx : I believe it is N670AA
178 Post contains links KarlB737 : I think we are seeing the beginning of another way to cut costs. Think about it United took the existing Continental paint job and simply removed "Co
179 thrufru : Those were my thoughts, too. Now that the high resolution photo of the 738 is posted, I'm a bit more keen on it. The gradations on the vertical stabi
180 AeroWesty : I went back and looked at the photos of the new AA design below the AF design. In this context of graphic free interpretation, it could also be said
181 ripcordd : There were way better branding done here on a.net and prob could have gotten them for a fraction of the costs they paid for that one.
182 mrskyguy : Egad.. I think it's simply awful. AAL was on to something with the new logo, but then they wrecked it with the tail. The tail evokes a combination of
183 L0VE2FLY : Another airline extending the tail fin color lines to the fuselage! So now we have 3 Qantas inspired tails in just 6 days, Pullmantur Air, Iberia's pr
184 N766UA : Right, because it's a dumb idea. I know all about AA's logos and history and I would never have come to that conclusion if you hadn't told me. In fac
185 Silver1SWA : How so? Sure, I've seen worse liveries out there, but this certainly is not what I was expecting AA to come up with. IMO, this new livery lacks the s
186 gigneil : Shouldn't this thread move to polls and prefs? We've announced the livery, and now its just a bunch of people expressing their preference, which I wil
187 MountainFlyer : Agreed, in two or three different threads it seems.
188 LDVAviation : Conceptualist modern art? Tell that to the medieval or Byzantine church. They specialized in stuff like this. Or tell that to JK Rowling who did much
189 B747forever : When will the first revenue flight be flown with the new livery?
190 Lamyl_HHLCO : NO NO NO!! Did they really pay people to come up with that poor design concept? Anyone of us in here could have done a lot better
191 Post contains images speedbird9 : I just hope they keep 1 737-800 in the polish aluminium (Now old) livery as a retro livery
192 LDVAviation : But it does capture something at the base level. Everyone here thinks it is the US flag, but it isn't really. So, what is it? That's when you start l
193 AeroWesty : Actually, I just avert my eyes, it's so garish and inappropriate.
194 Post contains images DeltaRules : Verdict: It's gonna be a shame when US Airways' paint scheme is replaced by that. The only one in the US that's worse is UA's schizophrenic "Oh God, w
195 BOACCunard : Wow. I expected most of you to hate it, no matter what it was... But I wasn't expecting this much vitriol. It's a more radical change than I'd have li
196 Post contains images flood : Wow... how incredibly disappointing Having skimmed through the two threads, I've seen references to "modern" and "stylish". I hope you were being sarc
197 Post contains images timaay419 : Make the photo big on the screen, stand back from the computer, and imagine what that tail is going to look like flying into any airport...It's very d
198 EXMEMWIDGET : The logo at the front of the aircraft reminds me of the Greyhound Bus Lines logo.
199 flashmeister : My first reaction when I saw the livery: "Damn". And not in a good way. Logo? Brilliant. Most of the livery? Meh, boring, until you get to the tail. T
200 Polot : Love it. Alone it is only okay, but I love the images of the AA planes lined up at the terminal- makes it striking. I am laughing at everyone who is s
201 Post contains images laca773 : LOL. It's like it was an after thought, or the budget for rebranding got hit very hard in bankruptcy. . Agreed. The modified font and logo, really fr
202 Post contains links and images dfwcre8tive : http://www.wfaa.com/news/American-Ai...es-unveils-new-logo-187287631.html
203 Mcoov : My main issue is the tail. It looks so last minute. When the revised logo was originally posted on the other thread, I thought THAT was what was going
204 Burkhard : The worst livery I have ever seen. Let us pray they cease to exist before many aircraft get damaged by this paint job. Please, keep the name American
205 FriendlySkies : I think the biggest problem with this livery is that it will be outdated before they even finish painting the fleet. Most of the modern airline scheme
206 Post contains images AeroWesty : Gee, thanks for painting everyone with your wide brush! People actually DO like change. Positive change. If you go back to the speculation threads, h
207 baw716 : The tail is what kills this livery. If they take the eagle livery on the front of the fuselage and slap it on the tail...problem solved. I suspect, ho
208 FriendlySkies : Is it just me or is the grey on the 773 a different color than the metallic-ish one on the 738?
209 timboflier215 : I will say that AA did a first class job of keeping this all under wraps; very tight ship being run in their branding/PR/marketing departments!!
210 timaay419 : I noticed that as well. The 737 base color is definitely more appealing.
211 mesaflyguy : I think I'd like it more if I weren't a little offended that they butchered the flag like that. There are no stars, which are the esscence and importa
212 Post contains images ATA1011Tristar : Not knowing what to expect, I needed a minute to comprehend the new livery. In the end, I quite like it. A few things: The high-res 737 picture shows
213 Flighty : There was a moment of revulsion, then panic. But it's passed, and I feel OK about it. I actually like the tail, but the new "logo" ahead of the A seem
214 Post contains links and images PHX787 : AA 77W en route to DFW right now from LAX. Spotters be ready!
215 DashTrash : It's hideous. Absolutely friggin hideous... If they find the second grader that designed it, they should take his lunch money.
216 Post contains links AeroWesty : That appears to be AA's regularly scheduled 767-300, not a 777-300. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/A...6/history/20130117/2045Z/KLAX/KDFW
217 web500sjc : Do you have any info on where 670AA will show up? So far we have 2 aircraft in the livery with a total of 4 to be in the livery by e end of January..
218 flyabr : Wow, that was a BIG letdown! the new livery just doesn't look integrated to my eye. the front logo looks fine, but that paint job on the rear stabiliz
219 Post contains links and images srbmod : To me the tail design is more reminiscent of Colgan Air: View Large View MediumPhoto © Frank Robitaille To me, the tail design is an abomination and
220 keny156 : Flight #2246 is the LAX AUS flight, today it is operated by Nose# 3AR. Not a 777 300 ER. Next Aircraft to get painted looks to be nose# 7LB left for
221 AeroWesty : 2446, not 2246, is the flight pictured. LAX-DFW.
222 Post contains images CGKIngs317 : In my opinion, the fact that the background colour is NOT eurowhite is a plus. This new livery does modernize the branding and creates a fresh new loo
223 Post contains links rikkus67 : I am in what seems to be the majority of people that are going: "WTF" is going on with that overly busy tail.?!? I like the cleaner look of the font,
224 keny156 : AA flight 2246, if being flown by 767 nose number 378
225 rj777 : So..... let's take a look at AA's present (and future) fleet and see who will and will NOT be getting the new livery: YES: 777 737 Airbus 787 NO: MD-8
226 Post contains images ADent : Here are 2 photos (from link posted above)
227 PHX787 : That may explain why it's not showing the a/c type on FR24, despite my filters. Thanks for the clarity.
228 smi0006 : I like it! I think they needed a change and this is just that, something fresh and new. Whilst the tail is 100% to my tastes, the rest of the touch po
229 Post contains images blrsea : Looks weird, with only the tail having colors. As though the aircraft is just wearing underwear and nothing else
230 135mech : WOW, you actually hit the point that all of the nay-sayers wanted to but didn't. I personally like it, HOWEVER... typical A.Netters build up sooo muc
231 JayBird : huge disappointment .. they went from iconic to something so much less .. a fake flag on the tail and the mighty eagle has been trashed .. huge disapp
232 DTW2HYD : We spent millions on design team, but settled on a pre-school drawing. We are going to spend millions on re-painting and merge the company with someon
233 darkroast : Most people seem to love the logo but hate the livery. I love the logo but am wondering what a US Airways tail might look like on this. Photoshop, any
234 DTWPurserBoy : Took me a while to realize that the tail is a styalized Americcan flag. Very clever.
235 727LOVER : Well, wouldn't someone @ LAX have gotten it?......or did you mean VCV, were the 738 was painted?
236 dtw9 : After looking at the photo in post 203 I can honestly say this has got to be the worst livery in the air. Anybody else spot the Greyhound standing to
237 Post contains images OzarkD9S : Probably nothing could have lived to the speculative hype of the past few months. Having said that I'll give it a C+ Oh well can't wait for the new UA
238 Post contains links and images anfromme : You're right it did... ...and you're also right, so allow me to clarify that I was also taking the size of the logos on the tail and fuselage into ac
239 manny : I love the new AA livery. Its a huge upgrade over their current livery. Interiors on the 77W's in J cabin look great as well. Although the color schem
240 EK413 : I've been resisting to comment but I might as well add my 0.02c... Neutral view on the NEW long awaited scheme... Hopefully the airline moves forward
241 ozark1 : As a long time employee, i understand the need to modernize. The use of the letters AA has gone from one of pride to one of embarassment. So I get the
242 777way : Stripes on tail design are too thick, if they had been a little thinner it may have not looked so tail heavy and perhaps somewhat better.
243 anfromme : AA went for something much bolder than UA did - it presumably cost a lot more, too, although that's not saying much, as UA probably spent all of $200
244 BN747dfwhnl : I don't like it. The only thing that works for me is the size of "American" and the nearby insignia. Other than that, it just looks so boring and wash
245 quiet1 : I find it interesting that they chose the logo to be the one that's on a right-facing airplane. I thought most carriers with mirror-image logos on the
246 Post contains images AirNiugini : Agreed mate... With all the Euro white schemes these days, I'm starting to get bored. VA, QF, JL, AY, LH... it's starting to be like looking at a fle
247 jfaubel : It's unfortunate that so many people on this board dislike the new livery; this thread is starting to wreak of geriatrics and the unimaginative. To me
248 n797mx : With the new Airbus's coming in the next year or two I don't see many 757's being painted but the 767-300's are going to be in the fleet past 2015 so
249 anfromme : Funnily enough, I recently saw a design documentary that had - among others - an interview with Massimo Vignelli, the guy that designed AA's previous
250 United787 : Add me to the hideous camp...the tail design is awful! I like the front of the plane...I think the logo will grow on me...and I think the overall bran
251 irelayer : The tail looks terrible and cheesy. The body is classy and understated. Kind of clashes. -IR
252 Post contains links and images AirNiugini : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ1tMaI9XMc The AA TV ad, is very Qantas... "Your the Reason we fly" is probably to worst commercial an airlines has pu
253 bioyuki : Jesus, the tail is just screaming 'MURICA. That's something I'd expect on the back of a Ford F150. I wouldn't be surprised if that 77W came with gun r
254 a36001 : I love it! Thanks American!
255 Post contains images Western727 : Well, AA's headquartered in Texas, after all...
256 Post contains images kngkyle : The tail just screams "AMERICA@@" in a bad way. I think it looks rather unprofessional and not worthy of the name 'American'. If they merge with US Ai
257 EaglePower83 : Are you people kidding me?! Ok so maybe the new AA livery didn't meet or exceed a lot of expectations (I for one like it, and get it more as time goes
258 CF-CPI : I'm a bit confused, since I thought it was Henry Dreyfuss who came up with the 1968 'A A' design which lasted almost 45 years. Did Vignelli work for
259 ckfred : Remember that DL came out with a new livery after bankruptcy, getting rid of the wavy gravy. United developed its livery before the CO livery during
260 Post contains images anfromme : True, actually - and also true for most other logos that have a "direction" to them; note how the logos for the Ford Mustang, Camel cigarettes, Jagua
261 cptkrell : I think it looks a little sophomoric (or "unprofessional" as kngkyl in Rep 258 puts it). Surely, this couldn't be the best proposal (and I'll bet ther
262 Mir : Hardly. I hate United's livery, but only because it's really Continental's livery with the name changed, and I don't think it's a good reflection of
263 PacNWJet : When I have had some free time today I have looked closely at the photos of the new livery. Quite honestly, I have tried to force myself to like it. I
264 rj777 : In all honesty, if AA and US do merge, this livery will NOT be changed. AA has spent too much money on developing this to change it. Otherwise they wo
265 aer : I thought it was a CU joke or something
266 anfromme : Just double-checked - it was definitely Vignelli who was lead on the AA design introduced in 1968. He wasn't working for Dreyfuss Associates, though,
267 xcltflyboy : All I can say about the new livery is it's just a very sad "livery fail." Side note, does A.net have any kind polling feature where we can cast votes
268 flyfree727 : spot on .. 1/2 love 1/2 hate.. At least its over. AA ORD
269 mesaflyguy : This is the problem. The US livery is elegant, understated, and gives more respect to the flag than the AA look. If it dies it will be a travesty.
270 cptkrell : I answered my previous question about why did they want to get rid of The Eagle by accessing the "Behind The Scenes" video on AA's new livery (KarelXW
271 anfromme : As far as I can tell in the photos of the 737-800 posted earlier, as well as from the "making of" video on youtube, showing the different colour shad
272 Post contains links and images NASCARAirforce : It will not grow on me. American in the 1968 scheme was the last airline in the US using a cheatline, now that is gone. You are trying to tell me that
273 DocLightning : I actually am a fan of MOST of the new corporate identity. While I am surprised and maybe a little sad to see the iconic "Scissors" Eagle and the Helv
274 Mir : Which makes the tail even more ill-advised, as if the titles were blue at least there'd be some tie-in with the rest of the plane. -Mir
275 Post contains images flyabr : i like that!
276 beechtobus : Definitely love the fuselage. Logo is great, a bit reminiscent of the united late 60s-seventies logo, simple, clean, and keeps the eagles head. Not di
277 blueman87 : I like it logo and livery thought they should of went with a the Last TWA scheme kinda thing thought that would been neat
278 skycub : I know this may be the WRONG thing to say in a thread about American Airlines.... But, in my opinion, talk about a new livery done RIGHT: The updated
279 ER757 : I like it - anything different from the seemingly endless parade of Euro-white liveries that seem to roll out one after the other these days is refres
280 idlewildchild : [quote=swaluvfa,reply=111]I'm sorry, but at first glance of the new logo: LOGO = 100% Brilliant. Greyhound or Not, it has the Eagle flying out at you
281 Post contains links LipeGIG : As this becomes also too big, please continue discussions on Part 3, now open Link: Official: New AA Livery - Jan/17 - Part 3 (by LipeGIG Jan 17 2013
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