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New AA Livery Not Set In Stone  
User currently offlineByrdluvs747 From United States of America, joined Jul 2004, 2943 posts, RR: 1
Posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 32955 times:

I didn't see this posted in the AA repaint thread.

American Airlines new design not a done deal post-merger, says incoming CEO


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User currently online817Dreamliiner From Montserrat, joined Jul 2008, 3233 posts, RR: 2
Reply 1, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 32886 times:

Interesting, thanks for sharing that. While its not a done deal, its much of an indication that it will change. He did in fact say He doesnt know the answer to the question yet... Will it change? Maybe, Maybe not... Who knows. We'll just have to wait and see really...

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User currently offlineBlatantEcho From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 2027 posts, RR: 1
Reply 2, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 32820 times:

This is good news. The new livery is so terrible, I don't think they have a choice but to 'refresh' it once the merger is complete.

No major airline can fly with that tail if they want to be taken seriously.

They're not handing trophies out today
User currently offlinerj777 From United States of America, joined Dec 2000, 2055 posts, RR: 2
Reply 3, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 16 hours ago) and read 32282 times:

I think they should take the soaring eagle and put it on the tail. (As well as the winglets)

User currently offlinejayunited From United States of America, joined Jan 2013, 1287 posts, RR: 3
Reply 4, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 16 hours ago) and read 32183 times:

If the livery is going to change wouldn't it make since for AA to stop repainting their aircraft in order to save money? I know Parker can't tell AA to stop the repainting process because he is not yet the CEO of AA, however since all parties involved know that the government will sign off on this merger wouldn't it be smart to get some AA and US people together and make a final decision to either keep the current new AA livery or start working on an all new livery for the new AA/US and stop AA from waisting any more money painting their aircraft in this new scheme?

User currently offlineRomeoBravo From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 5, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 16 hours ago) and read 32109 times:

I know, just put it back to the old unique and timeless classic that they had.

User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 6, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 16 hours ago) and read 32034 times:

Hallelujah. Get rid of that tail. Somebody. Anybody. Please.

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User currently offlineBC77008 From United States of America, joined Sep 2011, 359 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 31873 times:

It's not going to change. DP said this to employees in CLT and PHX just to appease them. Nothing to see here folks, move on....

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User currently offlineNWAROOSTER From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 1518 posts, RR: 3
Reply 8, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 31901 times:
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American Airlines is going to need to repaint their aircraft , merger or no merger. Their aircraft now have a lot of composite materials used on them and that all has to be painted. Just painting the composite creates a checkerboard effect with the bare aluminum used on it's aircraft. If I am correct any Airbus aircraft that American or US Airways use aluminum that does not have Alclad Aluminum and requires painting. This is why all Airbus aircraft are painted with a green primer. I have heard that Airbus will use Alclad , but the customer must wait for it and pay for the Alclad Aluminum.
The Fokker F-100s that American had came with Alclad Aluminum, but it had to be ordered special. American at that time did not want to paint the fuselage of their aircraft, but wanted them to be bare polished aluminum.
This saved weight, reduced drag and reduced fuel consumption.   

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User currently offlinequestions From Australia, joined Sep 2011, 1146 posts, RR: 1
Reply 9, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 31636 times:

As predicted by a lot of folks, this disaster of a new AA livery will not stick. Changing it is just not the highest priority in the middle of a transaction this size and Parker's previous comments were just polite corporate speak to show support until he is fully in charge.

User currently offlinescbriml From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 15367 posts, RR: 45
Reply 10, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 31503 times:
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Quoting BlatantEcho (Reply 2):
The new livery is so terrible

Having seen it with my own eyes in Dallas recently in both good and indifferent weather, I have to say I like it.   

I think it's a BIG improvement on the mishmash that the ancient livery had become with different bits of various planes painted grey. If not frequently polished, the bare metal becomes shabby very quickly. From the state of some of the fleet, it's obvious that polishing had dropped way down AA's priority list.

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User currently offlineSEA From United States of America, joined Jul 2011, 237 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 31181 times:

Quoting RomeoBravo (Reply 5):

I know, just put it back to the old unique and timeless classic that they had.

A few months ago everyone said it was hideous and old and dated and now it's unique and timeless.

I think the problem is not the livery, it's a.nutters  

User currently offlinewilliam From United States of America, joined Jun 1999, 1681 posts, RR: 1
Reply 12, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 31106 times:

The only problem I have is the base coat. If that is silver, I want to see AA's definition of light gray.

User currently offlinecruiseshipcrew From United States of America, joined Aug 2008, 211 posts, RR: 2
Reply 13, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 30728 times:

My sources say its 100% confirmed a new livery and logo is already being worked on and I have full trust in my sources. The Delta Airlines Ron Allen livery will feel like it lasted forever compared to this.

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User currently offlineukoverlander From United Kingdom, joined May 2010, 530 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 30701 times:

Get rid of it. It's hideous - a crass, in your face, tasteless design that lacks any kind of class or subtlety.

[Edited 2013-03-28 08:43:48]

User currently offlineavek00 From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 4524 posts, RR: 22
Reply 15, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 30587 times:

Eh, I just interpret The AAlcoholic's comments to mean that once he's CEO, they'll keep the new AA livery, but change the tail to a tint-coordinated version of the current US tail. Together that'd be a sweet livery.

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User currently offlineAustwin From United States of America, joined Feb 2013, 70 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 30355 times:
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If they would fix the tail so that the blue field didn't have lines it would look like a flag. As it is now, it looks like piano keys to me. And the paint needs to be more silver, imho. I'd prefer the eagle, but if the flag was fixed that would be ok with me too.

User currently offlineBN747 From United States of America, joined Mar 2002, 5641 posts, RR: 50
Reply 17, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 30086 times:

Wow... to get a CEO to even comment on something so trivial??? All the bitching MUST have gotten someone's attention ..enough to force these comments.

I've never seen an airline CEO come remotely close to a ...'hold on a minute..' about something of this rather insignificant nature. They usually have a 'whatever attitude' about this stuff.

Lord knows I bitched up a firestorm here, on youtube vids, on news web pages that discussed the 'new livery' - along with many many others. I've no doubt that the 'torrential rain of negative comments' left a stinging impact on someone in PR who felt it worthy to run in up the chain to prompt this addressing of the issue.

Now the clue to this being 'fluff n puff' or an actual area of concern will come in the form of a decelerated paint schedule, the guys here who seem to have a handle on the ships headed for the paint shops, will pick up on it right away. If that happens...I'll be one happy camper.

Iberia put the brakes on their ugly revision. So now there's hope AA can go back and get it right...funny thing is, US Airways has never ran into an ugly scheme they didn't like. For them to speak of a livery...that's HUGE.

Whoever forced the issue, please read this....

I've seen two ships up-close and personal... it blows, in big chunks. In a video at Heathrow, that tail next to a sea of British Airways - Union Jack tails looked like a piss poor attempt to 'also put our (US) flag on a tail'..it really looks that bad.

1. - Get rid of that tail ...at a very minimum! (start completely over! Even consider some of renderings done by a few A.netters here in the thread discussing the 'new livery').

2. - Embolden that forward fuselage appearance just a tad

..but whatever you do..abandon this 'cheap video-game' look.. it is indeed horrendous! It's just not meant to be worn by America's premier carrier!


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User currently offlinegulfstream650 From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2008, 545 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 29665 times:

Quoting AeroWesty (Reply 6):
Hallelujah. Get rid of that tail. Somebody. Anybody. Please.


I just don't know how they could have got it so wrong. So very wrong.

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User currently offlineKarelXWB From Netherlands, joined Jul 2012, 18324 posts, RR: 50
Reply 19, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 13 hours ago) and read 29189 times:

Quoting cruiseshipcrew (Reply 13):
My sources say its 100% confirmed a new livery and logo is already being worked on and I have full trust in my sources. The Delta Airlines Ron Allen livery will feel like it lasted forever compared to this.

So why changing it in the first place    What a waste of money.

Close, but no cigar http://vine.co/v/OjqeYWWpVWK
User currently offlineikramerica From United States of America, joined May 2005, 22175 posts, RR: 59
Reply 20, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 13 hours ago) and read 29140 times:

The only issue I see here is that the US tail is pretty poor so the decision makers involved wont have a history of good decisions on livery. Redoing the newly painted tails and leaving the rest is the easiest option, and likely what will happen. Repaint the US birds and unrepainted AA birds first, hit the tails of the recent ones last. Or do a B6 and come up with multiple tails leaving the current tails as is.

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User currently offlinegeorgiaame From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 1098 posts, RR: 6
Reply 21, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 13 hours ago) and read 28931 times:

Actually, I really like the tail. It's that off tone, Euro-white fuselage that I think is ugly. Eagle it up a bit, dare to be distinctive! People might not have liked Delta's "wavy-gravy" tail (I loved it), but it was distinctive and different from all the others - a hell of a lot better than the dull mess they fly these days. Get some Stars and Bars, Eagles, SOMETHING, onto that bland tube!

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User currently offlineER757 From Cayman Islands, joined May 2005, 3087 posts, RR: 7
Reply 22, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 13 hours ago) and read 28882 times:

Gee, thanks DP - just what a.net needed , yet another AA livery thread.  

User currently offlineklkla From United States of America, joined Jul 2004, 1055 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 13 hours ago) and read 28881 times:

The rest of the branding is pretty good. I think 90% of us on here agree that the problem is the tail and seemingly Parker gets this, as well. I'm willing to bet that the tail is the only thing DP changes.

User currently offlinerj777 From United States of America, joined Dec 2000, 2055 posts, RR: 2
Reply 24, posted (3 years 2 months 3 days 13 hours ago) and read 28824 times:

They only have, what, 10 planes painted in the new color scheme?

25 sankaps : Airline CEOs are actually usually very interested and involved in things like the livery. In fact they often like to have the final say. It is not tr
26 gdg9 : The tail is an awful mess and lets not forget the bland, banal fuselage. Throw some color or stripes on there. Something. This looks like it was desi
27 Post contains images Markam : I know I am going against the A.net tide, by I actually like the new livery better than the old one. I mean, the old one was nice... 30 years ago, for
28 Noise : Keep the US Airways logo, but use the American Airlines name. The US Airways scheme is classy and beautiful.
29 gkpetery : I love the new AA livery and logo! What's wrong with showing a little American pride in our flag on the tail of "American Airlines?" It makes sense to
30 sankaps : Nothing wrong with showing American pride at all, that is not the issue here. I think people just think the way the flag design has been stylized and
31 DL WIDGET HEAD : Slap an AA and eagle on the US tail in place of their stylized flag and the name "American" on the fuselage and there you have it. A wonderful scheme
32 na : The merger talks were certainly on for some time before AA entered into the final stages of discussing a new CI. I wonder why the AA board wasnt so cl
33 jsnww81 : Very valid point. I have been surprised at the speed with which AA is repainting aircraft. Per the most recent thread, there are already 18 aircraft
34 Post contains links and images flyguy89 : Am I the only who doesn't find US's current scheme attractive? I far preferred their old one, the new one looks cartoonish and like it was ripped off
35 Post contains links and images a3xx900 : Well, if they consider redoing it, I might have a solution... Nothing drastic, they can still pay whoever came up with the new CI but the tail is less
36 RomeoBravo : Well i was not one of those people. In fact i don't think your statement is reflective at all. I think a lot of people agreed with me then too.
37 Post contains images AeroWesty : Well that's the thing, isn't it. Horton has a $20 million severance package on the line, plus a year's worth of CEO responsibilities lined up. He cer
38 william : My problem is the 'silver' or grey they chose as a base paint. I could live with the tail, though I think its abit tacky and I wander how much of a pa
39 RomeoBravo : I've read these forums for a long time. Nor is it the only place in the world where aviation is discussed.[Edited 2013-03-28 11:31:35]
40 Post contains images NWAROOSTER : You must be referring to the "Bowling Shoe" or Woodpecker livery. The gray and the red both faded badly. However the Silver Metallic livery Northwest
41 BlueSky1976 : Keep the silver, lose the tail. Someone posted a rendering of 77W with the new AA logo placed on the tail in place of the flag and it looked just perf
42 9w748capt : Color me impressed! Maybe a little darker font to the "American" spanning the fuselage but that is light years ahead of what AA has now - awesome!
43 Post contains images a3xx900 : Came out a little lighter in color in the jpg than I had planned. Thanks though!
44 flpuck6 : rj777, I totally agree. I love the new updated eagle.
45 BOACCunard : I certainly wouldn't expect a full redesign, but it wouldn't be unprecedented for there to be some relatively minor changes. The last time AA redesign
46 rikkus67 : Bland (but clean) fuselage, and overly busy tail. Separately, they are well done elements. Together, however, they are not cohesive. Here's hoping tha
47 mesaflyguy : AMEN! I saw it at JFK once on the 737 and I agree that the fuselage looks good. I like the lettering and the metallic silver paint. It is original an
48 QANTASvJet : I was hoping one of you clever designer people would offer something like this. It looks great - really turns things round completely. Also, it would
49 alfa164 : Have you actually seen the livery in person? It is hideous - especially the stripes that continue from the taiul on down to the fuselage - and it loo
50 Post contains links and images a3xx900 : A facebook page maybe? I really should be working....
51 Post contains images ouboy79 : I had actually posted comments in the Livery thread that Parker made after the merger was announced. This isn't anything new, but the gist of his com
52 a3xx900 : They should really keep the new logo. It combines the eagle, the "A", a star, the colors of the flag... It grows on me I must say...
53 Post contains images b737100 : Well, it is kinda growing on me, I really did not like it at first. The old logo is as iconic as the Pan American blue globe. It would be great if som
54 Post contains images DFWHeavy : I guess we should just paint it boring white like everyone else... Keep the new livery. It looks really good and it's nice to have some color for once
55 Post contains images rwy04lga : Delta Air Lines...three words, one great airline(also 3 words). ...is NOT American Airlines! By ANY stretch of the imagination. Well, it SHOULD be!!
56 petrhsr : Thus being entirely suitable, some might argue, for gracing the aircraft in service with AMERICAN airlines?
57 BN747 : No? ... name any other better known, better identified US carrier worldwide? Even identified in countries it does not serve... United? No chance. Del
58 Lofty : If the New American is to say we are new and the old is gone then the new identity needs to reflect that. I watched a New American land at LHR the oth
59 flyfree727 : As I predicted when the new livery was announced, one thing was for sure.. 50% would love it, 50% would hate it.. So, 1/2 of you need to get over it!
60 Post contains images EA CO AS : I could definitely get behind this.
61 DocLightning : But that's not what happened. Some hate it, but were destined to from the get-go. VERY few people like the tail. MANY people like the rest of the liv
62 Post contains links I380North : I think most miss the point that the rebranded AA wants to be simply known as AMERICAN. That's powerful. Slapping the old tired A+eagle+A on the tail
63 Mcoov : If AA is really getting rid of the new paint (and I really hope they are), they should modify TWA's last livery and use that. THAT was one slick paint
64 TheSultanOfWing : I saw the tail for the 1st time between all the Copa planes at PTY the other day! Not as bad as some of you seem to think! Pretty American though.....
65 Independence76 : 100% incorrect. It has been stated numerous times by Tom Horton that US Airways had absolutely no part in the developments between AA and FutureBrand
66 Post contains images A36001 : The new livery is a class act IMO. It's bright, clean very modern and display's national pride through having your beautiful flag on the most prominen
67 Post contains images displane : To me, sounds like the CEO is just looking at ways on how to still get his $20 mil plus in severance pay. Wishing they at least keep the soaring eagle
68 Post contains images SXDFC : I like the new AA colors, one thing I wish they would do is pick a consistant silver. Maybe its just me, but some planes seem to sport a different ver
69 flashmeister : Nope. I can't stand it. It looks like some in-house-designed Illustrator hack job from the same marketing folks that decided that the back of America
70 shamrock604 : People really, REALLY need to move on about this subject. People outside the airline industry generally really like the new livery, and they are the t
71 IrishAyes : My sister doesn't know the first thing about airlines and her reaction to the new paint scheme? "I'm glad American's tight chapter 11 budget allows t
72 ozark1 : There is a God! I beg of you Mr. Parker, please change yet another inept decision by AA management!
73 TWA772LR : I agree 110%. Or at least make a TW retro jet, I would love to see TW's colors on a 737.
74 WROORD : My point exactly.
75 Post contains images ouboy79 : I'm not talking about the new AA logo, I think it is fine and they can keep it. I'm talking about an obvious additional that Parker will make - an up
76 AAIL86 : Fine, but were are the Trans Caribbean, Air Cal, Reno Air, and TWA logos in that lineup??
77 olddominion727 : @rj777 I could not agree more!!
78 BN747 : ..and you've taken or seen this poll where? Bingo! Not everyone agrees on artwork. If you can draw or paint in a mediocre fashion (anything from penc
79 Post contains links flyguy89 : Lol thanks, glad I'm not the only one, it does indeed look cheaply done, the only element I like is the flag, which was incidentally carried over fro
80 iFlyLOTs : I just want to make sure, you know he was talking about the US livery, correct? I love the new logo. And while yes, I am the "younger type" I also lo
81 exFWAOONW : the Pamela Anderson sex tape???
82 shamrock604 : And you have taken or seen this poll that proves otherwise where exactly? Oh, you dont have one? Reading "airline / aviation" forums, the reaction te
83 BN747 : Actually, I didn't.. but I'm safe in that I stated up (earlier post) that US Airways never met an ugly livery didn't like. The previous dark blue was
84 Polaris : Good! It is ugh-lee!
85 AeroWesty : It took until well into the third page of results on Google to find an article that didn't have some relation to aviation media, but here was the fir
86 flyguy89 : What exactly did you type in for the search? I searched "American Airlines rebrand" with several non-aviation sites being on the first page, searchin
87 AeroWesty : "AA livery change"
88 flyfree727 : However, come travel time, I bet she, along with millions others, is only looking for price and could care less about a color scheme. For some odd re
89 flybyguy : You've got to be kidding me. The old 2000 scheme was much more classy than the one US is flying around with today. LCC scheme for an LCC oriented air
90 usflyer msp : What a bunch of crap. The problem is not that AA has a flag on it s tail (heck US does too), the problem is that AA's tail fail is extremely poorly e
91 BN747 : No it's about taste and style. An American Flag on anything doesn't make it patriotic. The UJ could have easily been painted as ugly as AA's new tail
92 flyguy89 : Let's cut the dramatics, seriously. "Unmitigated disaster"? Far from it. You may vehemently not like the new livery, but it's far far from an "unmiti
93 RedTailDTW : They probably would have kept that scheme if it weren't for the fact that, at the time, America West's hubs were in Phoenix and Las Vegas. In order t
94 BN747 : No..really, it is. When a CEO actually 'verbalizes' concern... something has gone seriously wrong. I am indeed a bit of artist.. are you? Then check
95 flyguy89 : According to who? Do you have data or sources to back that up other than grumblings on a.net? Find me one negative thing Doug Parker has said about t
96 dtw757 : This all cracks me up. I remember when Northwest took their last livery and all the hate that was spewed on here about how god awful it was. Comments
97 777STL : Go back and read what Parker said. He doesn't verbalize concern, he basically said he had no clue what they were going to do with the livery and that
98 BN747 : "American Airlines shouldn’t let the paint dry on that new livery design: Incoming American CEO Doug Parker, who currently heads US Airways, told e
99 ouboy79 : What are you talking about? That is the current US Airways heritage logo that is on every aircraft. What I was saying is that this will likely be upd
100 777STL : Of course, you conveniently took that out of context and didn't include the rest of what he said.... "“There’s no plan yet. That’s one of these
101 flyguy89 : If you'd like, I could actually show you quotes where Doug Parker in fact praises the new AA livery.
102 Post contains links and images Mcoov : Not even close. The 1934 one is Art Deco. I don't know what to call the current one.
103 usflyer msp : If I were going to combine the two logos, I would use one of the old AA eagles and have it grasping the US stylized flag with its claws. The Eagle fli
104 MWHCVT : Having sat and read through this thread it's all a little sad, the guy said nothing to suggest that the new livery was to go, no indication at all rea
105 NYCAAer : I, for one, hate to see millions of dollars spent on yet another rebrand, which could be spent on other things and fixing the real issues at the airli
106 ikramerica : Euro Post Modern. Or simply abstract stylized symbolism? I mean, if you didn't KNOW that AA had an eagle for so long, there is no way you would look
107 Post contains links and images flyguy89 : Not to mention the confusion for customers. ...as did the Eiffel Tower once upon a time. Doesn't sound like what represents AA at all. http://www.bra
108 AeroWesty : I'm starting to call it 'Early Century', like Mid-Century was used to describe the 1950s/early 60s. It's that whole negative space thing going on (th
109 sankaps : Not at all. It is all about whether it is done in an attractive manner or not. Exactly. I think NWA's final livery was one of the best airline liveri
110 ouboy79 : I don't think we are looking on a complete rebrand at all. I think the logo and much of the new look stays. The tail goes. The design of it will prob
111 ikramerica : Negative space works if you complete the image. 1/2 an A and 1/4 of an eagle only work if you already know it's supposed to be an A and an Eagle...
112 tommy767 : It's slowly growing on me, actually (and i'm shocked to say this myself.) Unlike the UA livery which will always be crap. My biggest problem is the wi
113 BN747 : The second link wasn't Parker but PR Spin. But you have Parker going from this... ...to this... ...the most recent statements express 'doubt' in the m
114 ER757 : agreed - the logo should be on there if not a miniature version of the tail scheme. I hate blank winglets (I'm talking to you LH, AF, BA)
115 chrisnh : I thought that right away, and knew I wasn't alone.
116 777way : JAL arc of sun livery was 9 years old and entire fleet and subsdiaries had been painted in it.
117 BN747 : Who's talking about a sun? The great Crane was retired...and brought back because it's popularity and anger over it's removal in the 1st place! BN747
118 Post contains images rwy04lga : Look up the definition of 'premier'. Nowhere does it say 'better known, better identified'! It DOES say 'first'! Let's compare founding date...United
119 777way : dosent RECENTLY abandoning their NEWLY approved liveries, suggest that you're referring to arc of the sun scheme, which isn't that new, or it could e
120 ikramerica : They had finally finished repainting and the last crane was gone in 2008 only to return 3 years later. That's pretty short for a livery when you cons
121 777way : but the livery had been in service nine years and that's not recent or new.
122 flyguy89 : Didn't say that it was Parker, and it's definitely not PR spin, it's simply an article that corroborates data that I posted a link to previously in t
123 BN747 : No, what I'm trying explain to you is what a CEO is signaling. Were this not an issue, he'd have no further comment on the matter other than this.."
124 flyguy89 : He was responding to a question asked by an employee, your theory would have much more weight if Parker had brought the topic up on his own, unprovok
125 Post contains images scbriml : And it's been selectively jumped on by those that dislike the new scheme. I think they're going to be very disappointed in the final outcome.
126 ogre727 : I am amazed by people not being able to get over the new livery. I actually love it. But dont care much about American Airlines as for me, the problem
127 Antoniemey : Can we get an amen?! I kind of like it. So, your solution is to take a negative space log and plaster it all over the plane, truncated so that it not
128 BN747 : Which airport? Are you at DFW? ORD? JFK?... because a sampling of some long-time AA and veteran-AA folks (working in other airport duties), is not go
129 PlanesNTrains : This industry has way too much drama. -Dave
130 scbriml : Fact or opinion? If not opinion, you'll be able to provide a link to the survey that supports your claim, no?
131 BN747 : ..like all industries that having an 'attention element. Antoinemey did just as I did... he asked some AA ppl at his airport wherever that is, I aske
132 VC10er : Will it be Futurebrand again? Or will they go to...????
133 817Dreamliiner : I think some of us are taking this way too much to heart... Right now, no decisions have been made. While I like the livery, if Doug Parker sees it ne
134 avnut43 : The livery needs changed. The flag is to stylized and I feel will not age well. The gray fuselage reminds of a military paint scheme. It should be mor
135 Post contains images anfromme : (Well, I saw two 77W in LHR two weeks ago, not in Dallas ) The tail doesn't even look half as busy in real life as all the close-ups would make you b
136 Post contains images mats01776 : Agreed. This is a highly subjective matter, and, without some type of objective survey data, nothing constructive will come out of discussing it, exc
137 777way : Well it does kind of look like US Air Force commercial wing.
138 Post contains links KarlB737 : Courtesy: USA Today USAirways CEO: No Decision Yet On Branding For 'New' AA "US Airways CEO Doug Parker, who will lead the combined carrier, said last
139 flyingthe757 : Have not read half this thread, but I hope they don't change it. It took me a while, but I like the livery now. Managed to finally see it last weekend
140 ckfred : Here's the problem with shelving the new paint scheme. AA has been running a lot of commercials with the theme "We are a new American." I think there
141 MSPNWA : It would be foolish to go back on the change now. It would cost even more money and give yourself an image of instability. Personally I like the liver
142 richierich : No. The old livery was timeless and classic or outdated and stale, depending on who you asked. Personally I come from the camp that feels a change wa
143 flyingthe757 : It took me a while to get used to the tail, and now I really like it. People do not like change, and the change to a livery that has been part of the
144 Post contains images PHLBOS : Comment in two words: New Coke. Coca-Cola had to do some serious back-pedaling and re-marketing after in a matter of months following their disastrou
145 Post contains images EA CO AS : Which is frankly what they should have done.
146 ckfred : New Coke wasn't rebranding. It was a new formula that simply didn't taste as good as old Coke. That was a disaster. The new AA livery isn't a disaste
147 flyguy89 : ...then you'd have 50% of people moaning and complaining about how unoriginal, bland and ugly it would look in all white or gray, there's no winning
148 PHLBOS : In the case of US Airways, their logo basically stayed the same as it was when it rolled out in 1997. The main reason for the overall change in the c
149 ikramerica : I'm getting sick of these comments. It's as if the people making these comments consider themselves outsiders and not "anutters" and can cast their s
150 richierich : Universal as in 100%? No. Universal as in widely viewed, yes. There is no arguing taste and obviously there are few people who think this is a great
151 777way : They should have adoped metrojet livery instead rather than the current look.
152 PHLBOS : Guess on my part, but MetroJet was not one of US' brighter shining moments and was already destined for the chopping block as far back as the aborted
153 ckfred : I remember people complaining about the 3 Delta liveries since the iconic livery of the 1970s was replaced, starting in 1998. People thought the first
154 baw716 : The livery of the aircraft is not a trivial matter. It's all about the brand.... ...and the tail has to go...it doesn't fit the rest of the livery. It
155 777STL : No, let's make something clear here - that's what you *think* he's supposedly signaling. Bingo. I don't see Parker trying to evade or be deceitful at
156 AAIL86 : I agree with you 100%. The lightning bolt scheme is one of the best of all time. I understand that some people don't "get" the new tail. I admit I wa
157 TC957 : Ok, looks like we all agree to differ on AA's livery - again.... But come on all you graphic designers and armchair branding experts - let's see some
158 Post contains images rikkus67 : I think we can come to agreement, that the tail scheme in the redesign will continue to be talked about, and will be for some time. Separately, the n
159 ghifty : When BA first introduced their current livery, the flag on the tail went through a few revisions, correct? I think AA could slowly clean up the livery
160 PHLBOS : FWIW & for grins & giggles; if one does a Google Image Seach for Greyhound Logo, a few images of planes bearing the new AA scheme do indeed s
161 dirtyfrankd : I've had a chance to see the new AA livery a few times in person now and I gotta say, I think it looks pretty fantastic (including the tail).
162 Post contains images questions : Well... what was the suggested tweak? Adding eyes?
163 IslandRob : Same here. I hope they keep it! -ir
164 Post contains images rikkus67 : As I posted above, it is very subtle. Just adding a proper forehead to the implied new Eagle/A logo:
165 Post contains links LoneStarMike : That's the thing, though. There aren't any stars in the livery. It's all stripes. I wish they'd just use the logo on the tail. The logo has grown on
166 aacun : Im so sick of the bashing. I love the new paint job, the only thing I would change is I would paint the plane' s body more silver like. Aside from tha
167 dirtyfrankd : Just saw a 738 in the new livery today as well as a couple of CRJ-700s. The gray paint is actually shiny as hell, especially when the sunlight hits it
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