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Scandinavian Aviation 2013 - Part 2  
User currently offlineiowaman From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (3 years 2 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 41155 times:

Due to length of the previous thread Scandinavian Aviation 2013 - Part 1 (by Someone83 Jan 3 2013 in Civil Aviation), part two has been started and part one archived. Please feel free to continue the discussion here.

273 replies: All unread, showing first 25:
User currently offlinesomeone83 From Norway, joined Sep 2006, 4138 posts, RR: 4
Reply 1, posted (3 years 2 weeks 8 hours ago) and read 40937 times:

To continue the discussion in part one, the traffic figures for the three big Scandinavian in April was as follows:

CPH: 1.962.190
OSL: 1.889.018
ARN: 1.689.720

User currently offlinesomeone83 From Norway, joined Sep 2006, 4138 posts, RR: 4
Reply 2, posted (3 years 2 weeks 5 hours ago) and read 40814 times:

Seems like Norwegian is expanding their Alicante base in the coming winter. In addition to increased flights and new destinations to Scandinavia, Finland and LGW, they also intend to start operations to MUC, HAM, CGN

User currently offlineinvaders From Norway, joined exactly 4 years ago today! , 409 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (3 years 2 weeks ago) and read 40653 times:

Quoting someone83 (Reply 2):
Seems like Norwegian is expanding their Alicante base in the coming winter.

Actually they are expanding from more airports then just Alicante

Hamburg-Malaga, 3 weekly
Hamburg-Alicante 3 weekly
Hamburg-Gran Canaria, 2 weekly
Hamburg-Tenerife, 2 weekly

Köln-Malaga, 3 weekly
Köln-Alicante, 2 weekly
Köln-Gran Canaria, 2 weekly
Köln-Tenerife, 2 weekly

München-Malaga, 2 weekly
München -Alicante, 2 weekly
München -Tenerife, 2 weekly

I thought Air Berlin had all this covered, will be interesting to see how this works out

Norwegian is also adding more flights to Norway from Tenerife, altough I can't find the schedule right now.

User currently offlinePavlovsDog From Norway, joined Sep 2005, 667 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (3 years 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 40358 times:

Vueling's inaugural flight to OSL from BCN landed 20 minutes ago. Judging from the number of people disembarking the flight coming in was about half full.

Those of us lucky enough to be on the first flight out this afternoon are enjoying refreshments at gate 47A. 

User currently offlineg2scandinavia From Norway, joined Jun 2010, 539 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (3 years 1 week 4 days 23 hours ago) and read 40316 times:

Quoting PavlovsDog (Reply 4):
Vueling's inaugural flight to OSL from BCN landed 20 minutes ago. Judging from the number of people disembarking the flight coming in was about half full.

Those of us lucky enough to be on the first flight out this afternoon are enjoying refreshments at gate 47A.

In 69 pax.
Out 167 pax.

User currently offlinesomeone83 From Norway, joined Sep 2006, 4138 posts, RR: 4
Reply 6, posted (3 years 1 week 4 days 22 hours ago) and read 40251 times:

A few months after SAS re-started to give frequent flyer points to corporate customer, the government of Norway have decided to scrap the old ban on frequent flyer bonus points on domestic routes

User currently offlineinvaders From Norway, joined exactly 4 years ago today! , 409 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (3 years 1 week 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 40133 times:

Quoting someone83 (Reply 6):

A few months after SAS re-started to give frequent flyer points to corporate customer, the government of Norway have decided to scrap the old ban on frequent flyer bonus points on domestic routes

SAS says its a good day for the consumers, but the major part of Norwegians are flying between 1 and 5 times each year so I doubt it will affect the competition so much as DY fear. The ban was needed in 2002, but I think its time to move on.

User currently offlineDC9super80 From Denmark, joined May 2013, 34 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (3 years 1 week 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 40034 times:

Seems like flight SK403 Arlanda-Copenhagen on the 26th Oct will be the last ever SAS MD80 fligth in revenue service.

It is already sold out, i was just able to get one of the last seats 

Article only in danish


User currently offlineinvaders From Norway, joined exactly 4 years ago today! , 409 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (3 years 1 week 3 days 9 hours ago) and read 39795 times:

Norwegian is expanding their spanish route-network to Scandinavia from this autumn. Apart from the german routes they have also added the following routes
Alicante -Turku eff late OCT13 1 weekly

Tenerife South – Bergen eff 30OCT13 1 weekly
Tenerife South – Oslo Rygge eff 30OCT13 1 weekly
Tenerife South – Oulu eff 30OCT13 1 weekly
Tenerife South – Trondheim eff 28OCT13 1 weekly

Norwegian already operates Tenerife to OSL and TRF in their winter-program. They are also converting Alicante-Tromsø and Alicante-Aalborg to year round service. Both Rygge and Torp will then have two weekly round-trips since Tenerife was introduced by Ryanair from both destinations some weeks ago.

I wonder if they have enough aircrafts, or if you can see this in light of Norwegian threatning to reduce flights to the "smaller" cities in Norway.

This just prooves that norwegians are tired of the crappy weather we have throughout the winter   

User currently offlineSomeone83 From Norway, joined Sep 2006, 4138 posts, RR: 4
Reply 10, posted (3 years 1 week 7 hours ago) and read 39442 times:

Widerøe will start a twice weekly (Fri/Sun) MOL-CPH from September 1, using Q400. This also implies an increase frequency on their BGO-MOL route

According to the press release, the intention is to increase the frequency on MOL-CPH from Spring 2014

User currently offlineSomeone83 From Norway, joined Sep 2006, 4138 posts, RR: 4
Reply 11, posted (3 years 6 days 8 hours ago) and read 39164 times:

With the inagural flights for Easyjet (LGW-BGO) and Vueling (BCN-OSL and BCN-BGO, they started BCN-SVG last year), the question is then what more we'll see from these airlines in Norway?

User currently offlineSKAirbus From Norway, joined Oct 2007, 2143 posts, RR: 2
Reply 12, posted (3 years 6 days 6 hours ago) and read 39072 times:

Quoting Someone83 (Reply 11):
With the inagural flights for Easyjet (LGW-BGO) and Vueling (BCN-OSL and BCN-BGO, they started BCN-SVG last year), the question is then what more we'll see from these airlines in Norway?

I think U2 may think about serving Østlandet... possibly RYG although they tend to prefer main airports so possibly OSL?

I thought maybe they would serve SVG but the London to Stavanger route is pretty saturated as it is with SK, BA and DY. I guess there are possibilities that U2 could set up from other European hubs.

I think there is room for expansion at TRD too as it is quite a regional hub for mid-Norway and even parts of Western Sweden.

Next Flights: LHR-OSL (738), OSL-CPH (320), CPH-LHR (321), LHR-HEL (359), HEL-LHR (359)
User currently offlineg2scandinavia From Norway, joined Jun 2010, 539 posts, RR: 1
Reply 13, posted (3 years 5 days 21 hours ago) and read 38879 times:

There wont be any new significant presence until more slots are available.
Except for new carriers flying in and out around midday, little will happen before 2017.

There where talks about releasing 4-6 new slots pr hour from next summer. However it looks like its on hold until the new terminal is complete.

Easyjet have exciting plans for OSL but it ain't capacity available yet.

In Norway, Gardermoen, Flesland, Sola and Kirkenes are slot restricted.

User currently offlineinvaders From Norway, joined exactly 4 years ago today! , 409 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (3 years 5 days 7 hours ago) and read 38716 times:

Will be interesting to see how U2 performs from BGO as DY already have 12 weekly and BA have 14 weekly departures. For a weekend-trip to London DY have an advantage with flights leaving 09.15 while U2 competes with the late evening departure with DY while BA have a departure around 8pm. I don't think its a market from BGO with 3 operators to London, we have had that before and it ended up with SK pulling out of the market..

User currently offlinekiwirob From New Zealand, joined Jun 2005, 10137 posts, RR: 14
Reply 15, posted (3 years 5 days 5 hours ago) and read 38634 times:

Quoting someone83 (Reply 6):
A few months after SAS re-started to give frequent flyer points to corporate customer, the government of Norway have decided to scrap the old ban on frequent flyer bonus points on domestic routes

But of course the oinks in the Govt want to work out how to tax points on business travel.

I wonder if Norwegian will also improve their program, I know I'll never fly Norwegian again now that I can get domestic points on SAS, Norwegian will have to do something or they will loose a lot of business customers.

User currently offlineg2scandinavia From Norway, joined Jun 2010, 539 posts, RR: 1
Reply 16, posted (3 years 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 38360 times:

For those who are interested, a busy Korean day at OSL this weekend.

Today, Asiana are in and out with two aircraft.
Tomorrow Korean Air Cargo will arrive together with the first Korean Air Charter.
The latter planned with a 777-200.

OT: Qatar will also increase their cargo operations from OSL this summer to two weekly departures.

User currently offlineinvaders From Norway, joined exactly 4 years ago today! , 409 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (3 years 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 38350 times:

Quoting kiwirob (Reply 15):
But of course the oinks in the Govt want to work out how to tax points on business travel.

I wonder if Norwegian will also improve their program, I know I'll never fly Norwegian again now that I can get domestic points on SAS, Norwegian will have to do something or they will loose a lot of business customers.

Norwegian expands "Norwegian Reward" to domestic travels where you earn 2% of the amount payed on regular tickets while you get 10% on the flex-tickets. Only time will tell how this affects DY. I try to avoid SK/* Alliance as much as possible but that is just my personal preferences.

User currently offlineEBGflyer From Denmark, joined Sep 2006, 1085 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (3 years 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 38316 times:

Quoting invaders (Reply 17):
I try to avoid SK/* Alliance as much as possible but that is just my personal preferences.

Why? If you're travelling internationally DY's reward programme does not compare to the advantages of what *A can give you ie lounge access, extra luggage with *A carriers etc.

Another thing is if you travel a lot, you are bound to experience delays or cancellations once in a while. It just happens. I don't have much faith in DY when it comes to rebooking-options. IMO there just isn't the same flexibility as with SK.

User currently offlinekiwirob From New Zealand, joined Jun 2005, 10137 posts, RR: 14
Reply 19, posted (3 years 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 38258 times:

Quoting invaders (Reply 17):
Norwegian expands "Norwegian Reward" to domestic travels where you earn 2% of the amount payed on regular tickets while you get 10% on the flex-tickets.

Which isn't very good.

Quoting invaders (Reply 17):
Only time will tell how this affects DY.

I understand that SK will have a domestic lounge in operation by the end of the year and will also allow fast track for domestic flights. Both those benefits will pull a lot of Norwegian travellers back to SK.

User currently offlineCXfirst From Norway, joined Jan 2007, 3446 posts, RR: 1
Reply 20, posted (3 years 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 38210 times:

Quoting kiwirob (Reply 19):
I understand that SK will have a domestic lounge in operation by the end of the year and will also allow fast track for domestic flights.

Now, that is something that I've been waiting for. Too bad that for the first time in 8 years, I might not requalify for Star Gold....


From Norway, live in Australia
User currently offlineCityAirline From Sweden, joined Nov 2005, 790 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (3 years 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 38145 times:

When EK launched ARN I thought to myself it's only a matter of time before DY cuts their ARN-DXB to only one weekly (just like from CPH), or cut the whole route.

Now, I can't seem to find any of the three weekly flights on their website. CPH/OSL-DXB are bookable though.


I don't fly to live, I live to fly...
User currently offlineSomeone83 From Norway, joined Sep 2006, 4138 posts, RR: 4
Reply 22, posted (3 years 3 days 23 hours ago) and read 38119 times:

Avinor is improving the incentive schemes for intercontinental routes. Start up rebates will be increased from three two five years, and the rates will be slightly higher. In addition, new intercontinental routes can get both start up rebates and passenger growth bonus

User currently offlineg2scandinavia From Norway, joined Jun 2010, 539 posts, RR: 1
Reply 23, posted (3 years 3 days 22 hours ago) and read 38097 times:

Quoting Someone83 (Reply 22):

Avinor is improving the incentive schemes for intercontinental routes. Start up rebates will be increased from three two five years, and the rates will be slightly higher. In addition, new intercontinental routes can get both start up rebates and passenger growth bonus

I guess most people now can figure out whom and the case that brought Avinor to finally realise that they needed to do something......

OSL will now have a similar structure as CPH and ARN.
Fees will still be higher than offered from CPH, but it's one step in the right direction.
The rigid discount system is unchanged and will still favor existing carriers on already served destination.

The other part with market support and assets allocated for attracting new carriers will not improve.
This is what is needed to secure more services.

User currently offlinethunderboltdrgn From Sweden, joined Jan 2012, 1569 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (3 years 3 days 22 hours ago) and read 38094 times:

SAS have decided to move their HQ again.

This time they will move back to their old office at Frödundavik in Solna from their
current offices at ARN. They say that the cost at ARN are to high-


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25 Post contains links g2scandinavia : Now finally confirmed. Thai will boosts capacity by almost 25% by switching 777-200 to 747-400 from 27OCT13 on BKK-OSL. The service will still operate
26 invaders : The DXB-route is just in their winter-program. Just checked norwegian.no and they have 3x weekly from both ARN and OSL while they have one weekly fro
27 CityAirline : I'm aware that it is just seasonal, but check November and onwards. OSL/CPH is bookable, ARN is not.
28 CXfirst : Do Thai still have their ancient configured 747's that they were (or still are?) using on CPH and ARN? I made sure to avoid them, but don't know if I
29 g2scandinavia : From what I've heard, that wont be an issue as the last 744 will be upgraded intime to the W14/14 season starting 27OCT13.
30 Post contains links invaders : Dont know where u looking but just checked an arbitrary date in Jan and found direct tickets http://www.norwegian.no/fly/lavpris/...ntainPrice=1058&a
31 CityAirline : Must have been a temporary fault on their website. I checked and doublechecked searching through the whole winterseason and even had others check it.
32 Post contains links invaders : Flynonstops routes from Kristiansand to Berlin and Paris is cancelled for the summer while the route to Parma is reduced down to one weekly on fridays
33 Someone83 : Some fleet developments: Norwegian: - The first of two A340-300s leased from HiFly as a temporarily 787 substitute arrived in OSL today, to begin thei
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36 Someone83 : To small, and the same applies to the 787-8 according to SAS. It will either be 787-9 or 350-900 SAS doesn't have problem filling their long haul sea
37 jox : Does anybody know of where to find a (fairly up-to-date) list of which of the SK airplanes that are WiFi equipped?
38 Someone83 : Don't have the list, but it is 10 of the 737-800s that has been reconfirgured. SAS has put the rollout of wifi on hold as they're not satisfied with
39 Post contains images Doona : They'll probably order it then. Cheers Mats
40 SKAirbus : Will the new Thai 747-400 service from OSL-BKK mean that OSL has more capacity than the CPH-BKK route, which has gone to to a 77W? Also, I guess it is
41 g2scandinavia : Both ARN and CPH will have more flights than OSL with Thai next winter, so the answer is no. 9 weekly ARN/CPH (2 via Phuket) and 7 weekly from OSL. H
42 seansasLCY : Flynonstop have announced their winter programme: "New destinations from 28 October: Stockholm: Tue, Thu and Sun Dublin: Thu and Sun Alicante: Sat Fro
43 Post contains images arn777 : And TG will most likely continue to use the 744 to OSL on a daily basis also S14. It wasn't a long time ago we hardly thought TG could fill a 3w 772
44 g2scandinavia : You are absolutely right. It also says a lot of the potential for new carriers beyond Thai to Asia from OSL. On the other hand, its important to know
45 Someone83 : DY7001, Norwegian's inagural OSL-JFK (using a leased HiFly 340-300 due to the 787 delays) will shortly depart OSL. After arriving JFK, the aircraft wi
46 g2scandinavia : Now that it's official! Norwegian ads a fourth weekly rotation from OSL to JFK from 29NOV13. More to come.....[Edited 2013-05-30 10:01:14]
47 ArmchairCEO : Great news! SK/VX interline agreement in effect! What a great complement to SK's USA ports of call!
48 B747forever : Now that is a step up. So now they offer onward domestic fights on UA, AA and VX. More is better!
49 Mortyman : I thought Thai had used their 744's on OSl before. Long time ago thoguh. ..Before they started using their A340 aand B777's ?
50 g2scandinavia : They used a mix of 340-600 and 747-400 on peak Saturdays.
51 arn777 : Great news to see an increase already and even for the winter schedule.
52 Post contains links Someone83 : Danish JetTime has taken over one of SAS 737-400s, LN-BRI. Although it would only be for some month as the aircraft soon needs a heavy check is is lik
53 invaders : So I just wrapped up "hvordan styrte et flyselskap" written by the Swedish journalist Richard Björnelid. Anyone else who have read this book? The Nor
54 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : Delta have resumed their direct flights between JFK and ARN. Delta uses their 757-200 for this route. http://www.swedavia.se/arlanda/om-st...baka-pa-s
55 Post contains links arn777 : AF plans SVG-CDG takkng a pice of the lucrative offshore traffic. http://www.aftenposten.no/okonomi/Ai...n-pa-oljerute-i-Norge-7221674.html I am not s
56 B747forever : Wasn't it a 767 last summer?
57 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : It seems that you are correct: http://www.affarsresenaren.se/artike...holm-arlanda-och-new-york-jfk/3617
58 B747forever : Yet they are downgrading it to a 757 even though the load factor was 92% last summer.
59 arn777 : Double posted. Please delete.[Edited 2013-06-06 00:47:12]
60 CXfirst : Here are some more details of Norwegians inter-European 787 services. They will fly on European Routes from the 4th of July to the 4th of August on th
61 Someone83 : Seems like Qatar plans to change equipment on their Scandinavian routes from A330 to 787. ARN from Aug 1, and OSL and CPH from Sep 1 And LN-RLE, anoth
62 Tristarsteve : I don't know if you read the BA B787 threads, but it seems very likely that the BA780/1 B767 will be substituted by a B787 for while. No dates announc
63 CXfirst : They are also renumbering the flights. -CXfirst
64 thunderboltdrgn : Does anyone know anything more about DY812's emergency landing at ARN today?
65 Someone83 : Apparently just a faulty lamp giving a warning
66 SAS A340 : According to Michael Robertson at flygövervakningssajten Flightradar24 the plane landed on runway 08. It is used very rarely due to bullerrestriktio
67 Tristarsteve : Yes. In normal operations with all runways useable, 08 is never used for landing (and 26 never used for take offs). But when the main runway is close
68 DC9super80 : Since when did Air Canada start using the A330-300 on the CPH-YYZ route ?
69 Someone83 : They're doing it during the peak season this summer
70 SKAirbus : I landed on 08 once about 10 years ago when 1L/19R was closed on a flight from UME. Was quite a strange sensation actually! Also, I have landed on on
71 Someone83 : SAS is hinting at Instagram (or was is Twitter) today that a order for new long haul planes is near
72 Post contains images SAS A340 : My gut tells me that it will be A350.Size and total will be interesting to see
73 SKAirbus : I'd say so too. Minimal fleet transition from the A330/A340 and the 787 is just too small.
74 g2scandinavia : All the numbers for the 3 capital airports are out and I'm a bit surprised to se that the growth at CPH was not larger, given the capacity increase f
75 Someone83 : SAS will begin Copenhagen to Bremen (6x weekly) and Humberside (5x weekly) from Oct 27. Both destinations will be operated by Cimber AS and their CRJ-
76 Post contains links and images kiwirob : this is interesting. http://www.rbnett.no/nyheter/article7742691.ece
77 Post contains links someone83 : BMI Regional is starting 5x weekly ABZ-KSU using ERJ-135 from August 28 http://www.bmiregional.com/en/bottom...ghts-from-aberdeen-to-kristiansund
78 someone83 : Due to delay of delivery of the A340-300 from LAN (leased from Airbus), SAS will wetlease a 767-300 from OMNI during the summer. The aircraft will hav
79 Post contains links arn777 : An update about OSL's freighter ops from www.newstodate.aero's Facebook page: "Freighter capacity rising at Norway's capital airport www.newstodate.ae
80 Post contains links SKAirbus : 6.6% passenger number increase at CPH in May: http://boarding.no/art.asp?id=54103 (in Norwegian). The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Malmø in Ma
81 invaders : Wonder how they think that this will work after the complete failure of ABZ-KRS a few years ago..
82 someone83 : They already been flying weekly (or so) charters on the route on behalf of the oil companies. KSU is an important oilbase for those going offshore, u
83 Post contains links debonair : Any up-dates on NORDIC AIR SWEDEN aka http://flyswedish.eu/ ? AFAIK, flyswedish announced to restart operations at the end of June from Kastrup and No
84 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : It seems that the route between Norrköping and Kastrup have been cancelled. https://www.norrkopingflygplats.se/se/kontakt/press/pressmeddelanden/201
85 invaders : Does KSU have a terminal fit for international flights?
86 debonair : Hi to you all, just 2 developments I have heard... 1. SAS will lease a B767-300ER from OMNI AIR for CPH-JFK (according to ch-aviation.ch). More infos?
88 Post contains links g2scandinavia : Boarding with a very interesting article last week where BA presents their strongest business and first class markets in the Nordic countries. Similar
89 someone83 : 1) EWR not JFK (SK901/902) about two times per week 2) Yes, but due to a delay for one of HiFly's 340-300, not -600, as Norwegian never was supposed
90 debonair : Sorry, thought that ex VS A346 9H-SEA/-SUN were purchased as B787 replacement...
91 Fastphilly : Finally made it to the edge of SFO's 28 runways to see the majestic SAS A340 lifting off. I really hope SAS makes this route work long term.
92 B747forever : What is taking so long for BA to confirm the dates for the 787 ARN operations?
93 Post contains images someone83 : No, that was just an A.net rumour When Norwegian announced their temporarily solution a while back they officially said it will be to ex-Emirates A34
94 Tristarsteve : I don't know why its a secret, and I am not saying. But if you are travelling this summer, travel on BA780/781 to increase your chances of B787 trave
95 okobjorn : Danish business newspaper Børsen today brings an interview with Finnair CEO, Pekka Vauramo. Here he advocates a merger of SK and AY. Apparently they
96 thunderboltdrgn : I am not initiated enough to now the pros and cons and etc but; Would the EU would allow it? They once stopped a merger between Volvo Trucks and Scan
97 B747forever : I am already booked on BA780 for mid August. There are rumors that they will use the 787 on BA780/781 between AUG 9-31.
98 SKAirbus : If you want to get on a 787 book one of Norwegian's flights ex OSL during the summer. I am booked on LGW-OSL-LGW with the 787 and have seats booked a
99 Post contains links SKAirbus : SAS has ordered 8 A350-900s and 4 A330s. See seperate thread: SAS Orders A350-900 (by SKAirbus Jun 25 2013 in Civil Aviation)[Edited 2013-06-25 01:28:
100 Post contains links g2scandinavia : One of the busiest days ever at CPH and OSL expected today. Both OSL and CPH will See the numbers spinning around 80.000-90.000 pax this Friday. Anoth
101 teme82 : Slow news day at the office. The "interview" was quick hallway chat where the statement was taken out of the context. So not going to happen!
102 okAY : In what way is SK strong in ops to the West? They dropped SEA, started SFO but only seasonally, AFAIK. Otherwise they offer nothing that other operat
103 Fastphilly : Can you show me a link that the SFO flight is seasonal only? According to wikipedia, the flight isn't seasonal.
104 okAY : Got no link, sorry. But as I remember the deal, they dropped BKK for summer season to start SFO. I understood they leave SFO in order to start BKK ag
105 Fastphilly : Well since SK's only west coast destination is SFO, I'm sure alliance carrier UA can drum up enough connecting passengers from SEA down to LAX and Ha
106 okAY : I'm not talking about filling flights, I'm questioning the statement of SK being a strong player in "west" ops. They have a handfull of destinations
107 Fastphilly : In that regard yes, SAS is indeed a second tier European Carrier much like Iberia and Austrian. They just don't have the metal for such an extensive
108 Post contains images Doona : Wait, are you saying that SK is not as large as BA, AF, and KL?! Stop the presses! Cheers Mats
109 invaders : Took me two seconds on google to confirm that the flight is not seasonal, check for yourself.
110 Post contains links g2scandinavia : Now confirmed by airlineroute. Swiss opens Geneva to ARN/GOT/OSL. The service will operate through the peak skiing months. Geneva – Stockholm eff 15
111 someone83 : If SK and DY keeps last year programs om OSL-GVA, this means we'll have quite a good offer to GVA during the ski season Is United going for daily flig
112 Post contains links invaders : According to airlineroute they will maintain daily flights, Source: http://airlineroute.net/2013/06/24/ua-europe-w13update4/ Wich means that United i
113 Post contains links Mortyman : Norwegian Reports Strong Passenger Growth and High Load in June Norwegian’s (NAS) passenger growth continued in June. Over 1.9 million passengers fl
114 Post contains links someone83 : According to Standby, SQ has applied for daily slots (currently 5x weekly) in CPH. http://www.standby.dk/singapore-airl...es-vil-flyve-dagligt-pa-kobe
115 Post contains links HELyes : Finnair will open their first service to Tromsø Norway in Jan 2014, seasonal service January 1 - March 28. Three times weekly, operated by FlyBe Finl
116 g2scandinavia : Great news! I would presume the launch is a result of the hunt for the Northern light, combined with winter tourism to Northern Norway. This segment
117 g2scandinavia : Traffic numbers for June is out with some surprising elements. Stockholm Arlanda 1.943.072 + 5% (up 95.987 pax) Domestic 391.213 pax (up 2.735 pax) In
118 Someone83 : I doubt this will last much longer than their failed HEL-TRD route[Edited 2013-07-10 13:03:08]
119 g2scandinavia : But TRD was not for the Asian inbound market. I would give this a chance!
120 HELyes : Yes they must target the Japanese especially, the Northern Lights were pretty active last winter and that's expected to continue.
121 Someone83 : One surprising thing with the CPH number is the huge growth to Milan (22%), which are now among the top 10 routes from CPH
122 LN-KGL : Not really a surprise Someone83, Norwegian is new on the Milan route and EasyJet has added frequency. With only 22% growth I suspect the third carrier
123 Post contains images SAS767 : Yes Norwegian is new on the Milano route compared to June 2012, but easyJet has not added frequencies on this route compared to June 2012. They have
124 Someone83 : ESA has approved the establishment of a 30 MNOK fund promoting charter flight possibilities for Northern Norway, to attract more tourist. Guess this i
125 SAS767 : Ok - then let us take a look at the May 2013 figures for CPH. In May 2013 International Schedule Traffic was up 104.264 passengers at CPH. As stated
126 Someone83 : OSL Juni figures: Total 2.199.309 +7% International: 1.246.071 +8,4% Domestic: 953.238 +5,3% 7% equals a growth of 144.000 passenger, although OSL sta
127 SAS767 : But last year when OSL presented the June figures the impact was stated as 100.000 passengers - quoting osl.no: As it seems like they are not able to
128 Post contains images LN-KGL : This graph shows the 12 months rolling growth trends for the different players within Scandinavia.
129 cityairline : When I check Vuelings website, BCN-GOT/OSL/HEL is not bookable through the winter, while ARN is. My guess is that this has something to do with the fi
130 LN-KGL : A similation in my worksheet showed the impact only to be 43,000 passengers for June 2012 a bit lower than what OSL said. This simulation is based on
131 g2scandinavia : First of all, you are quoting June figures and replying with May numbers. The reason for why I find June interesting is because June represents healt
132 hybridace101 : I'm going to take SK in August to OSL. If my flight arrives at 13.30, how long will it take for me to clear passport control? I am expected to have no
133 SKAirbus : The Norwegian border police are notoriously bad.... They in theory have a non-EEA / EEA lane but a lot of the time they just have two counters open b
134 Someone83 : Thai seems to have cancelled the planned 747 operation at OSL the coming winter, and will instead use the 777-300ER
135 Post contains images SKAirbus : Good to hear! The 77W is far superior aircraft .
136 hybridace101 : My flight arrives 13.30 from LHR and the closest SU flight from SVO for that day is expected to come-in at 12.30. Assuming everything is on-time, the
137 Someone83 : Most likely not and shouldn't take many minutes to get through
138 Post contains links cityairline : A very odd coincidence happened today when one Ryanair aircraft experienced difficulties with flaps during landing at Stockholm-Skavsta after a flight
139 oykie : Quick question. How can I find delivery schedules for new DY 738 deliveries from Boeing? How many Are they expected to recieve in 2014, 2015 and 2016?
140 LN-KGL : oykie, can't answer your questions, but I can tell you LN-NGK is right now on its delivery flight from BFI to OSL with ETA 0701 CEST
141 SAS767 : You "complained" about the missing discussion of the May figures and hence I decided to give a presentation of the CPH May numbers. In May 2012 the i
142 someone83 : BA is starting a third daily LCY-ARN flight from Oct 28
143 g2scandinavia : Well not correct as its 100.000 pax With Your described load factor. Norwegian +484 flight = 90.024 seats (80% load 72.019 pax) Easyjet + 190 flights
144 SAS767 : No I believe that you have incorrect numbers. For Norwegian you have not deducted the Danish domestic flights and hence the Norwegian number will ins
145 g2scandinavia : Look as I wrote, there are some differences in the Reporting. It's all Down to CPH's own report or Trafikstyrelsen report. They are not presenting th
146 someone83 : Looking at their latest quarterly report, it seems like their 737-800s will have a net growth of 11 in 2014 and 6 in 2015 (10 new deliveries and 4 ex
147 oykie : Nice! Thank you! I Almost got to see it land but was a bit too late. Thanks. Do you know when they will regime their last -300? Thei net grovth seems
148 someone83 : No, but their plan only showed untill the end of 2015, and suggested they still will have five remaining -300s at that time.
149 SAS767 : You did not have incorrect number due to discrepancy between the numbers for Trafikstyrelsen and CPH. You had incorrect numbers because you had not d
150 someone83 : OY-KAR (MSN3159), which is SAS 8th A320, was delivered and flown to CPH this weekend
151 SKAirbus : Maybe we should take a break in all this silly arguing about figures and start a new discussion as we have 150 replies now and it is making my browser
152 Post contains images teme82 : How about renaming this thread to Nordic Aviation thread so that Finnish news can fit in
153 Post contains images HELyes : And Icelandic!
154 teme82 : Yeah I for got the Iceland. Add us and you would have proper thread. Not just only few members bashing their heads together in here.
155 someone83 : According to NRK (Radio) OSL has applied to the Norwegian Government to re-arrange and rebuilt the transfer system, so international to domestic trans
156 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : According to local news media, someone pointed a green laser towards a landing aircraft at Skavsta during the evening of the last Sunday. http://www.s
157 Post contains links invaders : WizzAir have cancelled their two weekly Trondheim-Vilnius service from september according to airlineroute. And some "potato-news" Local politicians i
158 Someone83 : That one has not yet been decided, or funded, and I'm in doubt it actually will be built
159 Someone83 : SAS has sold six 737-600 as part of a sale-leaseback deal. The aircraft will be leased for a period between four and five and a half years and provide
160 oykie : Thanks for sharing the news Someone83. I guess we will see them parted out when they Are about 20 years old. That is good for the 736. I wonder how SA
161 Someone83 : Btw, LN-RPU is now coming off-lease and is parked at OSL without SAS logos and is schedule to leave SAS this summer. Most likely it will be a part ou
162 Tristarsteve : Well its the first of August tomorrow, and at ARN the first Qatar B787 is due in the afternoon. Then 8 days later the first BA B787 will show up, at t
163 Someone83 : From August 16
164 Post contains images oykie : Thanks SO83 reducing the number of 737-600 is good news. I expect the used and leased 737-700 will get the new SAS seats? This will increase SAS comp
165 LN-KGL : I have to correct Someone83 here a bit. The first 787 flight in to ARN will be on Sunday 11 August on DY814 (arr 1500L) and fly out again as DY815 (de
166 debonair : flySweden will (again) re-start operations in September 2013 - this time the ICAO prefix "JTS" is used... Any more information? Which airline/aircraft
167 Post contains links Mortyman : Standard & Poor's uppgrades SAS's creditrating from ccc+ to B- With stable outlook. http://www.dn.no/forsiden/borsMarked/article2658471.ece
168 Post contains links Mortyman : Braathens comeback in Norway: Per G. Braathen is planning a comeback for his Family airline Braathens S.A.F.E in 2 - 3 years from now. He has 10 Bomba
169 Someone83 : It is just Braathens, or Braathens Aviation. The S.A.F.E part disappeared in the 90s, although it should have gone when they became a more domestic a
170 oykie : Do we know yet the type of turboprop he could use in Norway? Order some new Q400 from BBD or keep the types they already operate?
171 Someone83 : KLM seems to upgrade their aircraft on AMS-AES from Fokker-70 to E190, according to the local media SAS is increasing OSL-TXL from 3x to 6x weekly acc
172 bjorn14 : They are not getting rid of them, it's a sale & leaseback Does anyone know how DAT is doing out of RYG with their BGO7S
173 KiwiRob : If only Avinor had gone with a midfield satellite terminal for expansion, the closing of all those gates and the glacial pace of construction is goin
174 Someone83 : Yes and no; they just signed a sale&leaseback agreement for six of them. However, my post oykie is refering to is regarding the -600, LN-RPU, whi
175 arn777 : The airlines did not want a new midfield satellite because it would mean increased costs with two separate ground basis.
176 cityairline : Starting in S14, Wizzair is increasing its Skopje flights to Sweden: Gothenburg: From 2 to 3 weekly, and 4 weekly during three months in the summer. M
177 KiwiRob : So instead OSL gets an old fashioned backwards solution? How many ground bases does LHR T5 have, I doubt they have one for each satellite?
178 Someone83 : Only during construction time. Transfer is much more effective within one single terminal. operating cost is also playing a significant part, and the
179 Doona : The 10 C-Series A/C are destined for Malmö Aviation, no? Cheers Mats
180 arn777 : I would wait a bit to make up my mind whether the alternative OSL chose is better or worse than a separate satellite from a passenger perspective, bu
181 CXfirst : I don't know if they'd need multiple bases, and I don't think costs would increase that much more relative to cost increase that will come anyway fro
182 KiwiRob : Tell me about it, unfortunately I don't have much choice, I can't avoid OSL for most of my flying. I'm amazed that it's going to take nearly 4/5 year
183 JonssonF : President Obama will visit Stockholm september 4. I guess Air Force One will visit Arlanmda then..
184 g2scandinavia : Comparing LHR T5 to OSL's extension With satellite? Are you kidding me? I do not know if you were told, but LHR have a slightly larger issue with ava
185 someone83 : Yes, the newest on-time stats are quite impressive for OSL despite all the contruction going on as they are significant better than both ARN and CPH.
186 KiwiRob : Easy the new Terminal at Pulkovo in St Petersburg, construction started Spring 2011 and is going to be ready operational December 2013. 2017 isn't th
187 g2scandinavia : There are no political decision or founds for any further expansion than the current plan to extend the capacity to 28 million pax. So yes, it will b
188 SKAirbus : True but being of Norwegian persuasion I am all too familiar with the ridiculous bureaucracy in Norway and how it takes years to do anything. The com
189 g2scandinavia : That I do agree on! However, the Construction period of this extension is nothing extraordenary, given the complexity of this extension. OSL have unv
190 KiwiRob : All too true, also had the airport been built as originally planned rather than cut down at the 11th hour to save costs (the terminal was built 4m na
191 g2scandinavia : So please share with us, what is not so complex? I mean since the 12 billion Project where hundreds of engineers are wrong......? Few if none does re
192 Post contains links jeppelainen : And BA780 B787 is on her way to ARN right now! http://fr24.com/BAW780F
193 KiwiRob : I'm taking about the new pier not the enlarged train station, and in my mind that is not a very complex building. Yes I did, you said a satellite ter
194 Post contains links and images g2scandinavia : Oh really....... So the project plan where they estimate the pier to be completed in 2015 after 3 years of construction is of little relevance to you
195 JonssonF : Has THAI changed arn to bkk to 777-300 perman tly? Has been 777 last days.
196 jeppelainen : Yes, both ARN and CPH will get B77W for their daily flight. Anybody know if those to HKT from ARN and CPH will continue to be B744?
197 KiwiRob : But Avinor aren't completing the pier to it's full length by 2015, they are only building half it, phase 1, phase 1 the new pier will give the airpor
198 bjorn14 : Is BMA more convenient to Stockholm cbd than ARN?
199 Post contains links oykie : Oslo Airport set a new single-month passenger record in June with nearly 2.2 million passengers, representing a growth of 144 000 passengers, or 7 % c
200 LN-KGL : And with that OSL is heading for 23 million passengers in 2013 and only 5 million passengers left to reach the T2 Phase 1 design limit.
201 oykie : It is a tradition in Norway to use the least optimistic figures when calculating future demand. This has been true with roads, and railroads as well.
202 Post contains links g2scandinavia : Again, you are referring to something that there is no political decision on. It’s just a plan and as I wrote earlier, there are now also talks of
203 Someone83 : Correct, but luckily, part of the current construction phase take some function up to the 35 million capacity, such as the baggage sorting system, ai
204 Someone83 : FlyNonstop is starting Bodø-London (LCY) twice weekly from Oct 28. The route will operate Fridays and Mondays, so a nice weekend possibility for thos
205 KiwiRob : Something we do agree on, unfortunatily I have this terrible feeling at the pit of my stomach that the Norwegian voter will get cold feet come electi
206 Someone83 : Big 3 Scandinavian Airport July 2013 traffic numbers: CPH: 2.426.424 +4,9% OSL: 2.219.419 +7,1% ARN: 1.893.300 +10,2%
207 Post contains links g2scandinavia : Good numbers for all the 3 airports. OSL will have the numbers corrected up With almost in 3% more in july due to now Infants included in the numbers
208 Someone83 : In addition they have been chartered to fly 18 times LCY-ALF (Alta) this winter
209 g2scandinavia : Turkish to Upgrade ARN with all flights to be operated by A321 from 18SEP.
210 Post contains images Tristarsteve : Bad picture taken with my phone, but two B787 at ARN this evening. Ba on its way back to LHR as BA781, and the Norwegian on R6 for a ferry flight back
211 g2scandinavia : Nice shot Tristarsteve! The 787 from Norwegian went back to OSL and will fly out to BKK this evening. First Intercontinental revenue flight for Norwe
212 Someone83 : It also had an engine replaced
213 okobjorn : According to Aftonbladet (http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article17310872.ab), all operations at ARN is stopped due to technical issues. Apparently
214 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : there does not seems to be any more info available. Arlanda writes on their twitter: https://twitter.com/Arlanda/status/368651068214738944 It says th
215 Tristarsteve : So far all departures have operated with delays not too bad, and aircraft are arriving. BA landed on time! But no new landing slots are being issued,
216 Post contains images Tristarsteve : And now the other B787 operator at ARN, with the Noregian B787 just landed on 26 in the background
217 thunderboltdrgn : Do you know what caused the problem?
218 Someone83 : SAS' ARN-BLL and ARN-AAL, operated by Braathens Regional, had their debut yesterday, and ARN-AAL will increase from 4x to 6x weekly from the start of
219 g2scandinavia : Aftenposten presented a front page article in their economy section printed edition tuesday 20th AUG, about why SIA does not serve the Norwegian marke
220 hybridace101 : Just curious, when it comes to SK flights between 2 nordic countries (e.g. OSL and ARN), which nordic language is used for announcements, the language
221 Post contains images EBGARN : The language of the pilot not flying is used (since he/she is usually the one doing the announcments). Sometimes with a bit of a "Scandinavian hybrid
222 SKAirbus : It depends on the crew operating the flights. If they are OSL based then generally the announcements will be made in Norwegian (although there are so
223 CXfirst : You'll even hear Swedish on domestic Norwegian services. They are so alike (I am Norwegian and understand Swedish better than some Norwegian dialects
224 Post contains links debonair : I heard rumors, that DAT will remove their sole MD83 OY-RUE from their fleet, any more infos? NORDIC AIR SWEDEN AB aka flySweden is -again- not flying
225 someone83 : Accoding to checkin.dk, SAS has increased the ATR-deal with JetTime from four to six aircrafts, and are in talks for another two. The ATR-72 aircraft
226 Post contains links someone83 : According to an article in Aftenposten (only in Norwegian), Turkish is planning to start IST-SVG from the Spring 2014, and are considering BGO and TRD
227 someone83 : Seems like SAS is increasing on OSL-ARN and OSL-CPH from Oct. 27, with both route operating up to 16x daily on weekdays
228 g2scandinavia : Norwegian to present several new IC destinations in Stockholm next week. New routes from all 3 capital airports.
229 robbie86 : Cool. Any guesses or more information about this?
230 Tristarsteve : Norwegian B787 nbr 2, EI-LNB is due at ARN from DUB later this evening. It has been in DUB having its tail painted before delivery.
231 someone83 : It over, before it really started, and the company is shutting down Instead of realizing it was a hopeless project, the owners play the blame game. B
232 HELyes : Yes we will hear more on Tuesday 3rd September 10.30AM local time.
233 Post contains links someone83 : Fully painted with Thor Heyerdahl on its tail http://www.flickr.com/photos/elevationair/9622677997/ AFAIK: it is getting an engine change in ARN befo
234 Post contains links someone83 : It turned out to be: CPH: JFK & LAX ARN: LAX & OAK OSL: LAX, OAK & MCO Details about frequencies, start up dates and the main discussion
235 someone83 : Both OSL and GOT will see increased presence fro Icelandair next summer. GOT will increase from 3x to 4x weekly from July, while in the June-September
236 invaders : Not confirmed anywhere but it seems like U2 are cutting back on their LGW-BGO rotation to X24 and from 10feb to X2. Cant find any news about this but
237 bmibaby737 : Guys, Wonder if any of you have some knowledge of SAS configurations? I understand that the following 737-600s are domestic birds. How are these diffe
238 someone83 : All -600 have the same 123 configuration, and are used all over the network from Norway and Sweden
239 deltamartin : No not exactly, these domestic configured birds have a different kind of seat, they only have two bathrooms in the back (instead of one in the back a
240 invaders : Wideroe is adding SVG-MOL and SVG-TOS. SVG-TOS will be operating 3 times a week while SVG-MOL will operate two times a week. It seems like SVG-MOL is
241 Post contains links SKAirbus : BMI Regional is to start operating SVG - EVE - TOS after a request by the Oil Industry in both Northern Norway and Stavanger. Now that WF have announc
242 someone83 : SVG-TOS is also an extension of the BGO-TOS route
243 invaders : Oh ok, so 3 of the 6 weekly flights between BGO and TOS will be extended to SVG? I was thinking that this might be logical but could not find any inf
244 invaders : Agadir is old news but this post from airlineroute sums up the latest additions to Norwegians route-network: Oslo – Agadir eff 02NOV13 1 weekly Stoc
245 Post contains images SKAirbus : Typical that DY used their 787s on European routes for a month in order to prove them, train crews, test out their reliability yet the moment they put
246 invaders : I've been playing guessing-games on what to do when SK have cancelled my flights in the past, so they should stop the childish poking on instagram. I
247 Someone83 : August traffic number: CPH: 2.280.830 +6,4% OSL: 2.095.451 +5,2% ARN: 1.884.820 +8,1% At OSL it is the international traffic that grows, with +9%, whi
248 SKAirbus : It doesn't surprise me. The oil traffic alone must be a demand. I wonder if EK will enter the route with a 77W like they did with ARN. Depends on the
249 Post contains images SAS A340 : Good news for ARN, who seems to have the highest passenger growth of the three major airports in Scandinavia. ... Increased frequencies of direct rou
250 SKAirbus : It looks like the new Høyre (conservative) led government in Norway want to sell government shares in SAS as soon as possible, thus ending their part
251 Post contains images SAS A340 : Are you sure about this? It,s Known for a long time that the Scandinavian governments want to sell their share of SAS ...
252 SKAirbus : Sorry... I misread it. It says: "I følge Finansavisen er salget en del av partienes ønske om å redusere statlig eierskap. Staten eier i dag aksjer
253 Post contains links invaders : Increase in people traveling on international flights in Norway: Gardermoen (5,9 %), Stavanger (16,7 %), Trondheim (13,8 %) and Bergen (18,1%) Jan-Aug
254 Post contains links Invaders : The "Dreamliner" have yet another problem: http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/artikkel.php?artid=10126619 DY was not the only company having problems
255 Post contains links Someone83 : DY will increase the CPH-FLL route from 2x weekly to 3x weekly from March 10. DY7041 CPH1515 %u2013 2000FLL 788 135 DY7042 FLL2130 %u2013 1245 1CPH 78
256 Someone83 : bmi is starting ABZ-OSL with 6x weekly flight from Oct 28 BM1357 ABZ-OSL 16:05-18:45 Dx6 BM1358 OSL-ABZ 19:15-20:00 Dx6
257 Invaders : Interesting, I don't recall this route being flown by SK/WF in the past. Or am I wrong?
258 Someone83 : No, but the now bankrupt City Star Airlines made an attempt some years ago
259 Invaders : Right, the same airline who operated Stavanger-Groningen? Now that I think about it I think Eastern Airways also had a go on ABZ-OSL in 2008/2009, bu
260 Someone83 : Norwegian has hired DAT to operate CPH-KRP 6x daily using ATR-72 from end of October. This is quite a change from Norwegian's normal business model by
261 invaders : Weekly frequency increased with 43% I wonder if Norwegian could do the same in Norway. BGO-KRS and TRD-KRS for example never worked for Norwegian whe
262 Post contains images SKAirbus : They also stopped SVG-TRD didn't they? Maybe they were too quick to get rid of those F50s
263 Post contains images invaders : Yes it lasted for just over a year from easter 2010 to autumn 2011. The only succes Norwegian have had domestic in Norway the last years with new rou
264 SKAirbus : I think Norwegian could do quite well with a fleet of turboprops for regional routes and even compete for Public Service Obligation contracts with th
265 invaders : Indeed, but I don't think there are any slots available during "convenient" times at BGO,SVG,TRD and OSL, so I doubt DY have any immediatly plans on
266 Post contains links invaders : Does anyone think that Braathens might make a comeback in Norway? A quite interesting article regarding the new planes for Malmö Aviation can be foun
267 Post contains links SCL767 : Here is LN-RKP (ex-CC-CQG) in SAS livery: http://instagram.com/p/dFSJAJzfzN/#
268 Someone83 : Not on any of the three big routes (OSL-BGO/TRD/SVG) and AFAiK Braathen himself have said thatbif they return with their own routes it will be on mor
269 invaders : Routes like TRD-SVG, BGO-KRS, BGO-AES, SVG-BOO, SVG-TOS, KRS-TRD and TRF-SVG etc. are routes who lacks competition. Some of these are routes where No
270 airlittoralguy : Good morning everyone. I am looking for the schedules of the formerly operated Malmo aviation flights between Malmo and London city (around 1992/1993)
271 oykie : Braathens has stated they would like to be back in Norway in a two year window. There are some markets that are currently not served by SK and DY wer
272 Post contains links iowaman : Due to length of this thread, here is part three: Scandinavian Aviation 2013 - Part 3 (by iowaman Sep 23 2013 in Civil Aviation) Part two will be arch
273 invaders : About time, the cabin on some of their 736 is sub-par. I flew LN-RCT on BGO-ARN this summer and it was in serious need of an upgrade. And in other ne
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