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AA A319 Interior Pics  
User currently offlineetops1 From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 1063 posts, RR: 1
Posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42974 times:

Here ya go !

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User currently offlinesunking737 From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 2036 posts, RR: 8
Reply 1, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 43022 times:

Wow Galley pics...love it. Thanks

User currently offlineAirbusGeek From United States of America, joined Apr 2013, 146 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42919 times:

Love it! Thank you. Nice interior, horrible paint scheme!

User currently offlineOrganizeTheSky From United States of America, joined Jul 2013, 25 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42828 times:

The Red on top of each couch seat is a nice touch and unexpected. Is it anything other than leather material?

User currently offlineSFOJFK From United States of America, joined Feb 2001, 84 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42679 times:

Quoting OrganizeTheSky (Reply 3):
The Red on top of each couch seat is a nice touch and unexpected. Is it anything other than leather material?

Wonder if it's red Velcro to attach a headrest cover.

User currently offline777ord From United States of America, joined May 2010, 487 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42699 times:

I really have to say that from a visual standpoint, AA is REALLY kicking some butt getting themselves reorganized and modernized. Yea, they have a lot of old metal, but they seem to really be taking initiative to get rid of the super's!!!

User currently offlinephotoshooter From Belgium, joined Feb 2010, 454 posts, RR: 20
Reply 6, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42579 times:

Looks very nice! Thanks for sharing. Also glad to see they only have a few business class rows and no 3 different classes on board. Great job AA!

'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.' - Winston Churchill
User currently offlineqqflyboy From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 2256 posts, RR: 13
Reply 7, posted (12 months 18 hours ago) and read 42564 times:

These pics and more are availble at the boardingarea.com (I tried including a link, but apparently that isn't working, even doing the code myself -- weird!).

The red strip at the top of the seats is simply an accent, and can currently be seen on the Y seats on the 77W. They do not contain velcro for headrest covers.

The views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s views.
User currently offlinemesaflyguy From United States of America, joined Dec 2012, 2865 posts, RR: 4
Reply 8, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 42483 times:
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Wow! I love it! Definitely contrasts the paint scheme in a few ways. From the outside, you'd kinda expect to walk into a lighter-colored cabin but this is great.

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User currently offlineetops1 From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 1063 posts, RR: 1
Reply 9, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 42578 times:

More pics :

User currently offlineEddieDude From Mexico, joined Nov 2003, 7558 posts, RR: 43
Reply 10, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 42281 times:

Thanks a lot for sharing. Smart-looking cabin!  

I don't know if it is just me, but the J-class seats seem somewhat narrow. Anyone knows the width, pitch and recline angle of the J-class seats?

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User currently offlineDL WIDGET HEAD From United States of America, joined Apr 2000, 2082 posts, RR: 5
Reply 11, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 42064 times:

Quoting EddieDude (Reply 10):
I don't know if it is just me, but the J-class seats seem somewhat narrow. Anyone knows the width, pitch and recline angle of the J-class seats?

No, I noticed that too...they don't seem much wider than a coach seat.

User currently offlinefxramper From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 7172 posts, RR: 86
Reply 12, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 42037 times:
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Eight first seats is comparable to UA. I'm impartial about AA flying A319. Used a AA 738 for work the other day with the new look and wifi. I was impressed. The crew sucked hardcore though. A DFW based crew that supposedly got in late to LAX and just wanted to get home. Several EXPLT pax in First with me complained and planned on writing letters.

User currently offlinecommavia From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 11386 posts, RR: 62
Reply 13, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 42035 times:

Wow that looks really cool. I sincerely hope the rumors are false about Doug thinking that's "too nice" and in need of some cheapening.

User currently offlineetops1 From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 1063 posts, RR: 1
Reply 14, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 41864 times:

Those rumors are absolutely false.

User currently offlineDTWPurserBoy From United States of America, joined Feb 2010, 1492 posts, RR: 7
Reply 15, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 41810 times:

Quoting sunking737 (Reply 1):
Wow Galley pics...love it. Thanks

OK--this 38 year veteran flight attendant wants to know why there is no coffeemaker in the FC galley? I have never seen one in a closed compartment before but that may be where they hid it.

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User currently offlineTristan7977 From United States of America, joined Feb 2013, 96 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 41755 times:

Very nice. Although the first class is pretty much the same compared to economy. Doesn't look comfortable either. But that's what I think. I gotta fly one of those someday!!

Flying is my life. It's as if it were in my blood.
User currently offlineOC2DC From United States of America, joined Feb 2013, 360 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 41696 times:

This is an interesting departure from the current interiors. No more blue cloth seats that have been around for hundreds of years. These new seats look amazing and the fact that they decided on adding IFE at every seat is quite exciting.

However, I'm still baffled by the fact that they only have 8 F seats. The F cabin looks awkwardly tiny, especially when you compare it to a 738.

Also, another side note, is it just me or does the A320 family have smaller windows that the 738, or any other aircraft for that matter? They look so small it's almost like being on a boat.

I'm not complaining, I'm critiquing...
User currently offlineEY460 From United States of America, joined Jan 2012, 268 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 41640 times:

I really like the cabin and I believe that the F seats are OK. The aisle width is exactly the same in the two cabin, and despite a larger armrest between the two F seats, you should get a wider seat. What I don't like is that in the first row of you don't have the space to stretch your legs.

User currently offlineetops1 From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 1063 posts, RR: 1
Reply 19, posted (12 months 17 hours ago) and read 41631 times:

Quoting DTWPurserBoy (Reply 15):

You know , I didn't notice that until now ! Must be hidden . I wish it had mood lighting .

User currently offlineBFS From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2001, 737 posts, RR: 2
Reply 20, posted (12 months 16 hours ago) and read 41467 times:

It looks very nice but I'm confused by the galleys also - besides the lack of coffee makers, there seems to be a lot of cupboards but no catering canisters (unless the canisters are stowed behind the doors, but surely that just makes accessing them more difficult). Also the forward inboard jumpseat looks a lot narrower than normal - any reason why?

User currently offlineusflyguy From United States of America, joined Jan 2012, 890 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (12 months 16 hours ago) and read 41468 times:

Quoting DTWPurserBoy (Reply 15):

OK--this 38 year veteran flight attendant wants to know why there is no coffeemaker in the FC galley? I have never seen one in a closed compartment before but that may be where they hid it.

They must be hidden because there aren't any in the AFT galley either.


No more hot beverages on AA... cutting costs!  Wow!   

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User currently offlinekgaiflyer From United States of America, joined Jul 2008, 4216 posts, RR: 1
Reply 22, posted (12 months 16 hours ago) and read 41341 times:
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Quoting usflyguy (Reply 21):
No more hot beverages on AA... cutting costs!

No joke -- Iced Starbucks in cans for 5 bucks is not such a stretch.

User currently onlineuberflieger From United States of America, joined Jun 2013, 469 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (12 months 16 hours ago) and read 41339 times:
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what about MCE?

hard to tell from the pics

passionate about The New American :)
User currently offlineRDH3E From United States of America, joined Mar 2011, 1568 posts, RR: 2
Reply 24, posted (12 months 16 hours ago) and read 41305 times:

Quoting 777ord (Reply 5):

I really have to say that from a visual standpoint, AA is REALLY kicking some butt getting themselves reorganized and modernized.

Really? This interior is very dark and really nothing special. The seats look weird with the blue/grey/red thing going on. Not to mention the terrible livery.

25 redhair : Is it me or does the doors look extremely narrow?
26 Post contains images kgaiflyer : I stand corrected. Cold Starbucks varieties come in glass bottles.
27 kasimir : About the narrow comments, I also noticed it, but I think the pictures are visually somewhat wrong. I dont know if its the lens or the pictures are st
28 roseflyer : The first class seats look narrow because the back rest is the same width as the seat cushion. Many older business class seats have the backrest as t
29 Post contains images kasimir : True, but everything looks much smaller on the pics, even the doors which should be the same size then any other modern A319
30 ATA L1011 : Nice, would be better if it had some sort of mood lighting like in the Sky Interior on newer 738's.
31 Post contains images AirbusGeek : Not this again! First, American supposedly saved $40,000 by removing a single olive from each first class salad; now American 'is saving costs' by no
32 USAirALB : I find interesting that the seats are so dark. I would have expected more red and blue because of the livery. Also, I find it interesting that there a
33 divemaster08 : Surprised actually to see how small the FC is. If you compare this to other US airlines, the usual is around 16 up front. this is just 8! No more upgr
34 william : Only 8 First class seats?
35 ushermittwoch : FinAAlly AA won't have the worst in-flight product of any of the legacies.
36 laca773 : Why does it surprise some of you that the FC cabin only has capacity for 8? Please remember the A319 is not the same size as a 738 by any stretch. Th
37 flyfree727 : It appears to me that the A319 is appearing in markets that were previously (decade or so ago) served by the F100. the F100 was configured with 8 f/c
38 roseflyer : The A319 also has fewer economy seats, but I would imagine that the elite flyers will notice how few seats there are for upgrades on the A319 and avo
39 Tristan7977 : Yes the windows on the A320 Family are smaller than that of the 737.
40 tommy767 : Fantastic. Really this is something to be excited about. UA should feel embarrassed that they are turning the 319/320 into a very poor product compare
41 Post contains images Bralo20 : That's correct, however the A320 has a wider fuselage and is thus more comfortable inside. One of the reasons why I prefer the A320 for short/midhaul
42 laca773 : I don't think AA will send the A319 into many markets that are served heavily with 757s. These birds are good for those markets that need an a/c larg
43 Post contains images PlymSpotter : FC cabin doesn't look very comfortable, quite cold and plastic. Hopefully better in the flesh. Slightly smaller. However the Airbus windows are at a m
44 aajfksjubklyn : Just like it is on the refurb'ed 757's and on all new 737's only this has leather, Its not a first class seat and the seat is horribly uncomfortable.
45 Miami : Looks nice! Just wished the livery was a bit different for the smaller planes. Can't wait to see the A321 when it has all 3 class configurations!
46 1337Delta764 : Interestingly, the IFE system appears to be a Thales system, rather than Panasonic like on the 77Ws. I wonder why AA chose to go with them. Perhaps th
47 onetogo : Eagle CRJ-700's have more first class seats than the A319... LOL
48 Post contains images kgaiflyer : I'm not sure I agree. My last transcon on UA -- YVR-IAD two weeks ago -- had new entrees and a better wines and spirits selection -- plus ice cream s
49 Byrdluvs747 : Maybe you don't, but I'm built wider at the top. The seats pictured above are similar to the new F seats on the 738s, and I find those to feel cheape
50 Post contains images crAAzy : It looks beautiful and like a world class airline should. Let's hope the rumors about ditching the IFE are truely false as mentioned above![Edited 201
51 OC2DC : I'm well aware of the differences in aircraft size. However, if you compare the 8F on the A319 to an S80 with 16 and an E-175 with 12 F, you have to
52 Jamake1 : That's really nice to hear. I am glad your UA experience was a positive one....
53 1337Delta764 : Of course, knowing Doug Parker's past decisions, I wouldn't be surprised to see AA ditch IFE on domestic flights. In fact, even on IFE-equipped aircr
54 Mah4546 : There are no plans to ditch IFE. It's funny how badly people want to see it disappear on AA, though. It is not being installed on older domestic airc
55 alitalia744 : As much as I love DL, their domestic product isn't currently superior from a hard product perspective. Inconsistent and old is a way of qualifying a
56 Jamake1 : Indeed. The "new" United conducted extensive research with regard to the refurbishment of the sub-UA A-319/320 fleet. The consensus was that WiFi was
57 SonomaFlyer : If fewer folks are paying for the seats, expect the airlines to shrink the F cabin. On short to medium haul, how many of those seats will be bought w
58 Post contains images kgaiflyer : Why should that complicate things? Neither the AA MD80s nor the US domestic fleet presently have IFE. I would think that fanboys (over 13 and who act
59 USAirALB : False. IFE is on and running on flights to Europe, South America, and the Middle East. While it is true that on domestic flights and flights to Latin
60 1337Delta764 : DL will never do it, that is for sure. Nor will JetBlue. That myth has been debunked here many times already. Fact is, Gogo is bleeding cash, and has
61 laca773 : Wow! I didn't know this. Are they going to utilize the A319/A320s on short/medium hall only? Do you sit on AA's board of directors? You come across a
62 Post contains images gdg9 : If the free upgrade is so distasteful that you have to 'deal with it,' why not simply stay put in Y and enjoy the amenities on offer in 26E? Indeed,
63 Post contains links and images Viscount724 : I also don't like the F seats with the big gap between the seat backs. That reduces privacy significantly since passengers in the row behind can look
64 USAirALB : How do you know this? Do you sit on DL's Board of Directors?!? Why haven't they added IFE yet to their Airbus narrow body aircraft? How can you criti
65 kgaiflyer : I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Btw, some of S5's Embraer jets have the same uncomfortable Weber seats.
66 Post contains images United1 : UA is not removing IFE from the A320/319 fleet they are removing the drop down screens and switching to a streaming video based system. In essence any
67 Post contains images OA412 : I'm somewhat surprised by the gray. Also, is it just me, or does the rear part of the seats in Y appear to be curved outward? First, may I suggest sta
68 1337Delta764 : DL plans on adding AVOD to the 753 fleet, and ALL 100 739ERs will come with AVOD from the factory. Furthermore, on the 757s with overhead video, DL ha
69 boeing773ER : Oh I was on a UA A320 for about fifteen minutes (didn't leave the gate, crack in the wing or something) and it was very run down. I really hope UA wi
70 L1011 : The coach seats look better than the current ones, but why do airlines in the USA only like blue or gray? Why not maroon leather seats, or alternating
71 jetmarc : I find it odd too about the lack of or hidden coffee makers... I think the bulkhead mounted screens in First look a little cheap with the integrated s
72 JAAlbert : Oh please .... I think all Airbus aircraft have windows that are smaller than Boeing's aircraft - even the 350. I too find the interior rather dark a
73 tommy767 : I'm speaking of the UA 319/320 revised cabin program which involves new seats, ripping out IFE, and not having power available until next year. Maybe
74 QatarA340 : I agree. I do not like dark cabins. Dark colors make the place look and feel smaller than it really is. The first class chairs look narrow. Ive seen
75 sjc4me : Slightly off topic, but when an airline (AA for example) takes on a new type of aircraft, do they simply retrain their 737/MD80 pilots or do they have
76 Post contains images crAAzy : Technically, as a point of fact for any future writings/reviews, the MD80s are the only aircraft in AA's domestic fleet that don't have IFE. The 737s
77 nipoel123 : They retrain the 737/MD80 pilots. Pilots are fairly universal, you can retrain them. It's not like flightschools pump out Boeing or Airbus pilots and
78 CONTACREW : The way I'm reading is he's saying that the AA MD80s have no IFE, while the entire USAirways domestic fleet don't have IFE, unless you count wifi as
79 kevin752 : Agreed. Wish they had dome something else. I agree that it looks nice but might lack when it comes to comfort.
80 SWALUV : I've flown on AA's new first class, US's first class, and UA's first class. By far AA has the best first class out of the three I've flown!
81 RyanairGuru : Que? Are you bring serious? AA may have, what, 5 A319s by the time that UA have power at every seat and streaming AVOD. It's AA who are playing catch
82 Post contains images kgaiflyer : You missed part of what I wrote. Unless the merger fails to happen, the USAir fleet and the AA fleet will be combined -- at least until such a time a
83 JAAlbert : I flew AA first from SJO to SAN over Christmas aboard both the 747 and 737-800. AA's service impressed me. The seats were fine-plenty roomy and had po
84 Post contains images mesaflyguy : Wow! An AA 747?! How'd ya score that ride? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! I'm glad to hear positive things about AA's service, as I have gotten mixed
85 questions : The SCREAMING REDNECK actually has a really nice interior.
86 Post contains images uberflieger : and I can't wait to see the first 738 sporting it
87 RDH3E : lol "Fab" good one. I know you're a UA pilot and everything, but you have to realize that the average stage of a 319/320 is probably not much longer
88 longhauler : I thought the same thing. Perhaps the narrow looking door is an illusion from the camera angle, but also, I have never seen the galley modules/bulkhe
89 ckfred : Two comments. First, will the seating on the A319 become standard over the fleet? Currently, both first and coach have all blue cloth seats. Second, i
90 B727FA : Untrue. At least at DL from 15 July AVOD IFE (or any IFE system without a "drop-down" screen) may be displayed in all stages of flight including at t
91 Post contains images OA260 : Very nice. Love the F Class black leather . Well done AA
92 max999 : Wow, that's a really cheap move. I mean, the IFE equipment is already installed and ready to use. Is is really going to hurt the bottom line that muc
93 USAirALB : The problem lies with consistency. US only flies so many routes within North America on 757/767/A330 aircraft. The vast majority of flights in North
94 1337Delta764 : I was referring to US Airways' policy that prohibits the use of the IFE system on flights in the continental United States and the Caribbean. On US A
95 qqflyboy : We should see the first one delivered sometime in December, if the last timeline I saw is still current. Existing a/c are not currently scheduled to
96 OC2DC : AA stated the in-seat IFE system will be free to use. However, there will be certain content that will be available for purchase. Hmmm, I tend to dis
97 D L X : US's first class cabin has 12 seats on the 319. AC has 14. DL has 12. Of the airlines in North America that fly the 319, only UA has as few as 8 firs
98 uberflieger : I am surprised American didn't stick with the elegant coach interior and fabric seat covers they just debuted on the B77W, which also features a red
99 max999 : I understand the consistency part, but that policy plays to the lowest common denominator. Just because the standard domestic aircraft has no IFE equ
100 Post contains images kgaiflyer : Yet AC sells the seats -- few are given to upgrades. Last time I flew AC's YYJ-YYZ 319, the front was filled with various Toronto wags and CBC folks
101 1337Delta764 : Unfortunately, I would be very surprised if Doug Parker doesn't stick with this policy on post-merger AA. History has proven that Doug Parker doesn't
102 etops1 : Oh brother , here we go with this again ..
103 qqflyboy : The A321T (three-class transcon version) will have the same interior as the 77W, including seat covers. AA has always tried to keep their three-class
104 LDVAviation : Just more wishful thinking. A little paradoxical too. As it stands now, US Airways on their A330's has a more well-appointed version of the Zodiac Ci
105 nwcoflyer : Delta is amazing. No other airline will ever be like Delta. US and AA could never dream to be what DL is. I love Delta. They even have PTV's on some
106 Post contains images United1 : So its not free in other words... Not surprised as that's simply matching what DL does on their domestic AVOD equipped aircraft....ie $6 a movie.
107 Post contains images mesaflyguy : Oh brother.... LOL it's less annoying when the fanboys for airlines just outright say it, instead of spreading negative comments about others. Kudos
108 RyanairGuru : It is, however, annoying when they lose any sight of reality in naming all the markets that their airline that-can-do-no-harm will be entering. See t
109 PRAirbus : Let's hope Parker doesn't scrap the new AA IFE and upgrades interiors. All newly delivered 738s starting Fall 2013 will have the same interiors as the
110 USAirALB : Not really. I mean the only thing that the AA airbuses have that the US airbuses don't have in Y is PTVs and adjustable head rests. In F on US, the v
111 Mah4546 : Makes perfect sense. DL is investing in IFE now, so it's a fact that it's not going anywhere. But AA is investing (even more significantly than DL) i
112 HNL : Did anyone notice the cutouts the bulkhead of economy? The contrast is poor but if you tilt your screen just so you can make them out.
113 skyguyB727 : It would keep them from being sued from spillage of hot beverages.
114 USAirALB : How so?
115 jetmarc : Don't think those are cutouts, rather they're literature pockets for the bulkhead seats...
116 jetmarc : Any update on the coffeemakers mystery?
117 Boof : I have a feeling that the panels you see in the top left of the aft galley, and top right of the forward galley are just blanks that are installed ov
118 SkyTeamTriStar : Help me out.... Look at the 4th picture. What is that object thats "somewhat" blocking the aisle. Its directly across the aisle from the lavatory??? T
119 BrianDromey : The AA 319 looks great. I will hopefully get to fly one of these and the A321T in the not too distant future, it looks like an amazing product, all co
120 AA767LOVER : Simply gorgeous! Will these also be on Central American routes like GUA, SJO? Looks much better than TA's interiors, but I do hope it's not a tight le
121 Post contains links organizethesky : http://finance.yahoo.com/news/americ...inues-fleet-renewal-130000336.html Looking forward to its arrival at DFW. I bet it smells great inside. Only on
122 zippyjet : Thank you for sharing. Great pics. My only experience with Airbus was last summer on a 15 minute jaunt (I kid you not on US) from PHL to BWI. The 318
123 tortugamon : I thought Frontier was the only domestic carrier with 318s and they do not fly that route? tortugamon
124 MSPNWA : Other than being leather instead of cloth (a personal preference), that Y cabin looks like a fantastic product. Nice to see a new AA show up!
125 Post contains images Grisee08 : So far, I've only noticed this on Frontier's A319s, but how come no other airline (that I know of) has the highlighted areas (such as assist handles,
126 Post contains images Grisee08 : Another pic I found in my library. It just seems like in a smoke filled cabin, these would be easier to see.
127 baw217 : N8001N airborne from Finkenwerder at 0754UTC bound for Bangor as AAL9707. Flight Time 7hrs 28mins.
128 SkyTeamTriStar : Ahh, thanks for the info. While its not such a big deal to myself personally, It doesn't block too much of the aisle for body movement, evac, etc etc
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