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MH370 Malaysia Airlines B772 Missing Enroute KUL-PEK Part 6  
User currently offlineSA7700 From South Africa, joined Dec 2003, 3431 posts, RR: 26
Posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 109536 times:

Due to length part 5 was locked for further contributions. Please feel free to continue your discussion in part 6.

MH370 Malaysian Airlines B777-200ER missing enroute KUL-PEK (by Longhornmaniac Mar 7 2014 in Civil Aviation)

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User currently offlineStarlionblue From Greenland, joined Feb 2004, 17270 posts, RR: 67
Reply 1, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 109821 times:

Quoting flyingturtle (Reply 245):
The sea there is just about 250 km times 500 km large. It really worries me that nothing could be found, given the SAR assets put to action. The P-3 Orions, C-130, the countless helicopters...

Seas are large places. 250x500km may not sound that large but this is 125000 square kilometers (a bit under 50k square miles). Even with this fleet of planes and ships it is a fairly large area to search through.

Then again, it seems increasingly odd that nothing has been found considering several bits of an airplane involved a crash should be calling for attention.

Much as I find it rather ridiculous the Flight 714 to Sydney scenario has a certain appeal to it.

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User currently offlinepoolkeeper From Panama, joined Nov 2013, 80 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 109551 times:

Quoting YokoTsuno (Reply 225):

The antennas are built to send the signal with maximum range horizontally and the most limiting factor is earths curvature. As said above there are extended range cell sites that can reach longer mounted on very high antennas along highways in rural areas.
The limitation is normally on the cell phone side as they have limited output power and can't send a signal strong enough to "talk" with the cell site.
The opposite is in more populated areas where you want a very small coverage and many cell sites to increase capacity. You limit the output power and/or tilt the antennas so in a city you can have less than a 1 km of reach per site.

So you can get a signal in an airplane but only if you fly on lower altitude and close to an area with cell site. If you have several cell sites you run into problem with the airplanes speed (specially with 2G), you can be connected but your calls will fail as you are trying to change from tower to tower and the network can't keep up.
(Off topic: This is also one of the reasons the mobile operators are against using phones on airplanes, it messes up their network at take offs and landings if you have have 1000s of phones trying to be connected at high speed)

When they talk about making calls on an airplane then it is routed through satellites.
In case of mobile calls you have a very small cell on-board with a very low output power (nano cell or pico cell), the same as you can use to increase indoor coverage in buildings.

You can get the ring tone even if you are calling a shutdown cell phone specially when you call somebody who is roaming. When you call a person, your operator needs to know where the person is located.
This is done by talking to the called phones network database (HLR in 2G) and there you have information where to route your call (operator, area etc).
So if the person is roaming, your network need to communicate with the foreign network to connect the call. If you have left your phone on when you take off, the phone will not get de-registered correctly and the network will still try to page it when a call arrives.
All this takes a lot of time and not to give the caller just silence (caller will hang up), a ringing tone can be generated. You can notice this sometimes with international calls when you first have one ringing tone and then it changes to a different one.

Sorry for the long answer... maybe got too carried away  

Copied from previous thread as it was posted after closing of thread

User currently offlinena From Germany, joined Dec 1999, 10934 posts, RR: 9
Reply 3, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 109576 times:

Quoting Starlionblue (Reply 1):
Much as I find it rather ridiculous the Flight 714 to Sydney scenario has a certain appeal to it.

Funny, that also came to my mind. Not anymore though unfortunately.

User currently offlineirregking From Germany, joined Feb 2008, 147 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 109427 times:

Quoting vegas005 (Reply 220):
I just flew on a 747 in the upper deck business class and the flight attendant would come by with two trays of food, kick the bottom of the cockpit door with his foot and then the cockpit door would open. I could have been in the cockpit easily, so if I could do it I'm sure the bad guys have figured it out.
Quoting kelebek (Reply 227):
Quoting vegas005 (Reply 220):
I just flew on a 747 in the upper deck business class and the flight attendant would come by with two trays of food, kick the bottom of the cockpit door with his foot and then the cockpit door would open. I could have been in the cockpit easily, so if I could do it I'm sure the bad guys have figured it out.


4 words: Cockpit door surveillance camera.
I am sure they checked it before opening the door for the busy-handed FA on your flight.
Cockpit doors don't open just because someone bangs them with their foot (or knocks on them in a normal way).


PS. I just love people who post on here, who yet think that all cabin crew are helpless and not properly trained and are just doing the job for the non-existing glamour of it all.   
Yes, we are helpless against weapons and maniacs who are stronger than us but we CAN get help if we need it and I can ASSURE you that cockpit doors shut A LOT quicker than they open. This is my halfwhat-off-topic two cents to the people on here who think that the systems in place are completely worthless.

As I always say to anyone who throws a hissy-fit about air-travel security: "If you don't feel safe, don't fly!" (Which is usually followed by "Now please sit down or get off.")  

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User currently offlineCoal From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 2172 posts, RR: 6
Reply 5, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 109405 times:

Quoting Starlionblue (Reply 1):
Much as I find it rather ridiculous the Flight 714 to Sydney scenario has a certain appeal to it.

Indeed it would be much better if they landed on an island in between Flores and Timor in Indonesia   

Still unbelievable to know that it has been nearly 48hrs and they haven't been able to find anything.


User currently offlinecipango From Ireland, joined Jul 2009, 887 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108939 times:

I thought I would do a quick recap for people that haven't read through the previous posts and show the most topics of debate/speculation:

- The flight has supposedly gone down 40 mins into the flight rather than 2 hours in as previously reported. 2 hours is when Malaysia was informed of the plane going missing.

- Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Philippines (and maybe China) are currently helping in the search effort.

- The sea is only ~60m/100 ft deep where it has supposedly crashed.

- 2 passengers were travelling with stolen passports and have purchased a ticket simultaneously as their E-ticket numbers were only one digit apart. They were flying KUL-PEK-AMS-CPH.

- The passengers who have had their passports stolen said they were taken in Thailand over the last two years and they were supposedly older passports with no chip - simply speculation that part.

- One Russian was stopped in KUL for using a stolen passport and was not allowed to board.

- An oil slick has been spotted just off Vietnam but this has yet to be confined as a link to the flight.

- Agent in KUL that did not spot the stolen passport is being questioned/charged.

- SAR has spotted some objects in the sea which could be "Yellow Lifejackets" but this has recently been dismissed.

This of course is not everything that has been discussed but I thought I would help some catch up rather than read through the 1500+ posts. Also it might help end repeat questions.

User currently offlineNDiesel From United States of America, joined Mar 2011, 96 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108703 times:

Reports of debris found by search plane....


* Amongst debris is apparently a piece of the tail and piece of an inner door.

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User currently offlineDavid L From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 9584 posts, RR: 42
Reply 8, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108773 times:

Already mentioned but has been dismissed as untrue by officials.

Quoting cipango (Reply 6):
This of course is not everything that has been discussed but I thought I would help some catch up rather than read through the 1500+ posts.

   Nice one.

Quoting cipango (Reply 6):
Also it might help end repeat questions.

Yes, it might help. It won't fix it, though.  

[Edited 2014-03-09 06:34:55]

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User currently offlinegiopan1975 From Greece, joined Jun 2009, 270 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108565 times:

According to pilot below MH370 was still in the air at 1:30 am

SEPANG: A BOEING 777 pilot, who was flying 30 minutes ahead of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, said he established contact with MH370 minutes after he was asked to do so by Vietnamese air traffic control.

The captain, who asked to not be named, said his plane, which was bound for Narita, Japan, was far into Vietnamese airspace when he was asked to relay, using his plane's emergency frequency, to MH370 for the latter to establish its position, as the authorities could not contact the aircraft.

"We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1.30am and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace.

"The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, 53,) or Fariq (Abdul Hamid, 27), but I was sure it was the co-pilot.

"There were a lot of interference... static... but I heard mumbling from the other end.

"That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection," he told the New Sunday Times.


User currently offlineflyingturtle From Switzerland, joined Oct 2011, 2957 posts, RR: 15
Reply 10, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108499 times:

Quoting Starlionblue (Reply 1):
Quoting Starlionblue (Reply 249):

How I love Tintin - and this episode, "Flight 714 to Sydney", is among my favorites.

Hmmm. I imagined a single airplane with its crew could search a strip about 2-3 kilometers wide. Then, every 15 kilometers one search flight (assuming that the debris is spread quite wide) should be manageable. And by now, at least some floating debris should have been found. But perhaps a marine SAR guy could chip in...

So this is either a Hollywood-style hijacking to a secret Tintin island, or the plane rather was rather atomized upon impact, SR111-style, and leaving no floating debris.


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User currently offlineHansHubers From Netherlands, joined Feb 2006, 94 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108491 times:

Quoting cipango (Reply 7):
2 passengers were travelling with stolen passports and have purchased a ticket simultaneously as their E-ticket numbers were only one digit apart. They were flying KUL-PEK-AMS-CPH

The other passenger was flying KUL-PEK-AMS-FRA if I'm not mistaken.

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User currently offlinevoodoo From Niue, joined Mar 2001, 2118 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 108467 times:

Quoting Starlionblue (Reply 1):
Much as I find it rather ridiculous the Flight 714 to Sydney scenario has a certain appeal to it.

Thanks for the image of the TinTin swing wing SST Falcon! I recall that comic edition fondly.

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User currently offlineNDiesel From United States of America, joined Mar 2011, 96 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 107770 times:

#MH370 Vietnam search and rescue aircraft spotted new floating object. Authorities are not sure what it is.

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User currently offlineflyingturtle From Switzerland, joined Oct 2011, 2957 posts, RR: 15
Reply 14, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 107779 times:

Just in - Luigi Maraldi, the owner of one of the stolen passports, appeared at a press conference in Phuket:


Both stolen passports were registered with Interpol, but Malaysia didn't update the list of invalid travel documents. Apparently both passports haven't been used since 2012 and 2013, respectively (or they have been used in a way that wouldn't trigger suspicion with any government).


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[Edited 2014-03-09 06:42:12]

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User currently offlinena From Germany, joined Dec 1999, 10934 posts, RR: 9
Reply 15, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 107403 times:

Quoting David L (Reply 8):
Quoting NDiesel (Reply 13):
#MH370 Vietnam search and rescue aircraft spotted new floating object. Authorities are not sure what it is.

They should fly deeper and/or should use a better camera than a cellphone, then they may identify it.

User currently offlineB738flyUIA From Kazakhstan, joined Dec 2009, 557 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 107417 times:

Quoting flyingturtle (Reply 10):
..... or the plane rather was rather atomized upon impact, SR111-style, and leaving no floating debris.

That was also my thoughts about SR111 when entered yesterday to Net and see the news about MH370. Also the Flight AF447 came to my mind and really can't think of others in this kind.

All participants are really making a great job to find MH370 and should be thanked for there work done till now.


User currently offlineirregking From Germany, joined Feb 2008, 147 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 107149 times:

With regards to fake ID's, here's a CNN article from 2009 which pretty much explains what's going down in Thailand with regards to that matter.


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User currently offlineGonzalo From Chile, joined Aug 2005, 1998 posts, RR: 2
Reply 18, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 106188 times:

Not trying to "solve the case" before the investigators, but the lack of debris concentrated in a límited area and the stolen passports lead to an intentional destruction of the plane at FL 350. I would be very happy if I'm completely wrong and the cause of this is related to a tech mistake or failure, but I'm turning more pesimistic every hour...

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User currently offlineDavid L From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 9584 posts, RR: 42
Reply 19, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 106203 times:

Quoting NDiesel (Reply 13):
#MH370 Vietnam search and rescue aircraft spotted new floating object. Authorities are not sure what it is.

If that's the "yellow object" reported a while ago, I think that has been declared as not pertaining to MH370.

Call me a cynic but I have an instinctive distrust of information that appears first on social media sites (I assume that's what the "#" signifies).   

User currently offlineTobias2702 From Germany, joined Sep 2008, 734 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 104895 times:

Quoting NDiesel (Reply 13):
Vietnam search and rescue aircraft spotted new floating object. Authorities are not sure what it is.

"The suspected fragments were found floating about 50 miles south-southwest of Tho Chu Island and were believed to be a piece of an inner door and part of an airplane tail, Vietnamese officials said. Earlier Sunday, Vietnam's search and rescue officials said that they were investigating a report about a suspected piece of yellow debris seen floating in the same area."
source: Wall Street Journal

How do the SAR guys arrive at any interpretations about what they might have spotted? Are there true experts at hand who can reliably identify aircraft parts? Are there any attempts to recover suspicious looking debris or is this "identification" simply done by looking at some blurred photos?

Yesterday's search concluded with an (alleged) oil smear; has this been investigated any further? Today, they came up with some other stuff. To me, this looks like some agency who is deperate to announce some kind of success.

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User currently offlinena From Germany, joined Dec 1999, 10934 posts, RR: 9
Reply 21, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 104917 times:

Quoting Gonzalo (Reply 19):
Not trying to "solve the case" before the investigators, but the lack of debris concentrated in a límited area and the stolen passports lead to an intentional destruction of the plane at FL 350. I would be very happy if I'm completely wrong and the cause of this is related to a tech mistake or failure, but I'm turning more pesimistic every hour...

If terrorists would have blown the 777 up at flight level then there would be many loose parts, mostly small, floating over a relatively vast area. That no traces have been found in two days does more look like it went down at high speed largely in one piece, taking "everything" underwater in the event.

User currently onlineMir From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 22041 posts, RR: 55
Reply 22, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 104914 times:

Quoting NDiesel (Reply 13):
Vietnam search and rescue aircraft spotted new floating object. Authorities are not sure what it is.

Almost looks like a window exit, though obviously the 777 doesn't have those.

If that's from the plane, it doesn't look like anything external, so it would have to be something from inside the cabin or fuselage.


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User currently offlinepvjin From Finland, joined Mar 2012, 1664 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 104537 times:

Quoting Gonzalo (Reply 19):

If it had broken into pieces at FL350 I would imagine there would be plenty of debris to be found within large area, so far they have found none, which wasn't the case with most other in flight breakups.

I would rather say it crashed somewhere rather intact... I wonder if a bomb attack / failure of some kind would have caused the aircraft to disappear from radar a lot before it impacted the surface. If the damage had been serious enough to disable communications and such, yet still left the aircraft somewhat flyable could have made it to fly a lot off course before final impact. Perhaps it could have ended up in some rural parts of Malaysia, if the aircraft turned around? A crash site in middle of a rain forest could be difficult to spot.

User currently offlineDavid L From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 9584 posts, RR: 42
Reply 24, posted (12 months 11 hours ago) and read 106191 times:

Quoting Gonzalo (Reply 19):
the lack of debris concentrated in a límited area and the stolen passports lead to an intentional destruction of the plane at FL 350

Occam's Razor is all very well when there's a reasonable amount of evidence but I'm going to need more information before I even begin to guess what happened.

25 na : You dont have to be a true expert. I believe that most SAR guys have flown on airliners before and are able to identify parts of an aircraft tail or
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30 SpaceshipDC10 : Already done.
31 vegas005 : The bad guys sit and watch all day every day for years at a time, they seek out the easy prey...if you don't think this then you are the helpless cab
32 illinicmi : Naturally, since this new "floating item" was photographed from the air, and it's nighttime again, we won't hear anything for another 12 hours or so.
33 David L : I think that might be the "yellow object" reported earlier but since reported as having nothing to do with MH370. I think I saw that on BBC TV so no
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37 na : I hope they dropped a buoy/marker and directed a ship there which could salvage those parts overnight. Unless they are amateurs or badly equipped of
38 Post contains images David L : Yes it was. It was dismissed as not true. ... or it was determined that it had nothing to do with MH370. Ah well. At least you made the effort.
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41 lh648 : You don't need to be in the country to purchase the tickets. Anyone can do it for you.[Edited 2014-03-09 07:44:29]
42 Post contains links birdy : Object suspected of belonging to missing plane found Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Authority says a navy plane has found parts suspected of belonging to
43 Post contains images David L : BBC is reporting as "Breaking News" that the Vietnamese Navy has found an object which is suspected to belong to the missing airliner. Perhaps somethi
44 hivue : If all this stolen-passport-do you-need-a-visa-no-baggage-sneaking-into-countries stuff actually amounts to anything then it constitutes a criminal i
45 Post contains images hivue : We in 2014 tend to have an inflated opinion of our capabilities.
46 Post contains links ideekay : Finnish medias reports that a part of the airplane has been found according to vietnamese aviation authorities. http://www.iltasanomat.fi/ulkomaat/art
47 Gonzalo : Oh absolutelly.... this case is exteremely intriguing.... AF 447 disappeared in a vast, remote área of the Atlantic, without the best radar coverage
48 Alasdair1982 : Sky News are reporting the same 'breaking news'.
49 Post contains links PA515 : Here is a link to a printout of the last six minutes of the flightradar24 data for MH370 from another forum. www.dropbox.com/s/9n85w9rvfqxpwza/mh370.P
50 na : They would have said that and not the opposite, dont you think? Have you read the posts above? This news has been posted numerous times now.
51 GianiDC : after reading many posts about how it is rather common that some crims or illegal immigrants travel with a stolen identity espacially in southeast asi
52 Finn350 : The tickets for persons using stolen passports were bought together and obviously they were travelling together. If thinking about a shoe bomb or a lu
53 N328KF : Furthermore, this is not the Gulfs of Mexico or Biscay, where the abnormal flight path would have been noticed much sooner, and SAR assets would have
54 ultrapig : Is there any possible scenario where the plane has been commandeered and has been beenlanded (or crash landed on a runway not built for it) in a remot
55 KELPkid : When I visited Malaysia (Penang) in 2008, we were strongly advised by the US State Dept. (and my brother in law whom we were visiting!) to avoid the
56 David L : Maybe it is "new" news then. OK but I can also understand how annoying it is for those who have taken the time to discuss the various points only to
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58 Post contains images N328KF : You saw that movie, too, huh? In all seriousness, there's a lot of places such an aircraft could have gone, but as people have noted, where could you
59 Alasdair1982 : The Vietnamese Navy think they have found a door from the aircraft, Reuters are reporting via Sky News.
60 David L : If, as I said, the object is the "yellow object" reported earlier then they did say the opposite, that it was determined not to relate to MH370. If i
61 AngMoh : Personally I think there are some drug dealers upset about the loss of their shipment (they probably don't care about the mules...). No way. No place
62 AngMoh : That border is very safe compared with the US-Mexico border region...
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64 penguins : If, as some news outlets are reporting, the plane attempted to turn back, then why was no distress call or squawk made?
65 ltbewr : As to the 2 passports in question and the alleged tickets connected to them, it is possible 2 people could be involved in transiting drugs, with eithe
66 lijnden : Maybe the plane made a successfull water landing like the US Airways A320 and sank, leaving little to no traces.
67 N328KF : Where are the people who surely then went out the exits?
68 Starlionblue : While I don't know the exact specifics, I get the feeling that the Bay of Thailand is really not that different from the Gulfs of Mexico or Biscay wh
69 David L : In that case it's more likely they would have transmitted a Mayday.
70 EVAAIRBR076 : At night? Not much chance.
71 CityhopperNL : Or perhaps not. The "breaking news" on these sorts of TV channels has been proven to be old news more than once, and not only these days, but I also
72 David L : So I didn't just imagine that the earlier object had been discounted. Thank you!
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76 Alasdair1982 : Well, they have apparently said it is too dark to confirm what they saw. So can't be the same floating object seen earlier.
77 vfw614 : It would be quite ironic if the passengers travelling under false identity were indeed drug mules as they were probably sweating blood all the time no
78 AF185 : If a floating object from the plane was to be found without other surrounding debris, could this lead to the theory of an a/c disintegration at high a
79 Starlionblue : It is not guaranteed. FlightRadar24 data seems to indicate that secondary radar did not show a turn back. However there are reports that primary rada
80 loladaisydukes : Now this is interesting... Guys please go to Google maps and search 8.695133, 106.590416 Please correct me if it is not what I think it is
81 jreuschl : Question.. If there is a door floating around, what would happen to the aircraft if somehow a door was taken off midflight and thrown out? Would an op
82 DTWPurserBoy : If the airplane suffered a rapid decompression and was out of control there would be no time for niceties like asking people to put on life vest and
83 Gonzalo : It is certainly a wide body jet... and probably a 777... BUT, the photos taken to "build" google maps can be several weeks old, the chance of that pr
84 9MMPD : Dude that's an A330! Highly doubt MRO is zipping the airways still in broad daylight, Next crazy theory please
85 Starlionblue : We're talking 25-28 degrees C so it would be survivable. On the minus side, shark attacks are a real possibility in the region. The problem with this
86 Coal : An island. So? Are you suggesting they landed there? Obviously we would've known by now. SE Asia is not nearly as remote as people think it is. I can
87 Post contains links PanAmPaul : An image of the photo taken showing the debris (as white specks on the water) was supplied by the Vietnamese officials investigating the accident and
88 Post contains images Gonzalo : I think he's talking about the jet leaving a contrail "over" the island.
89 deltaSEAalsaka : Yes that is a plane. But what is your point in it? If you looked closely around the entire map on google you are bound to find a few planes flying ar
90 Coal : OK I saw it on satellite view. It's a 77W given the raked wingtips, looks like SQ. Cheers Coal
91 evomutant : That image was taken on the 14th February 2010 and shows something that pops up on Google Earth in hundreds of places around the world.
92 EVAAIRBR076 : ha, no google doenst refresh their maps so fast, and if u look closer u see it has winglets, so probaby and airbus 330.
93 afterburner : They can even be months or years old.
94 loladaisydukes : Thank you for the correction. I was just a little apprehensive with all the stuff running around. In the end we all want to know whatever happened to
95 Gonzalo : Please excuse me since this question could be, in some way, "politically incorrect", but, how large are in southeast Asia the Italian and Austrian com
96 Tod : 777 doors cannot be opened in flight and disconnecting them from aircraft would take hours and tools. Not a possibility.
97 vfw614 : Pardon my ignorance, but with hundreds of civil and military satellites circling the earth, is there no way images soht from there can be used to loca
98 billreid : I have been following this with strong interest, because it disturbs me greatly. First, the loss of family members so suddenly is beyond comprehension
99 Post contains links KarelXWB : Debris near Tho Chu Island not from MH370: Department of Civil Aviation. http://news.asiaone.com/news/relax/d...ot-mh370-department-civil-aviation
100 Post contains images skywaymanaz : I understand questioning but not being an expert on Malaysian law I'm puzzled why he'd be charged. Is there some evidence suggesting he did not run p
101 Mark2fly1034 : Just to stir the pot or add to it. It has been 48 hours now and they are only searching from where it should of crashed 40 minutes after departure. I
102 Post contains links lugie : Nothing impossible, just take a look at the former german vice chancellor, Philipp Rösler . Adopted vietnamese refugee with a completely german name
103 Starlionblue : There are communities. Not huge. However in this case for all a check-in agent knows, an ethnic Chinese with an Austrian passport might have been ado
104 denverdanny : I'm wondering how many more people will post about the news reporting something has been found by the navy, just awaiting confirmation. And we already
105 Gonzalo : I only hope no one in the media outlets industry read that sentence. If one of those "experts" says on his next report something like " wide body jet
106 specks159 : I believe that is in reference to the yellow object that was discussed earlier. The article states the objects discounted were found by a Singaporean
107 flightsimboy : The incident occurred 40 mins into the flight, where if anything everybody would have been quite alert, perhaps a few who would have decided to sleep
108 David L : And that has been dismissed as untrue.
109 vfw614 : As far as I know, the passports in questions were biometric which cannot be altered like in old movies 30 years ago. How on earth could an Asian have
110 andy33 : One standard technique for people intending to claim asylum or refugee status is to destroy their passports before approaching immigration in their de
111 flyenthu : As of now, there are two curious pieces of information related to this flight: 1. The plane turned from its flight path. This is a key piece of inform
112 Post contains links SVJ77W : Malaysia launches terror probe over missing plane, debris may be spotted http://rt.com/news/malaysia-plane-missing-crash-766/
113 Post contains links anfromme : They could have, actually. There's a 72-hour visa on arrival programme, chiefly to allow transit connections via Chinese airports. It's something not
114 denverdanny : I think a lot of people, including myself, jumped at the bomb conclusion when large pieces started showing up of AF447. It wouldn't mean anything yet
115 Finn350 : I am not sure what theory you have in mind but my understanding is that the two stolen passports belonged to an Austrian and Italian tourist visiting
116 infinit : This region is ethnicly diverse. Some ethnic Malay Malaysians could look Caucasian and many of the ethic Eurasian Malaysians too. Reposting what I po
117 Starlionblue : I disagree. The weather was very different and the airline has not reported receiving a slew of malfunction reports from the plane.
118 Gonzalo : Thanks for your inputs !! Exactly !!! No one is forced with a gun pointing to the head to check this threads.... and I'm absoultelly sure the familie
119 vfw614 : Will you get a transit via with a 5h55min connection?
120 specks159 : Appears to be an A330 in flight. Identified by the winglet and the number of hydraulic fairings (4 on each wing as opposed to 3 for a 777).
121 sassiciai : Mark2fly1034, I'm not picking on you personally, but in this 6-part thread in under 2 days, there is way too much duplication, with people jumping in
122 denverdanny : What I want to know, and maybe it can be answered by frequent travellers and even Asians here, are foreigners, specifically Westerners (from Europe)
123 loladaisydukes : Thank you for the heads up! Usually some countries give transit visas to those who need one if the transit time or layover is 8 hours or more but I'm
124 GianiDC : why should the two men be from asian decent? they could aswell be caucasians. i think if you get a stolen passport you should choose one which contain
125 tharanga : Too many assumptions being made about the stolen passports. Those guys could have been anything - not only drug smugglers, but smugglers of other kind
126 mcogator : I'm not sure if someone has mentioned this yet, but what about the two with the stolen passports being government agents of some sort? Remember in Du
127 Aerosol : You put a biometric passport in a microwave for a short time and voila you have a non biometric passport - which is not illlegal!
128 asetiadi : I'm sure they will find this plane within 1 week. Could this be a sudden unexpected heavy turbulence that leads into in flight break up? can this be e
129 Finn350 : I think they were more sophistcated that that. The passports Israeli used were genuine based on stolen identities.
130 andy33 : The tickets were bought in Thailand, so the Malaysians can't be questioning or charging the sales agent. That leaves the check-in agent or the Malays
131 Gonzalo : On a positive note, I did a search about the weather forecasts in the Gulf of Thailand area, and all the forecasters are announcing good and clear wea
132 cjg225 : I believe the proper term to use here is... *whooooooosh*
133 asetiadi : it's kind a ridiculous that 2 stolen passports leads into a plane disaster. I am sure in this time of the world, at this moments, many out there trave
134 Post contains images lightsaber : Thank you. Alas, not much new news. I feel for the families. Uncertainty is worse than the truth (whatever that happens to be, which is almost certai
135 mcogator : They used fake and stolen passports. Just a couple years ago there were terror threats issued in Thailand regarded Hezbollah operatives targeting Jew
136 CPDC10-30 : Good question. I've traveled from Malaysian airports about 20 times in the past four years. In my experience, as a stereotypical 6 foot plus white ma
137 threepoint : Sadly, many contributors here do tend to speculate far too much. Armed with a shred more than average knowledge about aviation, many of the wild-arse
138 art : I hope that enough resources will have been assembled by daylight for evidence of the aircraft coming down to be found before night falls again. It wi
139 B2443 : Precisely. Why couldn't be Caucasian looking?
140 CPDC10-30 : Airplanes have broken up in flight due to heavy turbulence before. However I'm not aware of any since then 1960s (please let me know if I'm forgettin
141 Gonzalo : The worst media outlets around the world will publish any rubish taken from any place. Serious information sources should have an editor in charge to
142 Post contains links rising : According to RT.... Vietnamese crews have found a door from the airplane at sea. http://rt.com/news/malaysia-plane-missing-crash-766/
143 threepoint : First of all, we don't know that stolen passports led to this incident. Those suggestions have yet to be confirmed or discounted. Second of all, the
144 Post contains links YokoTsuno : In case of Singapore, and Malaysia isn't all that different, finding a "Bodenhoeffer" or a similar name is rare indeed, although they do exist. Basic
145 SCQ83 : What is interesting about Malaysia is that they have one of the most liberal policies in the world regarding visitors' visas. Basically any Western/M
146 Post contains links Tobias2702 : Some interesting information about Interpol's database of Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD), which was created in 2002: "Last year passengers we
147 vfw614 : Sure, but once you enter a Schengen country (like those two intended to do at least according to their tickets) it will be detected and certainly you
148 flyingturtle : And why bother about the passport being biometric if the customs office doesn't regularly check the facial pattern of the traveler? We have biometric
149 DJM18 : Question: When in Transit through KUL does your carry on luggage get screened or are you effectively in an "international" part of the terminal where
150 CrimsonNL : I don't understand all this commotion about a pair of stolen passports. There are plenty of cases of identity fraud, also in aviation. Not to mention
151 marosbts : All of you are speculating about the two people with stolen passports. However, there is one thing which is making the terrorist attack less plausible
152 Post contains links SVJ77W : Reports coming in that one of the doors of MH370 has been spotted by Vietnamese crew. http://rt.com/news/malaysia-plane-missing-crash-766/ Shows as Br
153 vfw614 : I think what is overlooked here is that while they might have been able to board undetected in Malaysia, the chances to get off the plane at AMS with
154 deltaSEAalsaka : It has been stated many times before, in the 1000+ posts, that a group does not always claim an attack. Look at 9/11 for an example.
155 peterinlisbon : Just another possibility - perhaps they are looking in the wrong place. Everyone is assuming that the plane crashed at whatever moment contact was los
156 YokoTsuno : That's true. I've entered the EU multiple times without a stamp and I am definitely not the only one. But this is a public forum and speculation is t
157 vfw614 : I never get stamped when entering the EU. That does not mean that my passport does not get scanned. Or what are they doing when they place your passp
158 flyenthu : Exactly!!! At last someone made this point. Although traveling on stolen passports or documents is a criminal activity, it nonetheless does not super
159 btfarrwm : AAExPlat... I would think "Issuing agent: 35306611" has already been visited by the authorities, or will be visited very soon. Unless this was an onli
160 flightsimboy : I believe it's now exactly 48 hours since it was lost. Prayers and thoughts continue for the families and all those involved with MH 370.
161 Post contains images neutrino : Well, I did that border run multiple times a year in the seventies through to the nineties. Forty years ago, it was as close to a no-man's land as yo
162 YokoTsuno : Probably. But I remember from a A.net thread about a year ago that this EU computer system has a lot of holes in it. The poster explaining the holes
163 Post contains images sassiciai : I already posted twice in this set of threads asking for more or less the same thing - your wording is perhaps better then mine I think that this thr
164 Post contains links SCQ83 : It has been stated here before. They could be illegal immigrants or more likely refugees (a Syrian could pretend to be an Italian in Malaysia or Chin
165 liquidair : am i mistaken in saying that the two stolen passport passengers were booked on separate flights to Amsterdam from PEK? if that's the case... Is there
166 B747forever : Both were booked on the same KLM flight to AMS. From there one was going to CPH and the other to FRA.
167 vfw614 : Pardon me, but how likely is it that a Syrian refugee travels to Thailand, buys a stolen EU passport, buys a ticket KUL-PEK-AMS, crosses the land bord
168 andy33 : One thread back the issuing agent was identified as a travel agency in Pattaya, Thailand. Of course the Thai authorities are probably visiting them,
169 UALWN : If an ethnic Chinese wants to get on a flight with a fake identity in order to hijack or bomb out the plane, he will probably be smart enough to acqu
170 liquidair : thanks for that.. I thought the departure times were different. I only mentioned this because it would, in that respect, have been similar to the Lon
171 SASDC8 : In KUL you have screening of bags at the gate, and if in transit you will have to go threw immigration and then baggage screening at the gate.
172 vfw614 : Not sure - how could an ethnic Chinese pass for an Austrian caucasian whose biometric data and picture is in the stolen passport said Chinese wants t
173 UALWN : They don't do alway that. By no means. I travel to the US and back 6 or 7 times per year. I typically enter Schengen in either FRA or MUC. I would sa
174 airbazar : It's highly unlikely that the plane would have made a "safe" landing given that it was the middle of the night. To me and given that we haven't found
175 penguins : Very improbable. You have to remember that they are a refugee. How are they going to get to Thailand? How will they afford the airfare to the EU? Won
176 UALWN : The same way said ethnic Chinese managed to get in the KUL-PEK plane using said passport? If it's possible in KUL, it's possible in AMS. If you claim
177 KFAY : I don't wish to make any accusations or impugn anyone's character, but as long as we are speculating about possible causes I believe the possibility o
178 vfw614 : Common sense suggests that it is way more likely to be detected when using a stolen Schengen passport registered as such if you pass the Schengen bor
179 Vimanav : I wonder if Laszlo Carriedas was on board MH370. But thank you for reminding me of childhood even though we are on a very sombre topic. Winglets and
180 s5daw : How likely is it for a pilot to hijack a plane and gamble with their lives and try to get an asylum in the West? Not to mention the idiot could just
181 cjg225 : I agree. Would be a very small debris field, likely. A mid-air breakup would leave quite a sizeable debris field, and likely have many large parts fl
182 CyberEntomology : Even so, It should be relatively easy to find the wreckage - most of the Gulf of Thailand is shallow enough (60'-150', and a few spots as deep as 200
183 Post contains images MesaFlyGuy : So apparently, according to the woman on CNN, the Air France crash was flight 446, operated by an a340.
184 laxboeingman : I, at this point, do not believe it was terrorism. I think if it was, the cabin crew would have noticed something suspicious and/or reported something
185 SCQ83 : This is getting completely off-topic and hypothetical (which I somehow regret because it is certainly not the reason for this thread), but it is not
186 hivue : Do you realize how tiny a 777 is compared to the Gulf of Thailand?
187 747megatop : After AF-447 and now MH-370 is there any plans by the manufacturers to introduce technology to have aircrafts automatically transmit short text messag
188 Aesma : Thanks !
189 cjg225 : So, couple things to consider. I asked about the clarity of the water there yesterday and a few posters said it wasn't particularly clear water. Also
190 pvjin : Indeed, due to recent events (the LAM plane & Ethiopian hijack) this came into my mind when I first read about this accident... Though based on t
191 cjg225 : Honestly, it's 1 number off. These people don't live and breath the topics they report on. They are just that; reporters. They convey information to
192 CPDC10-30 : I hope so - but remember, submarines hulls (with the exception of a couple Soviet models) are made of steel. I'm not sure how effective the MAD booms
193 747megatop : But shouldn't the emergency locator beacon help narrrow it down? That is the most puzzling aspect. Why aren't any distress signals being picked up?
194 TreeHillRavens : And we have biometric passport since 1998. No joke.
195 hivue : Probably because either (a) no one is in range to receive a signal or (b) none is being transmitted by the aircraft.
196 tharanga : I disagree. I come here to find the latest information, as well as educated discussion by knowledgeable people. When there is so much noise, it is ha
197 SLCPilot : 1500 posts, and I'm truly amazed NOBODY has suggested, well, Airport 1977. If anybody wants to come up with 1500 reasons why this isn't the case, go a
198 cuban8 : I think most evidences so far points into the direction of an in-flight explosion of some kind (not necessarily caused by an unlawful act). I do agree
199 hh65man : Wow, woke this morning to see the complete speculation and opinion carrying on. I am a bit surprised the sight moderators have let it carry on for so
200 MesaFlyGuy : I feel like, if you're going to get on CNN and do this reporting, you should know about the things on which you are to report. Even if it is one numb
201 stuyyz : Another crazy conjecture - what's the heading/bearing from the plane's last known location to Mecca? Is it 333 degrees, the last reported heading? Is
202 CyberEntomology : Horizontally, tiny. Vertically, not tiny. Still well within the realm of being easy to locate with a decent ASW crew.
203 cjg225 : If you don't want to be found, then yes you would. Admittedly, I think it's more likely a hijacker would turn off the transponder, but a hijacking in
204 rwy04lga : Or a passing jetway. The MAD's on P-3s detect 'Magnetic Anomalies'. Airliners are mostly aluminum, and not magnetic. Is there enough steel on an airl
205 flyingturtle : If the ELB/ELT is under water, it won't help much. Sea water behaves like a Faraday cage for most radio frequencies. Under water, the FDR uses an aco
206 Post contains links 747megatop : Identities of some of the passengers - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...a-Airlines-says-plane-missing.html
207 CyberEntomology : the MADs on a P3 are insanely sensitive and are able to detect some of the subs the Soviets built out of titanium and other non-ferrous materials. MA
208 cjg225 : Again, how clear is the water? Did the tail break off, robbing the aircraft of over half of the height of which you speak? Furthermore, even if the t
209 CPDC10-30 : From the last known location of MH370, it would be a heading of about 291 degrees, give or take a few.
210 Post contains images Finn350 : I am not sure if I get your point, but certainly even a most cursory comparison between an ethnic Chinese and a passport photograph of a Caucausian w
211 cjg225 : I don't believe they're detecting the hulls themselves. They're detecting the the ferro-metallic objects inside of the subs, especially those objects
212 billreid : So if your speculation creates false expectations, and hope for the family of a missing person then thats wonderful? I am ashamed of your position. Y
213 UALWN : I don't see why. See below. Exactly. Both at AMS and at KUL.
214 Post contains images flyingturtle : In archeology, MADs can even detect ancient footpaths if the soil contains some iron. Foothpaths have a more compacted ground. I wouldn't be astonish
215 suseJ772 : As usual, Starloinblue is right here. The only thing this shares with AF447 is that it was over open water and it is missing. Every other piece of ev
216 DBCooper : So does anyone know if this aircraft had been delivered or modified with the post-TW 800 fuel tank inerting system? Apologies if this has been discuss
217 Post contains images RomeoBravo : as a suggestion would it be possible to have a short bullet point summary in the op of these part x threads. sometimes you go away for a day an there'
218 qantas077 : I'd think it's more a matter of the condition of the plane upon impact, was it intact for the most part, or was it in parts...thus creating a wide se
219 marosbts : If you board a flight which crosses the Schengen border, your passport details are sent for validation via a message no later than at the time of the
220 SEPilot : Only if it disintegrated at altitude. It could have been crippled and descended intact slowly, and broken up at low altitude.
221 Post contains links 345tas : Why on Earth are the Malaysians searching in the Straits of Malacca? According to the New Straits Times (can SE Asia English papers think of more orig
222 sassiciai : Once again, noting the rate at which this thread is growing, I will quickly interject All this childish speculation about what might have happened and
223 flyingturtle : + it was night, like in AF447 + no distress call + the accident happened during cruise We have next to zero evidence here. In my opinion, the lack of
224 LTC8K6 : Being only ~41 minutes after takeoff is very unlike AF447.
225 DALFA : As far as I know the weather in this case was ´perfect´ opposed to the mess that AF447 was flying into and which triggered a chain of events that e
226 D L X : Is there anything at all preventing those who want to speculate from speculating? No. And it's not immoral to do so. Is there anything at all preventi
227 ah414211 : Might I suggest that if you're seeking NEWS perhaps you should stick to NEWS sites? This is NOT a news site, and the information here is often less t
228 flyenthu : If we "entertain" the idea of a mid air explosion over an ocean, the only incident that comes to my mind is AI 182 over the Atlantic. In that case, wa
229 evomutant : There is speculation, and then there is the wild fantasy that would make Hollywood blush. Some people also seem to get rather too much enjoyment out o
230 EVAAIRBR076 : I don't get why people have to bring this up all the time. Everytime there is a crash we all speculate of what might have happenend, whats wrong with
231 planesmart : In such a case, I think Mossad would have logged with Interpol that they (or another friendly country) had recovered the passports a few days or week
232 flyingturtle : According to the BEA report, AF447 only encountered light turbulence until the accident. And the weather itself had nothing to do with the clogging o
233 Post contains images David L : So, as with most discussions about aviation accidents, we have "speculation" about a terrorist bomb, terrorist hijack, pilot hijack, pilot suicide, de
234 ksbd : Preach on! Just to add to some speculation, has anybody seriously considered extraterrestrial involvement yet?
235 pilotaydin : Flying hours is a mis leading item.... TK 1951 had a captain someone i knew he had 17,000 hours.....
236 sassiciai : LOL! If I follow BBC, I have one news source. If 10,000 a,netters each follows their own source, and tehn post NEWS on a.net, guess where my chance o
237 Post contains links Viscount724 : It was found almost immediately. Wreckage and floating bodies were first discovered by a passing ship. By the end of the first day they'd already rec
238 SCQ83 : That is truly unbelievable... so does it mean the plane could be anywhere from Indonesia to Viet Nam?
239 D L X : So what? You came here to learn, right? Speculating is how people learn. The big difference between speculating on an aviation enthusiast website suc
240 thunderboltdrgn : In one of the articles already linked (I think it the one from LA Times), it specifically said that it wasn't schengen who had the information but a
241 DALFA : I think you´re overreacting. No one is speculating on the lives of 239 people. This community is full of aviation enthusiasts that all wonder how a
242 SpaceshipDC10 : The only reference to extraterrestrial I can remember in these threads since the aircraft went missing was through a film on reply #58 of this thread
243 flyingturtle : A passport once flagged (because of lost or theft) cannot be used anymore. If I lose my passport (or my ID card) and notify the police about the loss
244 planesmart : There is an overhead in terms of cost and IT capacity to use Interpol's database of Stolen and Lost Travel Documents, so many countries don't, or only
245 lh648 : You can buy a ticket, cross the border and board with one passport and enter the country with another. May be those two guys were wanted by Malaysia
246 345tas : Possibly, I can't say I'm an expert. Although Israel's use of other countries' passports, even friendly ones, is a sensitive topic. Although I would
247 trex8 : Does anyone know if the 777 has had more "flight control anomalies" since the MH 124 incident in 2005? If the Malaysian and Singaporean air defense sy
248 Post contains links 747megatop : This is weird, i took the last know latitude and longitude from http://flightaware.com/live/flight/M.../20140307/1635Z/WMKK/ZBAA/tracklog at 35000 fee
249 Post contains images David L : Perhaps "just in case" and the resources are available. It would be a different matter if they'd moved the resources away from the Gulf of Thailand i
250 s5daw : So... it has a remote self destruct built in or what??? How many countries do you think have on-line lookup to swiss passport database? You can leave
251 rdu2sfo : I made this point in one of the earlier threads when the idea of searching the Malacca Strait was first noted in news reports. It is simply inconceiv
252 LTC8K6 : AF447 went into the water intact, and recognizable debris was found quickly, the next day.
253 awthompson : When airliners.net moderators close off post 6 and start post 7, I have a general summary ready, having read ALL posts in ALL parts thus far.
254 Pihero : I have the habit of waiting for facts before posting on an accident, and the least *we* all could say is that faxts are scarce : - Flight in fair weat
255 flyenthu : Wow, that's pretty interesting. I read the article and that AI accident took place at early in the day. So that might have helped. It is baffling tha
256 SpaceshipDC10 : Much appreciated, thanks!
257 andy33 : They're very proud of their descent from the original Straits Times first published in Singapore in 1845. In colonial days this newspaper covered bot
258 LTC8K6 : Flightaware is inaccurate, Go with FlightRadar24.
259 jetfuel : The most useful piece of evidence is possibly the ACARS DATA. Why have we seen nothing of the ACARS info
260 threepoint : Agree that this is not a news site; it merely collects and regurgitates current events that are reported in the general (and sometimes specialty) med
261 mcogator : Great point. My wife is Russian-American. Whenever she flies to Russia she leaves on her US passport and enters Moscow on her Russian passport. The t
262 Tobias2702 : Because a) there is none (as has been mentioned earlier, automatic ACARS messages are not a mandatory feature) or b) it has not yet been made public.
263 flyingturtle : No. But once notified as lost or stolen, it's in the Interpol database. And also in Swiss databases. If I notified my passport as stolen/lost, but in
264 D L X : ABSOLUTELY. The scientific process includes speculating on what may have happened, then proving it did, or proving that the known facts contradict th
265 EA CO AS : This accident is a prime example of where satellite-based WiFi being used to stream CVR/FDR data in real-time would have been hugely helpful.
266 Viscount724 : You could also exit Switzerland to any Schengen countries very easily by air. I haven't had to remove my passport from my pocket on any trips from Sw
267 Post contains links wjcandee : It's worse than that. The two stolen passport passengers purchased the tickets together; as noted they were sequential tickets. They were paid for in
268 flyenthu : I believe there is ACARS data. This is what I gathered from Richard Quest's on CNN this morning. From what I understood is that there was nothing unu
269 hh65man : Ok, a few comments and remarks have got my curiosity up. Would every qualified airline pilot who has passed on their opinion, judgement, or speculated
270 Post contains links Finn350 : Schengen Information System (SIS) is used by 27 countries, including Switzerland. There are more than 46 million entries (called alerts) in the SIS,
271 s5daw : I was referring to countries outside Schengen, like Malaysia, where - as you see - having a passport listed in interpol means nothing. Also, to my kn
272 washingtonflyer : I find the angle of the sequential tickets being issued to two individuals with stolen passports to be a rather disturbing aspect of this. They certai
273 Post contains images Revelation : You did somehow neglect to mention the 'collision with falling satellite' theory back in post 147 of part 2 of this thread Uhm, yeah...
274 jetfuel : Then that mean either A. Catastrophic instant failure or B. ACARS system disabled via interference
275 giopan1975 : Stolen passports issue is highly likely to be irrelevant with incident cause - people board on planes lying about their id in those countries should b
276 jfritz : This aircraft flew nose first into the ocean, intact, at a high rate of speed.
277 Kiwinlondon : This is pure speculation. There are two other possibilities: 1) Dangerous goods in the hold that caused a fire. Someone did mention it earlier but no
278 Post contains links SA7700 : Due to length this thread will be locked down for further contributions. All posts added after thread lock will be removed for housekeeping purposes o
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