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Is First Class Worth The Money ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  
User currently offlineATA757 From United States of America, joined Apr 2011, 0 posts, RR: 0
Posted (16 years 5 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 3454 times:

To everyone who has flown first class before...

Is it worth the extra money to go somewhere in first class, or should I just save my money and take a couple different trips (in coach)???


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User currently offline1stClassFlyer From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 2967 times:

of course it is! bigger seats, better food, better atmosphere, better seats, just plane old more luxurious! i definatly would on international flights! i have never flown coach before, so i wouldn't know HOW much better it is.

User currently offlineFEDERICO From Belgium, joined May 2005, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 2941 times:

Well...this is my opinion...I think it is. Especially if you're going on a long flight. A 2 hour flight or (sorry) within the US...I wouldn't.

The way I see it: when I go on vacation it is to relax, spoil and enjoy myself. So if i'm going to be in a tube for 12+ hours with 300 other people...I want space and I want to be comfortable.
On all of my long hauls I've always been on first.
The shortest one was on Air France between Buenos Aires and Santiago. Excellent service...great breakfast!

Next year...I will be going to Buenos Aires again to visit family and first class it is, and I will be flying Aerolineas Argentinas, once again on the A340. If they're still around.

Argentino in Seattle

User currently offlineBicoastal From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2918 times:

It seems like in today's world, too many people live beyond their means. If you can afford it, then fly first class. But if it's a lot of money for you don't do it....you'll arrive only nano-seconds after the first class section. Save the money and enjoy your destination. Bring a good book and a neck rest and you'll survive in coach just fine.

User currently offlineAC_A340 From Canada, joined Sep 1999, 2251 posts, RR: 1
Reply 4, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2897 times:

Only for long flights and if you find that you don't have enough legroom to be comfortable and that you always need a meal. I'm not a big person so I don't need a wide seat.

User currently offlineMatt D From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 9502 posts, RR: 43
Reply 5, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2905 times:

Amidst all of these lofty discussions about the merits of first class, one must ask the following two questions:
1. How many of you have PAID (with your own money) for said first class service?
2. First class typically can cost up to 15 times more than a coach seat on the same flight, if you shop around and book early. Granted, first class IS better than coach, but is it 15 (FIFTEEN) times better than coach?

User currently offlineBryanG From United States of America, joined May 1999, 453 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2888 times:

When you sit in coach it's all a matter of luck. There might be sitting next to you, and you'll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Then again, the flight might be packed and you'll be cramped in the middle seat between the two fat guys.

First class basically just guarantees you the comfort that you MIGHT get in coach. There is also the $200 airline dinner that you might not get in coach.

User currently offlineAC_A340 From Canada, joined Sep 1999, 2251 posts, RR: 1
Reply 7, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2880 times:

I've never paid for first class, neither have my parents for that matter. We always use ff points. Its not that much more for much better service and stuff. Although, when i go to France in 2001, Ithink I'll PAY for First Class for me and my girlfriend.

User currently offlineFEDERICO From Belgium, joined May 2005, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2885 times:

I have. At least since I turned 18. I am now 26.

Sorry...but I don't see it as -is it 15 times better than coach? For me it's: do I want to be comfortable? Like AC_340, I'm not a big person...but I like the big seats...I want to be abel toss and turn when I sleep if I want. Especially on long flights...I can't stress that enough. On a short flight I won't pay for 1st.

Argentino in Seattle

User currently offline1stClassFlyer From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (16 years 5 months 3 days ago) and read 2896 times:

i know my parents pay full fare for my first class ticket when ever i go anywhere.c-ya

User currently offlineJmhLUV2fly From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 559 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days 19 hours ago) and read 2860 times:

Well, Ive only flown first class once, and that was because we were delayed five hours in Memphis and Northwest gave us the seats for the inconvenience.
I would definitly say that for long hall flights, across the
pond, first class is a must. However, I think the best way to sit in first class is to fly a lot, get those frequent
flyer miles and get upgraded....other wise, for the domestic flights, I tend to be a little conservative and fly coach.

User currently offlineIainhol From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 2858 times:

First class is wort the money if you have it. If you can not afford first class I would max the credit card to fly it. I suppose if it works with your way of life do it.
I enjoy first class more room, better food, and a tiolet to fewer of you!

User currently offlineAmir From Syria, joined Dec 1999, 1254 posts, RR: 10
Reply 12, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 2854 times:

Hi folks,
It's interessting to read through your comments about first class. Living outside the US and flying mostly to the middle east and Asia i have a different point of view. For me the question is if F/CL is worth it compared to Business not F compared to Coach!!!!!
With the exception of the US (Domestic) the airlines who still run a F/CL. a targetting different Potentials. For Airlines like CX, SQ, BA, AF, LH, JL, the F/CL. something they run by tradition, they don't expect to get a PAx to fly F/CL. because of the fare they charge. It's more to say, some VIP pax will simply fly the best, so if they deceid on KL it will be C/CL. (KL doesn'thave F/CL.) however if they deceide on BA it mstbe F/CL. because it's the higest on that flight.
The main problem for some carriers is the ever better getting C/CL. which turned the biggest rival of their own F/Cl. Especially corporates who are paying for some executives to fly F/Cl. may opt for C/Cl. instead! (KE had many trobules during 1997-1998 because the managers of the Chaebols were downgrading to C/CL. )

to make a long story short, F/CL. on some routes is worth the money if seen from a prestigous point of view, but if compared to C/CL. it will hardly pay off!
What do you think?

one last word, out of experience, i can assure you that most of the european airlines who still run a F/Cl. are operating same at or below break even! this is due to the overall quite low seat load factor of F/CL. and if you start upgrading people be offering specials like, buy C/CL. and pay a lumbsum you will ruin your first, so it*s an never ending story!

User currently offlineOPNLguy From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days 6 hours ago) and read 2837 times:

Recentely traveled on them DFW-LAS and upgraded to 1st class. Best $80 I ever spent.

Of course, not all upgrades are that reasonable... Wish they were...

Happy New Year!

User currently offlineATA757 From United States of America, joined Apr 2011, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 2829 times:

I just checked my tickets for LAS in March, on ual.com, and it's $220RT in coach, and $1846RT in 1st class! That has to be a difference not worth paying for, eh? IND has the 2nd lowest outbound fares in the nation, anytime you could fly to SEA for under $200, LAX around $180, STL for $68, ORD for $84, and on P9 to DET $50; all of these are round-trip (RT).

If I can ever get a descent deal on 1st Class, then I guess I'll have to go!!!


User currently offlineLax2000 From United States of America, joined May 1999, 541 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days 2 hours ago) and read 2827 times:

typical price difference is
lax to lhr coach $530.00
lax to lhr business class $6,355
anyone who would pay for this out of their own pocket is nuts!! or very rich... once the flights was over i would quickly forget the food & comfort and wish i had the $5,825 to fly around the world a couple times..and a row to yourself in coach (what i call a skybunk), can rival first class any day, especially if you bring wine, brie & baguettes!!
cheers!! happy new year from LA!!! adam

User currently offlineCharles802 From United States of America, joined Jul 1999, 380 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (16 years 5 months 2 days ago) and read 2821 times:

It is only worth the "money" to me, if you can upgrade, or you are traveling on an award (and don't pay for it at all). First Class is simply a poor value. Whether First, Business, or Coach, it is still transportation. Since the inception of frequent flyer programs in the 80s, I have never once paid for a First Class ticket.

Recently I upgraded to First Class for $40 between PHX and SEA. In that case, the wider leather seat and excellent dinner was well worth the cost.

User currently offlineATA757 From United States of America, joined Apr 2011, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (16 years 5 months 1 day 20 hours ago) and read 2814 times:

Just this spring I enrolled in Delta's SkyMiles program, and a couple of months ago I enrolled in United's FF program. I'm only 15, so I don't fly like every month, but it will still pay-off in the near future when I go off to college!


User currently offlineSeat 1a From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (16 years 5 months 1 day ago) and read 2822 times:

Good afternoon and Happy New Year to everyone.

Well, I never gave myself "Seat 1a" due to its ease of rememberance....

I have been there and done it.... but with responsible budgeting rules.

First, I have flown numerous times in Qantas First Class in the early nineties when they still had the Weber seats and the old Canadian First Class service, both over the pacific naturally.

I have only paid a full P-Class fare once, it was my innaugural Qantas flight from AKL-SYD-AKL aboard 747-SP "AB". The flight and experiance was magical as I had wanted to travel to Australia for years and this was the only way to properly introduce my time there. If you are curious, it cost me $1300.00 AUD.

Since that "born again" experiance, I have sat in a F/P seat about 25 times..... I cannot recall ever paying for a full fare ticket but rather a discounted ticket for what ever the reason was.

First reason, this allowed me to stretch MY dollar and take more trips rather than a lessor number and still get First class service. (great for FF points too!)

Second reason, (this comes from experiance) First Class really is not worth the premium fare considering other options. Let me say that again... OTHER OPTIONS!

Do you know where that fare goes... it goes towards million dollar executive bonuses, ivory tower head offices and airline self-congratulation. (I have lots I can discuss on this but will hold back)

Now, large seats and free booze and decent well catered meals are fine, but everyone of us in the forum, I think should look at only one enhanced product!

Can you guess? Of course you can....!

Business Class! (try and get a deal as well) always remember... THIS IS YOUR MONEY! Similar to what was said earlier on.... "you arrive a nano-second later than First Class". And you know what, you do... and that's it. Where are you going to go now that you blew your money on the flight... are you going to go to a hostel and budget inn?

Not me.... I am going to take my savings and stay at a Four Seasons, Ritz, or something similar and enjoy my holiday.

I am taking my fiancee to Honolulu in Feb./00

We are going in the back so we can have a bang up time at the best hotel and drink/eat the best.... rather than spend 4 times more per ticket which will last about 7 1/2 hours each way.... guess what.... that will give me ten times the savings that would put us in a first class hotel for 6 nights with all the trimmings.

Here is a hint for everyone.... pick one global partnership (i.e. Star Alliance) Then stay with them in the back and maybe a little bit up front with consious financial planning, work up the miles and qualify for Gold or Presidential membership.

You know how great a feeling it is to hold an economy boarding pass and be a member of the airline lounge and all the partnership associated lounges along with the numerous perks that one gets... INCLUDING FREE UPGRADE CERTIFICATES!

I am an Air Canada Elite Gold member.... I have qualified once again for 2000 and not once in 1999 did I pay a full fare J or F ticket... AND I WILL NOT.... BEEN THERE, DONE IT! I have sat up front in 1999, but on my upgrades and using points... that's what they are there for!

Here is good planning if you want service up front and a warm holiday...

Air Canada from edmonton to Bermuda via. Toronto

Special Business class fare with Sat, night stay is about $1100.00 CDN ($750.00 USD)

Flight is 3 1/2 - 4 hours to Toronto and 2 1/2 - 3 hours to Bermuda, same return... all in business class.

Now... here is you... sitting next to me!

Edmonton to Toronto with Sat. night stay will be about $2600.00 CDN... keeping in mind you just want to do some flying and a little bit of plane spotting.

Says everything doesn't it! You just have to look for them.... I have booked the above flight less than three weeks before going... so it is not one of these "1 seat in the inventory scenarios".... simply put, "it's the market"!

Anyway.... I am getting long in the tooth....

If you have a sugar daddy out there or just won the lottery.... darn right.... sit in First.... but before that, use common sence first and research every angle!

User currently offlineCSA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (16 years 5 months 22 hours ago) and read 2801 times:

Well if you are flying international it's not worth the money! I would advise you to purchase a Business Class ticket instead, it's very good service on most airlines and at a much lower price. Try Business Class on some airline and you'll be SURPRISED I PROMISE YOU!

User currently offlinePurdue Cadet From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (16 years 5 months 13 hours ago) and read 2786 times:

I have had many opportunities to fly all four classes (P, C, F, and Y), and I can say that, to me, P, C, and F would not be worth the marginal cost of flying up there. The fare is just not worth what you get if it's coming out of your pocket. Don't get me wrong - I think that the premium cabins are great, and I go up there as often as possible, but if I were paying full fare, I simply wouldn't.

User currently offlineB737-112 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 893 posts, RR: 5
Reply 21, posted (16 years 5 months 13 hours ago) and read 2781 times:

I have a different side of this discussion, I was once on a Delta B727-247A (N2813W) LAS-LAX, unhushkitted and an absolute beauty! I purposely sat in seat 35F to be as close to the JT8D noise as I possibly could. After starting up a conversation with a really nice F/A who said that "it gets awfully loud back here" then offered to move me to first class, which I refused to leave the best seat in the plane besides the cockpit!-Ryan

User currently offlineAuthority From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (16 years 5 months 13 hours ago) and read 2805 times:

I've flown 1st Class many times, but have never paid for it. It's a great perk for a frequent flyer. If you we're to pay the $ difference, you would have to drink every alcoholic beverage on the plane, get a back rub, and maybe sit in the captains seat half the flight to get your money's worth. It's nice to recline a couple of degrees farther to help you sleep (I usually do before take off), but other than that, I'll just hang out with the common folk.

For 1stclassflyer:

Thanks for the insight into your life. I've been reading your blah blah for about a month now and I finally understand where it comes from. I think that I should point out that to me you are a spoiled and misinformed child that need to learn to spell and punctuate in order to be taken seriously. Take care, loser.

User currently offlineThai747 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 1999, 814 posts, RR: 13
Reply 23, posted (16 years 5 months 12 hours ago) and read 2780 times:

I've only flown firstclass once in my life on Lufthansa on BKK-MNL route. Apperently that time my dad , who booked the ticket last from my mom+me+my brother couldn't get a seat on YC or BC ( it was a day before x'mas eve last year ) so his company paid for a first class ticket since he need to be there for the x'mas eve ( which they did not have any flight on the 24th ) My dad knew that I was an enthusiast so he let me go for the FC seat on the BKK - MNL route.. The service , seats and food were excellent. But to let me choose, I would go for YC .. its better to save money for another plane ride than just bang it all down for the FC seats. I mean.. afterall I would enjoy the plane ride regardless of the airline , aircraft or class I travel in

User currently offlineOxygen From Hong Kong, joined Sep 1999, 675 posts, RR: 1
Reply 24, posted (16 years 5 months 9 hours ago) and read 2776 times:

My parents would never pay anything other than Economy class for me even if they are a ZZZZillionaire. They say that buying first class for me will make me take these priviledges for granted.

25 AC_A340 : Just adding to what Oxygen said, he's lucky, his parents don't let ride up front. Whenever I go anywhere with my family, even if its only an hour flig
26 OSL : I'm just wondering are you guys discussing airlines/planes with 2 or 3 classes. Tourist/Coach-Business/First Class or Tourist/Coach-Business-First? OS
27 AC_A340 : I'm only discussing up to business class because on all the planes I've flown, thats the highest class. I'm getting the impression that others are als
28 OPNLguy : As an aside, this thread brings back the memory of Air Florida introducing 1st class in their DC10s back in the early 1980s. To differentiate themselv
29 1stClassFlyer : Well, what you just said doesn't mean a hill of beans to me! I don't care what you think about me. I never said you had to like or agree with what i s
30 UNDpilot : I have flown first class once on US Airways from PIT to SEA and it was quite nice, but to tell you the truth it is not worth the thousands of dollars
31 ATA757 : Who are you talking to? Stop the violence!
32 1stClassFlyer : auh, duh, Authority!!!! didn't you read what he said about me? that is why i responded in that manner.
33 Dee-see-eit : I've never done before, but would love to do it. How about flying in Business-Class? I hate flying in economy (i am 190cm tall) and the other day I as
34 CV990A : Depends on the airline- yes on BA, CO, and DL. On UAL, you're better off in business if possible- I think the difference in service isn't much differe
35 Alphastrike : Well at least the swearing hasn't gotten as bad as the Continental arguement a couple of days ago. Way to sock it to em Mr. Authority! Personally I do
36 ATA757 : Sorry!
37 1stClassFlyer : ya know, fuck you too, loser! i think the reason you dont think is worth it is that you DONT have the money to fly first class ( i know the money i ha
38 Alphastrike : Well a little anal retentent such as yourself would probably much more appreciate money if he had to work hard for it himself. Of course some little j
39 Kuantan : Gotta admit I'm of more modest means than your parents, but I do recommend you try Economy class just once, it's not as bad as you imagine, It's just
40 Alphastrike : Listen to Kuantan, once you get home from school.
41 Kuantan : Jesus, Steady on guys, who gives a damn about who has money and who doesn't? Ist Class, your parents could have spent their money educating you proper
42 Seat 1a : i am rather curious now about something.... exactly how old are you? Another thing, as you can read from my comment earlier on, i have some experiance
43 ATA757 : 1stClassFlyer, I think (actually I know) you are a mental case, with mental problems! If you think you such a bad-ass, tell someone else about how you
44 AC_A340 : While I have tried to remain calm and neutral on this whole issue, I will have to agree with what everyone else has said about you. Your language and
45 1stClassFlyer : Ok, ok, I will do ALL of the things stated in the last reply. I will change my user name, I am going to start spelling correctly, using punctuation, a
46 Derek H : Hi, all.It's a new beginning for me!
47 Derek H : I have another question: Why is it when i push the "enter" button on my key board, it shows that it went down a line. But when i have posted it, it do
48 ATA757 : I'm not quite sure what you're talking about! ATA757
49 Ywg777 : Personally I think first class is worth the money on long haul trips... Personally I would wash your month out wwith soap.. You have no right to swear
50 ATA757 : good job, i said i was sorry! ATA757
51 YWG777 : I am not mad at you. you did nothing wrong. I am mad at 1st class flyer ywg777
52 ATA757 : OK, sorry! ATA757
53 Derek H : Ok, I am not going to get mad. But I trying to change, at least i am putting forth an effort. But I don't need you critisizing me! Ya know, you also a
54 Grijander : It seems the discussion has gone out of its mainstream due to some of the participants not complying with one of the simple rules which i would like t
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