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Westjet Gets YYZ Slots  
User currently offlineFly_yhm From Canada, joined Dec 2000, 1698 posts, RR: 9
Posted (13 years 9 months 10 hours ago) and read 3179 times:

saw on global Television that Westjet has gotten 6 slots at YYZ. They still need to get terminal space.

Wonder what Air Canada thinks about this.

Also they announced today that they are starting airbiz between YHM and YOW

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User currently offlineYWG From Canada, joined Feb 2001, 1148 posts, RR: 2
Reply 1, posted (13 years 9 months 10 hours ago) and read 2669 times:

Air canada will slotter WJA.

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User currently offlineBa777-236 From Canada, joined Oct 2001, 674 posts, RR: 4
Reply 2, posted (13 years 9 months 10 hours ago) and read 2641 times:

Thats great to hear!!! I am a big fan of WJA. I think that Toronto would be a great destination for them.

I like British Airways! I'm not sure why, but I do! ;-)
User currently offlineLY744 From Canada, joined Feb 2001, 5536 posts, RR: 9
Reply 3, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2615 times:

Does that mean YHM will be losing some WJ flights?


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User currently offlineFallingeese From Canada, joined Apr 2001, 2097 posts, RR: 16
Reply 4, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2603 times:

YHM will loose none of it's Westjet flights. I'll post a link to the article that appeared in the Calgary Herald today. Toronto will be used for flights like 2 Calgary, 2 Edmonton, 1 Vancouver, and 1 Abbotsford.

YWG - I wouldn't be too sure of that. Calgary-Toronto is the most travelled corridor in the country. Westjet had a strong name in YYC, and it's well publicized and loved. Let's not get too cocky there...

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User currently offlineVonRichtofen From Canada, joined Nov 2000, 4648 posts, RR: 34
Reply 5, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2589 times:

YWG- "Air Canada will "slotter" WJ?

First off it's "slaughter"
Second you're wrong pal. In case you haven't noticed WJ is making profit, unlike AC. Now I'm not going to bother with argueing with a 13 year old. But YYZ-YYC is going to be a gravy run for WJ. The only competition AC had was C3, and C3 did well on that route. I think WJ is giving AC a run for it's money.

User currently offlineFallingeese From Canada, joined Apr 2001, 2097 posts, RR: 16
Reply 6, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2572 times:

Well said VonRichtonfen....

Hey I thing the CYYC/Airtours/Type thread could use one of your little *bumps"....hint hint...

Fly Westjet!

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User currently offlineFallingeese From Canada, joined Apr 2001, 2097 posts, RR: 16
Reply 7, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2564 times:

Here's the link...


Fly Westjet!

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User currently offlineWJV04 From Canada, joined Jun 2001, 591 posts, RR: 4
Reply 8, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2563 times:

I have to agree with VonRichtofen, and fallingeese.
The facts are everywhere, Air Canada is a crumbling airline. Where as WestJet is making a profit. I am really getting sick and tired of these Air Canada die hards.
Open your eyes, C3 did exellent on YYC-YYZ, and they were the only competition to Air Canada. I can guarrentee, WestJet is gonna make some serious money on this route.

User currently offlineAcidradio From United States of America, joined Mar 2001, 1880 posts, RR: 9
Reply 9, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2554 times:

Has Westjet announced anything about service into the US? That might be kind of cool.

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User currently offlineVonRichtofen From Canada, joined Nov 2000, 4648 posts, RR: 34
Reply 10, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2551 times:

Not yet, all we know is they have secured licenses to have sched. service to US destinations


User currently offlineYWG From Canada, joined Feb 2001, 1148 posts, RR: 2
Reply 11, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2556 times:

(No Insaulting) Just wait. After this economic slump from 9/11, people will want a higher level of service and there stands Air Canada awaiting buisness. But in my opinion, Wj will never be as big or powerful as AC.

Contact Winnipeg center now on 134.4, good day.
User currently offlineFallingeese From Canada, joined Apr 2001, 2097 posts, RR: 16
Reply 12, posted (13 years 9 months 9 hours ago) and read 2546 times:

Blair, you are contradicting yourself. If people want higher standards than why is Air Canada going ahead with the Low Cost Carrier?

Westjet is a discount carrier. They are actually worth 3 times more than Air Canada. So it's not a power, or size thing.

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User currently offlineYWG From Canada, joined Feb 2001, 1148 posts, RR: 2
Reply 13, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2543 times:

Fallingeese-I frankly could care less about Tango, even I think it sucks  Smile But I'm talking about Air Canada, with J and Y class planes. If you want more leg room, you go AC. You want Star Alliance, you go Ac. If you want Frequent Flyer points you fly AC.

Contact Winnipeg center now on 134.4, good day.
User currently offlineIluvwestjet From United States of America, joined Nov 2001, 116 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2534 times:

After this economic slump from 9/11, the logical reasoning would be that people want low fares, rather than to pay more for premium service. Air Canada has more or less said that this is the reason for starting up LCC (not Tango).

And 'big' all depends on what you use to define it. WestJet's market capitalization/profit is much higher than that of Air Canada's, conversely, WestJet's fleet/revenue/passengers carried is much smaller than AC's.

It's true that if you want benefits like frequent flyer points or business class seating, you'd pick Air Canada. But if you want low fares, you'd pick WestJet. The Star Alliance point is irrelevant as its only useful when you fly to international destinations (which WestJet does not).

User currently offlineFallingeese From Canada, joined Apr 2001, 2097 posts, RR: 16
Reply 15, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2535 times:

Blair, I'm not talking about Tango. I'm talking about the proposed Calgary based low cost carrier that would compete directly with Westjet. It plans to have an eastern hub in Hamilton, of all places. Well gee-wizz now why could that be?

If you want to pay an extra $300 on Air Canada for a muffin, instead of a bag of pretzels, well be my guest. On some short flights like YYC-YWG for example. Let's say 2 people flying. Roundtrip coach, both carriers with no meal service, and similar departure times.
Air Canada $1800
Westjet $800

That is one expensive muffin.

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User currently offlineVonRichtofen From Canada, joined Nov 2000, 4648 posts, RR: 34
Reply 16, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2528 times:

If you want have money left over-you fly Westjet- if you want your luggage on the same plane you're on-you fly Westjet....I could go on. Now I've had many great flights on AC....like 10 years ago. It seems they've gone downhill in the last decade or so.

Oh and don't argue the luggage remark, I've worked in 2 hotels now and at both of them we had people come to the desk EVERY DAY telling us they were expecting luggage from AC. I'm not exaggerating. I had ONE from C3 and none from Westjet. But AC was literally EVERY DAY. One guy came from Germany to Calgary for one day, then he was going to Alaska to go fishing at a lodge you could only get to via bush plane. Well AC lost all of his fishing gear. So he went to the lodge with no fishing gear, it's not like AC can courier it to him up there!! My mom's friend flew on AC and her skiis ended up in Hawaii....skiis in Hawaii......

Kris from YYC

User currently offlineFLYYUL From Italy, joined Jun 2000, 5032 posts, RR: 50
Reply 17, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2523 times:

My question is about WestJet in Montreal. Now think about it, there is Canada's 2nd biggest city, 3rd biggest aviation market (please do not say YYC is bigger, because it's not).

So, given that 2T had over 9 daily YYZ flights, where does that leave WestJet? Im hoping that will leave us with one or two flights to YYC, and a several flights to the Toronto region (whether YYZ or YHM).....

What are your opinions about this? (please take into account that the Montreal-Calgary route is not mighty like the YYZ-YYC route, but it has over 150,000 O&D pax, and this is more than big enough when you take a look at some of the routes that WJ flies with even grimmer O&D combinations)......


User currently offlineYWG From Canada, joined Feb 2001, 1148 posts, RR: 2
Reply 18, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2519 times:

At this point I'd consider WJ and AC fighting over connection buisness. And Air Canada seems to think that another discout carrier will help. Well......I found that Tango had next to no biz during the regulare times, but come vacations, they fill up quickly. But with AC you pay for service. I'm not sure if WJ has music channels, but AC does. Ac shows movie and shows. They might allow more bags. And say i I were flying YWG-FRA, I'd like to stick to the same group of airlines throughout the trip, Lufthansa And AC. Again, WJ is attempting to takeover the CNX market.

Contact Winnipeg center now on 134.4, good day.
User currently offlineVonRichtofen From Canada, joined Nov 2000, 4648 posts, RR: 34
Reply 19, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2514 times:

Well said Fallingeese.

At work I was talking to a business man who lives in YYZ but flew to YYC on business once a week (this was pre sept 11th so C3 was still around). I asked him what airline we flew on and he said C3. Then he started talking about how his company used to put him on AC but they switched to C3 because on short notice a return flight from YYZ-YYC-YYZ on AC was like $2300!!! C3 is was only $1100. Saving the company a little more than 50%! He said the fact that AC had 11 flights per day didn't matter because C3 had 5 and they were at good times for him (early morning, then returning late evening).


User currently offlineWJV04 From Canada, joined Jun 2001, 591 posts, RR: 4
Reply 20, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2510 times:

Where do they get that YYC is bigger then YUL?
cause even i know its not

User currently offlineNoise From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 2055 posts, RR: 4
Reply 21, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2511 times:

Mark, I was just about to ask that question! I hope that WestJet would start at least 5 daily YUL-YYZ/YHM flights, 1 daily YUL-YWG, 1 daily YUL-YEG, 1 daily YUL-YYC and 2 daily YUL-YVR.

I wonder why there isn't any news on WestJet and Montreal. If I were any airline, I would get into YUL asap, C3 left a big whole and this is WJ's chance to fill the gap.

User currently offlineFLYYUL From Italy, joined Jun 2000, 5032 posts, RR: 50
Reply 22, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2507 times:

Some people have claimed that YYC is 3rd place..even when looking up the YYC airport authority on yahoo.com, they claim it's the 3rd busiest in canada...


User currently offlineVonRichtofen From Canada, joined Nov 2000, 4648 posts, RR: 34
Reply 23, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2505 times:

Yeah I don't get why they say YYC is the 3rd busiest.

And who knows....maybe WJ is planning for YUL...they just haven't announced it yet...

User currently offlineIluvwestjet From United States of America, joined Nov 2001, 116 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (13 years 9 months 8 hours ago) and read 2508 times:

Regarding WestJet in Montreal... WestJet's network is still mostly in Western Canada. With that said, since C3/Royal/CanJet/Rootsair have all perished, the Eastern Canada market is very much all AC's. However, it takes time to negotiate for slots, terminal space, hire/assign new employees in a new city, acquire aircraft to run a new route, etc, etc, so it will take some time to add new destinations to their network. I am sure WestJet has an extensive list of new cities they want to add to (Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, St. John's, US cities, etc, etc) but they are growing at a controlled rate. So if things go well, maybe in a year or two you'll see WestJet Montreal service.

Like the article said, WestJet does not even have aircraft available to fly to YYZ till this summer... so it'll be a while after that before Montreal is added.

25 AirCanadaMan : FLYYUL, Right now its too hard to tell, obviously we wont see a YYZ-YUL flight right of the bat, because the slots they secured have already be alloca
26 YWG : I think it terms of buisness it would go: YYZ-Toroto Pearson YVR-vancouver YYC-Calgary YUL-Montreal Halifax YEG-Edmonton YWG-Winnipeg YQR-Regina YXE-S
27 FLYYUL : YWG, what are you talking about? I just think that the Montreal market is a very lucrative market for WestJet. If they do well in Ottawa, and I can gu
28 Fallingeese : As ILuvWestjet said Westjet can't expand it's route system because it doesn't have a spare aircraft. They have accelerated their 737-700 schedule by 1
29 YWG : i was jsut talking about the biggest to smallest airports.,
30 Iluvwestjet : I don't think WestJet is going for the market of connecting passengers. Most (if not all) discount carriers do not go after connecting passengers of o
31 Noise : Well said Mark!
32 FLYYUL : Negative YWG, Calgary is Canada's 4th busiest airport. it does come close to YUL, but put YUL and YMX together, and we are a bit ahead.... Mark
33 Post contains images YWG : I was in YUL for about an hour doing YYZ-YUL-YYZ-YWG on Dec.29. A very nice airport, from the departure area. But I find it quite amazing that you guy
34 Fallingeese : Hey Noise, which Mark are you talking to? There are alot of Mark's in these forums.... Westjet has earned itself to a point of where it doesn't need a
35 FLYYUL : Noise was adressing to me, my name is Mark! Mark
36 Fallingeese : Can you please clear this up for me... So Calgary is the 3rd largest as an individual. But if you combine Montreals 2 airports than it has more than Y
37 AirCanadaMan : To back up Fallingesse, I lfew on January 7th, and I admit I was flying AC ( only ones that can get me from YZF-YYZ) Anyways, on my flight from YEG-YY
38 Noise : Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot of Marks in the forum. I meant FLYYUL. How's westJet doing in it's most eastern city, Moncton? Wouldn't be surpised if
39 Post contains images YWG : WHy they are starting a YYC based one is a mystery to me. The only thing that LCC help out with is connecting stuck non-rev. travel passengers back ho
40 Noise : Fallingeese, nope, Dorval is still 3rd as an individual with 8.5 mil pax a year. 10 mil pax with both airports.
41 Fly_yhm : First of all supposivly by the end of 2002 they want to have flight to Montreal,Toronto(as well all now know) st,johns and Halifax also they have a to
42 Noise : What's LCC, low cost carrier?
43 YWG : Yup
44 FLYYUL : That's a good move, but WestJet should attack the western Canadian market out of Montreal...large demand for that aspect.. To FallingGeese..Montreal Y
45 Fallingeese : I've know the Hospitality of Westjet all too well. It might be the full access tour at the YYC hangar, or maybe atmosphere I've had on all my flights.
46 Fallingeese : the fallingeese name has something to do with Canadian Airlines, or what is left of it...Proudwings...*hint hint* As someone mentioned in alot of case
47 Noise : Fallingeese, I think he meant your real name, Mark.
48 Fly_yhm : YWG your just bitter because YWG isnt involed in this sure you dont have no business in YHM but guess what there are 32 million people in canada that
49 Fallingeese : Oh well, you jsut gotta love the name Mark. By complete fluke the name of my bestfriend is also Mark, who also happens to be into aviation.
50 FLYYUL : well, I was making refernce to your nickname, but I like your first name as well.... And to your comments, Montreal needs WestJet. AC is treating us l
51 Fallingeese : In a sense it's kind of surprising that YHM wasn't tapped into at an earlier date. It's the closest airport for 1.7 million people, in the greater Tor
52 Noise : Oops, sorry for speaking for you Mark(FLYYUL) Yes, AC is treating us, and praticaly every other Canadian city as a second class city. Edmonton has are
53 Fallingeese : There was an article in the Calgary Herald a few months ago. It basically said it was cheaper to buy A roundtrip ticket for YYC-LHR than it was for YY
54 Fly_yhm : Fallingeese Your are right that YHM down side is its close proximity to YYZ but it doesnt exactly have the facilities yet it does have the space to bu
55 Fallingeese : I'm just wondering, has anyone ever had a bad experiance on Westjet? Over 16 flights and I haven't had a bad flight, or bad experiance on Westjet.
56 VonRichtofen : Over a dozen flights and not one bad experience on Westjet. The Transport Canada complaints division logged something like 1300 or so complaints about
57 Post contains images VonRichtofen : 1300 complaints for the year 2000, I forgot to add that
58 Spyderz : Now, I like Westjet a lot, but my last 4 trips with them have all been delayed ranging from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours (mind you it isn't as bad as my re
59 Fallingeese : Hey Kris, Any idea if Air Tours is bring in the beautiful, elegant, DC-10 in again on Saturday? Gotta love the Monarch A330 too though. Have you been
60 VonRichtofen : I've had one delay with WJ but it was due to weather so I can't get mad. Fallingeese: I'm not sure, I think it's going to be regular. Also Monarch now
61 Fallingeese : Well I was last out on Saturday the 12th and I hope to get out on the 19th. SkyService now has it's own counter, as does Monarch, and Sky Tours. You s
62 Post contains images VonRichtofen : Oh yes I have seen those. Yeah there's now 6 F28's by FedEx. I remember when there was only 2 I got a nice pic when there was 2 FedEx A310's parked si
63 Fallingeese : We had 2 A310's here? At once! And I missed it?! Oyy! Ive been trying to find a good place by TransCanada Turbines to get the F-28's. I now love runwa
64 WJV04 : hehe, you guys miss all the action, i live about 1.5nm from yyc, so my scanner reception is perfect, and its on all the time, all so i can see all dep
65 VonRichtofen : Yeah I love spotting under the glidscope of 28. Me and WJV04 got in shit from Airport security last week while spotting under the glideslope of 16 on
66 Ywg777 : After reading these posts I think this shouldn't be A arguement. I will agree with people on that YYC-YYZ is a very busy corridor just like YYZ-YUL,YV
67 Lymanm : I like Westjet, don't get me wrong. But when they start to move in on AC, it's their fault when there no pieces left to pick up. As a competitor, I'd
68 VonRichtofen : Westjet will only use YYZ for the gravy runs, ie: YYC-YYZ Besides, Westjet is in a lot better shape than anybody else on that list when they went into
69 Lymanm : VonRichtofen - of course, you are right about those other carriers. The point is, however, that AC will engage in such devestating anti-competitive ta
70 Post contains images CPDC10-30 : Hey, you forgot VistaJet I think WJ will do well in YYZ at T3...the terminal should work well for them since it isn't crowded anymore. I wish them the
71 VonRichtofen : You do have a point Lymanm, only time will tell. As for YHM, I don't think WJ will dump YHM as their eastern hub simply because of the costs. I think
72 WJV04 : I am not as concerned about YYZ, as i am with westjet starting service to the Continental USA. There too small a airline to fly in to places like LAX,
73 Iluvwestjet : In regards to WestJet getting dangerously close to AC's own gravy runs for the first time... that's not true. YYC-YVR, YVR-YEG, and YEG-YYC used to be
74 Fly_yhm : Another reason WJ wont dump the YHM hub is because the turn around times are quicker. as for transborder flights they would do something may like chic
75 Superdawg : The old information you found about YYC being the third busiest is of course old. At one point, this was before international flights moved from Mirab
76 Post contains links Fly_yhm : Here is an article about it. http://www.thestar.ca/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1011136233988&call_page
77 Canadi>nBoy : Contrary to what some may think here about WJ being "slaughtered" by AC, I beg to disagree. Clive Beddoe & Co. are not to be underestimated. WJ is a v
78 Lymanm : "Canadi>nBoy Luvs Westjet!! " For WJ's sake, let's hope not...look what happened to your other favourite carrier, Canadi>nBoy! (And look who was respo
79 Post contains images Canadi>nBoy : LOL.........Awwww, Shaddup, will ya! Yes, the truth has come out, I am the bad Omen Demon-Seed for the demise of Canadian carriers! Hmmm, would you be
80 Ywg777 : The question now is....Now that C3 and Royal are starting up and westjet got 6 old C3 Slots according to the article, What will happne to C3, Royals p
81 Gmonney : If WJ is sucessful at YYZ....look out Eastern Canada!!! Grat
82 Lymanm : "GTAA should follow WAA's modo. Anytime you land is fine with us" I've read that Winnipeg is a nice town, but in all reality, is nothing to compared T
83 Post contains images Fly_yhm : Noise Curfew? Whats that? j/k kidding I know what it is just don't hear it too often around here I doubt you will see 12 YWG-YYZ flights.
84 Red Panda : I really wanna travel from yhm to yyz!!! I wonder how long it would take. It would be even better if there is shuttle service btwn yhm and buttonville
85 Ywg777 : AC has done 12 YWG-YYZ flights before the 11th now were down to 7 but hopefully it will re-bound. I know Westjet does really well on YWG-YHM with 5 fl
86 Post contains images Mark_D. : Long thread (also, lotta Marks, too ) With the topsy-turvy state of the Canadian domestic air-travel industry right now --recession jitters, then Sept
87 Post contains images VonRichtofen : This is the biggest gathering of Canadian users I've ever seen in the forums, what an awesome thread! I'm glad to see that so many of you from the eas
88 Noise : What effect to you think Michel LeBlanc's new Royal airline will have on WestJet expanding into the east?
89 Fly_yhm : Not much unless they fly into yhm.
90 Fallingeese : Probably nearly none. I personally doubt it will ever get off the ground. I can agree about the 6 Westjet planes landing per hour in YYC. The only pro
91 WJV04 : Fallingeese, Me and kris are gonna be spotting all day, from about 8am to probally about 6. so if you happen to see two young guys spotting. feel free
92 Iluvwestjet : Personally, I think if a CanJet/Royal/C3 gets off the ground (i.e. planes actually take off) and offers discount fares in the east, WestJet will proba
93 Fallingeese : Well I'm not sure about the bilingual tapes on Westjet flights, because well yes I've heard the same recording every flight, but I also hear the same
94 Post contains images DeltaASA16 : What airport is YYZ? I can't figure it out. Is it a Canadian Airport?? Montreal?? Thanks, Adam
95 Fallingeese : YYZ is Toronto. YYC is Calgary.
96 Post contains images DeltaASA16 : thanks fallingeese ADam
97 Fallingeese : When someone brought up the idea of Montreal service awhile back, I had to think, and well now I've thought. I'm pretty sure that Westjet could make a
98 Fly_yhm : I agree with fallingeese I think they could do even better that the yhm-yow flights.
99 Dash8King : I think this is great news!! I still hope WJ does come to YZF but they are still studying that. ps delta whenever you want to find a code go to americ
100 FLYYUL : Montreal being twice as big as ottawa, you'd think maybe get a YUL-YHM flight in there... Mark
101 Yow : Mark, unfortunately you will just have to wait a little bit longer...but WJ will be in YUL and they've even promised that it will happen by the end of
102 Cessnapimp : That is not a problem of theirs, that is intentional from their part. The prudent evolution of Westjet in the market has been carefully planned out by
103 Noise : Yes, very true Cessnapimp. Sort of makes me wonder how JetBlue is surviving with their fast expansion. But isn't time airlines, especially discount a
104 Dash8King : Everyone that does not have Westjet service is getting hammered man!! I mean if I want to fly to edmonton I have to pay 1000 dollars or more from YZF.
105 Post contains images Fly_yhm : I think they should have taken atleast 2 or 3 of Midways 737-700s when they went bankrupt. Also as far as the administration at YUL being Pro AC maybe
106 Fallingeese : Milton has put the Western Based Discount carrier on hold until the companies relation with the governent has improved....lol. HEY there's a SkyServic
107 Hoffa : Is there any truth to the idea that Easterners and YUL area flyers would be resistant to Westjet because it is perceived as a Westerners airline? Or a
108 Post contains images Canadian747 : I think that Westjet is a great airline having worked at YQM for a year and a half let me tell you that Westjet has brought happiness to the airport..
109 Cessnapimp : Laugh out loud Fallingeese? darn tootin'... This is weird...about ten minutes before reading your post I read an article in my local newspaper entitle
110 Fallingeese : Geezz... too bad Air Canada has no money to bribe the govenment with...lol.
111 FLYYUL : One thing, please stop misrepresenting YUL as a totally french speaking city, you act like we are a part of a different country...in fact, 3/4 of the
112 Noise : Accodring to statcan.com, 28% of the residents on the island of Montreal are Anglos, that's already a lot compared to other Quebec cities. Plus. as FL
113 Gmonney : Would that make it "Ouest Jet" or what ever west is in french.....i tried!!! Grant
114 Noise : Very good Gmonney! That is correct! You know, a lot of companies had to change their names to enter Quebec. Take Staples for example, they had to chan
115 Fallingeese : I'm not sure if Westjet would have to change their name because if you look at someother campanies they were allowed to maintain their english name...
116 AirCanadaMan : Dash8King, Us northernerns will have to wait and see, especially if YZF gets its expansion approved. Apparently, if it goes through, YZF is to be a ch
117 Fallingeese : Air North? What are they going to opperate. Hey does anyone know what aircraft type Air Tours and Monarch are bringing into YYC tomorrow?
118 BO__einG : I replied I replied!!! But Hold on let me read all this. SCHOOLS OUT!! Time for YYC tomorrow! woo woo wOOO! hehe. I heard about YYZ being added to WJ
119 Planeawesome : "Westjet" and "Ouestjet" are pronounced exactly the same. The only thing Westjet would have to do to enter the YUL market is hire a few of the large n
120 Yow : There probably aren't that many people who drive from Montreal to YOW to fly to YHM on WJ since it's a two hour drive to Ottawa, but only a 1 hour dri
121 AirCanadaMan : Fallingesse, Air North is an airline serving the Yukon, Alaska and the northwetern half of the Northwest Territoires. They've used HS748;s, DC-3,4's a
122 Post contains images BO__einG : Alrighty. I finally finished reading all 121 posts.. OH my goodness.. Despite all the influx of good news coming upon Wj like addition of new cities,
123 Fallingeese : I'm definently going out to see Monarch and Air Tours.....again. Yeah woohoo I write both of my exams on Monday and Tuesday so I get them over with an
124 Fallingeese : Also are the Monarch and Air Tours comming in at normal time. The weather isn't looking too good for tomorrow.
125 VonRichtofen : How far of a drive is it from YHM to YYZ?
126 Fallingeese : Hey are Monarch and Air Tours even comming in tomorrow? I think the YYC website is screwed up with tomorrows arrivals.
127 Fallingeese : In YYC, what's the largest type of aircraft that can land on runway 25? I'm wondering because there is a Westjet 737 landing on 25. I've never seen an
129 Post contains images Westjet_737 : Great thread goin' here . I totally agree with YUL gettin' screwed by AC a bit. The price for a flight from YYC-YUL is just so damn high. I dont think
130 Fallingeese : It turns out I'm only going to be there for a couple hours...unfortunenly. I sure better be seeing another DC-10, cause the photos from last week suck
131 BO__einG : hehehe YOu catch them Mark! I dont know if I can come. But we'll see how weather goes. If I do come well.. Hopefully its Runway 34 or 28. If its 28 I'
132 Noise : Does anyone actually believe Mr. Lamberton when he said WestJet hopes to be in Montreal, Halifax and St. John's by the end of the year? I personally
133 Yow : I believe him b/c WJ is suppose to take delivery of 8 new 73Gs, one more than originally planned.
134 Fallingeese : Damn it was cold! I was sitting by 34 for 2 hours. It was like a -25 windchill. Hey there's an aircraft comming into YYC right now that lost presuriza
135 BO__einG : Really. I could not go to YYC today mark. WEather was crap. I guess Air Tours have not come yet? They are like 6.2 hours late.. haha They come at some
136 Fallingeese : I saw the Monarch A330 and an aborted Central Mountain Air landing. I never saw SkyService but that may have been while I was at Wendy's warming up. O
137 BO__einG : Yah, AIH is here right now I guess. It is said to leave at 8pm.. Whad you eat at Wendys?
138 Fallingeese : Well the first time I went there it wasn't open yet so I had to get a Tim's own Sandwich, Harvest Turkey ofcourse...then later I got, well I can't rem
139 VonRichtofen : It couldn't have been that cold, it was only -3 when I went to work at 6am How long of a drive is it from YYZ to YHM?
140 AC340 : VonRichtofen, From airport to airport would probably be 45 minutes to an hour in NO traffic. With traffic it would be closer to an hour and a half. Th
141 Fallingeese : It was about -1 when we got there. The problem though was the windchill. Hey there is a BahamasAir Dash 8 parked around the Spar hangar. I just saw th
142 Fly_yhm : As far as YHM-YYZ no traffic 1 hour goign 120kph(drove it 2 weeks ago literaly from YHM-YYZ in traffice 2-2.5 hours mostly because the MOT did a bad j
143 VonRichtofen : Yeah I saw the Bahamas air Dash 8.
144 Fallingeese : Any idea how to get there to photograph it? or what the other dash 8 was?
145 Fallingeese : I think I might have figured out who's Dash 8 it was... It was an AIRES Columbia. No idea what it's doing here in YYC. Does Field aviation have more t
146 Airman99o : That will be great. Fill up the Terminal three. It is soo empty since the departure of Canada 3000 Royal and Canjet. Mind you Skyservice and Air Trans
147 Post contains images BO__einG : ohh. It stinks now, MOnarch does not send a A300 plane anymore So much for a chance to shoot it.. Oh well!! I gotta check out that D8 at field sometim
148 VonRichtofen : Bo the Dash 8 is not at field, it's at that hangar south of the Avitat hangar. With just it's ass end sticking out. It's not uncommon to see Bombardie
149 Post contains images VonRichtofen : *bump*
150 Superdawg : The Bahamasair Dash-8 is at Avmax on McTavish Rd. and the AIRES has been around YYC for a couple of weeks now. Don't know if it is just getting checke
151 BO__einG : Oh i see. Well I guess if it sticks around for a bit I may take a shot at it sometime at the Avmax area. As long as I dont get sent away by security t
152 Gmonney : YYZ - YHM is about 1 hour, now with the 407 ETR Highway. What a great thing. I play golf at Heron Point Golf Club....a property of clublink corportati
153 Fly_yhm : How much does that 407 cost without a transponder?
154 WJV04 : is there a bus that is cheap to get us from yhm to yyz, cause me and VonRichtofen are going to yyz this summer, and are planning on not renting a car,
155 Fallingeese : Yup I know how to get to the Calgary Flight Training Centre. Where is the Aires parked? I saw it taxiing.
156 Fly_yhm : WJV04 you can take the airport shuttle from the airport to the ttransit center then to downtown and from their can catch a bus or trani from Downtown
157 WJV04 : fly_yhm can i shoot ya a e-mail, you could be very useful for our trip
158 Gmonney : WJV04 Let me know when you guys are coming to YYZ, I wouln't mind meeting you there, maybe make it a gathering for all of the YYZ spotters. If I am pl
159 VonRichtofen : Gmonney I sent you an e-mail. I just saw an awesome site on TV 2 minutes ago on Discovery Channel. A Canadian North 737-200 (in proud wings) landing o
160 VonRichtofen : *bump*
161 WJV04 : bump
162 Fallingeese : Is the Bahamasair and Aires Columbia still in YYC? If the weather is nice tomorrow I might be heading out to YYC.
163 Fly_yhm : I got co-op with westjet for 4 months which mean i will be working with westjet for 4 months at YHM. and i might be offered a job after. Also they are
164 Fallingeese : Congratulations, you'll enjoy your time with the company. Fly Westjet!
166 BO__einG : By da way, Does Alaska Airlines even fly to YYC yet? ~ its been like 3 months already!~
167 Post contains images Fallingeese : I think it's early february...i know i need something different. Would you just start flying now, I need variety.
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