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AeroCalifornia - DC9s  
User currently offlineDutchjet From Netherlands, joined Oct 2000, 7864 posts, RR: 56
Posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 6938 times:

The Mexican airline, AeroCalifornia, has a large fleet of DC9s, including many DC9-10s dating from the mid 1960s. Have they made any announcement or comment about replacing all or part of their fleet, which must have an average age in excess of 30 years old and most of which have not been hush-kitted? Could AeroCalifornia be a potential future 717 operator, or is it more likely that they will purchase second-hand aircraft, say MD87s or MD81s or 733s, of which there are many availible at the moment?

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User currently offline717fan From Switzerland, joined Nov 2001, 2022 posts, RR: 6
Reply 1, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 6276 times:

They are interested in the 717, but have they enough money?? I think they will buy/lease some MD-80's(most likely MD-87's). But who knows, perhaps they can take some ex-AA 717's.....would be great!!

User currently offlineRojo From Spain, joined Sep 2000, 2519 posts, RR: 8
Reply 2, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 6083 times:


To say the truth, I don't think that AeroCalifornia can afford to lease of buy new airplanes. They were once interested in the B717, but they are in big trouble right now. The have a very huge debt, they haven't paid the airport fees and the jet A they get from ASA (jet A distributor). I remember that a year ago someone was telling me that the fleet age of JR is 33.5 years, so you can imagine. Today, only the HK3 DC9-32's are flying to the United States, because the DC9-14's and 15's are too noisy.

What I do admire from AeroCalifornia is the maintenance they give to the DC9 fleet. They have very good mechanichs and an amazing maintenance hangar in La Paz, Mexico. The only accident I remember was a DC3 that crashed in Baja California 12 or more years ago... I hope that AeroCalifornia can survive competition and keeps the good maintenance work with their airplanes, because although the DC9's are very old, they keep them very good. Although you know that when finances are not good, you start cutting budget and maintenance costs a lot of money.

The real story of AeroCalifornia is quite sad, because when they wanted to make the big expansion, the mexican goverment block them because they were competing against AeroMexico and Mexicana (both owned by the mexican goverment).


User currently offlineTechRep From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 6060 times:

As a former employee of Aero California I can comment some here. I spoke with my ex-boss Walt Wessinger, the VP of Aero California, last year he indicated they were only interested in DC-9-50's and were continuing to expand their fleet in that direction only. As more DC-9-50's come online they will begin to send the older Baby 9's to the bone yard.


User currently offline717fan From Switzerland, joined Nov 2001, 2022 posts, RR: 6
Reply 4, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 6217 times:

So no 717 for now, but the D95 in Aero California colors would look also great...

User currently offlineLatinplane From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 2806 posts, RR: 11
Reply 5, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 6035 times:

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Photo © Paul Paulsen

Who knows! AeroCalifornia is a family owned company.
At this time, they have a mixed fleet of DC-9s that totals 22 aircraft. However, they are too weak to order brand new aircraft. I did hear that they were very interested in the Boeing 717, but their credit rating probably wouldn't let them acquire them.

They definitely need to do something about their aircraft because from what I understand next year will be the last year that they will be allowed to operate those aircraft in Mexican skies. Already, AeroMexico is quickly working to finalize a replacement for their last remaining DC-9-30s.

Because the company is family owned, it is hard to get any insider information. So the best thing would be to guess. As more MD-87s become available, I'm sure that these will be one of the best choices to replace their fleet.

 Smile LatinPlane

User currently offlineAviogenex From Mexico, joined Mar 2002, 67 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 6002 times:


Some source offered Aerocalifornia the B717´s but they rejected the offer as the lease payments for the aircraft were too high and they couldn´t afford it.

About what you said I think and what most people think is that JR will lease second hand aircraft such as the MD80 MD87 series but I rather than the B733 that is because they are already familiarized with the maintenance of the DC9´s already operated by them.

We all want to see JR with some new planes in the near future.


User currently offlineRojo From Spain, joined Sep 2000, 2519 posts, RR: 8
Reply 7, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 6080 times:


What kind of work did you do for AeroCalifornia??? How were things in there???

They want DC9-50's?? Mmm... Interesting... Although I really don't know where is JR heading to. Hope they have a good business plan, because competition in Mexico is getting tough. I heard that some DC9-14's and 15's were going back to the lessors because some will need major D checks which are very expensive. I will assume that they will get newer DC9-50's to replace them.

Does anyone know if AeroCalifornia flyes the DC9 with more cycles in the world???


User currently offlineCx340 From Mexico, joined Sep 2000, 609 posts, RR: 4
Reply 8, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 6088 times:

The funny thimg is that they still advertise saying "the most modern fleet of jets". What a bunch of lies.

User currently offlineDutchjet From Netherlands, joined Oct 2000, 7864 posts, RR: 56
Reply 9, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 6009 times:

Thanks for the informaton.......I find the choice of the DC-9-50 as a successor interesting, espcially when there is an opportunity at the moment to acquire MD81/MD87 aircraft at bargain prices. There are a good number of CO and US MD81s parked at the moment that are unlikely to be returned to service by their owners. Also, AA has parked the entire ex-RenoAir fleet of MD80s, including MD87s. The MD80s are newer and quieter and do not need hush-kits.

I hope that AeroCal survives and can renew its fleet.

User currently offlineAeromexico757 From Mexico, joined Aug 2000, 292 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (14 years 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 6502 times:

Rojo: Yes, the two DC-9-15 with the most cycles in service in the world are XA-RKT (del. 12/67) and XA-RNQ (DEL. 5/67) with more than 94,000, that gives us an idea in how good conditions they maintain their aircrafts

User currently offlineTechRep From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 23 hours ago) and read 6029 times:

I was an A&P mechanic with them until they bounced my paycheck 11 times over 3 years. Raul Arechica (spelling unsure) the owner needs to have the company professionally managed. They are piss poor at managing funds and Raul is not trusting of anyone to handle the company finances, even his own brother.

They are run like a mom and pop airline and the maintenance program, quite frankly, is the worst I have ever seen, including cargo outfits, now that's bad!! If you value your life do not risk flying this outfit. I seen things that would make even the most seasoned mechanics’ stomach turn.

I have nothing to say good about the airline, so I will stop right their folks.


User currently offlineGhost77 From Mexico, joined Mar 2000, 5299 posts, RR: 48
Reply 12, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 19 hours ago) and read 5959 times:

Well I´m not afraid to fly on them!!!

I guess it would be the best experience ever, and sadly one or maybe my last Dc9 trip!!!

I´m flying them next week around Thursday or Friday, on route MEX-LAX with a stop don´t remember but I think it´s going to be MZT.

As Aeromexico757 mention above XA-RKT and XA-RNQ are the Dc9s with more cycles, which I hope to fly on them!!!!


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Photo © Ricardo Morales Aviation Photography of Mexico

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Photo © Ricardo Morales Aviation Photography of Mexico

Hope I can get some good shots during my trip and I´ll try to upload them as soon as possible!


ghost77  Smile

Ricardo Morales - flyAPM - ¡No es que maneje rapido, solo estoy volando lento!
User currently offlineTechRep From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 12 hours ago) and read 5945 times:

A fool and his life are soon departed.


User currently offlineRojo From Spain, joined Sep 2000, 2519 posts, RR: 8
Reply 14, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 11 hours ago) and read 5930 times:


I went to the maintenance hangar in La Paz about ten years ago. In 1990 - 1991, I was really amazed about AeroCalifornia being a very good carrier with lots of friendly people willing to serve... (of course, this was before the gulf war when fuel prices climb). I have a very good image about the maintenance given to JR airplanes, but I have to admit that you are the one who nows about maintenance.

What I can really talk about is finance, and I do know that Raul Arechiga, owner of JR, is everything but a good manager. He has screwed up many times not willing to do things and keeping JR as a small competitor in the Mexican market. He once was offered a good deal to sell the airline and he did not do it. American Airlines also wanted to buy a small stake in the airline and change the old DC9 fleet, and Mr. Arechiga told AA that things are done by his rules, so AA ended the code share they had with JR. Mr. Arechiga still thinks that companies are run by families, and that is why so many companies in Mexico went bankrupt after the competion came in the government period of Salinas de Gortari. And if we add to the bad management the block that JR had from the mexican goverment, you will find the sad but true story of an airline that could have been a success in Mexico. I can still add that their marketing strategy is one of the worst I have ever seen... and their cost structure should be quite high, so they have been acumulating debt, and sincerely, I think that they are not far from bankruptcy. But I do really like the airline and I have always thought that moments before bankruptcy Mr. Arechiga will sell the airline in order to survive. Before 9/11, I even used to think that if AM and MX were sold to Delta and United, Continental or American will have to buy JR to compete in the Mexican market.




Did you work in the maintenance facilities in La Paz, Mexico or did you work with the 9's in the United States???

User currently offlineTechRep From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 15, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 9 hours ago) and read 5874 times:

I worked for AeroCalifornia in LAX from 1991-1993 before going to AirBorne Express as a Maintenance Rep.


User currently offlineLatinplane From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 2806 posts, RR: 11
Reply 16, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 4 hours ago) and read 5842 times:


Despite your resentment against them and your experience with their technical maintenance, it is to their benefit that they haven't lost a life (knock on wood) since the DC-3 crash in 1987. I'm not standing by them but it has been 10 years since you worked for the carrier.

Nonetheless, I can agree with your statements about their corporate professional attitude and I will tell you why.

I friend that used to work for them in the early 90s at LAX, described that he wasn't pleased at all with the experience. He said that their corporate structure was definitely not professional at all. The managers, which were brought from Mexico, would treat the employees with a superior/inferior attitude brought with them from their country. The employees had to resort to backstabbing each other and had to kiss-behind in order to please them. The company wouldn't invest in properly training them on the computer reservation system and had to learn the ropes by trial and error. This resulted in an enormous amount of time to check-in and load a small DC-9. He wasn't happy so he ended up leaving for Reno Air when he got the opportunity and now he works for AA. He did say that after he left things changed at JR, when those managers where fired and new managers brought in. In effect, any airline or corporation that is poorly runned from the top will have its effects that will trickle down the corporate structure to the very bottom. This is not particular to JR because it's a Mexican company. My professor, a retired pilot from Continental, describes the same kind of attitude during the Lorenzo years of Continental.


I most certainly agree with you. For a small company they must have extremely high cost. Their DC-9s, although very affordable, come with extremely high maintenance and efficiency cost. It is well known that their on-time rate is extremely dismal and in part it has to do with the effiency of those old birds. Time is money...

The family philosophy is keeping the airline from advancing. They are trying to run an airline with a 1980s attitude. They need to hire consultants and invest in a good yielding information system. If they would have stuck to AA, which is known for their information systems, they would no doubt be in a different place. It is so blatant that they don't keep up with information technology, that they don't even have a reservation website. That is just not acceptable these days when you know that these things will only help the corporation make money.

Another thing that has struck my eyes, which concurs with what we're talking about their high cost, is the fact that if you open up one of their timetables, you notice that they keep an office in almost every city that they operate to. Even if the destination only sees one or two flights per day. Since they are so dependent on travel agents, it is not necessary to keep so many corp. offices open, which will only add to the company's overhead cost.


I wouldn't be afraid to fly them. I'd fly them any day. Despite what has been said here about their maintenance I would disregard it. I mean, it's such a thrill to get on these old planes. I used to fly TWA over AA or Delta just to get on those old L-1011s and 747-100s and it was worth my money. I have flown JR, twice. The first time when I was kid in 1988; when they had only 2 or 3 planes and they were the only other airline competing with AM and MX, and once again in 2000. So, enjoy the ride...

 Smile LatinPlane

Happy 5 de Mayo

User currently offlineTechRep From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 4 hours ago) and read 5848 times:

OK there is one thing I failed to mention, I also was a Lead mechanic at TIMCO, in Lake City Florida. We did the C Checks for Aero California, trust me nothing has changed. This is where I ran into my old boss Walt Wessinger, the VP of the company and questioned him about the future of the company.

The company try's to do the most bare bones C Checks. I compare their out of pocket cost's to some of the bottom dweller cargo outfits, when it comes to C Checks. They were constantly finding excuses to cut corners and constantly not allowing us to fix the non-routine word cards found on inspection primary's.

There are the lowest of low in aviation in my opinion. I have seen it all, from spare no expense UPS, which I rate a 10, to Aero California which I rate a 1. Take my advice spend a little more money and drink Coronas to Cabo instead of Modelos. Why risk your life with an airline who constantly cuts corners and has a poor reputation.


User currently offlineLatinplane From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 2806 posts, RR: 11
Reply 18, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 3 hours ago) and read 5876 times:


Wow, that's definitely interesting to hear. Thanks for the insider info.

 Smile LatinPlane

User currently offlineGhost77 From Mexico, joined Mar 2000, 5299 posts, RR: 48
Reply 19, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 5870 times:

Hello everyone....

After hearing all this I think non of us there's much to do to change the truth...

Also what can you spect from the DC9s after almost 35 years of service.. yeap I have to admit it... best airline in Mexico it's Mexicana (Aerocaribe) second AeroMexico (Aerolitoral), AeroMar, I'm pretty shure service manteinance from this five airlines CAN'T compare to Aviacsa, Aerolineas Internacionales, and AeroCalifornia,
Allegro don't know in what service standard they are but maybe the same thing they can't compare to AM or MX.

But the thing is that maybe JR pilots are not forced to land if the flight it's NOT ON TIME, I wan't to point this because if you remember AM got an incident on Oct 6, 2000 skidded of rwy and written of landing, I was told by my uncle (which it's an AM pilot) that after eating almost the half runway and heavy WX conditions both now that they are forced to get on time to the arrival airport. At least JR pilots are not like that!

Well I got free tickets for flying them, I got no other choice. And of course a DC9 flight to LAX from Mexico can't be offer by any other airline. I love Mexican Airlines... and I'll try to get the chance to fly on the last 2 B727-100s operated by a Mexican airlines which is Aerolineas Internacionales.

And if JR doesn't change the way of thinking and the way of leading and Airline in the 20s, maybe they won't be arround on the next years.. we are in the 20s and were you have to wake up and smell the cofee.

ghost77  Smile

Ricardo Morales - flyAPM - ¡No es que maneje rapido, solo estoy volando lento!
User currently offlineRogueTrader From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (14 years 3 weeks 3 days ago) and read 5840 times:

I flew on AeroCalifornia a couple of times during their association with AA.

On a flight I took between Torreon and Juarez on a DC9, I sat in a window seat overlooking the no. 2 engine. I watched a rivet on the pylon(?) that attaches the engine to the fuselage slowly unscrew itself for the whole trip from takeoff to landing. Upon landing, it was sticking up about a half of an inch. I didn't think it was a huge deal, but it was a little unnerving considering the age of the planes and their already worn-out look. I told the pilots about it at Juarez.

The flight was otherwise very interesting, insofar as looking at the way a non-US mega carrier operates. Commercial jet operations from the very basic fields like Torreon and Juarez are interesting, and the rustic scenery is great.

kind regards,


User currently offlineAMX From Mexico, joined Oct 2001, 91 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (14 years 3 weeks 2 days 21 hours ago) and read 5804 times:

Hi all!

I really admire all of those who fly AeroCalifornia nowadays... myself included. I've flown AeroCalifornia 3 times in my life, and let me tell you it's quite a show up there!

When you first board the plane, you feel as if disco music is about to be played... the (very) old brown leather first-class seats, crappy pinkish coach upholstery, but let me tell you, they got some hot ladies working for them!... The colorscheme is so outdated, and most of the time not well preserved.

When the plane starts to taxi, the overhead compartments start to shake a bit, but you think "It's OK, it's normal for these fossil-planes", but when it starts to takeoff, damn! it feels as if the overhead compartments and the seats are about to break... it's rattle time up there, but what the hell, that's what you get for paying a lower fare!

And wait until you land, after a noisy and shaky landing, you pray for not getting your luggage any damaged, but you get it damaged after all, and they don't give a damn!... what a crappy way to treat your luggage and your customers, you should see how they do it! What a poorly run airline...

AeroCalifornia has only 1 daily flight... oh sorry, recently downgraded to X27, from my hometown (CEN), leaving at 0625 bound for Los Mochis (LMM) and finally Mexico City (MEX) and returning late in the evening. This flight is ALWAYS packed full, in and out, they even published in the newspaper, yellow pages (their AD shows the route map), that they were about to open 2 more daily flights, 1 non-stop to GDL and another non-stop to TIJ... and what happened? NO SOUP FOR YOU!! (Taken from Seinfeld's episode "The Soup Nazi") they even downgraded our only daily flight, oh well...

I don't get this airline, I guess nobody does, it desperately needs new MANAGEMENT as all of you said, and some cold hard CASH, but that I say, will never happen until it goes bankrupt, and that's not so far away...

And by the way, ghost77, based on which facts do you say Mexicana Airlines is the "best" airline in Mexico?



Arriba Sonora!!!
User currently offlineGhost77 From Mexico, joined Mar 2000, 5299 posts, RR: 48
Reply 22, posted (14 years 3 weeks 2 days 6 hours ago) and read 5739 times:


Mexicana the best airline in Mexico comes from my personal opinion... and comments that have make my mind change...

From airline workers at MX, if you ask to MX workers they are always conformed with their airline. If you ask that to AM workers sometimes they are not conformed with ideas or things from management. As you might now the father of E. Urq. works at Mexicana's home base he got many information from the airline and tell me what CINTRA do behind the scenes... everytime AM got a problem there's MX to solve it.. in a month MX makes more money than AM, if AM got economical problems MX always try to solve the the things.. that's what Cintra group do behind... also when AeroMar used to be from Cintra group they also give money to AM. It is why Cintra haven't been sold because they know when Mexicana and AeroMexico hav to split and compete both companies AM won't have Mexicana anymore and MX will go for more than AM. Just check out how many important things Mexicana has done on the last months by opening new routes and creating a hub at Miami and expanding in all Latin America which it is their priority... with Asia... codeshering flights from LAX to Asia. Mexicana the first airline connecting Mexico with the United States, you can't compare that with AeroMexico, and the next point is expanding to Canada. The second biggest problem are the fleets, MX owns a bunch of aircraft AM fly, but before they split the airlines they got to solve what they are going to do with the big MIX they have... Mexicana aircraft flying with AeroMexico... the first order of B757 was made by MX, what happened.. Cintra give the order to send them to AM, open AeroMextour and they never opened the airline and all 757s went to AM. Same thing with the 767s the first 2 arrived for MX, orders from high managers were to send those aircraft to AM.

There are many things on both airlines... and maybe 2 completly different ideas from MX and AM. Mexicana trying to get the most passengers and giving the best serive. AeroMexico fighthing for the Bussiness travelers. Anyway both are our two main flag carriers.. but for me Mexicana carry more than the 50% as Mexico's flag carrier.

ghost77  Smile

Ricardo Morales - flyAPM - ¡No es que maneje rapido, solo estoy volando lento!
User currently offlineLatinplane From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 2806 posts, RR: 11
Reply 23, posted (14 years 3 weeks 2 days 5 hours ago) and read 5749 times:


I'm no one to say, but as I recall things did not happen that way...

AeroMexico does not rely on Mexicana to operate. That is just not a valid statement. Each carrier has to support its own weight and pay off its own bills. Each carrier has been extremely profitable up until last year.

AeroMexico's strategy has been different. They are conservative when it comes to expansion and they are not trying to conquer the world for the sake of having an impressive route map. They already tried that once and it didn't get them anywhere!

My opinion is that they are following the close example of their partner Delta Airlines. Delta is equally known to be very American conservative (the attitude of the Southeast) They expand slowly but surely. The don't like take steps without first really making sure that they're doing the correct thing. If you notice, AM acts exactly the same way.

Then, you take a look at the U.S. route map. They tend to concentrate their activity towards Delta's big hubs. Also, AeroMexico tends to be more worried about having more frequencies to their destinations rather than operating a few flights per week to many more destinations like Mexicana.

Mexicana on the other hand likes to do things differently. They have an impressive international route system but many of these destinations don't have a daily flight. Some examples I can think of include: Buenos Aires, Montreal, Sacramento, Oakland, Denver, San Salvador etc. etc. While they are rapidly expanding internationally, their domestic route system is much smaller than that of AeroMexico.

Now history wise, I can tell you that things are not the way they were told to you. From what I understand, Mexicana had nothing to do with the 767/757 purchase. The 767/757s were originally ordered by AeroMexico to supplement their DC-10s, back in early 1990/91. This was before AeroMexico purchased Mexicana, which was on the brink of shutting down due to extreme losses. The original batch of 767s, were ex-Lan Chile aircraft, while the 757s were factory new from Boeing's plant.

Then, AeroMexico bought Mexicana and soon after that AeroPeru (See where that went). Some of the 757s were transferred over to AeroPeru. While, I did learn there was some sort of conflict in 1996/97 when Mexicana wanted to operate 757s, but AeroMexico had some opposition. So when Mexicana got its way, they literaly stuck their tonge out to AM by stating on their new 757s, "No que no" and "Vamos por mas." "I told you so" and "we're going for more."

During the 1995 Tequila crisis, AeroMexico and all of its subsidiaries which included: Mexicana, Aerocaribe, Aerolitoral, and AeroPeru were taken over by the government in order from preventing them from total collapse. Thus, Cintra was born. AeroMexico has done that, been there... It learned its lesson.

As far as I know, AeroMar was never a part of Cintra. AeroMar only code shares with Cintra's carriers.

 Smile LatinPlane

User currently offlineGhost77 From Mexico, joined Mar 2000, 5299 posts, RR: 48
Reply 24, posted (14 years 3 weeks 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 5713 times:

Hello Latinplane,

Well I am always an open mind person and I accept your words and comments. But as you just mention above MX decided to name 3 B757s.. because of the reason I stated above. The first B757s ordered by MX, change to the order of AM and destinated the B757 Aeromextour first and later on to AeroPeru. So MX got angry and decided to name 3 B757.


There are many things from past years.. before Cintra was created they were all ready conflicts, specially with their fleet. As the 767s arrived after Cintra was created. But I hope soon they arranged all the mix they got on their fleet... AM get's their new aircraft, and after that both companies get sold. And now we are going to see the way they are going to grow by therself and without any help. Only by the US carriers as Delta to AeroMexico and United to Mexicana.

By the way, AeroMexico right now the hottest internal news are that they have a month to solve internal problems at their manteinance base or FAA licencse for service to Internacional aircraft will be canceled. So service to aircraft with N registration EI registrations and others AM won't have the license to give service. So just imagine AM fleet it's almost the 60% of their fleet are November and EI, the other 40% it's only XA. So just imagine if they get their license canceled there might be job cuts on next months.

Hope things get better to AM.

ghost77  Smile

Ricardo Morales - flyAPM - ¡No es que maneje rapido, solo estoy volando lento!
User currently offlineIB6400 From Mexico, joined Jun 1999, 247 posts, RR: 3
Reply 25, posted (14 years 3 weeks 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 5731 times:


Latinplane's post actually didn't left anything to add about AeroMexico and Mexicana's actual situation... But in addition to Latinplane's comments (Which BTW are very good comments) I would like to add my impressions on both airlines...

Yes, AeroMexico is a very conservative airline, focused to the business travelers, with a real international image, as the only Mexican airline flying across the Atlantic.

Mexicana in the other hand is a very traditional airline with almost 81 years in service, focused to family vacations and ethnic routes (Look Mexicana's flights to California, Colorado and Illinois)

Both airlines are great and they are doing well in terms of economics. I wouldn't say AM is trying to take advantage over MX or viceversa as both of them are actually helping each other with this joint venture named CINTRA.

I in my personal opinion can't say Mexicana is the best airline in Mexico... I don't think that way. What I can say is that both airlines (AeroMexico and Mexicana) are different in terms of services, flights and quality in their products. That's why I can't say which one is the best flying Mexican skies...

For example look at this...

- I found so much better AeroMexico's Clase Premier rather than Mexicana's Executive Class. There is no doubt AM is leading the way in the business travelers area.

- I found so much better Mexicana's All Inclusive Packages (VTP) rather than AeroMexico's Gran Plan. With Mexicana you just have more practical, cheaper and better options.

- I want to point out again AeroMexico's flights to Europe. They have this actual Mexico's flag carrier image with them.

- Mexicana is leading the way in Latinamerican flights. As the only Mexican airline flying to Argentina, Colombia or Central America. (And they are doing great!)

- If you have the opportunity of flying both airlines in domestic flights you will see that their service is more or less the same, it just depends on their staff in the plane and ground personal.

So... I try to think AeroMexico & Mexicana as brother and sister... I would say both airlines have this huge responsability as they are actually Mexico's flag carriers. Both airlines need to be an example to other airlines in other latinamerican countries. They need to fit the same standards as LanChile or Varig are doing right now.

Joaquín  Smile
Mexico City

P.S. BTW what is Aerolíneas Argentinas waiting for to be Argentina's REAL flag carrier again??

Yo soy yo más mis circunstancias - J. Ortega y Gasset
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