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US Airways New Ticket Policy  
User currently offlineUAL747 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (13 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 4687 times:


Seems odd that they are doing this and no one else is. I sure wouldnt want to fly on USAirways now. Could someone explain to me how this keeps fares lower?


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User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 4663 times:

Any airline that thinks they can charge me 300 bucks and because of traffic or security delay take off without me on it and keep my money better be ready for a fight.

I will NEVER fly on them again. There are a hundred reasons why flights are missed (accidents on way to airport, flat tires getting lost etc)

If they think I will chance it on them when they are saying they will not refund money or put you on a later flight? I'll put in on my American Express card and simply call the 800 number and have them put a stop on it.

If I pay 300 for something and the unforseeable happens then they should charge a fee for my mistake but to deny me accesss and keep my money? Yah right.

I forgave them TWICE on my recent flight for canceled flights that screwed my trip up. If they cant return the favor then start collecting the USAirways stuf people because it will be valuable when they tank soon.

User currently offlineNickofatlanta From Australia, joined May 2000, 1493 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 4646 times:

The changes to Dividend Miles are pretty stupid as well. They are going to annoy a lot of their loyal travellers by restricting flights that qualify for Elite / Preferred qualification to essentially full fares. You'll still earn Dividend Miles on all fares, but only those non-refundable fares booked in "H" class and below will not count towards elite qualificaion. That's a lot of fares! Count me out of flying them again!

User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 4639 times:

And their logic is flawed and they WILL BE sued.

No ones life is ruined by a missed ball game or arriving late for a Broadway show. And sorry but having been to many Broadway shows if you are nice you can get credited for a further showing.

But do they seriously think a family of three or four is going to shell out 1000 dollars and because of a mishap lose every penny plus have no transportation?

It should be illegal and I guarantee you there will be lawsuits.

I already know of several occasions where flights have left with passengers still waiting in line because security was backed up. In cases like that it is not the passengers fault. And if they think they can pocket the money for a service not being rendered then they better be prepared for a fight.

With that said I always arrive ridiculously early at the airport just to make sure. But if one of these crazy drivers took out the cab I was in I think it is only right that the airline respond with placing on a later flight for a fee.

Note to self- Dont fly on USAirways.

User currently offlineGoingboeing From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 4875 posts, RR: 15
Reply 4, posted (13 years 9 months 1 week ago) and read 4607 times:

Don't know if any lawsuits will hold...but the difference between a Broadway show and an airline ticket is this: If I can't make it to a Broadway show, I can sell (or give) my tickets to someone who can. Can't do that with an airline ticket.

User currently offlineBobcat From United States of America, joined Jun 2007, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 23 hours ago) and read 4594 times:

This is definitely the straw that broke the camels' back.

I will no longer fly US Airways on any route. Period.
To start with, they've just lost the revenue from
the 20+ roundtrip Shuttle flights I take in one year.

(the fact of the matter is that I've been riding on
the Acela Express a lot more than airline shuttles lately,
despited the fact that Acela tickets cost a lot more than
airline shuttle ticket... $450 roundtrip on the Acela FC,
vs @ $240 roundtrip on the shuttle)

User currently offlineSeiple From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 6, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 23 hours ago) and read 4572 times:

If this spreads to other carriers, watch passenger loyalty go out the window as people will only care about the absolute lowest fare.

They are losing business passengers because they are not traveling as much and cannot afford the higher fares. Now they are alienating this group by taking away many of their benefits unless they pay for the high fares which they cannot afford. Money talks.

User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 7, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 23 hours ago) and read 4556 times:

And USAirways says that most people make their flights fine.

Then WHY do this? It doesnt make sense.

The director of travel at my company today just pulled USAirways number out of the rolodex and tossed it in the trash. That means they just lost potentially big money. My company flies its execs constantly.

I cannot see how this is going to affect them positively.

I've e-mailed all my relatives and warned them not to fly USAirways. We are having a big reunion for Christmas and that means the biz is going to go to other airlines.

And its pretty stupid considering the weather and that USAirways is based heavily in a hard winter area.

I cant tell you how many times I have gotten up at 2am for flights at 8 because there was heavy snow on the ground and I know the commute to the airport would be hard.

Its a shame too because for the last three years I have been bragging about USAirways. Them and Continental were my favorites.

I have never missed a flight (almost-because of a multi car pile up that closed the highway and we had to go WAY out of the way)

But I wont even chance it now.

People have got to put their foots down and say NO WAY this is just too far.

We are talking big money here and the poorer families will be hurt hardest. You want to see airport rage? Just tell someone they just lost 1200 bucks and wont be accomodated.

Its a stupid idea.

User currently offlineTonyBurr From United States of America, joined Mar 2001, 1111 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 23 hours ago) and read 4551 times:

And you wonder WHY the airlines are so hated by passengers? Their "business plan" (real joke) will lead to less loyalty. The airline sindustry is really headed by idiots!!!!

Maybe they should go bankrupt. Maybe the tax payer should not bail such idiots out!

Yes, the other "stupid" airlines will follow.

User currently offlineEA CO AS From United States of America, joined Nov 2001, 15352 posts, RR: 60
Reply 9, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 23 hours ago) and read 4548 times:
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The problem is that your $300.00 ticket for that flight is a *contract* for carriage on that flight, that day. It's not technically good for anything else. So if you fail to live up to your end of the bargain by not showing up, you're out of luck. An airline seat is a highly perishable commodity. Once that airplane door is closed, that empty seat has lost the ability to make any money for the company. The reason it was empty is because you, for some reason, didn't show up to claim it after you'd bought a ticket. Now, it doesn't matter if you were stuck in traffic, delayed by security, abducted by aliens, or whatever. They were holding that seat for you under the assumption that you'd be on board, which kept them from selling it to anyone else. As a result, they have every right to keep the money if you fail to show. It's no different than trying to get a refund on a ticket you bought for a ballgame that you didn't show up for.


You make a valid point about giving it to someone else, save for the fact that an airline ticket is a non-transferable contract between the carrier and the customer, and THAT is why the name cannot be changed. The customer's purchase of the ticket is their tacit acceptance of the airline's terms and conditions, so they have no legal recourse if they don't like the policy.


Since this change is one that would ultimately benefit ALL airlines if implemented by everyone, expect other carriers to match the "discount fares don't count towards elite status" policy. Since Southwest doesn't offer such status to their Rapid Rewards members, the other carriers won't be at a competetive disadvantage. Look for this to be an industry standard within three months.

"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem - government IS the problem." - Ronald Reagan
User currently offlineVermeer From United States of America, joined May 2000, 447 posts, RR: 4
Reply 10, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4536 times:

although I respect USAirways probably endless meetings to reach those policies, they are following a trend ( Continental) in discontinuing offering free alcohol on transatlantioc flights I see no better way to alienate low fare paying passengers AND businessmen in not giving miles.

As stated a lot of people choose a certain airline ( or give preference when choices are available) because of FF programs.

I perosnally hate to see all of this happen, and it is true that, unless the other majors refuse to follow those premises, this will become average for U.S. based carriers.
This leads to the question of what they will be stopping next...credit card miles? hotel stays and car rentals???

Furthermore, no big savings are allowed ( and no big gain) from a 4 dollars mini bottle of gin. Let's be real, they buy in bulk, how much does it REALLY cost to an airline the alcohol? It was a nice little attention for the passengers.

More and more I am happy to fly non U.S. based carriers although I live in NYC.
Me too, I will skip travelling with them. They won't notice, of course, but how many people will do so? That will make the difference...

User currently offlineLowfareair From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4531 times:

And yet more people defect to FL, TZ, F9, WN, B6, etc.

The airlines don't seem to realize that becoming more low-frills while charging full-service prices will impact their bottom line.

I hope UA doesn't match this.

User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4527 times:

Then if its a "contract" between us then my 8am flight better take off at 8 and not 9:15 and if they are going to cry about a breach of contract then I WILL TOO.

That philosophy will not win them customers.

User currently offlineRedngold From United States of America, joined Mar 2000, 6907 posts, RR: 40
Reply 13, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4502 times:

OK, let's get this straight...

USAirways is bankrupt right now...

USAirways is trying to cut costs...

USAirways screws its remaining customers with this policy...

What the &%*!?

I already hate flying through PHL... Yet another reason to hop around on other airlines.


Up, up and away!
User currently offlinePadcrasher From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4499 times:

Delta started this "simply good business" policy of sticking to the rules some time ago. The frequent flyers bitched and moaned. What most of them fail to understand is that the airline really does not value you for how many base miles you've flown, but how much money you bring in. Two very different matters.

Keep the faith U, after the dust settles you'll see more revenue not less. Especially, since more and more airlines are adopting tighter controls on rule bending.

User currently offlineHamad From United Arab Emirates, joined Apr 2000, 1163 posts, RR: 7
Reply 15, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4491 times:

gosh! that is so unfair! i mean what if you had to delay? or some emergency happend? you can just standby! not that they take off without you!

i found a fare on USairways for $150 with no connection from IAD to FLL, yet, the same offer was on delta with a connection, but the moment i have read that, i booked on Delta! at least i know if i missed a flight i will be able to standby..

PHX - i miss spotting
User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 22 hours ago) and read 4483 times:

Lets not generalize the tightening of rules with the WACKED decision USAirways made.

This after the men in suits were smiling on TV about the new customer contract about how they would treat us fairly. Yeah, right. Let the government step in and really shake their trees if they all adopt this policy.

We have all read about AA and DELTA showing amazing humanity recently.

USAirways could never compete with them and will die.

User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 21 hours ago) and read 4456 times:

It is WAAAAAAAAY different than just not getting a refund for a ballgame I didnt show up for.

Air transportation is crucial for a variety of reasons. And no one pays 1000 for a ballgame.

Some wacko is going to go ballistic when he misses his flight and is told the money he saved up wont be refunded.

Then he will do something awful and USAirways will be in the press. And the airline will be faulted in the publics eye because it clearly easy for most people to see the difference between a 20 dollar game ticket and 500 dollar plane ticket and I am sure when enough public officials miss flights we are going to see threats of laws drawn up and USAirways is going to retract what would have been a stupid rule. In a year when airlines need all the good press they can get USAirways will have been one that got the worst by its own fault.

People already go ape at airport counters already. I would hate to work for USAirways now. Try telling someone he and his wife on their honeymoon are out of luck and out of money.

If they are going to leave late and cancel flights and cancel onboard entertainment (happened twice) and substitute aircraft and cancel seat assignments and split up families on flights then they BETTER be a bit forgiving in return to the VERY PEOPLE who are staying loyal to the airlines during this hard time.

Yup, if I was a politician I would threaten to bark against their loan unless they dropped such a stupid rule.

Its like someone buying a car not getting it because they showed up late to pick it up.

They are NOT losing money because they only put people in seats that werent sold on the next flight. So technically the person gets ONE SEAT.

If he misses and the next flight is full then he waits until there is an empty seat.

You dont STEAL HIS MONEY and deny any seat.

User currently offlineLoneStarMike From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 4028 posts, RR: 31
Reply 18, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 21 hours ago) and read 4454 times:

These are just my thoughts on the non-refundable tickets losing all of their value after departure.

US Airways still gives you a choice of whether you want to buy a fully refundable ticket at a higher price or a non-refundable ticket at a lower price. As long as you cancel the reservation of the non-refundable ticket before the actual departure, the monies (less the $100.00 change fee)can be applied towards another flight.

I'm curious as to what percentage of passengers who don't show up for a flight were delayed by traffic, in a car wreck, had a death in the family, etc. and what percentage of passengers who don't show up for a flight know ahead of time and simply don't bother to cancel the existing reservation because they're too busy and they've never had to do it in the past.

Also, let's say you're flying jetBlue and are delayed due to traffic or don't make the flight because of a death in the family, etc. Well, if you don't call jetBlue and cancel ahead of time, guess what? You forfeit all your money, too.

If you go to jetBlue's website and click on "How to jetBlue" and then click on "Changes/Cancellations/Fares, it states:

All fares are one way and non-refundable/non-transferable. Changes can only be made by calling 1-800-JETBLUE prior to scheduled departure for $25 and applicable fare adjustment. Changes are not eligible for a $5 Internet savings. Cancellations may be made prior to scheduled departure time for a full credit (less a $25.00 processing fee per passenger) towards future JetBlue travel. Credit is valid for one year and can only be redeemed by calling 1-800-JETBLUE. All monies will be forfeited if reservation is not cancelled prior to departure.

JetBlue has a lower change fee. US has a higher change fee. But on both airlines, if you don't cancel/change before the flight leaves, you lose all your money. Yet I don't recall seeing anyone complaining about jetBlue's policy and I was just wondering why.


User currently offlinePadcrasher From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 21 hours ago) and read 4436 times:

Buyer beware. The late honeymooners will be a rare unfortunate casualty. The hundreds of people who daily who bluff their way out of service fees or buying new tickets will make up the difference.

And if someone wants to raise hell at the airport these days, the scores of bored cops and TSA agents will be happy to assist them.

User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 21 hours ago) and read 4425 times:

then I wish USAIRWAYS had the brains to say Gee Mr Jones youve missed two flights this month. We are keeping the money.

If they were smart they could apply this to people on the SECOND OFFENCE and after.

I would have NO complaint. But first time? There will be lawsuits.

User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 21, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 21 hours ago) and read 4416 times:

I think perhaps that the particular agent should be given the power to override in the cases where an unforseen circumstance happens.

I will be the first to admit that some corporate folks buy three tickets and make one flight. Clearly abuse should be punished.

Perhaps Usairways is barking loudly to get the attention of those who abuse the system. Lets hope. I really liked flying them up until recently.

Just had family that made a return flight on them on Sunday Night.

So I am not anti-USAir, just anti greed and corporate abuse.

User currently offlineDCA-ROCguy From United States of America, joined Apr 2000, 4661 posts, RR: 31
Reply 22, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 20 hours ago) and read 4393 times:

The moral of the story: take your cell phone with you on the way to the airport, or have someone drive you who has one. As long as one cancels beforehand, one only loses $100 for the change fee. Still a ripoff, but at least one doesn't lose the cost of a full ticket.

JetBlue is a low-fare carrier to begin with, so passengers can expect to face tighter restrictions on "nonrefundable" tickets. Also, so-called "low-fare" nonrefundable tickets on US Airways, like the other Cartel carriers, are generally higher than the nonrefundable fares on low-fare carriers (Unless a low-fare carrier happens to be holding them accountable on the city-pair in question). It is reasonable for Cartel customers to expect services such as standby and taking the next flight if necessary. Especially since so few people tend to miss flights through misfortune before arrival at the airport.

All US will do is generate ill will at a time when they can't afford it. Political smarts aren't the Cartel's high point, though, so expect the other five to follow suit. US Airways has put its airport personnel in the uncomfortable position of enforcing two sets of rules--one for highrollers, one for the couple headed for their honeymoon. I sure wouldn't want to be a US c/s person right now.


Need a new airline paint scheme? Better call Saul! (Bass that is)
User currently offlineAer777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 23, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 20 hours ago) and read 4388 times:


Well said.

Stand by placement and help if you "just miss it" (not by days but minutes) is understandable and good business sense.

User currently offlineSllevin From United States of America, joined Jan 2002, 3376 posts, RR: 5
Reply 24, posted (13 years 9 months 6 days 20 hours ago) and read 4365 times:

I would certainly hope this doesn't become a new policy on all carriers.

I (and many others, I suspect) would lose elite status if discounted non-refundable fares didn't count towards elite status. And at that point, why be loyal? If I can't be fairly assured of getting through security quickly, and having high priority on standby, why not just fly whomever has the lowest fare?

I personally suspect that US will be an orphan on this issue, and, when others don't follow, will recant this position.


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