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Topic: Endeavour's Last Voyage (move From LAX - Sci.Sntr)
Username: Mortyman
Posted 2012-10-13 03:33:46 and read 4439 times.

Many nice pictures here from the move:

Topic: RE: Endeavour's Last Voyage (move From LAX - Sci.Sntr)
Username: rwy04lga
Posted 2012-10-13 05:39:56 and read 4421 times.

Thanks for the link. My favorite is the 'Shuttle Crossing' sign and the little girl in the window.

Topic: RE: Endeavour's Last Voyage (move From LAX - Sci.Sntr)
Username: Mortyman
Posted 2012-10-13 06:49:47 and read 4408 times.

A few more pictures:

Topic: RE: Endeavour's Last Voyage (move From LAX - Sci.Sntr)
Username: MadameConcorde
Posted 2012-10-13 08:18:47 and read 4382 times.

Many of us were on the Causeway to see her off. The President had made the trip from Washington with his family. The first launch attempt was scrubbed. I had to wait many days in Orlando until the second attempt. Many could not wait and went home. I made arrangements, changed my return flights and booked more hotel nights. That second time saw a successful launch.

I am sort of sad that I did not attend the procession to see her through the streets. From the pictures, she is an awesome sight on that eerie road trip, much taller than houses.

There are more pictures here, every one of them is amazing.

This is the Los Angeles Times photo gallery with 54 pictures



Shuttle treks across L.A., headed for its space
After many missions and a scenic flyover, Endeavour inches along city streets to its Exposition Park home.
Moving the shuttle has been an epic undertaking, involving hundreds of workers who removed traffic lights, turned off power lines and cleared crowds so the Endeavour could make it through the streets.

It created a scene out of one of L.A.'s famous disaster movies, the five-story-tall shuttle nudging between buildings as spectators looked on atop gas station roofs, on cranes and even seated atop those downed traffic lights.,0,309040.story


Driving space shuttle Endeavour through L.A. is 'special,' movers say


Endeavour’s trek through L.A.

The space shuttle En­deav­our is trav­el­ing from Los Angeles In­ter­na­tion­al Air­port to Ex­pos­i­tion Park on Fri­day and Sat­urday, and it’s shap­ing up to be quite a lo­gist­ic­al chal­lenge. The shuttle will move at a top speed of 2 mph, and at some points along the 12-mile route it will be just inches away from build­ings.

Map: The space shuttle’s route
More: En­deav­our’s cross-coun­try trip to L.A.


Endeavour: Retired astronaut Mark Kelly recalls 'incredible' shuttle

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly might have commanded space shuttle Endeavour's final mission, but he admitted he's not jealous of the person who has to guide it down the streets of Los Angeles.

"I'm glad I'm not driving the vehicle," Kelly said Thursday. "I'm interested to see how it goes. Hopefully they don't put a scratch on it."


Endeavour crews remember shuttle as a home and workplace
As the shuttle Endeavour prepares for its final journey, to the California Science Center, astronauts who flew on its 20 years of missions have buoyant memories.,0,6629588.story?track=lanowpicks


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