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Topic: Denmark Chooses 9 MH-60R Seahawk
Posted 2012-11-24 11:41:06 and read 4591 times.

The danish parliement has chosen the Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk as the shipbased helicopter to replace the Westland Lynx

The updated AW-159 Lynx was the last candidate to be removed from the competition.

The current Lynx helicopters were recieved starting in 1980. First a batch of 8 Mk.80's and to raplace to that had crashed, the Naval Air Service recieved 2 Mk.87's in 1987, originally destined for Argentina.
All the helicopters recieved a new airframe and was upgraded to Super Lynx Mk.90B status 10-12 years ago


Denmark expects to receive the first of the new helicopters in 2016, so the Navy can provide an even more effective action both nationally and internationally.

Seahawk is purchased as a shelf. This means that the helicopter already in service in another NATO country. It is a good opportunity for collaboration with other users, for example in relation to logistics, training and future updates of the helicopter.

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Topic: RE: Denmark Chooses 9 MH-60R Seahawk
Username: Revelation
Posted 2012-11-24 15:07:25 and read 4524 times.

Here's an article in English:

Hope the Danes get great use out of these fine aircraft!

Topic: RE: Denmark Chooses 9 MH-60R Seahawk
Username: mffoda
Posted 2012-11-24 19:25:46 and read 4471 times.

Smart move!

Now at least the will have a platform that will be constantly updated (even if they elect not upgrade as often) as a result of the numbers produced, and the deep pockets of the USN. Not to mention interoperability and spares availability.

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