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Topic: Argentina Presidential B757 Status
Username: LVTMB
Posted 2012-11-17 17:32:04 and read 4757 times.


I was talking to some friends and the topic of the Argentina Presidential Boeing 757 - the Fuerza Aerea Argentina T-01 - came up. Nobody was certain about what the status of the bird is at this time. I searched some news sites but all I was able to ascertain is that it had a rejected take-off a couple of months ago and that, according to some papers, was due for major maintenaince - a C check perhaps?

I was hoping that some one would have reliable and accurate info as to the status of the T-01 - is it in service? off service due to MX? sold? given away? repo-ed?

Interested in any info.


Topic: RE: Argentina Presidential B757 Status
Username: thowman
Posted 2012-11-27 08:25:24 and read 4495 times.

The Argentines don't use it to go outside the country for fear of it being impounded as their training ship has been in Ghana.

According to what I can find in Argentine press, the government have hired a private jet for 3 months to take the crazy president on her shopping trips. That was in the news on the 25th October.

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