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Topic: The New Boeing Pelican?
Username: PhatAlbert
Posted 2005-10-17 20:50:17 and read 13634 times.

This Plane/vessel whatever it may be was suggested to me as one of the biggest planes... but the description is kinda off... im not to sure what it is exactly going to do... can sumone please kinda update me or inform me exactly its role.. or anything? heres a link that i found.. Click Here to see the Pelican

Topic: RE: The New Boeing Pelican?
Username: Pyrex
Posted 2005-10-18 00:01:11 and read 13578 times.

It was a proposed WIG (wing-in-ground effect) craft from Boeing to transport huge amounts of cargo on overseas deployments. I don't think it is going anywhere at the moment.

Topic: RE: The New Boeing Pelican?
Username: TedTAce
Posted 2005-10-18 04:08:11 and read 13514 times.

Quoting Pyrex (Reply 1):
I don't think it is going anywhere at the moment.

As usual; too much 'conventional' thinking at the Pentagon. If it we up to those yahoos, there'd be no such thing as an A-10.

Topic: RE: The New Boeing Pelican?
Username: L-188
Posted 2005-10-18 04:37:15 and read 13495 times.

Amazing how close they got the "new concept" to look like the Caspian Sea Monster and the Spruce Goose had an illiciet affair in the back of a hanger one night.

This would be their BSTRD step child.

Topic: RE: The New Boeing Pelican?
Username: PhatAlbert
Posted 2005-10-18 04:50:07 and read 13489 times.

yea... I really wonder what Boeing, Airbus, or any other big companies will make in the next 100 years.. or even if they combine... even that pelican the size of it is enormous.. and thats now.. wonder what would be next.. and then theres also the behind the scene planes that are always around..

Topic: RE: The New Boeing Pelican?
Username: Lehpron
Posted 2005-10-18 06:20:38 and read 13493 times.

The Pelican is like Alliance of Europe, it is just a preliminary study of a concept. Pelican is a ground effect plane, meaning that as you 'fly' close to the ground the effect on the plan is more wing area, hence you can make the plane bigger. Ground effect has long been a naval thing, that is, to carry cargo, troops or fuel, etc. It is not likely to go into production anytime soon, but it is a much faster alternative to a ship whie the cargo may be too big for an An-225.

Doing so could also be the equivalent of a rope-a-dope, to get your competition thinking you are concentrating on something else til you come out with the real deal. I think Airbus was caught off guard when Boeing SC evolved into 787.  Smile

Not that all big company ideas are not genuinely pursued, just if the winds change, you gotta go with the flow. As conformed as that may be, it's business. Every company has a division divided into subdivisions to work on projects for various ideas or potential markets. Though it may involve as little as a few engineers, their projects represent the company as a whole. Anything that Phantom Works comes up with will still be a Boeing plane regardless of priority of it being built, if ever. Like you stated in your thread starter post: The New Boeing Pelican.

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