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Topic: First New IAF "Air Force One"
Posted 2006-11-30 23:26:51 and read 5995 times.

Picking up from two threads in CivAv, it's curious why no one has started a topic here.....

It seems our Indian members have studiously avoided doing it out of modesty, so I took it upon myself to begin one. I say "First" for I recall a news item saying three BBJs were on order. So who's outfitting this first one and when is it due for completion?

(BTW, the big KE order also includes a lone BBJ which might be for the airline or destined for the government, as no SK presidential/PM a/c could be found on the DB.)

Topic: RE: First New IAF "Air Force One"
Username: KC135TopBoom
Posted 2006-12-01 02:52:56 and read 5935 times.

It will be fitted out by PATS in Delaware. Boeing delivered the first B-737-BBJ a few days ago. Here is Boeing's press release from yesterday.

Topic: RE: First New IAF "Air Force One"
Username: HAWK21M
Posted 2006-12-04 07:16:05 and read 5662 times.

Finally the Workhorse B732s would be phased out.min Flt hrs & a lots a Ft cycles on those birds.

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