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Topic: Russian Military?
Username: I-96
Posted 2001-12-02 23:43:02 and read 2696 times.

Hey I was just wondering, how do you go to like the offical website of the Russian air force or army,and Navy.


Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: Rene
Posted 2001-12-03 01:16:23 and read 2614 times.

What's the URL of their website?

Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: MiG31
Posted 2001-12-03 22:20:41 and read 2589 times.

and official site of navy is

I think is in Russian

Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: Rene
Posted 2001-12-03 23:08:28 and read 2579 times.

Thanks. Very interesting websites.

Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: Jwenting
Posted 2001-12-04 17:46:45 and read 2557 times. would be Latvia and not Russia. Minor detail (except to Latvian people of course).

Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: LY744
Posted 2001-12-04 18:32:16 and read 2552 times. is probably not the official website, but it certainly deals with the Russian military (not only the army).


Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: MiG31
Posted 2001-12-05 16:19:55 and read 2543 times.


I suggest that you check out the site first and then make guesses to which military it refers...

Kind Regards,


Topic: Some Curious Info...
Username: TP313
Posted 2001-12-06 02:53:29 and read 2540 times.

In fact when talking about the russian military
we should bear in mind that there are several
more military branches in Russia than the
usual triad (army, navy, air force):

- Three air forces:
1) The VVS that protects russian air space.
2) The PVO - tactical combat aviation.
3) The Moscow Air Army - strategic bomber forces.

- Two armies (that I know of...)
1) The regular army, controled by the MoD
2) The Interior Ministery troops, mostly infantry.

- The Navy, although I think the SLBM forces have
some sort of separate command (I might be wrong).

- The Strategic Rocket Forces, that control the ICBMs.

- The Space Forces, that control the orbital
infrastructure (satelites for communication,
navigation, surveillance, early warning, etc.).

These unusual structure was inherited from the
Soviet Union, maybe to prevent any of the basic
branches to acquire too much power...

Topic: RE: Some Curious Info...
Username: LY744
Posted 2001-12-06 03:42:18 and read 2530 times.

TP313, the PVO and the VVS were deffinetely merged together (not enough money to operate both). The strategical missile forces may have also been merged with the air force. I believe the strategic bomber forces are also a sub-branch of the AF, so are the space forces.  Smile


Topic: RE: Russian Military?
Username: Mig31
Posted 2001-12-06 11:22:54 and read 2526 times.

No, the strategic forces never were merged with AF. AF hs some strategic bombers but they were not merged together... Im pretty sure

Kind Regards,


Topic: Hard To Keep Up...
Username: TP313
Posted 2001-12-06 17:42:35 and read 2523 times.

...With developments in Russia, mainly
to do with unreliability of reports in
western media.
But I know for sure that, in the
Yeltsin era, the Space Forces were
put under the command of the
Strategic Rocket Forces, only
to be restored as a separate
branch later, under Putin Presidency.
No wonder I get confused...  Smile


Topic: RE: Hard To Keep Up...
Username: LY744
Posted 2001-12-06 18:15:03 and read 2520 times.

I know what you mean, TP313!  Smile


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