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Topic: My ColdFusion Group Wins Cool Speaker!
Username: Charlib52
Posted 2006-01-06 23:18:07 and read 1031 times.

Hi all--

I know this may seem arcane of me to post, but this IS the non-av forum and I'm really excited about our accomplishment.  Smile

I run a local technical user group in Seattle with the specialty topic of Adobe (Macromedia) ColdFusion, a website application programming language. Anyway, we just scored *THE* speaker of speakers for our technical field -- Ben Forta. We're very excited!!!!! Now we have to get a big audience or else he won't come back. Gulp!!

So for those of you in the Western Washington area interested in web applications, ColdFusion, SQL databases or Adobe (Macromedia) Flex this would be a great opportunity for you. This will be Ben's only appearance in the Pacific Northwest during this tour.

We have the date and time, but no location yet.

I know there may not be many of you interested in this exact stuff here, but thought it wouldn't hurt -- I'm hitting up everyone I know!!  Smile Big grin

Thanks!! Pass it on if you know somebody who might be interested!


January 6, 2006


For more information contact:


SEATTLE, WA—Ben Forta, well known technical evangelist, speaker and author of more than ten books on computer subjects such as programming websites, databases and the java programming language, will be speaking at a special meeting of the Seattle ColdFusion User’s Group on Monday, February 13, 2006 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the XXXXXXX location.

Forta’s talk will focus on the Adobe ColdFusion website programming language, an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for building dynamic websites that connect to databases and other different systems and services on the Internet. He will also present the Adobe FlexBuilder 2 program, which simplifies the job of creating computer code for programmers and developers using the Flex programming language. Both ColdFusion and Flex are part of the same product family and work well together.

A drawing will be held after the presentation for the chance to win a copy of either Adobe ColdFusion MX 7.0 Standard (A $1,299 retail value) or Adobe Studio 8 (a $999 retail value). All audience members present at the meeting are eligible.

For more information please visit the Seattle ColdFusion User’s Group (Seattle CFUG) website at

About Ben Forta:
Forta is Adobe Systems Inc's Senior Technical Evangelist. In that capacity Forta spends a considerable amount of time talking and writing about Adobe products (with an emphasis on ColdFusion), and providing feedback to help shape the future direction of the product. He is also the author of books on topics such as ColdFusion, SQL, Windows 2000, JSP, WAP and Regular Expressions.

About the Seattle CFUG:
The Seattle ColdFusion Users Group offers speakers, programs and professional development opportunities for webmasters, programmers, database admins, designers or anyone with an interest in dynamic web applications while meeting and sharing ideas with other like-minded people in the greater Seattle area. The group meets on the first Thursday of each month in Downtown Seattle.

Topic: RE: My ColdFusion Group Wins Cool Speaker!
Username: DL021
Posted 2006-01-06 23:37:35 and read 1019 times.

um....Congratulations! You guys are the kings of all geeks...

remember the Earthlink answer....nerds are nerds, but geeks get it done!


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