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Topic: Man Jailed For Failing To Commit Murder
Username: Nighthawk
Posted 2006-01-17 16:25:14 and read 2843 times.


A man from Kent has been jailed for failing to kill a woman despite accepting money to carry out the hit.

The would-be hitman, Kevin Reeves of Snodland near Rochester, promised Christine Ryder he would arrange her slaying in exchange for a large bag of cash.

But despite receiving payments totalling £20,000, Reeves failed to do any actual whacking and, as a result, Ms Ryder decided to get the lawyers in.

A court yesterday agreed with Ms Ryder and sentenced Reeves to 15 months in prison for deception. And people complain about British Justice...

you couldnt make this up!

Topic: RE: Man Jailed For Failing To Commit Murder
Username: Kiwiandrew
Posted 2006-01-17 16:29:31 and read 2830 times.

reminds me of "the Simpsons" episode when Sideshow Bob was tried for attempted murder he scornfully said

"Attempted murder, now honestly, what is that? Do they give a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry?"

Topic: RE: Man Jailed For Failing To Commit Murder
Username: Planespotting
Posted 2006-01-17 16:40:26 and read 2817 times.

Well, in that crazy British Civil Law Promissary Estoppel (promising someone you will do something) is considered a legally binding contract and violating it can be a criminal offense. In American Law however, Promissry Estoppel is just a tort, and normally you would just have to pay for damages from not carrying out the tort.

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