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Topic: Roller Derby
Username: NWOrientDC10
Posted 2006-02-07 01:37:43 and read 1283 times.

The last time I saw roller derby on tv was about 30 years ago. I thought it was dead until I looked it up.

With pro wrestling doing as well as it does (WWE in particular), I would think roller would not be obscure.

Any thoughts? Input?

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Topic: RE: Roller Derby
Username: Garnetpalmetto
Posted 2006-02-07 01:41:09 and read 1282 times.

That new A&E show, Roller Girls (about the TXRD league) is certainly interesting and provides an interesting insight both on what motivates the participants as well as their bouts. Not a bad show and I found out that there's a roller derby league here in Raleigh, albeit a league of only 2 teams.

Topic: RE: Roller Derby
Username: NWOrientDC10
Posted 2006-02-07 01:41:40 and read 1282 times.

Look at the other thread, I posted this (hit the wrong button) before I had a chance to edit.

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