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Topic: Time-Travel Dreams: Ever Had One?
Username: SmithAir747
Posted 2006-03-11 21:25:01 and read 2842 times.

Have you ever had a dream where you have gone back (or forward) in time? In this type of dream, you can go back or forward in time, within your lifetime or outside of it. I would call it a time-warp dream or time-travel dream. Would these be an unusual type of dream, or are they quite common? I'd like to know if you've experienced one.

I have experienced several myself.

1) The latest one I had (last year, 2005): I traveled back in time to a few years before I was even born (the early 1970s; I wasn't born until 1975). In my dream, it had to have been 1971 or 1972, when Fort Wayne, IN, was smaller (and FWA was out in the sticks). In my modern-day form, I found myself in the much smaller FWA terminal in 1972, when my (future) mom and my 8 siblings (quite young then) were there waiting for Dad to get home from a business trip. I remember waiting in the sunlit gate lobby (all gates were ground-level, walk-out doors), looking out at two sets of airstairs, waiting for a Delta 727 to come in with (future) Dad on it. Suddenly, Mom recognised me--in my 2005 body (when I wasn't even born until 1975)! How would she be able to recognise me--a few years before I was even born, much less my 2005 body? This was my future adoptive family, at a time before I was even thought of. By the way, I saw their powder-blue 1970s Ford LTD station wagon in the airport parking lot.

2) In 1999, on a camping trip with Mom and my younger sister, I had an even weirder dream. I went back in time to the fall of 1985, when I was starting fourth grade. The weird thing is that the dream was taking me back to just before the time I had a life-threatening medical emergency (Mother's Day 1986). Somehow, I was able to look "forward" to that event, and "know" that this time, I would NOT survive that event! In that timeline, it was to be a real family tragedy, with me dying after choking on a sausage that Mother's Day. (Obviously, in real life, I survived that event, which really happened).

3) A few years before that, I had a dream where I traveled WAY back in time--to the 1850s, the time when my (current) family home was first built. My large family's house (in Garrett, IN) is an ex-funeral home, and its core was built in the 1850s, before Garrett even became a town. (The town was built on the railroad, and still is a railroad town today). In my dream, I was able to vividly "remember" that the original part of the house sat there, with hardly anything else around it (the area around it was still open country). A horse-drawn wagon or carriage stood out front, and I "flew" through the original house.

4) The weirdest, and most eerie, dream, was where I traveled far into the future--to a very different Earth, which had been "xeroformed" (terraformed) by alien occupiers who had wiped out our race. The atmosphere was a very thick bluish-green fog, and I could see, through this fog, what looked like gigantic termite mounds (which were the "cities" that the ETs had "grown" all over Earth's crust).

Please let me know if you've had any time-travel dreams!


Topic: RE: Time-Travel Dreams: Ever Had One?
Username: NWOrientDC10
Posted 2006-03-12 13:22:46 and read 2817 times.

Quoting SmithAir747 (Thread starter):
Please let me know if you've had any time-travel dreams!

I haven't had time - travel experiences as you have. I have had dreams where my perception of time was altered.


Topic: RE: Time-Travel Dreams: Ever Had One?
Username: Mrmeangenes
Posted 2006-03-12 16:52:25 and read 2809 times.

I've had the "parallel universe" sort of dream-quite vividly at times: the sort of dream in which a very simple yes-no decision results in a MAJOR change in your life,and you get to see a great deal of that new life - yet the whole thing occurs in a split second.


Topic: RE: Time-Travel Dreams: Ever Had One?
Username: YOWza
Posted 2006-03-12 18:27:54 and read 2799 times.

Last night I dreamt of going back to Wednesday and beating the shit out of the guy who was tailgating me. Nothing deeper than that though Big grin.


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