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Topic: One Week In Sydney - Suggestions?
Username: Marambio
Posted 2006-04-04 23:20:12 and read 2666 times.

Good afternoon people,

Because of different reasons, I will spend the first week of May in Sydney, Australia. I am flying AerolĂ­neas Argentinas EZE-AKL-SYD on April 28th and I'm heading back home on May 7th.

I have heard many times Sydney is an amazing city, but I don't really know what I should check out and what I should avoid while visiting. Besides, I was thinking about going to Canberra for a day trip, just to see Australia's capital city, which they say is pretty nice.

So, I would be really grateful if any A.netter could provide me with any information regarding Sydney, Canberra and Australia, and what to see over there.

Thanks in advance.  Smile


Topic: RE: One Week In Sydney - Suggestions?
Username: QFA380
Posted 2006-04-05 05:17:44 and read 2658 times.

You could do the usual things like go to Circular Quay and climb the Harbour Bridge. Go to the Blue Mountains for a day, thats very fun. If you've got enough money you can go up Centre Point Tower(costs AUS$50 per adult) I've been up there once and it has an amazing view(you can probably spot landing planes if their using 16R.

If you're planning on visiting Canberra I suggest you spend more than 1 day there. In Canberra, theres lots of things to do. Visit old and new Parliament House, The National Art Gallery, Screen and Sound archives (they've got a very old Ned Kelly movie) and many more things.

Heres the government Sydney website

Heres the Canberra tourism website

Hope all this helps and have fun!

Topic: RE: One Week In Sydney - Suggestions?
Username: Joffie
Posted 2006-04-05 09:55:00 and read 2646 times.

I suggest you take some train trips. Go to the Blue mountains. The beaches down south is nice, Bondi. You could also go to Cronalla.

Topic: RE: One Week In Sydney - Suggestions?
Username: AirxLiban
Posted 2006-04-05 10:38:43 and read 2642 times.

I had a week in Sydney in March of last year and absolutely adored it.

This is what I did, take it for what it you will, I'm sure some natives can give you a better view:

Took a tour to the Hunter Valley vineyards
Rented a car and drove to the Blue Mountains
Watched a symphony at the Opera House
Walked around Bondi beach and had some fantastic Sydney rock oysters at a restaurant there called Icebergs.
Went shopping at some place near Kings Cross
Went to the Sydney zoo
Took a harbour cruise
Enjoyed a relaxing evening down by the harbour bridge (forgot what that area was called) with fantastic views and a Crown beer.

What an amazing country...and to think I only saw one city in it..

Topic: RE: One Week In Sydney - Suggestions?
Username: Lima
Posted 2006-04-05 11:04:22 and read 2639 times.

Hola Marcos,

As mentioned, from Bondi beach you can take a walk along a patch that connects with different beaches (i.e. Tamarama).

To have a great view of the harbour you can take a ferry from the Opera House to Manly (a different area with a beach) and back.

Watson's Bay. This is another area of Sydney, the place where the harbour connects with the ocean. Very nice views and parks, beaches and restaurants/terraces. You can reach it with a bus from the centre.

Newtown. Area off-downtown reachable by metro/trein. Many restaurants, shops, pubs.

Hope you enjoy your trip and also with Aerolineas.

Topic: RE: One Week In Sydney - Suggestions?
Username: Marambio
Posted 2006-04-05 20:28:24 and read 2628 times.

Thanks a lot guys for all that information. It is really appreciated, and I will immediately make a note of everything you mentioned.  Smile


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