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Topic: Have You Ever Been A Mascot?
Username: CurtisMan
Posted 2006-04-14 20:45:15 and read 2819 times.

I've been in several plays/productions, on tv, and a few other things. But one of the most fun things I like to do each year is sort of a mascot role. No - not a sports mascot.... I get to play the Easter Bunny.

My company throws an Easter party every year for about 1 000 kids from work. It's sooooo much fun when I get to make my appearance as the Easter Bunny. Most kids come running up and stand in line to get their pic taken with me and the assistant with me hands out chocolate and all the fun stuff they get. I absolutely love it - especially the hugs from the wee ones. Of course there are the few that scream and cry but oh well.

Tomorrow I will be the Easter Bunny once again.

So - anyone here ever perform as a mascot?


Topic: RE: Have You Ever Been A Mascot?
Username: Saxdiva
Posted 2006-04-14 20:59:21 and read 2814 times.

Yep... a couple of months ago I was "Roscoe," a big brown and white dog who's the mascot for a humane organization. The event was a parade that was being brodcast on local TV, so I really hammed it up, jogging and skipping back and forth across the street and giving high-fives to people. Boy, was *I* sore the next day!

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Been A Mascot?
Username: Nordair
Posted 2006-04-14 21:36:13 and read 2805 times.

Quoting CurtisMan (Thread starter):
I get to play the Easter Bunny.

You certainly have ears for it.  Wink

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Been A Mascot?
Posted 2006-04-14 21:55:01 and read 2798 times.

Not personally, but I've got a good story about one.

About twenty years ago Boeing Helicopters still existed as the Boeing Vertol company or Bover for short. Some marketing wiz decided that we needed a mascot and came up with Bover the presumably busy Beaver. A little later they decided to add live action and had a mascot costume made. You can imagine the reaction in the larger or the two cafeterias in the plant when the Beaver showed up wearing stiletto heels! Can you say Beaver squared?

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