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Topic: Ever Had Bread Pobs?
Username: 9V
Posted 2006-09-20 21:40:14 and read 11904 times.

It's my favourite breakfast cereal. Basically it's 2 slices of bread broken up into bits in a bowl soaked in hot milk with sugar sprinkled on the top.

If not, what's your favourite breakfast cereal?

Topic: RE: Ever Had Bread Pobs?
Username: Newark777
Posted 2006-09-20 21:43:13 and read 11900 times.

Kick ass cereal:


Topic: RE: Ever Had Bread Pobs?
Username: BA757
Posted 2006-09-20 21:53:46 and read 11893 times.

Nothing, I never have breakfast. Maybe a coffee or just a drink of water is all I have.

I do like Weetabix though!


Topic: RE: Ever Had Bread Pobs?
Username: Usnseallt82
Posted 2006-09-20 22:21:51 and read 11882 times.

Quoting 9V (Thread starter):
Ever Had Bread Pobs?

No, but an ex had a yeast infection once.  duck 

Sorry, had to jump on that.  Big grin

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