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Topic: Help With Pyth And Trig.
Username: Jamesbuk
Posted 2007-04-22 15:43:02 and read 2370 times.

Hi guys and girls,

I'm coming up to my final maths exams for this stage of my education. We have been told that Pythagoras and trigonometry will be included in this exam but not how much.
I was never taught either of these due to me being in a lower maths set at the time and when I was moved up I asked him to teach me it but he refused and told me to look on the internet.
I understand that working out angles of a triangle, lengths of sides of a triangle and working out the area of a triangle might be in the exam.
I have looked around on the internet but it is all to complex and full on for me. Could someone kindly right out a few basic rules for working these out to give me more of a chance in this exam? Thanks.

Rgds --James--

P.s. Aloges, reply 1, is this any better? I'm using a crappy keyboard  silly 

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Topic: RE: Help With Pyth And Trig.
Username: Aloges
Posted 2007-04-22 15:47:44 and read 2366 times.

First of all, please rewrite your question in the language you'd use in a written exam. It's really hard to figure out what you're asking when you use slang, bad punctuation and spelling and oddball abbreviations.  Wink Second, your final exam is going to include Pythagoras' theorem? Lucky you, unless I got that wrong...

Topic: RE: Help With Pyth And Trig.
Username: Steve7E7
Posted 2007-04-22 16:16:56 and read 2350 times.

This link will explain the very basics of the theorem, my nest of vipers could probably work her way to understanding it this way and she aint the brightest light on the tree  box

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