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Topic: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: Matt D
Posted 2000-05-16 00:44:16 and read 2777 times.

This may seem like a dumb question to some of you, but being that I'm not all that computer savvy, and that it's been bugging me for awhile, can someone please set the record straight once and for all? How long has the Internet been around? Some people have told me since the late 80's. Others have told me that it's been around since 1969 or so. Still others tell me 1994 was when it was born.
I hadn't heard of it until 1995. And it wasn't until then that I first starting hearing and seeing "" addresses.
So, if the Internet were to have a birthday celebration, how many candles would be on the cake?

Topic: RE: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2000-05-16 00:50:10 and read 2595 times.

The military invented and developed the Internet in the 50's and 60's as a way to share information with computers at bases across the world. The World Wide Web along with E-mail was being developed in the late 80's and I think was introduced to computer owners in 1994.... I dont have all the facts  

Topic: RE: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: Danny
Posted 2000-05-16 14:29:17 and read 2567 times.

Actually, the first public version of the Internet, ARPANET started in 1969 at UCLA. It was connected from UCLA to the SRI, UCSB and the Univerity of Utah. I don't know exactly when the internet entered our homes, but I think it was a couple of years later. 1994 seems way to late...? I remember surfing before that...i think.

Topic: RE: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: Derek H
Posted 2000-05-17 00:03:51 and read 2558 times.

Yes, Danny is the closest, it was ARPANet, and the first transmission it sent was a "L" then an "O" but when it went to send an "G" it crashed. And e-mail has been around for a little more than twnety years. Before the public really used it it was mainly large corperations and the gov't used it. And yes the internt was started in '69.

Topic: RE: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: Prebennorholm
Posted 2000-05-18 01:22:27 and read 2551 times.

Matt, the birthday depends on how you define the word Internet. If you define the Internet as the global, public service of mainly email and 3w as we know it today - available to everyone with a PC and a telephone - then 1994 is the correct answer.
"Global" is unfortunately not strictly the correct word. Yesterday I got an email from a nephew, who is backpacking in Thailand, telling that tomorrow he will fly to Burma where Internet is prohibited by law - no more hotmails for his old uncle!!! The dictators want their people to stay uneducated.
But when talking email, then large companies and (groups of) universities have run closed networks for much longer time. For instance my company had its own global email network 20 years earlier based on IBM mainframe computers and IBM's PROFS software (PRofessional OFfice System). 3w were much simpler systems, and they were normally called Bulletin Board Systems, or BBS's. Other systems, mainly at universities, were based on technology similar to what was developed into the Internet of today.
So depending on definition of the word Internet you may dig bag to any date back to the mid fifties when the US Air Force first time tested a communication link between radar stations on the iceshelf of Greenland to Thule Air Base in northern Greenland.
Too bad that the Internet was invented so late. Hitler used the newly invented monopol one way communications - the radio and the movie - to create WW 2. In the age of public two way communication he wouldn't have had a chance. In the end it will be what eliminates guys like Milosevic.
One day the Internet will be the technology which unites people all over the world much the same way as the railways made it possible for Bismark to unite a few dozen small principalities into Germany - only Luxembourg was "left over".

Topic: Prebennorholm
Username: Pilot1113
Posted 2000-05-23 16:26:42 and read 2527 times.

I agree with what he said in his last paragraph. We've already seen this to fruition. President Clinton's impeachment was the direct result of an article on Matt Drudge's website.

- Neil Harrison

Topic: RE: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: Texairport
Posted 2000-05-23 18:11:53 and read 2522 times.

Ask Al Gore, he invented the internet 

Topic: RE: How Old Is The Internet?
Username: DeltAirlines
Posted 2000-05-23 22:54:30 and read 2519 times.

The net was devoloped in the 1960s by the government, so information could be spread to many computers worldwide if the Russians bombed the Pentagon, etc. (this was during the Cold War).


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