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Topic: Black Man Lynched In 2004?
Username: Tsaord
Posted 2007-09-19 06:41:36 and read 1986 times.

a lynching??? This was in 2004 but I just heard about this from her videos. I still can't believe this happened.

Topic: RE: Black Man Lynched In 2004?
Username: LASOctoberB6
Posted 2007-09-19 06:53:57 and read 1979 times.

jee...that is scary.. i never heard of it either..

Topic: RE: Black Man Lynched In 2004?
Username: Bablackpilot
Posted 2007-09-19 09:45:55 and read 1943 times.

What's scary is the fact that todays society thinks racism and racial violence is dead. It's not, it's alive and well in living in every city, county, and state.
A lot of it never makes it to the news because in our society it's more new worthy to talk about who is in Britney Spears's crotch this week or the unneeded killings that the US is doing in foreign countries and not give a damn about the crap that is going on in our back door.
We have always been a country to call everyone else on the carpet about killing it's people and we don't give a second thought about the problems we have.
So this doesn't shock me that no one thought this was still going on.....imagine what else is going in your backyard that you aren't aware of.

Topic: RE: Black Man Lynched In 2004?
Username: DL021
Posted 2007-09-20 04:45:30 and read 1862 times.

I am shocked that a lynching would happen, just as I am a child murder would happen. I'm also constantly disappointed in what our nation finds interesting (i.e. Britney's crotch or Dannielyn whatever) even though it's not surprising.

But I'm unfortunately a little inured to it at this point because violence happens, and the racial violence happens both directions. The small percentage of our nation that is prone to commit violent crime is getting larger along with the population, therefore we're going to hear about it more because news is 24hoursperday now and if it bleeds, it leads.

I'll say that it's extremely rare and I'll further say that the crime will be investigated and prosecuted because not only is it illegal but it's unacceptable to 99% of our nation. So....calling it alive and well is something of an exaggeration. It's alive and running from cave to cave to hide out and try to plan some sneak attack prior to running off into hiding again. It'll be that way until the last supporters die or change their minds about sponsoring the scumbags.

Human nature....and we should chase those sumbitches to the ends of the earth and never let them rest because that's what a decent society who values it's citizens rights does.

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