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Topic: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: UAL747
Posted 2007-12-09 20:21:31 and read 2504 times.

For all you weather geeks out there: (ouboy25 where are you?)

So right now it is lightening and thundering. My power flickered on and off just a few minutes ago.

The temp: 26 Degrees F
Winds: Calm
Precipitation: Rain (liquid form) falling, freezing on contact with ground, objects, etc.

My question is, why, when it's 26 degrees is it not sleeting or snowing? It's been bothering me all day long.

The trees are all icy and so are the roads. My car is completely covered in about 1/4 inch of ice all over it.

My parents are stuck at IAH after a flight from LGA and won't make it in until tomorrow.

So what's up with this weird weather?


Topic: RE: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: PhilSquares
Posted 2007-12-09 20:35:19 and read 2492 times.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
Output produced by TAFs form (0433 UTC 10 December 2007)
found at

KOKC 100352Z 01011KT 6SM TS BR BKN008CB OVC023 M01/M04 A3029 RMK AO2 SLP269 OCNL LTGICCC OHD TS OHD MOV NE P0004 T10111039 $

KOKC 092337Z 100024 01011KT 3SM -FZRA BR OVC006
FM0500 02007KT 3SM -FZDZ BR OVC004
FM0900 03006KT 2SM -FZRA BR OVC004
FM1300 05005KT 4SM -FZRA BR OVC006
FM2200 09004KT 5SM -FZRA BR OVC011
KTUL 100410Z 36008KT 7SM OVC008 M02/M03 A3034 RMK AO2 FZRAE04 CIG 006V012 P0000 $

KTUL 092334Z 100024 35008KT 5SM -FZDZ BR OVC008
FM0400 36006KT 3SM -FZDZ BR OVC008
FM1000 01005KT 3SM -FZDZ BR OVC003
FM1500 04005KT 5SM -FZDZ BR OVC008
PROB30 1824 2SM -FZRA BR OVC003
KAMA 100353Z 08003KT 5SM BR BKN006 BKN010 OVC040 M03/M05 A3022 RMK AO2 SLP259 T10281050 $

KAMA 092340Z 100024 VRB05KT P6SM BKN008 OVC012
FM0200 08006KT 6SM BR OVC008
FM0800 10006KT 3SM BR OVC006
FM1200 13007KT 2SM -FZDZ BR OVC004
PROB30 1218 1/2SM -FZRA OVC001

Not a good night anyplace in OK

Topic: RE: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: Joness0154
Posted 2007-12-09 20:53:09 and read 2475 times.

Temperature inversion maybe?

Looking at the winds aloft for TUL and OKC it appears that the temps are in the positive up to about 12,000 feet

Topic: RE: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: KFLLCFII
Posted 2007-12-09 21:03:01 and read 2467 times.

Here's a great link that explains it all...

Freezing rain is most commonly found in a narrow band on the cold side of a warm front, where surface temperatures are at or just below freezing.  checkmark 

And you, right now, are currently on this side of a front which is more or less stationary or retreating back to the north at this time (which would make it a warm front, as warmer air is attempting to overtake colder air)...

...Even though official charts still show it as a cold front progressing to the south:

...Until you look at the 24-hour prognostic chart, which does in fact show it retreating back to the north:

Anyway, enjoy the ice. I know I did.  Wink

Topic: RE: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: LASOctoberB6
Posted 2007-12-09 23:24:04 and read 2438 times.

Quoting KFLLCFII (Reply 3):

...Even though official charts still show it as a cold front progressing to the south:

Hey, that looks like the same front that came through here a few days ago...

Topic: RE: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: Futurecaptain
Posted 2007-12-10 20:37:19 and read 2386 times.

Let me put up a little update from here in Tulsa.

Woke up this morning with the storm at about 4 am. Noticed the power was out at my apartment. Didn't think much of it at the time and went back to sleep. Woke up about 10 am, power still out.
Got up and realized how much you really miss electricity. I had no heat, no hot water, no lights, no way of cooking any food, no radio to find out whats going on, going to the bathroom in pitch dark is fun, and trees had fallen over out back. Luckily none on my building.
Spent a half hour scraping ice off my car to get to work and I found out the true horror of the situation. Driving in the car with the radio was the first time all day I saw the news. Tulsa is now a national disaster area. Airport shut down and earlier today over 50% of the city was without power. Unfortunately my work still had power so we were open.
Now, driving home the city looks like armagedden happened outside. On my entire route home everything was dark and there was thick fog forming. And I mean EVERYTHING was dark. I could never imagine a city looking like this. You can't even see the buildings along the side of the road the fog is so thick in some areas. Street lights are out across the city and stop signs are in the major intersections. There are miles of road where you don't see a flicker of light. It's like a freakin horror movie here.
Anyway, I got home and my power was back, thankfully. They are saying 7-10 days to get it fully restored, I was hoping I wouldn't be waiting 7 days. Now, it's raining again and will probably freeze again overnight. People are panicking here. You can wait 30 minutes for gas in some areas. Wal Mart is closed today because they have no power. Lots of businesses will be running on generators tomorrow they say.
It looks so much like a horror movie outside I'm sleeping with my gun out of its case tonight.

Hope everyone else is doing better.

Topic: RE: Weird Weather In Oklahoma Tonight
Username: NIKV69
Posted 2007-12-10 20:47:37 and read 2381 times.

Quoting UAL747 (Thread starter):
So what's up with this weird weather?

Think you had it bad, I just drove through Tulsa and OKC in it.

Oklahoma Is Like A War Zone Right Now.. (by NIKV69 Dec 10 2007 in Non Aviation)

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