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Topic: Ink-Jet Question
Username: 9A-CRO
Posted 2002-02-24 15:26:28 and read 1017 times.

Has anyone used non original ink in printer.
They are quite a lot cheaper and I want to know your experiences in using non-original ink.
I guess the printer manufacturers only want to make profit on their "original" ink and they
overcharge it too much. Am I right?

Topic: RE: Ink-Jet Question
Username: Iflycoach
Posted 2002-02-24 17:56:11 and read 1009 times.

I use OEM ink. I have an Epson 980 printer and when in LA we usually go to a computer show and I pick up carts for my printer @ 4.00 for black and 5 for color. It look just the same in my opinion.

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