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Topic: "Last Reply:"
Username: TurbineBeaver
Posted 2002-03-17 21:57:14 and read 1319 times.

I am not sure if anyone notices this, but people pointed it out when the new server was first implemented, that the last reply column wasn't in order. Often it would be:

1 min

or similar, for example. I thought it was fixed, but just noticed today that it is still not working correctly. Johan, is there a way to fix this?


PS. Apologies for posting this in this forum, as isn't "Civil Aviation" relevant, however this problem is in this forum.

Topic: RE: "Last Reply:"
Username: TurbineBeaver
Posted 2002-03-17 21:58:16 and read 1278 times.

For example....I just noticed that as soon as I posted this, it said "3min59sec". I hadn't even started the thread 3 minutes ago!


Topic: RE: "Last Reply:"
Username: Cx flyboy
Posted 2002-03-18 02:20:36 and read 1215 times.

I have noticed this too on a few occassions, but not normally.

Topic: RE: "Last Reply:"
Username: MDCjets
Posted 2002-03-18 03:36:06 and read 1178 times.

I too have noticed this, but it seems like a relitivly trivial matter.

Topic: RE: "Last Reply:"
Username: Administrator
Posted 2002-03-18 07:40:09 and read 1134 times.

Yes, that happens when the time on the database server is not exactly the same as on the web server. I've corrected the time now, it should work.

And TurbineBeaver, even if the issue is regarding the Civil Aviation forum, please post here (I moved it from the Civil to the Non-aviation forum).


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