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Topic: Senses That Trigger Your Memory
Username: KLM672
Posted 2008-11-22 04:57:07 and read 3329 times.

Last night while hanging out with my friend, his cell phone "beeps" has he gets a text message. It is the same sound as the ring tone I had for "unavailable" (calls). When I was an FA that was the same ring tone scheduling would call "hey we have a trip for ya!" so whenever he got a text message my heart would jump, not just the first time, but everytime. Sometimes I'll get a call from my cell phone provider, Verizon which will come up as an unavailable call, my heart would jump again. Its been over a year since I've moved onto another job thus not hearing from scheduling but that ring tone is deep in my mind and whenever I hear it my heart jumps. What about you?

Topic: RE: Senses That Trigger Your Memory
Username: AnonymousInSAN
Posted 2008-11-23 21:45:49 and read 3274 times.

To this day I still get a HUGE adrenalin rush and a slight panic whenever I hear a buzzer go off, for instance the dryer buzzer. I worked in an Alzheimer's care facility as an overnight aide (7pm-7am) between the ages of 19-22. I was there alone with the 30 patients. If the patients had any medical trouble they would press a button in their room which I would hear as a very loud buzzer. One particular night I had one cardiac arrest lady and another lady fell and broke her hip, at the SAME time. So I still associate the buzzer with something bad.

The crappy thing is...there is no way to shut our dryer buzzer off!  wideeyed 

Topic: RE: Senses That Trigger Your Memory
Username: Vikkyvik
Posted 2008-11-23 22:10:53 and read 3270 times.

Quoting KLM672 (Thread starter):

Hah, I have a similar thing. During all of high school (and probably some of college), I had my alarm clock set to turn on the radio. Whenever it turned on, there was a little "thump" sound that it made before the radio faded in. Even though that "thump" was pretty quiet, my mind was trained to wake up to that every morning. In fact, I hated the actual radio to come on - I'd hear that thump, wake up, and try to shut off the alarm clock before the radio came on. God, I absolutely HATED that sound after a few years....because I absolutely HATE waking up in the morning.

I've long since switched to a beeping alarm rather than radio, but every now and then, I'll hear a similar sounding "thump" somewhere, randomly, and even though it's pretty ridiculous, I'll be instantly thinking that it's time to get up. I hate it, but oh well.

I read somewhere in the book Hannibal that smell is the sense that is most attuned to memory - meaning that smells most readily stimulate memories. Don't know if that's true or not in general, but it's probably pretty true for me. I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell.

Being a musician, hearing certain songs also takes me back to certain times in my life. Unfortunately, the songs usually tend to be related to not-so-good times in my life. But that's alright - just learn to deal with it.

Topic: RE: Senses That Trigger Your Memory
Username: San747
Posted 2008-11-24 00:16:08 and read 3256 times.

Quoting Vikkyvik (Reply 2):

Being a musician, hearing certain songs also takes me back to certain times in my life.

I definitely have that. I associate certain songs I like with certain time periods of my life... "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven brings memories of my training with US at PHX last August for example. "Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone brings back memories of my prom and graduation in 2006.

...and many, many more, but I'm sure you don't want to hear all about them.  Smile

Topic: RE: Senses That Trigger Your Memory
Username: DocLightning
Posted 2008-11-24 03:55:34 and read 3246 times.

For most people, smell is the most potent stimulus for memory.

Why? Well, smell is transmitted to the brain through the first cranial nerve, also called the olfactory nerve. It enters the brain right at the hippocampus. What's the hippocampus? Well, it's the part of the brain that is required for form memories (although not where they are stored...they don't seem to be stored in any one place).

That's why smells can be a powerful stimulus for memories.

Topic: RE: Senses That Trigger Your Memory
Username: Kent350787
Posted 2008-11-24 14:29:47 and read 3217 times.

Any time I smell the perfume my first girlfriend wore (almost 25 years ago now! I think it was Anais Anais) it immediately takes me back to some good times....

And songs too, big time for all sorts of stuff.


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