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Topic: Moving Into Own Home...
Username: Omegous
Posted 2002-03-26 09:09:58 and read 1422 times.

Well, my friends and I got a great deal to convince us to break the bonds of living under the parents.

We are getting a house!! 3 story (Well, 2 and a floor is at a slight different level than the rest), 5 bedroom house...fully furnished.

How much you ask?

FREE!!!! Well, we have to pay utilities (split 5 ways though). How do you ask??? Connections!!!! One of our friends has a wealthy uncle and he is helping out his nephew. The uncle is moving back to California, and owes his nephews family a debt apparently (its an italian family, dunno????) and offered his house (minus the deed, but that is another story) so he could watch it and then offered his friends (ME and my 4 other friends) if we wanted to move in also. can I pass that deal up????? This is legit!!! The house is in the older part of Henderson (here in Southern Nevada) and is awesome. Nicely done lawn, big yard. But get has a POOL and TENNIS court!!!! AND we get to keep all the furniture!!!

Oh man  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Of course...I will have to move my airliner collection and hobby to that house.

But the 5 of us have sweet computers so we are gonna network them together and get a phat T1 connection...hehehe...

I am so excited!!!

Topic: RE: Moving Into Own Home...
Username: FlagshipAZ
Posted 2002-03-26 15:06:41 and read 1403 times.

Well, you know how the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true.....". My guts tell me there are strings attached somewhere. Be careful before you leap, because nothing like this lasts forever. Good luck.

Topic: RE: Moving Into Own Home...
Username: Mcdougald
Posted 2002-03-26 18:31:29 and read 1390 times.

Good luck. Hopefully all five personalities will click. I lived in a place once where, at the peak, there were seven of us under one roof, two of whom I'd be happy never to see again. Later, I lived with two roommates (later three), and it worked out great.

Topic: RE: Moving Into Own Home...
Username: CannibalZ3
Posted 2002-03-26 22:34:38 and read 1383 times.

I bet we hear stories about all the parties all the way out in NC

Topic: RE: Moving Into Own Home...
Username: Omegous
Posted 2002-03-27 00:17:21 and read 1371 times.

Well, we had lunch with the uncle today. Nice guy. Seems like a legit thing. We went to the house and he explained the situation. Sounds like a great deal  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Worse thing that can happen, is that I am forced to move back into my house with the parents. Darn! hehe

Partay!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Maybe I should hose a "Vegas meet" with a day of spotting @ McCarran...hehe

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