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Topic: Cheap Places To Stay In Paris (Sorbonne)
Username: Mneo
Posted 2009-02-25 23:40:45 and read 3943 times.

I am thinking about taking a trip to paris to see my gf who is studying abroad in Paris. We have hit a bit of a rough patch due to the distance and all so I figured this might be worth the money. The problem is that Im dead broke. I can put the flight from NY to my CC(and worry about it later :]), but i was wondering if any Anet members know of any cheap places to stay in paris(and maybe the going rate per day) Im not looking for anything special, i would like to have my own room tho, so i dont know if hostels do that. If any poor college student has any ideas please feel free to share  Smile

Topic: RE: Cheap Places To Stay In Paris (Sorbonne)
Username: MadameConcorde
Posted 2009-02-26 08:03:34 and read 3921 times.

Hi Mneo, I would recommend that you stay at MIJE. These are upscale Youth Hostels owned by the City of Paris.

These are in fact 3 different hostels in beautifully restored historical buildings located in the best possible area in Le Marais close to the river and the Islands of La Cité and Saint Louis. From there you can walk to so many places, Les Halles, the Louvre, the Left Bank and the Sorbonne, Notre-Dame, the Latin Quarter, and more. It has great underground and bus lines right around there.

I have spent over 25 years of my life in the Ile Saint Louis right across the river from there. I often stay in these hostels whenever I have to do business runs to Paris. I highly recommend the place to all A.netters travelling to Paris. Breakfast is included in the price. Private rooms are available on request.

Topic: RE: Cheap Places To Stay In Paris (Sorbonne)
Username: Luckyone
Posted 2009-02-26 17:31:35 and read 3899 times.

There is a website, that has plenty of hotels that you can search by a variety of characteristics. I went to Paris in 2007 and booked a hotel simply based by what it was near to (in this case the Eiffel Tower) and we paid about 35 euro per night.

In case you're interested we chose the Eiffel tower because we knew it would be easy to find the hotel should we get lost  Wink

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