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Topic: Squatters Steal House From Man
Username: ALTF4
Posted 2010-09-23 06:26:35 and read 2740 times.

A group of Lithuanians, claiming they got scammed by a bogus real-estate agent, changed the locks and vandilized a man's home, before leaving in the middle of the night. The police claimed it was a civil manner, and when the squatters left, said this brilliant statement:

By taking quick action we have been able to restore Mr Pope to his home without the need to apply to court for an eviction notice. This would have been a very lengthy process.


Topic: RE: Squatters Steal House From Man
Username: Goldenshield
Posted 2010-09-23 07:02:36 and read 2700 times.

Oh, it gets better!

And now it has emerged Angie Belalij, 37, also lost control of her home when illegal tenants allegedly moved in after she left to allow renovation work to go ahead.

Topic: RE: Squatters Steal House From Man
Username: AF340
Posted 2010-09-23 07:13:44 and read 2689 times.

Ha! Just like in The Simpsons!

Topic: RE: Squatters Steal House From Man
Username: falstaff
Posted 2010-09-23 08:28:36 and read 2646 times.

Quoting AF340 (Reply 2):
Ha! Just like in The Simpsons!

just what I was thinking....

A buddy of mine had a problem with farmland use a few years ago. He purchased 160 acres and after a survey found that a neighboring farmer had corn on two of his acres. After discussing it with the farmer, thinking it probably was just a mistake, the farmer told him that he had been doing this for years and under Illinois law the land was now his because he had been growing on it, for more than 5 years, and the previous owner had not been and had not contested the encroachment. My friend was not going to grow on all of the 160 acre section to begin with so he offered to lease the neighbor the land, he refused and a law suit came about. Turns out the guy had the legal right to take the land because he was growing on it, but the previous owner had no right to sell those two acres of property to my friend. A legal battle began to get a refund for the two acres (he paid cash for it), but the previous owner didn't have the money anymore as it was used to pay off debts. Eventually everyone worked out a deal, but it was a stange situation, that I knew nothing about. I always figured that once the land is yours it stays yours even if somebody else is using it.

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