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Topic: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: EGGD
Posted 2002-06-18 02:36:09 and read 3491 times.

....where you thought you were going to die, or be seriously injured? Or at least had that aweful feeling of blinding fear, that something is happening to you right now. Its quite hard to explain unless you have felt it, because its one of those feelings that can only be true. Where you feel your pulse increase so much that your heart goes fuzzy.

I have once, although I've had that 'impending sickness' feeling a bit, where something terrible is about to happen to you and you can't stop it.

One of my experiences was whilst skiing in france this year, I hear so many people saying stuff like 'it changed my views on .. whatever', or if they'd been stuck in the outback for four days without water, they'd be scared of it for life, but it wasn't like that.

Well, we were skiing on our 6th Day (advanced group) and were in possibly the best off-piste skiing you'll ever see, untouched 6-inch powder, for miles. We soon got carried away and ended up over a overhang, which was probably about 25ft high, followed by about 30ft of 70degree slope. Most of the group decided to go back up and walk around this huge rock (that was probably about 100ft high, 400ft wide and 500ft long), whilst 4 of us who were the better of the group decided to go down. We were told by the instructor that we'd have to take a tiny ledge of snow that took a diagonal (steep) path down to the bottom, it basically meant carving at a 45 degree angle to a rockface all the way down, because the ledge was pure jagged rock all the way down, and you couldn't perform any sort of drop off.

To get down, all 4 of us had to turn to face the other way, because of the space we'd got ourselves in, we could not do this by skiing. The three others turned first, sitting down and pulling their ski's over, and getting up before continuing down. I was the last to do it, As I pulled my final ski over (I was about 2m from the ledge), I began to slip. I began to panic, and desperately tried to dig my ski's in. Luckily, I stopped less than 50cm from the edge, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and shouted down to the others jokingly 'lets go down on our arses!!!'.

As I began to get onto my feet (which is no simple task when you are on a 35degree slope of soft snow), I slipped again, this time though, I couldn't stop. I had no idea what was below me, because I hadn't been close to the edge before and was only told that it was not skiable. The 3 others saw me begin to slide off the edge, and just before sliding off I remember one of them shouting 'don't go down there, there are rocks!'. Its quite hard to explain, but this was a moment where it changes from being just a normal bit of fun in a difficult situation, but no biggy, to becoming a serious problem and leading to potential death.

Meanwhile, I was starting to gain speed, I was so frightened at this point that I can't really explain it, my ski's hit something and got stuck, and I was thrown over myself and landed on my head, before barrel rolling again and again and again. Each roll while I was airborne, I thought that I'd just land and hit the rocks, feeling shooting pain going through my back, it was just uncomprehendable the feeling. If you ever watch a program where the person who has the camera falls, and rolls down a mountain in the snow, and all you see is just flashes of the actual snow as the lens hits it, thats EXACTLY how it is.

I finally came to rest in some soft snow. The first thing I heard when I lifted my head up was 'Oh my god he is ok!!', coincidentally from the same person who had shouted to me about the rocks (obviously not realizing the trouble I was in). When I looked back up, I could see two huge rock faces, which were the most jagged type of rocks you could ever imagine (think about coral, but rock, and horizontal instead of vertical), with a small vertical passage in the middle with rocks just underneath some thin snow. at the top of that were 2 ski's in parallel, facing across the rock face and jammed between the rockfaces. What I must have done is when my ski's got jammed, I cartwheeled head over heals and kept rolling head first down the small pathway.

All I suffered was a few large cuts to my back, where I'd been sliding along on my back over the rocks.

What surprised me the most was a)How I didn't hit anything, I wasn't shocked, but I couldn't believe just how lucky I was, the chances of not hitting the rocks was almost impossible and b)How I was not scared, frightened or mentally impacted at all after I got up, I just climbed up, got my ski's and climbed down backwards, picked up my sunglasses and skiied off to where the other 3 had rejoined the piste.

I don't even want to think about how close I could have come to killing myself, or what sort of injuries I could have got from falling off the rocks, they were so raw and jagged. *shudder*.

What experiences have you had, where you have suffered so much fear, and you honestly thought 'this is it'. Its a moment you can't really relate to unless you've been in that sort of situation, and nobody will probably ever know how I felt when it happened.



Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Portcolumbus
Posted 2002-06-18 02:37:00 and read 3479 times.

When my appendix ruptured. I sure felt like I was going to die....

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Pendrilsaint
Posted 2002-06-18 03:14:36 and read 3457 times.

Last week...when I had my car accident...for that one split second when I lost control went across the road , hit the mail box and started rolling...its like "well this is it." I thought I was going to die...and then...the next thing I knew...I was hanging upside down by my safety belt...I thought I was bleeding to death or something though because I was covered in blood...but...just some cuts...I know what pure terror is...and it is just so hard to explain...

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Lubcha132
Posted 2002-06-18 03:16:49 and read 3455 times.

i came to terms with death once...thought i had a tumor..didn't know it was just a migraine (my first and only one thus far).

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: KLM672
Posted 2002-06-18 03:19:20 and read 3453 times.

Late at night, my heart really hurt when ever I breathed.

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: OzarkD9S
Posted 2002-06-18 04:35:05 and read 3433 times.

Every time I'm a passenger in someone's car I just know I'm not gonna make it home. Even worse when I drove so I quit driving all together. "Autophobia" I guess. Feel safer on a plane than even sittting in a parked car.

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: IMissPiedmont
Posted 2002-06-18 05:41:24 and read 3412 times.

When you get another 30 years under your belt, you will have experienced the feeling many times. Perhaps you will not actually be pronounced dead, as I was, but the feeling is scarier. When you know that you are dead, it's not such a bad feeling.


Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: EGGD
Posted 2002-06-18 20:29:21 and read 3374 times.

Why IMissPiedmont, how many times have you been dead?  Big thumbs up

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: IMissPiedmont
Posted 2002-06-19 05:56:52 and read 3338 times.

Declared dead June 13, 1988 at about 2215. I remember well knowing I was dying. Obviously I survived.
It really wasn't as scaryy as the several times before, or since that I had time to consider dying.

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Radarbeam
Posted 2002-06-19 06:14:53 and read 3330 times.

Once during flight training. It was my 2nd or 3rd solo flight. I was on approach for the runway, everything went smoothly but just before the flare I had to do a go-around (I don't remember why). So I put full throttle and carb heat off, I was around 20 feet over the runway. You get a lot of nose-up pressure on the yoke when you go around in a 152, but before triming it I decided to "clean" the plane. I was taugh to retract the flaps 10 degrees at the time, but I decided to pull them up in one shot. It got scary right after when the plane started to descend quite quickly for the runway at a good 70kts. I thought I was going to impact the runway but i recovered quickly and established a positive climb rate. All of this lasted 3 seconds maximum. I thought my time had come.

Like they say, every student pilot will make a mistake that will almost kill him/her before he hit the 100 hours mark.


Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Seb146
Posted 2002-06-19 09:51:07 and read 3311 times.

I had a small stroke a few months ago. I was terrified because I was downtown at night an no one else was around. I was very confused and scared.
Last night I thought we had an earthquake. I woke up very quickly and grabbed my jacket and waited for the real shaking to start but it never did. My heart was pounding a mile a minute!

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Asbg
Posted 2002-06-19 10:48:51 and read 3309 times.

I did go off the bus a few times because of seeing a person that looked suspicious to me. At that moment you feel like you heart is about to burst out of your body from fear.

I guess in other countries people won't get off the bus because of that sort of fear.

Trust me, that is not a good feeling.


Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Dufo
Posted 2002-06-19 13:05:57 and read 3293 times.

My closest encounter with death was almost exactly 10 years ago. My best friend and I were playing on large sand piles, digging out holes and such stupid stuff when suddenly the whole thing collapsed and buried my friend completely under. I had some luck and was able to dig myself out to get help. He was practically dead at the time they got him out (suffocation) but he amazingly recovered after two weeks of coma. It's hard for me to even think about that event.. don't play with your lives!


Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Broke
Posted 2002-06-19 20:50:48 and read 3254 times.

I had a motorcycle accident many years ago. I was not driving with my attention fully on the road, since I had just gotten fired. The reason, I was a line boy for a company that provide a combination of FBO and seasonal schedule flight operations. They needed an Aero Commander; my dad didn't have one, but another kid's dad did. So I went. On my way home I hit the right rear corner of a big Ford sedan and I went over the car kitty corner. The only thought I had during the unscheduled and uncontrolled flight was; "Boy, are you going to be f---ed up when you hit the ground"!! It wasn't a premonition with a lot of lead time and happily I rolled when I hit the ground. The result, a badly skinned arm (left) and a banged up knee (right). My right hip acts up nowadays, which I believe is a long term result of the accident. A comic aside, my shoes and hat came off and almost everything in my pockets came out. It's a good thing I had my pants on tight!!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Soku39
Posted 2002-06-19 21:19:08 and read 3246 times.

ASBG that sounds absolutely horrible. I would hate to live in a country where you can't justs get on the bus and get where you going without the fear of being killed by people who hate you kind more than anything in the world. I really feel for the Isrealis at this time.

Topic: RE: Have You Ever Had A Time In Your Life....
Username: Samurai 777
Posted 2002-06-20 05:13:44 and read 3219 times.

I was hit by a car back near the end of June, 1999, while crossing a busy intersection in downtown Edmonton. The crossing lights were green, thus saying it's safe to cross the street. But, a woman in her mid-20s failed to stop and I was hit in my right thigh. She hadn't been drinking - it was just that she wasn't watching where she was going. The impact felt like someone swinging a sledgehammer into my thigh. I rolled several times, hitting my head hard enough on the asphalt. The accident happened so suddenly I didn't even have time to scream. As I was rolling, this was the time I believed I was going to die, so I did a prayer in my mind and prepared to meet my maker.

The next thing I knew, I realized I was still alive and I was lying on the road looking up at a couple of firefighters. I had been unconscious for several minutes, and was now in incredible pain as if I'd been trampled on by an elephant. The impact was so hard that my hearing aids and glasses were found several metres away from me, neither of - which to everyone's surprise - were undamaged, except for a few scratches on my specs. It was also so hard that they were unable to determine whether I had broken my neck or spinal column, so I was put in a stretcher brace. I was later found to have broken neither, while I was laid up in the ER. I was so seriously lacerated in my head that part of my hair and even a small part of the scalp came off partially. and my arms were badly cut also, as well as the worst whiplash I've ever had. Not surprisingly, I had a lot of blood on my T-shirt and jeans. I was released later that night and my foster mother drove me to her home, so I could be watched in case anything went wrong later.

Today, I have no aftereffects from the accident at all. But I do know it could have been much, much worse. And situations like the one I went through does force you to think about your own mortality - and not take your life for granted.

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