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Topic: RIP James D Watkins
Username: Ken777
Posted 2012-08-02 17:19:45 and read 2071 times.

I just learned of the death of Adm. Jim Watkins, an exceptional Naval Officer, including serving as CINCPACFLT and CNO.

He was also my XO when I was serving on the USS Long Beach back in the mid-60s. I was able to see him in PER in '82 on his farewell tour as Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, just before he assumed the job of CNO. He reminded me that he had only assumed duties of XO in SYD 15 minutes before the first "Australian Stow Away" was discovered.

There are multiple obits available. This one is from the NY Times:

The importance of exceptional individuals of Adm Watins stature is their willingness to serve their country. They excelled at what they did because of their nature as well as their intellect. I was very fortunate to have served with him when he was a Commander (and promoted Captain in the job of XO).


Topic: RE: RIP James D Watkins
Username: rfields5421
Posted 2012-08-02 19:22:46 and read 2001 times.

One of the best CNOs during my USN career. Got to meet him once in 82. Exceptional commander and person.

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