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Topic: Xi Takes Control In China's New Era
Username: TheCommodore
Posted 2012-11-14 20:39:59 and read 2328 times.

Well, China has a new leader, Xi Jinping.

I wish him well in his new roll.

China is facing some pretty stiff head winds as we know, but he has enjoyed growing up in a different generation than past leaders, so this could hold him in good stead for the future.

It's going to be one hell of a challenge, that's for sure.

Topic: RE: Xi Takes Control In China's New Era
Username: Rara
Posted 2012-11-15 02:00:22 and read 2328 times.

Let's hope he's a bit more inspired than Hu Jintao. Hu always struck me as a guy who's doing his job like carrying a raw egg on a spoon. His one and only goal was not to fuck it up. And he must so bloody glad now he's through the finish line. Xi makes a bit of a shrewd and witty impression on me, but we'll have to see.

Topic: RE: Xi Takes Control In China's New Era
Username: qantas077
Posted 2012-11-15 02:11:15 and read 2328 times.

Hu was being controlled by Jiang who still has wide influence within the party...China has to open up more because it simply cannot carry on down the path of blocking anything & everything. I was in Beijing a few days ago and had never seen anything like what I'd seen. I would estimate 20000 police were at Tiananmen in various guises, the internet was virtually shut down and Beijing had laws enacted just for the CPC.

but it was a very interesting time to be in town. Xi will be allowed to do what those pulling the strings allow him to do.

Topic: RE: Xi Takes Control In China's New Era
Username: einsteinboricua
Posted 2012-11-15 06:24:14 and read 2328 times.

It might take a couple more decades before China really opens up and reforms. I expect Xi's years in power to be uneventful as Hu's years were, perhaps a couple of headwinds. But reform in the country is necessary if the country's prosperity is to endure for future generations.

Topic: RE: Xi Takes Control In China's New Era
Username: flyingwaeldar
Posted 2012-11-16 18:46:58 and read 2328 times.

It's not only about Xi Jinping, but also about the other guys that were "elected" into the Standing Comitee. Most of them are regarded as conservatives and I don't expect any major reforms under them.

There is also the next premier, Li Kequiang, "An enforcer wich compassion":

The Standard Hong Kong


He was governor of Henan in 1998 when tens of thousands of people contracted HIV from illegal blood-buying rings.

Li oversaw a campaign to squelch reporting about it, harass activists and isolate affected villages. When Beijing's stance changed, Li showed canny instincts by quickly channeling aid to victims and making shows of compassion.


Real compassion there..............

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