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Topic: Rip: Jack Klugman And Charles Durning.
Username: L-188
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It lookalike on Xmas eve we lost two of the great character actors of Hollywood.

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Jack Klugman perhaps most famously known for his role on the television version of The Odd Couple and Charles Durning, who wanted Kermit the Frog I be the spokes frog for his chain of Doc. hoppers Frog Leg restaurants in the movie, " The Muppet Movie" and most recently played in the FX series Rescue Me as Tommy's Dad also passed.

Topic: RE: Rip: Jack Klugman And Charles Durning.
Username: zippyjet
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I'm not sure who Durning was but, Jack Klugman was a great slob Oscar Madison. He also appeared in many Twilight Zone classic episodes and was also Quincy MD. I remember the episode where Quincy got himself involved on a hijacked 707 out of LAX and also investigated a 707 that did a swan dive into the Pacific Ocean right after departing La La Land International. I remember the hackneyed 1970's theme to Quincy.

Topic: RE: Rip: Jack Klugman And Charles Durning.
Username: Braniff747SP
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Quoting L-188 (Thread starter):
Sorry I am on my iPod so I don't know how to cut and paste links. Feel free to help me out there.

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Topic: RE: Rip: Jack Klugman And Charles Durning.
Username: GDB
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RIP to both.
Didn't see much of Klugman's work here, never a Quincy fan.

Durning though never a major star was one of those actors who was always good, even in not so good films such as 'The Choirboys' (entertaining but shoddily made) and 'Twilight's Last Gleaming he was the best thing in them and lifted the films.

Then there is this, (source Wikipedia);

Durning served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Drafted at age 21, he was first assigned as a rifleman with the 398th Infantry Regiment, and later served overseas with the 3rd Army Support troops and the 386th Anti-aircraft Artillery (AAA) Battalion. For his valor and the wounds he received during the war, Durning was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Heart medals.[9] Additional awards include the World War II Victory Medal.[10]
Durning participated in the Normandy Invasion of France on D-Day, June 6, 1944, and was among the first troops to land at Omaha Beach. In Episode S03E09 of the program Dinner for Five, which also included Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and Charles Nelson Reilly, Reynolds spoke about Durning's service career for him, as Durning did not like to talk about it much. Reynolds revealed that Durning was in a group of gliders who overshot their landing zone and that he had to fight alone all the way back to the beach. Reynolds also stated that his own father was there fighting about 15 yards away and that Durning was probably the most decorated veteran (then) still alive from World War II.[11] Some sources state that he was with the 1st Infantry Division at the time,[12] but it is unclear if he served as a rifleman or as a member of one of the division's artillery battalions.
Durning was wounded by a German ā€œSā€ Mine on June 15, 1944 at Les Mare des Mares, France. He was transported to the 24th Evacuation Hospital. By June 17 he was back in England at the 217th General Hospital. Although severely wounded by shrapnel in the left and right thighs, the right hand, the frontal region of the head, and the anterior left chest wall, Durning recovered quickly and was determined to be fit for duty on December 6, 1944. He arrived back at the front in time to take part in the Battle of the Bulge, the German counter-offensive through the Ardennes Forest of Belgium and Luxembourg in December 1944.[13][14]
After being wounded again, this time in the chest, Durning was returned to the United States. He remained in Army hospitals to receive treatment for wounds until being discharged with the rank of Private First Class on January 30, 1946.
He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his portrayal of a Marine veteran in "Call of Silence," an episode of the television series NCIS, first broadcast November 23, 2004. Drawing on his first-hand knowledge of the lingering effects of battle-induced stress, Durning's character turns himself in to authorities, insisting that he must be prosecuted for having murdered his buddy during ferocious combat on Iwo Jima six decades earlier.[15] The real truth of the incident only becomes known for certain when the guilt-stricken veteran goes through a cathartic reliving of the battlefield events.
Durning was known for participating in various functions to honor American veterans. He was the chairman one year of the U.S. National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.[16] He was an honored guest speaker at the National Memorial Day Concert for many years, televised by PBS every year on the Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend.
In April 2008 Durning received the National Order of the Legion of Honor from the French consul in Los Angeles, awarded to those who served with distinction in France. During the ceremony, Durning spoke about his wartime experiences.

From the BBC a few years ago;


Topic: RE: Rip: Jack Klugman And Charles Durning.
Username: GDB
Posted 2012-12-26 06:14:27 and read 2392 times.

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From the BBC a few years ago;

Topic: RE: Rip: Jack Klugman And Charles Durning.
Username: brilondon
Posted 2012-12-26 18:57:25 and read 2338 times.

Wow, I didn't hear this. Two great actors. Charles Durning was for those who don't know a great character actor in such films as Oh Brother Where out Thou, which for those who have not heard of the film and like a good intelligent comedy should get it. He was also in the TV show, Evening Shade, starring Burt Reynolds and Marilu Henner.

Jack Klugman, made famous for his role on the TV show the "Odd Couple" was also known for his roles on Broadway. God Bless them and may they rest in peace.

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