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Topic: Los Angeles New Years Eve
Username: GRZ-AIR
Posted 2012-12-17 09:38:54 and read 2792 times.


will be in town for a week and also for New Years Eve.

Did a search on the web and am aware of many "touristy" things to do, however I am looking for some inside(r) information.

Would any fellow A.netters from the area kindly care to share what to do, see, experience etc... for New Years Eve celebrations in Los Angeles plus surrounding area? I am a big fan of fireworks. Also as my better half will be with me maybe some tips on where to have a nice dinner and so forth. We will have a car for the entire week.

Other sightseeing tips are also greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much and best regards,


Topic: RE: Los Angeles New Years Eve
Username: foppishbum
Posted 2012-12-17 10:36:51 and read 2776 times.

I think the nearest big celebration involving fireworks is in Long Beach. I lived in Los Angeles for 7 years (and now I split time between LA/NY) and never really heard or attended anything big unless you're into bars/drinking and Hollywood parties. I'm sure Disneyland (in Anaheim) will have some sort of big fireworks going on to celebrate 2013. Hope this helps.

Topic: RE: Los Angeles New Years Eve
Username: Superfly
Posted 2012-12-17 11:11:20 and read 2772 times.

Bring a lot of cash with you if you want to go out for New Years Eve in Los Angeles.
There is always the street party in Pasadena on the parade route for the Rose Bowl the night before the parade.
There are some nice restaurants down there in Old Town Pasadena along the parade/party route.
People camp out on Colorado bl. and party the night before ringing in the New Year. Then the parade is in the morning.
I used to live just a few houses up from the parade route when I lived in Pasadena.

Topic: RE: Los Angeles New Years Eve
Username: LAXintl
Posted 2012-12-17 13:27:46 and read 2738 times.

LA is not a town where there are many public events for new years eve.

Most people spend it with friends and family, not wandering the streets.

However if you want to go some place, most of the major clubs in places like crazy Hollywood do special events.

If you want fire works specifically then the biggest one I know of is down in the harbor in Long Beach by the Queen Mary. Also Universal has something at their City Walk, and off course Disney has an event on Orange County.

Here is a list someone put together.


Topic: RE: Los Angeles New Years Eve
Username: N1120A
Posted 2012-12-26 05:01:03 and read 2431 times.

Disneyland is actually pretty cool for NYE, but you should try and get your tickets in advance, because it can be a nightmare getting in. There are paid events as well, and they are not horrifically priced, but not cheap either.

Topic: RE: Los Angeles New Years Eve
Username: AirAfreak
Posted 2012-12-27 13:19:06 and read 2365 times.

Here are a few tips:

I would strongly recommend against drinking and then driving on NYE as checkpoints are all over LA. Taxi wait times usually are upwards of 45-60 minutes on average starting from about 7p for New Year's Eve. Keep in mind traffic here totally sucks after 3p on any given week day, so do plan accordingly. If you want to do the Hollywood Nightlife NYE (which is always awesome every year ), book a room at the W Hotel located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine. From there, have dinner at Katsuya (Sunset Boulevard and Vine), and then you can simply walk approximately 5-10 blocks total to various night clubs.

Also, use Beverly Hills Cab 310-273-6611 as they are the least expensive in LA. You need to have the exact address of your pick up point. When you enter your cab, be friendly, tip WELL, and ask for the driver's phone number. Not only will he remember you, but he will do everything he can to get to you quick thus avoiding the queue for taxi pick-up!!! For a $10 cab far, I always tip $5 or more depending if I plan on using a cab again. You'll get the best service ever!

If you want something not as crazy, but on the trendy, classy side, go to "Villa Blanca" on Robertson Blvd (just north of Melrose Avenue) in West Hollywood. When you are finished at Villa Blanca, walk up two blocks to "The Abbey" - this place has great music, good-looking crowd, strong drinks, and never a cover charge! This place is my usual go-to hangout.

New Years Day, drive over to "Belmont" for their delicious bloody mary bar to cure that hangover!!!!!! =]

Bon Voyage and enjoy your time in Los Angeles!!!!!!!

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