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Topic: RIP Tony Greig
Username: melpax
Posted 2012-12-29 03:19:04 and read 1977 times.

Watching the Cricket on TV won't be the same without him. His pitch reports where he would dig a car key into the pitch at the start of the day were legendary. His playing career as English captain was cut short when he signed up to play World Series Cricket back in the late 70's, which paved the way for the game we have today.

Topic: RIP Tony Greig
Username: CXB77L
Posted 2012-12-29 03:37:58 and read 1964 times.

It is indeed a sad day for world cricket. I don't know much about him as a player, but as a commentator and media personality, he is one of the most recogniseable voices of cricket - at least, here in Australia.

This news came as a shock to me.  

Topic: RIP Tony Greig
Username: NAV20
Posted 2012-12-29 04:46:51 and read 1927 times.

So sorry to hear this. He was a great player, a great commentator, and a great innovator as far as the worldwide appeal of the game of cricket was concerned.

As it happens, I had the privilege of witnessing his 'arrival' as an player of international stature - at Lords in 1975. England were facing Australia's best bowling combination for many years - the fearsome 'lady fast bowler, Lillian Thomson' , plus Max Walker; and very quickly subsided to four down for about 40 runs. Then Greig, supported by David Steele and others, managed not just to avoid getting out, but also to make 96 runs pushing the score well past 200 and into the 'safety zone.'

I found a vid that covers the innings he played that day - I hope people find it interesting. He scored runs with such a 'carefree' approach that it doesn't seem possible that four top England batsmen before him had gone out for low scores before he arrived at the wicket:-

Unfortunately it doesn't show the earlier collapse, which was as dispiriting as Greig's stand, helped by others, was uplifting - but I hope it 'gets over' the fact that one man can make a vast difference to the end result of any cricket match. Greig went on from there to take a few wickets with his bowling, and make yet more runs in the second innings, ensuring a draw; all of which confirmed his place in the England side. Full scorecard here:-

No doubt in my mind, either, that his later support for 'World Series Cricket' was well-placed, and produced a situation where international cricketers finally got paid 'the rate for the job,' which made the game much more entertaining for everybody.

RIP Tony, sorry to lose you, you'll be missed by cricket fans all over the world.........

Topic: RIP Tony Greig
Username: melpax
Posted 2012-12-29 05:08:18 and read 1913 times.

Some classic pitch reports..

This one from 1988 at the MCG. Interesting to note that none of the grandstands in the background no longer exist, the ground has basically been totally rebuilt since then. Love Ritchie's comments at the end!

And another one, with the classic 'key test'

Some commentay gold, with Bill Lawry & Ian Chappell. Bill Lawry keeps racing pigeons, hence the pigeon jokes!

I remember being at a Boxing Day test in the late 80's, I scored some tickets to the MCG Member's reserve. At the lunch break I was walking with my cousin to get some lunch, and we nearly got bowled over by some bloke in a suit. I looked at this bloke making his way rapidly though the lunchtime crowd & realised it was Tony!

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Topic: RIP Tony Greig
Username: CPH-R
Posted 2012-12-29 05:32:23 and read 1894 times.

That really came out of the blue, even if we were aware that he was ill with lung cancer.

Classic weather reports by Greig, although I'm still trying to find the one where he lost the key in the crack  And, I never did find out just how the heck they were measuring 'Player comfort'  

Topic: RIP Tony Greig
Username: 817Dreamliiner
Posted 2012-12-30 04:17:41 and read 1761 times.

Was shocked when I read this on Cricinfo, I actually couldn't believe it! Im gonna miss his commentary.

RIP Tony Grieg  

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