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Topic: Excel Trouble
Username: DC10Tony
Posted 2002-07-21 23:41:33 and read 853 times.

I'm having trouble with computations on Excel, again.

I've already figured everything out on the calculator, but when I type in some formulas, I get a 2E+06, 3E+06, 7E+05 instead of the number I'm supposed to be getting.

I know I'm doing it right, but I can't figure out why I'm getting these odd numbers instead of my solution. I've tried widening the columns to their normal size, but nothing is working to get rid of the 3E+06, 7E+05, etc.

Any help will be appreciated.

Topic: RE: Excel Trouble
Username: Arsenal@LHR
Posted 2002-07-22 01:32:13 and read 841 times.

Can you elaborate a bit, what numbers are you suppose to be getting?

Topic: RE: Excel Trouble
Username: Delta-flyer
Posted 2002-07-22 03:33:15 and read 836 times.


Looks like you have the cell formatted for scientific notation with zero decimal places. This gives you only one significant digit.

Click on the cell with the calculation, and format it for more decimal places, or as a "number" rather than "scientific"

Let me know if you need any additional help.


Topic: RE: Excel Trouble
Username: Indianguy
Posted 2002-07-22 20:31:17 and read 817 times.

That happened with me when the col size wasnt enough to fit the data. Try extending the cell width.


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