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Topic: Western View Of India
Username: Lehpron
Posted 2002-08-21 18:50:18 and read 3595 times.

I find it extremely unfortunate that the western-type view of India is a place where crazy people are and crazy things happen, with respect to only their point of view. Take this example: The media jumps up and down about the European floods and the death toll is in the low hundreds, but they give barely a few minutes to the Asian subcontinent where many thousands have died...

India is not a place of poverty and wild stories; it has a lot more culture than anywhere else and pumps out 30% of the world's computer science and communication engineers. Can you explain to me how a "3rd world country" has this?

Does anyone have anything moderate to say?

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: AC320
Posted 2002-08-21 18:53:19 and read 3588 times.

I think you're blowing that article about the group of Indians who think they are being attacked by ET way out of proportion.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Lehpron
Posted 2002-08-21 19:21:11 and read 3582 times.

I'm serious dude.

A few weeks ago, maybe even last week, there was a story (appropriately on FOX) that a male bull cow was giving milk. They showed a video clip of what looked like a single udder hanging down. The locals said that stuff like this could be interpreted as a sign of good fortune. For all anyone knows, that was not an udder and maybe it was not milk.

Of all the good stuff, normal stuff that goes on in India, FOX shows off crap to its "impressionably patriotic American audience" that India is crazy. And they'll buy it, because the FOX news network never lies.  Insane

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: CrewChief32
Posted 2002-08-21 19:37:46 and read 3572 times.

India means for me poor people sleeping in the streets (many, not only a few), Hindus killing Moslems and vice versa, people sitting on the roof of railway cars when travelling (Haven`t seen this in a "first world") and unbearable temperatures in the summer.
German televison programme Bavaria3 runs a so-called "Spacenight" show a few times a week between midnight and 5am and this does include once in a while a camera view of a large intersection in a big indian city (don`t know which one at the moment) but what can be seen there is definitely NOT the behavior of a well-regulated "first world"!!!!!!
The media, well, they may jump up and down about the floods here in Europe because it is much closer then India. And, we are just a few million here so the "low hundreds" of victims are more important to them then "many thousands" in a country with more than ONE BILLION people....
But I can assure you, I personally give a shit about all of them, East Germany is for me as far away as the moon and I will donate not one cent except they will use it to re-install the "wall"!!!


Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: AC320
Posted 2002-08-21 19:42:09 and read 3568 times.

Look no one takes FOX seriously. The network that develops shows along the lines "World's funniest surgeries gone bad" can hardly be expected to be used as an educatinal tool in world culture.

India has its stereotypes, every country has them, and that's what you're focusing on. I have yet to meet someone who really thinks Indians are backwards, bull wanking, weirdoes. So I severely doubt youre idea of the "western-type view" hold much merit.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Clipperhawaii
Posted 2002-08-21 19:50:53 and read 3562 times.

Say the country "India" and this is what I think

Worlds largest democracy
Huge population
Ancient culture
Ties to the British
Extremely well educated for those who ARE educated.
Many Hindu Gods

And of course curry!

Not a bad country at all if you ask this citizen of the west.


Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Cfalk
Posted 2002-08-21 19:51:11 and read 3560 times.

I've spent a couple of years working in India, and I can tell you without question that it is in fact a 3rd world country, Over a billion people, a large chunk of which (perhaps as large as the population of the entire USA) are living at well below poverty level, with no hope of a job and no social net to help them. They simply starve to death. Begging is an industry - I met a kid who's father intentionally gave him severe third degree burns across his face and neck so that he could make better money begging - he manages between 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per month, much more than an honest factory worker makes.

The problems in India are massive, but there are some good signs as well. In the past decade, economic reforms have gone a very long way. The middle class is growing very strongly, and any student of economic history will tell you that this is the single greatest precursor to transition away from 3rd-world status. They have some excellent educational facilities, and the business mentality of Indians is second to none.


Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Ammunition
Posted 2002-08-21 20:09:33 and read 3553 times.

India is an amazing place, i have recently come back from 2 months of travelling around india and it was fantastic. There is a lot of poverty, but also a lot of prosperity! I agree with charles and clipper!
As for the 'sit on ur fat a$$ listening to FOX news all day 'people''.... i would say go there and judge for urself and dont knock it till you try it (or see and experience for yourself).
India is a place with more culture than most places in the world, and the diversity of people and lifestyles is amazing.
Its not all good though, everything has its positives and negatives, and i think the negatives (for some reason.....FOX FOX FOX e.t.c) stand out a lot more when it comes to india.
Im not bothered by the (bad) attitude of some other people towards india... its ignorance and lazyness and 'sit on ur fat a$$ and get fatter and have a heart attack' attitude of some people that will never get them anywhere!
Its different if someone genuinely doesnt like the place for whatever reason (heat, dust, poverty) after experiencing it!

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: DPrush
Posted 2002-08-21 20:16:26 and read 3548 times.

I, for one, respect Indians for their comitment to their own culture and fighting muslim insurgency the way it ought to be fought. I also remember hearing about the floods, both in India and Bangladesh. Floods of Biblical proportions are not very commonplace in Europe, hence the high level of coverage. Monsoons tend to devastate poorly build dams and areas in S.East Asia almost every year, which makes them just a tad less news worthy as opposed to the un-precedented level of destruction in Prague.

Take it easy

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Indianguy
Posted 2002-08-21 20:16:58 and read 3548 times.

An Accountant with one of my clients had a very interesting anecdote to relate some days back. His boss was being interviewed by a foreign channel for one of their business programmes, and the journalist recording the interview stumped him by asking him at the end of the interview, where they could get shots of cows crossing the main road!

With a little help from the staff they finally managed to get it, but thats not the point!


Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: PROSA
Posted 2002-08-21 20:46:12 and read 3538 times.

India's reputation in the United States generally has been negative and stereotypical. Think vast poverty, children starving to death as cows waddle around, sectarian violence, etc. That being said, however, a better view seems to be emerging. India is getting increasing recognition as a reasonably stable democracy in a most un-democratic part of the world. Americans also are starting to realize that India, for all its poverty, has a large and growing middle class, and people who are particularly cognizant of world affairs are noting that India is one of the very few places in the world where Muslims and non-Muslims can live together (mostly) in peace.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Clipperhawaii
Posted 2002-08-21 20:52:12 and read 3533 times.

India's reputation in the United States generally has been negative and stereotypical.

Perhaps, but then agian what is the rest of the worlds view on the U.S.
My bet is, it's probably the same. Ignorance.


Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: OzarkD9S
Posted 2002-08-22 01:36:57 and read 3501 times.

India: (my thoughts)

The Beatles searching for enlightenment at the feet of The Maharishi
The Taj Mahal
Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Books"
Dots on Foreheads (nothing judgemental or negative implied)
Caste System
The Ganges
Nuclear State
Largest population on Earth (unless China has surpassed it, I don't keep up)
Conflict with Pakistan
British Colonialism
Apu from The Simpsons
Ghandi (or is it Gandhi?)

These are what enter my head when someone says "India"

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: EGGD
Posted 2002-08-22 02:36:22 and read 3488 times.

Well, I don't really know much about India, except a couple of cities (and the fact that, I always don't know whether its Mombai or Bombay  Sad). And it rains in part a hell of alot, and in other parts its very dry. Alot of people live in poverty, in fact it reminds me alot of Kenya, where there were alot of happy people but they had absolutely no help from the government what so ever.

Oh well.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: KAUSpilot
Posted 2002-08-22 02:49:31 and read 3483 times.

Well, pretty much the ONLY thing we ever learned about India in US public school was in the 9th grade.

Our teacher showed us a video in geography class called "India: Up and Coming Economic Power". This video took us through the lives of a well educated, professional Indian couple who lived in a nice high rise apartment and worked in high tech industries. It also showed the lives of various farmers and the impoverished masses who live in shanty towns and drink from the very water they deficate and bathe in. Overall, the video gave me the impression that india is a country a little less than halfway through the transition from third world poverty into a modern culture with a modern economy. This is probably a typical american view on india. Indian immigrants in this country are generally viewed as intelligent people with a strong work ethic.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Sccutler
Posted 2002-08-22 03:46:54 and read 3470 times.

Perhaps my view has been skewed by the rather substantial Indian immigrant population in the Dallas area.

I see educated, industrious and determined people who get things done.

As for the status of the country itself, well, it clearly has a huge population which has been beset (until recently) by unstable and inefficient government and a stagnant economy. Which is why the immigrants emigrated.

The national emphasis on technology education is paying off handsomely; you might be surprised how frequently a phone call to tech support is answered in India.

Those who believe stereotypes without independent investigation... well, they are the victims of their own laziness and ignorance.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: NWA
Posted 2002-08-22 03:53:54 and read 3466 times.

I want to go to Inda soooo bad. for real. when I get a little older and I have the money, I WILL go. something about it drwas me there, dont know what it is.

Topic: RE: Western View Of India
Username: Nightcruiser
Posted 2002-08-22 04:41:25 and read 3462 times.

Hey NWA, Northwest flight 68 departs for Mumbai from Amsterdam at 11:40 AM(AMS time)!  Big thumbs up

Seriously, I think India's a place full of supernatural phenomenon and mysterious people/ocurrences. I also know that the BJP rules the country, but I don't even know what BJP stands for, hehehe. Still, I've been to Mumbai a couple of times, and it is dirty!!! I mean, right as I stepped out of Chatrapati Sivaji Airport, I could smell feces and rotting flesh! I didn't know where it came from, because I didn't want to know. Lucky for me, my taxi driver was waiting and so I immediately boarded the taxi to the Taj Hotel. Big grin

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