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Topic: Food Poisoning In China Kills 200+
Username: Bigo747
Posted 2002-09-15 23:43:10 and read 2050 times.

Major food poisoning in Nanjing, China has killed at least 200. The incident occured since Friday/Saturday.

Most of the deaths and "injuries" ate the traditional chinese breakfast in a restaurant called "Ho-Sheng Yuan".

Authorities are now trying to find the suspect, who is a former employee of the restaurant. The restaurants also handles some near by school and factories' catering.

It is believed that the food has been poisoned. They were supposed to used for killing the rats. China has banned such product as they're way too poisonous.

China's media has been ordered to report the same number of deaths, which is many deaths, with 200 got poisoned. However, Hong Kong's newspaper reporting at least 1000 got poisoned, and 243 deaths reported.

Topic: RE: Food Poisoning In China Kills 200+
Username: AA61hvy
Posted 2002-09-15 23:48:06 and read 2034 times.

now, i know this isnt al quieda related, but could this be considered "terrorism?" as for the mass loss of life

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