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Topic: Computer Help, Please (Game Install)
Username: LY772
Posted 2003-01-10 12:33:45 and read 2077 times.

So I downloaded this game (Total Club Manager 2003) and here's what I did:

1) I double-clicked on the file and it sends me to "Zip Magic Self-Extracting System" and I self extract it.

2) One file (named "ubbe1234.rar") comes up and I double click that.

3) It says:

Windows cannot open file automatically

You have two options:
a) choose a program threw the internet to run this file

b) run it by choosing one of your own programs

4) I clicked on both and in the first one it told me that I need "WinAce" which I donnot have to open this file.

5) WHAT DO I DO KNOW? I don't have 29 dollars to buy WinAce, can I get it for free anywere or is there a substitute for it?


Topic: RE: Computer Help, Please (Game Install)
Username: Tarq
Posted 2003-01-10 13:07:47 and read 2074 times.

Download winrar from and install that, it will solve the problems.
Winrar is 30 day trial or something.


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