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Topic: Kazzalite's Backloading!
Username: Lehpron
Posted 2003-02-21 09:46:25 and read 759 times.

Backload, as in reverse downloading, definitely not uploading. It pisses me off, it has happened twice to me so far. In both cases more than two-thirds were downloaded and the next minute the whole thing is suddenly much less (btw the rate did go negative) and nobody tampered with it cusp I was right there. WTF is goin on?!

Topic: RE: Kazzalite's Backloading!
Username: Seb146
Posted 2003-02-21 10:54:23 and read 724 times.

I don't know about that but I tried downloading the song Living In A Box and my computer shut off right after completing the download. I tried it again from a different user and it shut off as the loading began.

I noticed that Kazaa was slow for a few days but I don't know what it is like at this moment.

Topic: RE: Kazzalite's Backloading!
Username: Ralgha
Posted 2003-02-21 10:56:11 and read 723 times.

Either it's a simple display/math bug in the program, or they really f**ked up in programming it because there's no way for the computer you're getting the file from to suddenly take it back. Your computer has to give it away.

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Topic: RE: Kazzalite's Backloading!
Username: Lehpron
Posted 2003-02-21 18:31:40 and read 690 times.

Seb146: " I tried it again from a different user and it shut off as the loading began"

Your problem sounds familiar...I already checked the options menu for a 'shut down after download is complete' option. Try re-installing it and keep an eye out for it cuz I may have seen it there.

Ralgha, I can only tell you what I observed. As of my conclusion of 'backloading', it was the only thing that made sense even if it doesn't.

It was yesterday night, I was downloading "I get around" by 2pac, it was 2300/3400 kb and 6 mins left, I minimized the window [cuz I like my background -- it doesn't matter] then a minute later I go back to it and it say first "-0.00 kb/s" and then drops down and restarts at around 174kb at a rate of 0.34 kb/s!

I can understand that fewer sources mean fewer rates, but not the reverse downloading that I had witnessed, it was not even in the upload box, y'know? When it happened a few days ago, I was downloading "Stay Away" by Nirvana and I pre-viewed played it to about 2:40 of the 3 minute song, I left for class and when I came back an hour later it suddenly says about one-fifth downloaded. I was like WTF? That's why I thought of backloading, cuz there couldn’t be any other explanation, and I still don't get it.

Topic: RE: Kazzalite's Backloading!
Username: Ralgha
Posted 2003-02-21 19:48:00 and read 670 times.

I'm sure you observed it right, I'm just saying that it's either a bug in the program's math, and you actually had more of the file than it said, or the programmers were on crack when they wrote the program and it actually did lose some of your file. Though that is hard to believe since it would take extra work on the programmers part to make that happen.

It actually could be a bug in the multiple source part too, where in some circumstances the data from one source may accidently get overwritten by that from another source.

Or it could be because your computer doesn't like your music choices.  Big thumbs up

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