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Topic: Weirdest Job You've Ever Had?
Posted 2003-04-01 14:52:33 and read 2374 times.

The weirdest job I ever had was working in a tatoo parlour at the register. Weird people all the time!

Whats been your weirdest job ever?


Topic: RE: Weirdest Job You've Ever Had?
Username: Mighluss
Posted 2003-04-01 16:05:32 and read 2370 times.

In cristhmas, giving candies to the children with Santa Claus clothes.... no comment.

Topic: RE: Weirdest Job You've Ever Had?
Username: PROSA
Posted 2003-04-01 16:50:40 and read 2358 times.

Back when I was in college, nearly 25 years ago, I spent three weeks during winter break as a security guard in a large downtown parking garage. As the downtown in question was in a declining Rust Belt city and even back then had lost many of its merchants to suburbanization, the garage was largely empty. I walked around for my eight-hour shifts with literally nothing to do. Not that I would have been of any help if some sort of incident had occurred, as I had been given no training whatsoever.

Topic: RE: Weirdest Job You've Ever Had?
Username: LPL
Posted 2003-04-01 17:31:02 and read 2346 times.

I had to clean car's alloy wheels a couple of years ago. The customers spent an awful lot of money on it, though I don't know why because it's not that essential. More than half of the alloys were in mint condition anyway!

Topic: RE: Weirdest Job You've Ever Had?
Username: Glenn
Posted 2003-04-02 02:06:34 and read 2324 times.

I once acted as a gardner

gave it up whe it was obvious that the swimming pools were not laced with sex starved naked women. But then I only did it for one day

Topic: RE: Weirdest Job You've Ever Had?
Username: Mx5_boy
Posted 2003-04-02 02:09:59 and read 2321 times.


I worked after high school for 5 years in a Butchers shop cleaning the blood soaked trays and making sausages for them.

Pretty gross, but they paid me $5.00 an hour - not bad for a school kid in the eighties.


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