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Topic: The Reasons For A Regime Change In Iraq
Username: Jcs17
Posted 2003-04-08 07:26:12 and read 2221 times.

I'm tired of seeing the anti-war people only listing one or two things that Saddam has done wrong when discussing the U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Here are the reasons I can think of for attacking Hussein and changing the regime (add some more reasons if you want).

1. Consistently violating 10+ UN resolutions against him
1A. Including never disposing of chemical or bio weapons
1B. Or, his long range missles (some of which were launched at Kuwait)
2. He killed a thousands of Kurds with WMD.
3. He has killed an estimated 800,000 IRAQI citizens (non-Kurdish)
4. He has/is attempted/ing to build a nuclear weapon
5. He has funneled the "oil for food" funds to build things like palaces and acquire even more weapons
6. He has starved millions of his own people
7. Connections have been made with the Hussein regime and several terrorist groups (War on Terror)

I mean, what the hell did you people want? Thousands dead in Tel Aviv or Kuwait City?

Topic: RE: The Reasons For A Regime Change In Iraq
Username: CPH-R
Posted 2003-04-08 08:26:50 and read 2190 times.

No.. but it seems like some pro-people prefer thousands of dead people in Baghdad. After all, they're anti-US  Insane

(I'm gonna get so flamed for even saying this)

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