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Topic: 2 Years On!
Username: UN_B732
Posted 2003-07-04 02:20:41 and read 2531 times.

This is it....As of today, July 3rd, 2 years on, and I have loved every day of it.

Topic: RE: Favorite Plane You Haven't Seen?
Username: N751PR
Posted 2003-07-04 02:40:00 and read 2524 times.

Well happy 2 year anniversary to you, UN_B732!!! Cheers!

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: Jcs17
Posted 2003-07-04 04:32:14 and read 2517 times.

Ummmmm....Matt D, know what to do here.

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: N766UA
Posted 2003-07-04 07:52:54 and read 2502 times.

Someone's gunna win the priiiizzzeee!!!

Oh well, for what it's worth, congrats. did waste part of you life. Well, then again so did I.  Sad I'm gunna go cry now. Oh this is horrible.

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: SN-A330
Posted 2003-07-04 12:05:04 and read 2485 times.

Thanks for informing us about that UN_B732. I just hope not everybody who has been here for 1, 2, 3, 10,... years is going to announce it from now on.

Regards, SN-A330

Topic: OK, I Won't Be Annoucing Anymore.
Username: UN_B732
Posted 2003-07-04 14:27:42 and read 2478 times.

I get the indirect implication..I won't be announcing anymore anniversaries.

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: 9V-SVA
Posted 2003-07-04 14:28:55 and read 2476 times.

Aww come on, where's the "You Get The SHAFT" picture and the "You Win THE PRIZE" one? Matt D and KROC?  Big thumbs up  Nuts


Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: Administrator
Posted 2003-07-04 14:32:29 and read 2503 times.

I think it's great UN_B732, congratulations! I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed your time here and hope you'll stick around long into the future.

The negative attitude of some of the people here bugs me, if you have nothing to bring to this thread apart from snide remarks, stay out of it.


Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: Matt D
Posted 2003-07-04 14:51:02 and read 2480 times.

Congratulations on your time and loyalty to the site.

But as a longtime veteran here, you know the routine for self gloss posts, as do several others already.  Big grin

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: 707cmf
Posted 2003-07-04 15:19:54 and read 2455 times.

2 years, and less than 1000 posts ? You were not on all that time, were you ?

Antoine, who should win the prize in a few post, when he post the self gloss 'my 1000th post on' !

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: AA61hvy
Posted 2003-07-04 16:38:51 and read 2447 times.

Johan in Non-AV? Weird!
Anyways my 4 year is comming up. So I will be looking forward to a shaft and a prize.

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: KROC
Posted 2003-07-04 17:31:48 and read 2454 times.

Somehow I think Johan's message was directed towards maybe me and Matt D, but the prize and the shaft are tradition, and NOT negative, so without frther adu...

UN B732, for your shameless self-gloss, you my friend have earned your very first

Enjoy pizan. Next year you can earn another!  Big grin

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: AA61hvy
Posted 2003-07-04 18:54:29 and read 2427 times.

KROC-Yeah it seems you and Matt D are always lumped together.

Topic: RE: 2 Years On!
Username: L-188
Posted 2003-07-05 06:06:01 and read 2406 times.

Don't feel bad.

They do that all the time.

Just wait for three days, when I announce my four year anniversery!

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