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Topic: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Alpha 1
Posted 2003-12-27 04:50:17 and read 2108 times.

This one has GOT to top the charts for 2003 Most Assinine.,0,2121492.story?coll=stam-news-local-headlines

Child model, actor seeks compensation after playground mishap

By Donna Porstner
Staff Writer

December 26, 2003

STAMFORD -- A 2-year-old model and actor from Old Greenwich is seeking lost wages and other compensation from the city of Stamford after cutting his head at a public playground.

According to the claim his mother filed last week with the city, little Konrad Mader of Havemeyer Lane in Greenwich was running toward a treehouse at Twin Meadows playground behind Stillmeadow Elementary School Nov. 4 when he crashed into a railing.

The blond-haired toddler received a few stitches from a plastic surgeon to close the wound.

"I am writing to the city of Stamford as I believe a design flaw or oversight at this new playground caused this accident," his mother, Deena Mader, wrote in her complaint. "More children will be hurt at this playground as a result."

Mader, who said she was supervising the child at the time of the accident, said the railing support beam Konrad collided with is green and blends in with the landscaping. She said the railings should be painted a brighter color to make them easier to see.

The boy's mother added that rounded support beams would be safer than the square kind at the playground because they would not have sharp edges that can break the skin.

She questions how safe the playground's elevated bridges and walkways are, and if they present a danger to children who could fall off them into the "rock river" below. She also worried about children tripping on the metal, chain-link roping that divides the play areas.

"Konrad was using this equipment and space as it was intended and was hurt," Mader wrote. "He was properly supervised. This accident was preventable had the railings and safety measures been correct at this park."

Twin Meadows, designed to be the first playground in the city where disabled children can play safely, opened in October amid fanfare.

Local builder Frank Mercede and his wife Lori, who have a 6-year-old twin daughters -- one of which has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair -- raised $750,000 in donations and state grants to build the 25,000-square-foot play area behind Stillmeadow Elementary School. The playground was named for the Mercede twins, Nicola and Jaclyn.

Reached at his office Monday, Mercede said he was not aware a parent had concerns about the playground's design.

Joe Falzone, an AFB Construction Management facilities manager in charge of maintaining city parks, said he is not aware of any defects in the playground. He said there are no plans at this time to make changes.

Tom Cassone, the city's director of legal affairs, said he received Mader's claim Monday afternoon and that his office investigating.

He said it is unusual to seek lost wages on behalf of a working child.

"I'm not aware of a (prior) lost wage claim made by a 2-year-old against the city so I'll certainly have to look at that," Cassone said.

In her claim, Mader does not specify the amount she is seeking from the city on her son's behalf, only saying she wants compensation for his medical bills, pain and suffering and a "lost wage amount due to his inability to audition or take modeling or commercial jobs while his head heals."

Mader did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Anyone else feel like emailing or snail mailing this lady and telling her to get a fucking life? I hope the city sues her for wasting their time. Unbelievable.

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Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: IHadAPheo
Posted 2003-12-27 05:06:04 and read 2091 times.

Now, now just think of all the Pampers,Desitin adds that he will be unable to do, and of course there was that role in Horton hears a Who. The town could also try to sue the kid's parents for damaging the railing, after all it was his failing. After all we know the little child was destined to make the parents rich, after all his mother is obviously such a

Sorry I was reading The Cat in the Hat to my Daughter, and the rhyming I can't stop, now it's off to get some water

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Alpha 1
Posted 2003-12-27 05:09:08 and read 2089 times.

I think she was pissed that it interfered with his "professional" work for Christmas time. Imagine the income this money-grubbing mother lost!  Laugh out loud

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: IHadAPheo
Posted 2003-12-27 05:16:47 and read 2077 times.

Mom could call Michael Jackson, I'm sure the little cherub could make some cash giving Wacko Jacko a backrub.

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Illini_152
Posted 2003-12-27 05:17:48 and read 2076 times.

Well, if her child was injured while she was supervising the little runt, maybe she was doing an inadaquate job? Maybe child endangerment or even abuse charges are in order?

Kids get hurt on the playground every day. We've ALL had our share of skinned knees, broken arms, and cut lips. It's called playing. I really feel sorry for this kid, he's going to grow up to be one of those sheltered porcalin dolls that never knew the fun of playing outside. Sigh


Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: TNboy
Posted 2003-12-27 05:22:12 and read 2069 times.

So maybe the 2-year-old could sue Mom for inadequate supervision. Then she could counter-sue him for negligence. Then he could sue her for emotional trauma, and she could counter-sue for stress. That way the dysfunctional family could send each other bankrupt.

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Cancidas
Posted 2003-12-27 05:46:49 and read 2045 times.

sounds to me like someone needs to be smacked! how stupid can you be??

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Commander_Rabb
Posted 2003-12-27 05:58:28 and read 2036 times.

It's obvious, this kid did not vote for Bush. Heh.

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: JeffM
Posted 2003-12-27 06:01:57 and read 2034 times.

There obviously needs to be a full blown government investigation, as I am sure someone will relate this to Haliburton and or George Bush. The woman only wants money from the city, it's not like it would ever come out of anyone's pocket.

What's the problem?

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: CanadianNorth
Posted 2003-12-27 06:03:15 and read 2032 times.

-2 year olds are just in it for the money.
-This computer accually runs FS2004.
-People deep fry their turkeys.
-I payed off my snowmobile.
-Teflon coated jeans.
-I saw a pic of n A320 in Alaska Airlines colours.
-Braeburn got phone service this summer.
-I saw a "super DC-3" in Inuvik, NWT.
-I have seen Red Green's Duct Tape Forever.
-I can pass for the Encyclopedia Brittanica in a tshirt and shorts.


Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Jcs17
Posted 2003-12-27 07:13:16 and read 2010 times.

Hows this for interesting, you always have to watch out for those wrought-iron fences:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are investigating after a woman was impaled on her neighbor's wrought iron fence the same day the neighbor's home was robbed, KMBC reported

Mary Beth Byers, 37, was trying to climb over the fence when she was impaled on it early Thursday morning. Her husband heard her screaming and found Byers stuck in the fence. He supported her to prevent the iron spike from impaling Byers further while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

A resident who witnessed the incident said the woman had slipped 6 to 8 inches down on the fence. Gail Stark, the victim's mother, said paramedics had to remove part of the fence to free the impaled woman.

She was taken to an area hospital, where she was listed in serious condition.

Byers told authorities she went to her neighbor's house to return some garage sale items. But later in the day, the neighbor, who lives in the 1200 block of Northeast 81st Street, reported that her home had been robbed. Police are looking into the incident.

Topic: RE: OK, NOW, I Think I've Heard It All...
Username: Brunswick737
Posted 2003-12-27 07:21:04 and read 2000 times.

Again, I would say for Stupid People, What a F_____ Retard  Angry Angry Angry Angry

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